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The experience of this old classmate indeed deserved some sympathy. Yi Ti also felt that this was also related to her. After sighing, she asked: “You never thought about finding a righ-…… regular job?” She wanted to say “righteous”, but she felt bad as she said it.

“Do you think I don’t want to?” Lu Kong didn’t mind her words, just sighed and said, “According to my physical condition, even moving bricks is fine. It’s a pity that my old man wouldn’t let me go, so what can I do? Hey, don’t be sad for me. Right, what was I doing here for you?”

Yi Ti: “……you’re asking me?”

“Ah.” The young man patted his forehead, “I just want to ask if you saw anything special from yesterday to today.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, strange people.”

Yi Ti silently reached out her hand and pointed at him: “Do you count?”

“Surely not!” Lu Kong asked again, “Then did you……” Before he could finish, he jumped like a cheetah disturbed from its rest and looked sharply outside the shop. The yellow and white cat A’Jiang quickly went to the table, body arched and fur exploded as it vigilantly stared at the door.

Yi Ti followed and looked. She found that it wasn’t just anybody standing at the door, but Xue Ye whom she’d not seen for a while.

“Mr.……Xue?” Yi Ti felt that the word “sister-in-law” can’t be said right away!

She was about to walk over, but was suddenly pulled from behind by Lu Kong: “Danger!” After talking, he patted the table hard. The tan wooden box lying quietly on the table suddenly opened and a long sword that flashed a cold glow bounced out, falling steadily into his hands.

Lu Kong’s arm shook, pointing the sword at Xue Ye: “This is not a place for someone like you.”

“Taoist?” Xue Ye, who originally had an upset expression, now became solemn when he glanced at Lu Kong, “Don’t forget, my blood family and you guys have an armistice agreement.”

“Then you destroyed it first.” Lu Kong raised an eyebrow and said, “Here is the sphere of influence of a hermit in the cultivation world, why did you appear here?”

“……” Xue Ye realized the problem immediately and replied, “I can stay here, naturally because I got permission.”

“Who allowed it?”

“Who else?”

“……” Lu Kong frowned slightly then glanced at the yellow and white cat who recovered its sitting position since he didn’t feel any killing intent, “A’Jiang, do you know about this?”

“I’m not sure.” The cat replied while licking its paw.

“Who can prove that what you said is true?” Lu Kong asked.

Xue Ye asked: “Who can prove that what I said is false?” He sneered, “Moreover, since this is the sphere of influence of that one, why would I lie freely?” Although he knew that “that one” was the woman who was protected by this young man, this bull-nosed Taoist didn’t know and he certainly wouldn’t remind him kindly in case this offended the Spiritual Plant Cultivator, especially when in her place…… she had a scary human brother  (Is he really human?).


Xue Ye didn’t speak anymore when he saw Lu Kong. No longer caring for him, he looked at Yi Ti: “Miss Yi, I want to talk to you alone, when are you free?”

“Uh……” Would there be a showdown so soon? Help, she’s not ready yet! But……evading didn’t seem to be the answer.

She took a deep breath, preparing to answer, but then she heard Lu Kong say: “Yi Ti, don’t agree, this guy suck……in short, he’s not trustworthy.”

Yi Ti: “……”

Sensitively aware of the atmosphere, Xue Ye directly ignored Lu Kong as he said: “It seems now is inconvenient, so I’ll visit later.”

“Oh, okay.”

Yi Ti watched Xue Ye leave, her mood complicated. Although she knew that there were no normal people around her, but, unexpectedly, even Lu Kong was the same. She originally thought he was joking, but……

“Yi Ti, I know you must feel incredible right now,” Lu Kong placed the sword in his hand back into the wooden box. He then put his hands on Yi Ti’s shoulder and with a serious expression, “Maybe you’re thinking about how a cat can talk, but, I want to tell you, this world is really not as scientific as you think. There are also various unscientific things. Like me, like A’Jiang, you……can you understand?”

Yi Ti nodded: “Yes.” She understood very well.

“I know you can’t but for the time being……?” The young man became still.

“You are a Taoist, your cat can talk, Mr. Xue who came just now is not human, is that what you want to say?” Yi Ti calmly said. It’s impossible not to be calm because from the moment she met the magical alien, her life had begun to run counter to science.


“Are you thinking, how could I accept everything so easily?” Yi Ti raised her hands then patted Lu Kong’s shoulders, “I know you must be incredible, but, I want to tell you, in fact, I’m also a cultivator.”

“……pfft!” Lu Kong covered his mouth but still laughed out loud, “Don’t make trouble! Do you think self-cultivation is like selling pies? Not everyone could do so.”

Yi Ti: “……”

“Relax,” Lu Kong laughed brilliantly, “It’s great that you are so receptive. I really worry that I’ll be hated by you.”

“Actually, I’m a real cultivator……”

“Stop it, if you’re a cultivator, then I’m the legendary spiritual plant cultivator.”

“……I’m actually one.”

“Then I’m the Monkey King.”

“I……you don’t believe me,” Yi Ti turned her head in despair, she can’t talk sense to this guy.

“Right, Yi Ti, since you live here, do you know who that guy was talking about just now?” Lu Kong was quite interested in the “mysterious boss” who controlled this area.

Yi Ti just wanted to burst into tears: “If I say it’s me, would you believe it?” It used to be her master, but after she inherited her master’s mantle, then it should be her.

“What did you say?”

“Think of it as I don’t know…”

Lu Kong nodded with no surprise. In fact, it’s not that he didn’t believe Yi Ti. The cultivation world sounded amazing, but there’s also a social circle, and the people in the circle had known each other almost since childhood. For example, although he escaped from cultivation using studies as a reason when he was a child, he was still dragged out by the old man and his friends. Even if there were hermits, they also usually introduce their apprentices to parties in the circle. After all, no matter what generation, there’s a philosophy of “I depend on my parents at home, but when I go out, I depend on my brothers”. That’s why socializing was very important. In particular, their scope of influence was not that wide.

And he had never seen Yi Ti in the circle. Also, the latter just hid her aura with Liang Chen’s reminder, so Lu Kong couldn’t feel it.

For Yi Ti, finding “comrades” was undoubtedly great. But in the meanwhile, she suddenly thought of something——aura sword in a wooden box, came looking for strange beings, hostile attitude towards monsters…… although she didn’t want to think so, the person who chopped little Hong Ye, is Lu Kong?

Thinking about it, until this was determined, she decided to hide it for now. Otherwise, she was worried that things would go in a serious direction.

Thinking of this, Yi Ti asked: “What are you looking for?”

“It’s a monster,” Lu Kong sat down again as he replied, “I don’t want you to be afraid, but A’Jiang smelled it here. Uhm……have you fed any wild cats or wild dogs recently?” The situation was chaotic at that time, so he didn’t see if it was a cat demon or a dog demon, but it should be nearby. It shouldn’t have run far after being injured.

“……” Yi Ti confirmed almost immediately. Sure enough, the person who cut Hong Ye was Lu Kong. Her mood instantly became complicated. She thought the reason that the talking cat did not smell it on her was probably because after Liang Chen left, she took a bath and also changed her soiled clothes.

In terms of looks and feel, she didn’t think that Lu Kong was a bad person, although a bit crazy. But, if it’s not him who’s in the wrong, then……

“Did the monster do anything bad?”


Lu Kong hadn’t finished when A’Jiang suddenly jumped over his shoulder: “There’s a strong demon nearby!”


After that, Lu Kong grabbed his backpack and wooden box then ran out.


“Yi Ti, I’ll go out first, I’ll talk about it later.”

Not waiting for her to respond, one person and one cat were gone. Yi Ti blinked for a moment, then came to her senses: Not good!

Under normal circumstances, the so-called “monsters” almost innately knew how to condense their breath. Even that puppy demon was no exception. Unless the distance was very close, it would not be found otherwise. Like just now, when Xue Ye came to the door, Lu Kong and the cat named A’Jiang just became alert.

When there’s suddenly a strong demon aura, it’s tantamount to saying “I’m here, come to me, come!” It’s simply a provocation.

Knowing that there was a Taoist here who was even hostile to monsters, it could only be Liang Chen. He must have heard about it from Xue Ye’s mouth, so he knew that Lu Kong and A’Jiang were the ones who injured Hong Ye, that’s why……

I had to stop it!

Thinking so, Yi Ti quickly ran out the door. Glancing around, she didn’t know where to look.

So anxious——

“Xiao Ti!” A blue pachinko ball fell to her shoulder, saying very firmly, “Go right.”


“I’ll show you the way.”


When she saw her alien friend, Yi Ti let go of most of her worry. Although Cecil was still sulking under the bed just now, when she needed him the most, he would appear

It made her feel at ease.

Under his guidance, Yi Ti quickly ran to a relatively quiet alley. She hadn’t reached it yet, but she heard the intense fighting from inside.

“Don’t go in, it’s dangerous.” Cecil reminded.

“I know.” She was clear that when it comes to force, she couldn’t match the others. But, in other aspects, she can stew someone else into a pot of soup! For example——

She took out a bottle of potion from the space and very inhumanly threw it into the alley.

Yi Ti’s specially upgraded version of stink bomb,!

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