Alien 29: Weak Men Meets Strong Woman

Alien 28: Taoist Meets Monsters
Alien 30: Death Of First Love

With the crisp sound of a bottle breaking…

“What’s this? Wu!”


“I……can’t……can’t breathe……”

Then, the whole world became quiet.

Yi Ti, standing near the alley, broke out in cold sweat. She just upgraded it a little bit, but it wouldn’t kill people, right?

Thinking of this, she took out a well-washed handkerchief from her pants pocket, unfolded it and wrapped Cecil in it. Holding him in her palms, she asked softly: “How was it?” Although because of being upwind, she didn’t smell anything, his sense of smell was too good.

Cecil rolled back and forth in her palms, signaling that he was fine.

Yi Ti silently retracted one hand and wiped her nose, en, very good, no nosebleed.

“? ? ?”


After ten seconds, Yi Ti stayed close to the walls as she quietly peeked at the alley. She saw two people and a cat lying on the ground, not moving at all and with faint foam on their lips.

She hurried in, squatted down and checked if they’re breathing. She was relieved they’re still alive. But then she was troubled. These guys shouldn’t be able to wake up for a while, and she also couldn’t just leave them here.

Yi Ti scratched her head annoyingly. After putting Cecil to the side, she tentatively stretched out her arms, hugged Liang Chen’s waist, then pulled up with all her strength……


She looked in surprise at the young man who was easily lifted by her, thinking that there must be something wrong. Wasn’t this guy too light? Yi Ti quickly let go of him and used Lu Kong to experiment. The final conclusion was——she could do it effortlessly!

“What the hell is this……”

“Xiao Ti, what happened?”

“Don’t you find it strange?” Yi Ti was dizzy. Was she wrong or was Cecil wrong? Why was his tone so calm, “I easily lifted them up!”

“Isn’t this normal?”

“Hah?” Yi Ti was stunned then immediately reacted, “Is this……just how effective is the genetic modification potion?”

“Yes.” Cecil replied, “It can improve your physical fitness. Actually not only that, the breathing exercise that you’ve been practicing also has the same effect.”

“……why didn’t I realize it at all?” It’s not that she didn’t understand, it’s just that the world changed too fast!

Cecil explained: “Because this change wasn’t made overnight, it was subtle. Every time you cultivate or use a potion, your strength will increase and because it’s not beyond a certain range, you haven’t lost control of it.”

“Is that so……” Yi Ti remembered that she often saw such plots in novels. Someone’s strength raised sharply because of cultivation, so their body couldn’t adapt for a while, either walking too fast and hitting the wall or crushing the bowl with too much strength during a meal. This was the so-called growing beyond a certain range. And she was just the opposite, she didn’t do much heavy lifting, so much so that she never noticed it.

“This is incredible.” Yi Ti stared blankly at her hands, “I suddenly became Superwoman or something……” Shouldn’t she be wearing panties outside soon? ……No, let’s forget about this.

Also, this was not the time to think about it.

She shook her head, bent down and lifted the two young men easily, then put them on her shoulder. Cecil sat upright on her head while stretching out two tentacles. The yellow and white cat A’Jiang on the ground was bound and lifted up, hanging behind Yi Ti. From a distance, it’d be like she’s carrying a cat-shaped backpack.

“Let’s go back.”


As a result, this became the story of a superwoman named Yi Ti embarking on her journey home. Have to say, she was lucky since she met no one along the way. Otherwise, the best tweet of the day would be that she didn’t run.

While walking, the two men on her shoulders gradually regained consciousness.

“I’m here……! ! !” =皿= ! ! !

“Stinks……! ! !” =皿= ! ! !

“Are you awake?” Yi Ti glanced at the two dumb faced young men, then asked teasingly, “Is it uncomfortable? Be patient, we’ll be there soon.”

Liang Chen: “……”

Lu Kong: “……”

They must be dreaming! ! !

Then they closed their eyes at the same time.

However, self-deception wasn’t that simple.

The thick-skinned Lu Kong looked at Yi Ti with teary eyes: “Can you tell me, what the hell happened?” Why did he suddenly faint? Why was he carried on a woman’s shoulder? This must be because his posture of waking up this morning was not correct! Can he faint again and start over?

“Do you still need to ask? It’s definitely because of her!” Liang Chen, who had eaten a loss from Yi Ti, said, “Yi Ti, you wait for me!”

“This wicked monster is so arrogant!”

“You dead Taoist, shut up for me!”

“You shut up for me!”

“You shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“Shut up!”



Yi Ti: “……” Could these two be even more boring and naive? Anyway, they’re already adults! Why can’t they be more mature?

Then she knew——they really couldn’t.

The two guys who were noisy actually didn’t care about their current position. Liang Chen pinched Lu Kong’s face while Lu Kong poked Liang Chen’s nostrils with one hand and pulled his hair with the other. The two busily annoyed each other.

Yi Ti’s mood also changed from “= =” to “=皿=”, and finally to “= =+”. Since they’re being intolerable, there’s no need to endure!

“Stop it for me! ! !”

Yi Ti shouted, raising her foot and stomping on a stone by the roadside.


When the two young men heard this, they watched in amazement. Her feet actually stomped through the stone and firmly landed on the ground. When she raised it again, there was only the gray stone corpse on the ground. The powder was delicate and abnormal, like how the two fragile hearts in their chests had been scared to pieces.

Then, the whole world was quiet again.

Yi Ti: I just tried it out, didn’t expect it to work so well.

So, the soft girl managed to GET new skills!

Soon, Yi Ti successfully carried them back to the flower shop. She tossed them to the ground none too gently, gently put the cat on the table, and after holding Cecil in her arms extremely tenderly, she sat on the chair, looking at them sincerely: “Let’s settle the dispute peacefully.”

Liang Chen snorted coldly: “I don’t have anything to say to this Taoist!”

Lu Kong sneered: “I also have this meaning!”


Yi Ti silently put the teacup lid that she had broken to hundreds of little pieces on the table.

Lu Kong swallowed, then slightly coughed: “Cough, in fact, talking is also possible.”

“Hmph.” Liang Chen snorted coldly but said nothing else.

“Who wants to go first?”

“This wolf demon attacked me first.”

“I’m a werewolf!” Liang Chen gritted his teeth.

Lu Kong waved his sleeves: “Is there a difference? Let me tell you, don’t think you’re a turtle!”

“Country bumpkin.”

“Who are you scolding?”

“You poor fake.”

“You bastard lack……”


Yi Ti gloomily crushed another teacup lid.

The two young men swallowed at the same time and closed their mouths again.

Have to say, an angry person was the most terrible. Probably because this kind of person always smiled, so once they reached the other extreme, it would make people tremble at the strong sense of contrast.

At least the Lu Kong and Liang Chen now never wanted to oppose the woman in front of them.

What they didn’t know was that Yi Ti was reviewing at the moment: Although the newly obtained force deterrence seemed to be a very effective skill, it’s too expensive. In just a few moments, two cup lids were gone. In the future, it looked like she needed to put some bricks in the house since it wouldn’t cost too much if she pinched it.

“Lu Kong, I know why Liang Chen attacked you, it’s because of Hong Ye.”

“Hong Ye?”

“It’s the little dog demon.” Yi Ti said, “He was badly injured.”

Lu Kong: “……what about now?”

“What garlic did you pack?” The werewolf snorted, “It’s useless to hide it, I can smell it. The sword that cut him is the one in the wooden box on your back.”

After Lu Kong froze, he sighed, then looked at Yi Ti: “If I say I didn’t mean it, would you believe me?”

Soon after arriving in this city, Lu Kong received a commission from a couple.

Because the couple was always busy at work, they could only ask a babysitter to take care of their child. But recently, the last nanny resigned because of urgent matters and the new babysitter hadn’t been found yet, so they could only temporarily lock their child at home.

But these days, they thought their child was a little strange. There was only one child in their family, but when asked what he did during the day, he often told that he played with someone which made people feel crept out. They specifically reprimanded him for this, but the child cried while insisting that he wasn’t lying. While the couple was afraid, they didn’t dare set up hidden cameras at home because they’re afraid of seeing bad things. After all, in fiction movies, this was simply a death flag. So just after he moved in, they found Lu Kong.

Under Lu Kong’s exploration, he noticed that the child’s bedroom was full of sinister aura and immediately understood that it was a monster.

Most “monster” species had contracts with practitioners, so no one attacked humans. However, just as there would still be crimes even with the law in place, there would always be monsters who would persist in hunting humans.

So he put a lock in the child’s room, wanting to grab this monster and ask it carefully.

To this end, he specifically asked the parents to take the child away while he used a strawman as a stand-in—— inside was the characters of the child’s birthday and bloodstains. But he did not expect, don’t know how the child came to know that his parents intended to “remove the demon”, so the child rushed into the bedroom at a critical juncture and shouted, “run!”

In a hurry, Lu Kong waved the magic sword. He only wanted to stop the monster, but he did not expect that it would escape even when injured.

It was also with a quick glance below that he realized that the other party was still in its infancy.

Alien 28: Taoist Meets Monsters
Alien 30: Death Of First Love

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