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Finally, Yi Ti very “ruthlessly” pulled an alien away from the computer, “forced” him to turn into a ball, then directly stuck him in her bag. This was the inconvenience of summer. If it’s another season, all she needed was a pocket to carry Cecil!

Every time she went out since moving here, she seemed to be walking down “memory lane”. No way around it, the last time she went out was to help Liang Chen buy a computer. Ahahaha, people usually go out in measures of days, but as a die-hard otaku, she went out by weeks or months. But she didn’t know why……because she’s used to it, she didn’t feel ashamed even once.

Yi Ti arrived when it was the time for “self-study”, so even though there were still customers in the store, it’s definitely better than the peak period where students gathered.

After pushing the door, a waiter with an apron smiled at her: “Miss Yi, you came?”

“En.” She nodded.

It was said that everyone would look for things that complement them, and this sentence was actually quite suitable for Liang Chen because the four employees in his shop were quite amiable. But then again, doesn’t this also mean that someone’s tsundere attitude was complemented by these four? In a sense, they’re working hard.

“Wait a moment, the boss is still in the kitchen, so I’ll help you call him.”

“No need, just leave him be. I’ll go see little Hong Ye.”

Little Hong Ye and Xiao Feng had a fixed daily study time from 7 pm to 9 pm. The latter went to school during the day, so during the afternoon and evening, there was only the nanny in the house aside from him. That meant it’s very convenient to do this.

“Sister.” After getting along for a while, it made the originally timid boy more cheerful in front of familiar people.

Yi Ti touched his head, asking: “What are you doing? Are you reviewing?”

The little dog demon gently shook his head: “Drawing.”

“Oh? Can you show me?”

He nodded.

Yi Ti went to little Hong Ye’s side and found that the drawing software on the computer was open. Some patterns were indeed drawn on it.

Dark blue……a wide beach……also a large group of thick blue lines……

She wiped her sweat, and carefully asked: “This is……Cecil?”


Yi Ti: “……” Cough, should encourage children, encourage! So she nodded, “Very like him!”

“Really?” Little Hong Ye’s eyes lit up, “I still got more!” After that, he clicked on a picture.

She looked intently. There were two strange animals in the picture. Their colors were all brown. The large one stood in the front and there was a fire in its mouth as it pounded its hands to its chest while glaring angrily. The little one on the back clung to it.

Yi Ti: “……” Is the animal in front a gorilla? She thought about it, then mildly probed, “Are you being protected?”

“En.” Little Hong Ye nodded, “brother is protecting me.”

Yi Ti: “……” Is that a werewolf!

In a sense, it’s actually quite similar.

“I also have an older sister.”

Yi Ti: “……” Please allow her to withdraw that former thought!

Little Hong Ye, four years old, dog demon, currently literate, as well as ……having special drawing skills!

After a few more minutes, Liang Chen came out of the kitchen. He glanced at the clock on the wall and found that it was fifteen minutes before the agreed time. Then he untied the apron on his waist, revealing that he only wore a t-shirt, trousers, and slippers, very casual.

“Boss, are you going dressed up like that to see the little loli?”

“Yes, I can’t afford anything else!”

“But it’s useless to look good, it’ll drop immediately after you open your mouth.”


Liang Chen: “……shut up! ! !” This group of beasts who only had dirty thoughts all day! It’s because he was afraid of trouble that he suggested his shop as the meeting place, who would want to change clothes for something like this, huh!

“Liang-ge had always been cool, don’t you know? Last time, the little loli cried and he just chased her out. He didn’t even give her a tissue, so ruthless!”

“Such a waste of opportunity!”

“Why didn’t I approach that time?”

“Pervert, walk away! I’ll go instead.”

Yi Ti: “……” Really a group of lively employees, in comparison——

“What do you think I’m doing? !” Boom.

She just watched them in silence. She felt like she could already foresee the future; a single dog still stuck among a group of married men. She had to light a candle for him in advance.

At this moment, the nose of the werewolf moved slightly at catching a scent. He looked towards the door.

Yi Ti also looked and saw two people in front of the shop doors.

The petite figure was the girl she met on the bus that day. Probably to thank them, she didn’t wear a school uniform but wore a velvet yellow dress. She didn’t need to dress up deliberately, because the unique youthfulness of the girl was the best decoration. Behind her was a little taller woman about twenty-five or -six years old, wearing a bohemian dress. Her tall and good figure was undoubtedly revealed as her dyed light brown hair draped down, straight to the waist, and curling at the end. The beautiful appearance gave a gentle feeling.

Just, why did it seem like she’d seen her before?

“Ah!” Yi Ti then remembered it was the person who ran out of the fast-food restaurant. The other person was hurrying at the time and accidentally spilled oil on her. Now that she came, was it for the girl?

At the same time, the other party also seemed to recognize them.

“Aren’t you……”

“Sister, do you know them?” The girl asked in confusion.

“En.” The woman who was called “sister” nodded, and then politely said to Liang Chen and Yi Ti, “Mr. Liang, Miss Yi, thank you for saving my sister. Also, I’m sorry for that time. I just received a call from Xiao Xue, and I was too flustered, so……I’m really sorry.”

“It’s a trivial thing, also……”

Because Liang Chen seemed less patient with people, Yi Ti had no choice but to brace herself to say polite words.

After a few greetings, several people sat at the table in the corner.

Yi Ti then knew that the sisters were surnamed Pei with the elder sister named Pei Ling and the little sister named Pei Xue. Although they had a ten-year gap, they were indeed biological sisters. Because their parents were not at home, she was currently taking care of her younger sister, that’s why she was particularly worried that time and was thanking them now.

“What does Miss Pei do?”

“Me?” Pei Ling answered with a smile, “What do you think?”

“Teacher or nurse and the like?”

“No,” Pei Ling shook her head, slightly embarrassed, “Actually, I’m in a special profession.”

Yi Ti: “……”

Liang Chen: “……”

“Sister!” Shouted Pei Xue.

“No, don’t get me wrong.” Pei Ling quickly waved, overturning the cup in front of her with the action. The water instantly flowed to her skirt.

Yi Ti quickly picked up a tissue, and passed it over: “This……”

“No need.” Pei Ling shook her head, picked up a piece of a plastic film covering her to her knees, then showed it to her, “Because this often happened when going out for dinner, I’m used to getting ready in advance!”


“It’s just water this time, I remember once the whole hot pot of red oil fell down. Fortunately, it’s not yet cooked.”


“And when Xiao Xue called me the other day, I hurried over and found that there were still grilled wings on my body, hahaha……”

“Sister, this is not something to be proud of!” Pei Xue looked at the sky.

Yi Ti watched the elder sister’s “proud” expression, the little sister’s “helpless” expression, and always felt like their roles were a bit reversed.

After wiping the water off the table, Pei Ling went on to say: “About what I just said, please don’t get me wrong. The special profession I was talking about is not that kind……” Her face became reddish, “I work in a magic store.”

“Magic store?” Yi Ti chewed the words.

“En.” Pei Ling nodded, showing a business card with both hands, then explained, “I heard that my ancestors had been doing the work of exorcising and monsters. Of course, such things are hardly believed in these days. But our parents used this as a reason to travel around the country, so the shop in our house is now run by me.”

Yi Ti took a look at her business card and found that the shop’s name was “Yuanlaixuan (緣來軒, fate arrive pavilion)”. It sold a lot of things, such as cinnabar, yellow paper, rosary, gourd, mahogany sword, trigram mirror and so on. Moreover, this store was not far from here. It’s about a thirty-minute walk.

“If you need to buy something like this, you can come to our house, and I’ll give you a 30% discount.” Pei Ling said, “Right,” saying so, she took out two small pouches from her bag, “this is also for you.”

“This is?”

“The outer bag is handmade. Although the rune paper inside is handpainted by me, the best materials are used. Also, I asked a famous monk to open the light on these, so the exorcism effect is the best in our shop.” Pei Ling stood up and handed them over, “After putting it on, no demon or ghost can come near you.”

Yi Ti: “……” Sister, there’s a demon monster sitting in front of you! And he also seemed to be very powerful.

She couldn’t help looking at Liang Chen and found that this guy actually held out his hand. Even if you worry about causing doubt, shouldn’t you fight it?

Yi Ti quickly reached out her hand and grabbed the two bags. She held it in her hands and smiled while saying: “Wow, the embroidery looks so beautiful! Amazing, I can never do such a thing, not even a cross-stitch!”

“Because of my childhood, it’s not too difficult.”

“Is it?”

“Otherwise, I’ll teach you.”

“……can I?”

“Of course!”

After a few words, Yi Ti quietly stuffed the pouches in her bag. Neither of the sisters noticed. The young man, who was the only one who noticed, glanced at her, pursed his lips, and only looked away when she looked at him.

Alien 41: He Became Addicted To Games
Alien 43: Believe That You Are Better Than Science

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