Alien 43: Believe That You Are Better Than Science

Alien 42: Special Profession
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After two hours, Pei Ling left with her sister Pei Xue.

Leaving aside her “special profession”, she’s undoubtedly a good woman. Her temperament was mild, although…… a bit of an airhead. And the little girl Pei Xue, who was frightened that day, seemed to be more reliable than her sister in her normal state. Just one look and you’d know she’s the top student type. The biggest difference between the two sisters was undoubtedly their attitude toward “mysterious things”.

Pei Ling, who ran the magic store, was undoubtedly convinced of such things. Pei Xue was mostly suspicious, didn’t seem to like it that much, and just thought of it as the family business.

If it’s the Yi Ti from the past, she’d be like Pei Xue, but now……

She had long realized that this world was not as scientific as it looked. It’s just that many people didn’t realize it.

She looked at the back of the two, took the pouches from her bag, and said: “Fortunately, little Hong Ye is not in the shop.” Because he wanted to chat with Xiao Feng, he returned to his room upstairs, “But did you really mean to touch it?”

“It doesn’t matter even if I touch it.” Liang Chen grabbed the bag from her hands and tossed it twice to show the trueness of his words.

“……are you alright?”

The young werewolf hmphed: “Fool, how could this kind of thing work on me!”

“……” Sorry for being nosy!

“However, it does contain magic.”

“Is it the bag?” Yi Ti remembered that the last time they ran into Pei Ling in front of the fast-food restaurant, Liang Chen did say that she smelled strange.

“No, it’s the talisman inside.” Liang Chen opened the pouch, removed the triangle-shaped talisman from it, sniffed it, and a disgusted expression immediately appeared, “The monk who opened the light should be a practitioner, but the two women just now are not.”

“Didn’t you say she smelled strange?”

“After long term contact with these things, isn’t it strange that they won’t smell different?” He stuffed the talisman back, then threw the bag back into Yi Ti’s arms, “I don’t think there are too many things in her shop that can really be called magic instruments, but even if it’s only a small part, it’s enough to affect her body.”

“So, could her family really be a descendant of a Cultivator?”

“Probably.” The young man was obviously not very interested in this topic, “But, if the future generations are not suitable for cultivation, no matter how strong the family used to be, it won’t matter, right?”

“Not suitable for cultivation?”

He glanced at her with strange eyes: “Did you think everyone can cultivate?”

“Isn’t it?”

“……are you an idiot?” Liang Chen rolled his eyes at Yi Ti, his despising attitude clear, “Even when the aura was rich in the past, such a thing is not possible okay? Not to mention the lack of aura now. This kind of thing, not just humans, the same is true for monsters.” Although they’re inherently capable, the birth rate was also getting lower, so every day, there might be a race that cut off its heritage.

Of course, Yi Ti didn’t know this common sense, because her master never mentioned it!

She only said that she was very talented. Then Lu Kong appeared, and she unexpectedly encountered a high school classmate who also happened to be a practitioner. This imperceptibly made her think that cultivation might be common, but this obviously was not the case.

The werewolf youth summarized: “And so, you should know how much you’re worth……” Idiot.

Yi Ti nodded: “I’m really lucky.”



“Nothing.” Turns head.

“I’ll go back then.” Yi Ti shook the bag in her hand, “Want it? I won’t bring it back.”

“Take it, take it, so annoying to watch.”


“I’ll take you home.”


“What’s with that look?” Someone exploded once again, “Don’t get me wrong, I just……”

Yi Ti glanced around, picked up a can from the ground, crumpled it in his presence, and stated with confidence: “No need, I think I can take care of myself.”

“……” Why did he forget that she’s actually a Tyrannosaurus?

“And Cecil’s also here.” She smiled and patted the bag around her waist, “He will take good care of me, right?”

A tentacle protruded out of it and entangled with her fingers.

“I’ll go then, bye.”


During the walk home, Yi Ti realized she unknowingly ate too much, but she could only walk home to lose weight. Just then, her phone rang. She took it out and found that it was actually her brother.

“Brother, why are you calling at this time?”

The fixed phone time every day was obviously just before bedtime because someone always wanted to tell her stories, sing or something else……

A familiar male voice said from the phone: “I suddenly missed you.”

“……” You’re already so old, don’t you have any shame saying this!

“Did you miss me?”



“Miss you……”

“Very perfunctory ah.”

Yi Ti wiped her cold sweat: “Cough, no, I’m sincere.”



“That’s good.” Yi Shao’s voice sounded very satisfied, “Right, the eleventh is just around the corner. I’ll come see you then.”

“Let me go back, You came last time.”

“No, I’ll go there, I’m not assured you can go alone.”

“……I’m not a kid.”

Laughter came from the phone.

“That’s a deal, I’ll come to see you then.”


“Xiao Ti……”


“These days……” Yi Shao asked hesitantly, “Are you okay?”

“Very good.” Yi Ti simply replied, “I saved a girl who was entangled with a pervert on the bus two days ago, and today, she and her family invited me to dinner!”

“……you said yes even after doing that very dangerous thing? ? ?”

“Where is it dangerous?”

“When you meet a pervert and even took the initiative to stand out, aren’t you just giving meat to a dog?”

Yi Ti was helpless: “……” Who’s the meat, ah! Moreover, she thought the pervert would not be interested in her type. After all, Pei Ling and Pei Xue were both first-class beauties, much better than her.

After that, she was scolded for a while.

Of course, Yi Ti was very clear that her brother was not a selfish person. If he encountered this kind of thing, he would definitely take the initiative to stand up. The reason for discouraging her this time was because……he’s worried about her, it’s just that.

“Anything else happened?”



“I’ve only been out the door once recently……of course, it’s for the dinner today.”

Yi Ti thought she would be scolded again but she was praised——

“Yes, it’s better for girls to go out less often, especially for you. It’s easy to meet bad people.”

“……” She began to seriously consider whether to smash a brick in front of her brother and let him know just how powerful she was. But, the strange thing was, “Brother, why are you asking about that?”

“Because I had a nightmare last night.”


“En.” Yi Shao unpleasantly said, “I dreamt that you were being chased by someone, that you fell on the ground and that you were eaten by a strange creature……I was so scared that when I woke up in the morning, I broke out in cold sweat! I wanted to call you immediately, only to find that it’s more than five in the morning. I was worried that you would be asleep so I didn’t call.” Even so, he was restless all day and thought about asking again before going to bed tonight. Even though he could still suppress his anxiety by going to work, after dinner, he.could.not.endure.any.longer.

Yi Ti: “……” This was just a coincidence, right?

“Don’t you remember? This happened once when we were kids.”

“……did it?”

“Yes, when you were five years old.” Yi Shao said with certainty, “I once had a nightmare in the middle of the night. I dreamed that you were chased by the ghosts that you saw in the movie that morning, and kept crying in the corner. I woke up and saw that you were really crying. I just woke you up and you rushed into my arms while saying, 『Brother, I dreamed that I was chased by a ghost, so terrible! 』. I coaxed you for a long time before you fell asleep. At that time, I realized that there might be a telepathy between us, and when we are particularly scared, we will definitely feel it.”

“Speaking of which……” Yi Ti tilted her head and thought hard for a moment, “It seems that this is indeed the case.” Although she wasn’t impressed, once a thread was pulled out and she pulled on it, it naturally unraveled her memories.

She rarely had nightmares since she was a child. Either she would have no dreams until dawn or she’d have a good dream. It’s probably because of this that she had impressions of the nightmares she did have.

Saying it like that……

“I didn’t expect you to believe in telepathy, don’t you always believe in science?”

“This kind of thing is not inconsistent with science. I also deliberately read a lot of information at the time. I still remember one of them was called 《Science Analysis of ECG》. Also, I always believed that there is something better than science, and that is the relationship between us siblings.”

“……don’t suddenly say that kind of nauseating thing again.” It gave her goosebumps.

“Shy again? A pity I can’t take any pictures.”

“Hey!” This pervert should conduct himself with dignity!

Yi Shao laughed twice, then recalled the previous topic: “Don’t change the topic. Xiao Ti, did you have a nightmare last night?”

“Yes, but that’s because I watched a ghost movie during the day.” She eventually chose to say this. Anyway at 11 o’clock, when her brother called, she would tell him the incredible things that happened recently. That’s why, before that, she didn’t want to let him worry too much.


“Really, how could I really meet a ghost!”

What Yi Ti didn’t expect was that, just shortly after she said this, she just……

Alien 42: Special Profession
Alien 44: Don't Look Back At Night

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