Alien 9: You Have This Talent

Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination
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But it’s useless to grumble about it, it’s called a “trader”, so it’s obviously impossible to just take things.

Yi Ti had a plan, so she directed the screen to organize the products by price, listing them from low to high. The lowest price was a bundle of ten, low-level energy bars. The price was 3000 points.

”How much is in your account?”

”I have not used this trader.”

”…” That is to say, he didn’t have a penny?

”However, when my father gave it to me, he said that it was a limited-sale advanced trader and that there would be a gift after binding.”

”Gift? That’s great…wait, binding?” She had a bad feeling in her heart. She swallowed, “You don’t mean to say……I can’t give it back to you, can I?“



”What happened?”

”…maybe I could buy one for you? How much is it? I mean, if you convert it to points.”

Then Cecil said a number that Yi Ti no longer wanted to recall.

It was only then that she discovered that the alien, who she picked up near the trash cans, seemed to be an alien tyrant that could not be underestimated.

”Anyway, let’s look at the gift first.” The debt is too much to worry about. Anyway, she can’t afford it. TAT

Yi Ti had to say that the interface design of this trader was very reasonable. Even Yi Ti, who was using this high-tech gadget for the first time, was quickly able to find things. But that was also reasonable. With all the types of life forms in the universe, easier was better.

”Here,” Cecil stretched out a tentacle to the button on the corner of the screen.

Other than Yi Ti, no one could press it.

”What?” Yi Ti was pleasantly surprised, “It’s actually a lottery model.” She didn’t expect the aliens to do this, so she was surprised, “Look,” she looked at the roulette and found that there were points, potions, weapons, books, and other items on it, “Which is the most valuable?”

”The items are generally not trade-able,” said Cecil. “The advanced genetic modification agent is the most suitable for you, and can further help you improve your physical fitness.”

Yi Ti shook her head, “Don’t worry about me. Right now, the most important thing is you!” She said as she closed her eyes. Then she mercilessly pressed down the button, and started chanting, “points, points, points——”

Cecil: “……” He didn’t know why, but he suddenly had the urge to wrap Yi Ti in a bunch of tentacles and throw her up high.


”…What?” The jelly alien turned his eyes away with a somewhat guilty conscience.

”What did I get? I can’t look.” Yi Ti still had her eyes closed.

Cecil looked at the light screen: “300 points.”

”Really?” Yi Ti opened her eyes and laughed, “It’s really true!” She returned the interface to the search page. “However, the energy blocks is cheapest at 3,000 ah. Can we contact the seller and buy just one?” Three thousand for ten energy bars, so three hundred points should buy one right? However, she could not find the seller’s name, only a string of transaction numbers. Speaking of which, there’s no program to set a username when she “logged in”.

”In order to prevent the disclosure of personal information, the trader did not provide any communication channels.

”So, what should I do? Wait for someone to open it and sell it?”

”Energy blocks are generally sold at a minimum of ten units per transaction.”

Yi Ti held her head thought hard, then suddenly got a flash of inspiration: “So, do you have anything to trade?”

Cecil shook his head and the soft body shook: “Before I left home, I took most of my belongings out of the space in front of my parents, and the rest is not worth much.”

”Why would you want to do that?”

”Sutahnna Star tradition. Everyone can only learn all kinds of information at home in their early childhood. After they reached adulthood, they must leave the planet for a trip to determine their future direction. But on the journey, you can’t carry too much. You can’t contact your loved ones or friends until you return to the planet.”

”That means you just reached adulthood?”

”According to Earth’s algorithm, our adult cycle is much longer than yours. In Earth years I am probably around…”

“Don’t say it!” Yi Ti quickly stopped Cecil. She felt that she didn’t want to know that number at all. If he was old enough to be her grandfather or great grandfather, how could she have the courage to pat his head in the future! However, the focus right now was, “What should I do? We don’t have enough points ah!”

The jelly alien with blue eyes watched the woman in front of him begin to freak out and shouted: “Xiao Ti.”

”Eh?” Yi Ti looked back at Cecil. Gradually, the original mood of anxiety dissipated a bit. She was no fool and quickly responded, “Do you have a way?”


”What is it?”


Many pharmacists sell potions through traders, and of course, it takes a certain amount of talent to become a pharmacist, and once you officially become a junior pharmacist and join the Pharmacist Association, you can enjoy a number of privileges. As a result, there are many people who take part in the assessment every year, so a small number of primary potions are made public, and anyone can make them and test whether they have talent in this way.

”Do you also have a recipe?” Yi Ti asked Cecil: “Have you ever tried making potions before?”

”Yes,” the pudding alien answered very honestly, “I failed, but you have this talent.”

”Me?” Yi Ti was not very confident but still opened the interface to search “Primary Potions”. Cecil only had a primary formulas, meaning they could only sell primary potions and of course, that was assuming she could make them. And even if she could… “It should be difficult to sell.” Because there are so many people selling these kinds of drugs, the prices are very cheap. A bottle is only about 10 points.


Yi Ti pointed at one of the bottles of elixirs and said, “Is there an elixir that can be used as a supplement for your energy?” At only 15 points per bottle, 300 points could buy twenty bottles.

”Yes, but the effect is negligible.”

”…have you ever tried consuming low-level energy blocks?” Three hundred points wouldn’t buy high-level goods…

”I need a premium energy block.” Cecil replied earnestly, “The price is probably…”

”Don’t say it!” Yi Ti burst into tears, the financial stress was about to break her. She never knew that raising a second generation alien was actually such a costly thing. To put it simply, it was like he was raised on meat his whole life and the low-energy bar for him is like eating gristle. And the energy potions…guess it’s just boiled water with some oil?

“The potions prepared by Spiritual Plant Cultivators are different.” said Cecil, “Even if you’re a Senior Pharmacist, the potions they produced will still have impurities. And the potion prepared by spiritual cultivators is free of any impurities.” When he saw the potions from before, he quickly discovered this point.

Yi Ti blinked, her master (since inheriting the tradition of spiritual cultivators, she decided to call the elder like this. She felt that if the other party heard her call, she would be very happy) had indeed mentioned it.

But, “Is this very precious?”

”Yes,” Cecil answered affirmatively that he had heard from his grandfather that the more senior the pharmacist, the more they pursued “purity”. Unfortunately, no one can reach 100% purity. “No pharmacist can do this, only you can. Xiao Ti, would you like to give it a try?”


Immediately, under the guidance of Cecil, Yi Ti used 300 points to purchase a bunch of seeds that could be used on various primary potions. If you planted the seeds yourself, you can get more than if you bought the plants directly. Moreover, the effect of the herbs planted in the spiritual fields must be more potent.

Trading was very simple. After she selects the item and confirms the purchase, a white light emerged from the light screen and floated in front of Yi Ti. She reached out and grabbed it, inside was the seeds she just bought.

”Eh? The points didn’t seem right.” After the purchase, Yi Ti found something wrong.

”Inter-space transactions require a considerable amount of energy, so a certain amount of points will be deducted from the accounts of both parties based on the value of the item.”

”The so-called shipping?” Was this Taobao? Except both parties had to pay, was that it?


”Aren’t you afraid to buy fakes?”

”All trading items will pass through a special inspection process, and once a fake sale is found, that trader will be permanently disqualified.”

”I see.”

This was not Taobao. If your account was closed, you could apply for another one. The trader is bound by its host’s energy and each person’s energy fluctuations are different. Once bound, it really can not be used by anyone else. So unless one is retarded, no one would do this.

”Buy some potion bottles,” Cecil suggested. “You could easily tell the source with the bottle you’re using now.”

Yi Ti nodded again and again: “Makes sense.” She didn’t want to cause trouble to Mother Earth, but originally, she also wanted to sell potions and maybe buy ancient books of spiritual cultivators on the trader. Now that she thought about it, let’s forget it. In any case, safety first.

After some purchases, she suddenly thought: “Right, will anyone find out about my transaction history?”

”No, the Trader is managed by Skynet. No one can interfere.” The pudding alien stretched out his tentacles and took the universal bottles from her hands. “Once someone tries to do something like that, they will become wanted throughout the whole universe.” The reason for the emergence of the Trader was because many people didn’t want to have face to face transactions. If someone wanted to break this rule because of their own self-interests, they will inevitably be hunted by everyone. Moreover, Skynet, which perfectly connected all levels of civilizations to the requirements of each planets, is perfected over time, and has become an untouchable behemoth. No one would be stupid enough to provoke them.

”That’s good.” Yi Ti put down her worries and lifted the bag of seeds, “Then I’m going to plant the herbs!”


”Ah? Anything else?”

”For the remaining points, buy something you want.” Cecil pointed to the balance with his tentacles, there were still 120 points, “I said, this was a gift for you.” She only thought about him, she didn’t want anything.

”But…” In any case, the balance always made people feel more secure. At least if she failed, she’d have another chance.

”Xiao Ti.”

After the two silently looked at each other for a while, Yi Ti retreated. She raised her hands and said, “I know. But I don’t know what to buy.” After all, she was completely unfamiliar with the high-level items in the universe.

”I know.” There was one thing she would be very interested in.

Alien 8: Red Bill Discrimination
Alien 10: Awfully Reserved Gentleness

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