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Under the guidance of the local alien, Yi Ti quietly searched under the “toy category”. Her heart was despondent: “Say, Cecil, do you really think this type of thing is right for me?” What kind of image does she have in his heart?

Cecil stabbed the knife once again, “For the age range, choose young children.”

Yi Ti: “…”

Tearfully pointing.

“This is it.”

She looked at the item pointed to by the tentacles and read the name as “Thought Converter”. The description was——turning thoughts into a picture to help children better understand the world.

It sounds very high-tech, but what is it?

Yi Ti then asked: “What’s the use of buying it?”

“When you read a book, you always say ‘it would be better if there’s a comic’.” Cecil replied, ”I thought it might help you.”

Not all races in the universe were blessed to be able to learn by receiving information directly to their brain. On the contrary, like Earthlings, many species must “learn”. For those species, this technology came into being specifically to improve their learning efficiency.

For example, when an adult taught a child the words “Blue Star”, if the words can’t be explained clearly, you can use a thought converter to directly convert the image of Earth in their brain into a picture in reality and then show it to the child. When a child learns to a degree, they would say the word and imagine the item, then use the reflected picture to determine if they really mastered the word.

“It sounds awesome.” She reacted at once, that would be great if it’s true! To put it this way, people use strokes to draw cartoons, but she might be able to draw it with her brain?

“It’s not as convenient as you think.” Cecil shook his tentacles, “For it to work to the extent that you want, you have to adjust the machine.” He had gathered the information that day to specifically learn what comics were. Compared to other planets that can easily make short movies with the help of tools, perhaps that primitive and unusual way is only preserved on Earth. Although it’s still a picture, you could feel a silent movement.

“Adjustment? How do you do that?”

Cecil’s voice was full of pleasure: “I will take care of it.” Although he has no talent in pharmacy, he can help her in this respect. “However, my tools are also left at home. Can you help me buy a simple kit?”

“No problem!”

Thus, with a “thought converter”, a “mini-tool kit”, and some shipping, the remaining points were spent.

Of course, there’s some distress but more excitement from touching the unknown.

After handing over the thought converter and tool kit to Cecil and telling him not to use excessive energy, Yi Ti rushed to the space, sprinkled the new seeds, and then began to irrigate them with essence. After she used up her aura, she sat, tired, and took a look at the recipe Cecil had given her.

How to say it?

The galactic formula and the ancient recipe were really very different.

The former’s description of the quantity is almost accurate to the last three digits of the decimal point, while the latter only wrote the required medicinal materials. As for the ratio, it’s generally expressed in parts.

Yi Ti: “…”

She suddenly remembered that the “add the appropriate amount” was enough to drive a foreign friend crazy when they were watching a cooking show.

To be more sure, before the purchased herbs matured, she decided to take the other common Earth herbs in the space to practice.

Yi Ti decided to refine the elixir that could quickly heal wounds. It was a potion called “Return of Spring” in the ancient books. It’s said that as long as the injured person had a breath left, after drinking this bottle of potion, any scars on the body would disappear. Because most of the herbs in the recipe are no longer available, Master tried to change the formula. Although the final potion had a healing effect, it’s undoubtedly much worse than the original, so she lazily named it “Small Return of Spring”.

Yi Ti found the location of several herbs in the field, but she wasn’t as anxious as last time. Instead, she sat cross-legged and took a deep breath. Then she reached out to one of the herbs. With a tremble of her fingertips, a green drop gradually floated from the plant. At this time, it looked a lot worse than before because the essence on its body was taken away by her, but it’s still alive.

This is the case with Spiritual Plant Cultivators. They won’t let the plant die but rather leave them with a chance to recover. As long as there is enough Aura, they will always recover. It’s just a matter of time.

This was probably why the people who possess the talent as a Spiritual Plant Cultivator were especially loved by plants. They never wanted to deprive them of their lives.

But to be honest, Yi Ti felt that it’s tough to do such a thing after they can clearly perceive the joys and sorrows of this group of plants. Now it felt a bit rude for her to dig out the herbs directly.

After taking several herb essences in turn, Yi Ti brought them all together. Watching the various colored medicinal drops floating in front of her, she recalled the recipe she’d read before. She discovered that there really is no need to deliberately pay attention to the quantity. She had the formula in her head, but she seemed to know what to do. Driven by this sentiment, Yi Ti gently waved her hand. Each green colored drop spontaneously separated into a few drops and soon, dozens of drops gathered in front of her.

Yi Ti looked at the “mish-mash” floating in front of her and suddenly frowned. She always felt that something was wrong.

She subconsciously moved her fingers according to her thoughts, and a medicinal drop flew out and went back to its original green colored drop.

Her brow smoothened as she let the various medicinal drops in front of her thoroughly mix together. During the process, it exuded a kind of refreshing medicinal fragrance. At the same time, the original green color gradually changed to white.

In this process, Yi Ti felt less and less Aura in her body.

Finally, at the moment before exhaustion, it stopped.

She took out an empty glass bottle left by her Master, hooked her finger toward the concoction, and watched as it spontaneously flew into the container. The remaining drops returned to their respective herbs.

Yi Ti put the medicine to one side and began her breathing exercise. There is plenty of Aura in the space, so in a few moments, her dantian was full again. She stood up and went to the herbs she had extracted from. In order, she magnanimously used her own essence to water the herbs. Midway through, she had to do her breathing exercise several times. Although she felt a little tired, looking at the plants that have regained their vitality and feeling the joy they conveyed, she thought this is worth it.

After doing all this, she’s back to where she was before. She picked up the potion she made and also the ones made by her master and compared the two. After finding no difference, she ran out to find Cecil and confirmed she’d been successful!

This gave Yi Ti peace of mind. It seems that she’s a bit talented.

But even so, she still didn’t dare to refine the primary potions since she’s still a novice after all.

In the days that followed, Yi Ti entered a frenzied period of concocting potions to increase her skill proficiency. Except for eating, taking care of the flowers, and communicating with Cecil, almost all her time is spent in the space. However, the constant concentration on potions and the high-frequency of breathing training made her undoubtedly very tired. So she’s almost asleep as soon as she hit the bed and didn’t even dream.

Until one day——

“Xiao Ti.” Cecil suddenly stopped Yi Ti.


“Shouldn’t we celebrate tonight?”

“Celebrate?” Yi Ti was shocked, “What’s special today?”

“August fifteen.”



“Cecil, you’ve got the wrong idea.” Yi Ti kneeled down and looked at the jelly on the sofa. Each of his tentacles is carrying tools, and the jelly alien looked like a mad scientist. “The Chinese Mid-autumn festival is set according to the lunar calendar.”

“Lunar calendar?” Cecil quickly retrieved the information he’d collected before. Sure enough, he discovered this magical calendar. The people of a country actually used two calendars and wasn’t confused at all. Earth people are really not simple. But, in this case…

Yi Ti looked at the somewhat dejected big pudding and suddenly reacted, “Cecil, do you…want to take the opportunity to let me rest for a day?” Now that she thought about it, as an alien, he wouldn’t suddenly be interested in Earth’s festival. And if he’s really interested, how could he mistake the Gregorian Calendar with the Lunar Calendar?

The blue jelly trembled slightly, and again issued a “Xiu Xiu Xiu——” sound. It seemed there are signs of him melting again.

“Let’s celebrate!” Yi Ti quickly shouted.

“But today is not the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“But we can celebrate other things.” Yi Ti counted on her fingers, “For example, we’ve known each other for twenty-two or twenty-three days? This number is worth celebrating, and today is also a full moon.”

Cecil: “…”

“Come, let’s celebrate!” Yi Ti patted the palm of her hand, “First is to go grocery shopping. I haven’t bought anything recently, and I have to buy some drinks. Right, moon cakes should be on sale right now. Cecil, do you want to go to the supermarket and see it?”

“But…” Cecil was obviously moved but still hesitated, “You said that holding a doll in the summer would make you a weirdo.” Although he really wanted to go out with her, wouldn’t he just cause trouble?

“Then I’ll be a weirdo,” Yi Ti bent down and held out her fingers to his tentacles, “I haven’t done anything bad, so I’m not afraid. Cecil, let’s go to the supermarket.”



Mid-autumn festival –  the traditional moon-viewing festival on the 15th of the 8th lunar month

Lunar calendar –  traditional Chinese calendar, a calendar based upon the monthly cycles of the Moon

Alien 9: You Have This Talent
Alien 11: Do You Like It?

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