STB Chapter 14: Tracing

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At the scene of Star Entertainment Media’s Press Conference, the cameras’ flashes lit up the venue. Li Fei removed his sunglasses and smiled at everyone.

Li Fei instantly became the focus of the lens. He maintained a gentle and warm expression while also reaching out to say hello to several relatively famous reporters.

With the live broadcast, fans sitting in front of the internet could watch Li Fei’s every move at the same time.

“He’s obviously not hurt, so who spread those rumors?”

Seeing Li Fei safe and sound, the fans were relieved followed by being angry.

If Li Fei was just a small actor with an unstable foundation, just a rumor of a severe injury would cut off any discussions regarding several potential shooting advertisements, movies, interviews and so on. The movie roles he signed for would also be affected.

On one hand, they were glad that Li Fei was the winner of two awards, gaining his title as the Film Emperor. On the other hand, they felt distressed for their family’s Mr. Perfect.

Only until Li Fei sat down did the flashes in the venue become slightly normal. The reporters rushed to raise their hands and ask questions, but Li Fei’s broker didn’t hesitate to talk about Li Fei’s next film.

With great difficulty, they simmered until the end of the speech and exploded on the question and answer portion.

“May I ask if you’ve seen the online video? Are you at the scene when the explosion occurred?”

“Yesterday, Xiao YaQin microblogged only two words: “really worried”…… may I ask, what is her relationship with Li Fei? Is it boyfriend and girlfriend? Or are you already married? Or maybe thinking of marriage?”

Li Fei pressed down on the microphone, looking like he wanted to say something. The scene went quiet all at once.

“About the video, I do not know about it. As for the explosion in Huai City’s Pearl Hotel, I was at the scene……”

The audience immediately buzzed. The eyes of the reporters were full of excitement. They wanted to ask how Li Fei and Xiao YaQin, these two celebrities, appeared in the same hotel.

This matter also exploded online. A lot of Li Fe’s fans detested Xiao YaQin. It’s the first time they’ve heard of this, and they treated it as bad news.

Li Fei looked the same as always, but Assistant Lin, who stood offscreen near the walls, turned off the venue lights except for one. A photo appeared on the front screen showing an invitation letter to a charity dinner party.

The words were distinct with the date and time enlarged.

“The dinner party is at eight o’clock. My assistant booked my room on the 48th floor. As for Ms. Xiao, after our companies communicated, only then did we know that her room is on the 42nd floor.”

Pearl Hotel’s room management was rigorous; the floor number was on the room card. When riding the elevator, one can only ride up to that specific floor. The floors leading towards the dining hall, business lounge and entertainment facilities used another lift.

If anyone wanted to visit other guests, they would have to tell the elevator staff the floor number.

As public figures, even if they wanted to be private, it’s impossible to have that much floor difference between their rooms.

Li Fei did not explain in detail. As for the existence of the charity dinner party, someone would naturally check. And regarding the thing between him and Xiao YaQin, it was still unclear——

“My debut had been ten years ago. I know my fans and all my media friends are concerned about my private life.”

The reporters wanted to continue questioning, but from Li Fei’s expression, they realized that there might be a huge surprise coming. They suddenly became nervous. Some even held their breath.

Li Fei slightly narrowed his eyes. He also unintentionally smoothed his hands down on the table. This uneasy motion created a particular atmosphere. He didn’t have to talk, through his “actions,” people could feel that he would say a secret from the heart.

The broker next to him stared at Li Fei’s gaffe.

——This doesn’t follow what they agreed on. This wasn’t even in the script! Is it a good idea to talk about your love life right now?

However, such a stare, in that situation, seemed as if telling Li Fei that he’s not allowed to tell the truth.

Assistant Lin’s expression was also marvelous, but his mood was: “Really, the boss doesn’t play his cards normally.” He had to say that with Li Fei’s skill, he could even make something fake to be true. Anyway, it’s false to a degree.

Li Fei’s “nervousness” was very slight. He knew that going too far was as bad as not showing enough. He merely cheated others to believe in his way of thinking, even those keen experts. How could those experts in body language not read the information he gave?

In front of the camera, Li Fei only lost control for just a second and soon calmed down, restoring the warmth of his past smile.

“In truth, I have a crush on someone. I just failed to say it.”


“So my love life is not that blank.” Li Fei lightly laughed as if he didn’t just drop a heavy bomb, “although the other is single, I know the man that person likes……is not me.”


The fans watching the live broadcast was hit and became dumbfounded at the unexpected situation. The reporters at the scene quickly responded with excited questions.

“Is your favored person within the circle?”

“Is that person a singer, movie star, or a model?”

The scene became chaotic. The broker was about to pass out because of anger over Li Fei. Having said that, how would they make a follow-up? Where would they find this favored person? What kind of person was suitable for Li Fei’s secret love? What to do with the fans’ resentment?

——why is every movie actor in China so damn headstrong?

Among the chaos, the broker heard a reporter ask one question, “Is your crush a woman?”

Star Entertainment’s PR Department Head, who was present at the scene, suddenly had an ugly face.

Only Li Fei remained unmoved, smilingly answering the questions with a partial response. Then he declared no more comments and wished those injured in the bombing incident a fast recovery. With this, it finally announced the end of the Press Conference.

After exiting, Li Fei went to the top floor of Star Entertainment Media towards the CEO’s office while being surrounded by a crowd.

When the door closed, the smile on his face disappeared without a trace.

“Very wonderful speech.” The man sitting on the swivel chair closed the laptop. The screen showed the scene in the Press Conference.

Star Entertainment‘s CEO, a successful man who appeared to be in his late thirties, was in fact, more than fifty.

The most deceptive was his black hair which was not troubled by a thinning hairline. With deep-set eyes, high nose bridge, chiseled features, no beer belly, and wearing a custom made suit, the CEO looked like he’d been pulled out of a photo shoot and with PS, might even pass as a model from a foreign magazine.

His fingers overlapped into a tower, and his sharp eyes made several junior assistants feel their scalp tingle, making them hung their heads.

Surprisingly, the CEO opened his mouth to gossip, “ I want to know, do you really have this person?”

Li Fei did not answer and just picked a place to sit down. The secretary in the president’s office moved deftly and sent a cup of coffee. Assistant Lin did not have this kind of treatment, and while carrying a briefcase, he gave a wry smile to the big boss and shook his head.

“You’re so anxious to get rid of Xiao Yaqin even though you don’t have to. Then you throw this bombshell, how many ridiculous rumors do you think will come out tonight?” The CEO had shining eyes when he said this.

Geng Tian was surprised. Why is this tone not like an interrogation and even sounded like he’s excited?

Assistant Lin silently watched the bodyguard and looked on weakly: Of course, Star Entertainment‘s CEO Liang Jun liked to gossip and even loved to spread gossip. Speaking this out loud is not a good thing and will only make one lose face so who can explain it ah?

“If your broker does not pick up a suitable person, you’re responsible for it!” Lighting a cigarette, the CEO leisurely smoked. He did not forget to give Li Fei, the company’s biggest billboard, and biggest thorn, a warning, “There is also the PR Department responsible for the public opinion, and they’re working overtime because of you tonight.”

Liang Jun waited for Li Fei to speak. He looked strangely at his company’s number one cash cow. Was it that Li Fei’s news was real? In his mind, he worked through the network of relationships around Li Fei doubtfully, but there were no suspicious targets at all ah!

“It’s not peaceful recently……” Li Fei said vaguely, “You may have an accident, so pay more attention.”

“Hn?” Liang Jun heard this and was puzzled if it’s gossip or information. He was trying to find out the meaning of Li Fei’s words. Did it refer to the financial markets? Entertainment industry? Or national politics?

Liang Jun pondered when suddenly, the phone on the table rang. The young secretary had a strained voice, “Pre-President, there are people from the Public Security Bureau here to see Li Fei. They said that they needed him to cooperate with an investigation.”


“They are in a hurry, and also——”

Outside the president’s office, the secretary wearing a white suit had a face crumpled into a ball. Standing in front of her eyes was a dignified man in military uniform with a solemn expression.

Zhang YaoJin did not wait for the secretary to finish and directly opened the office door. The pitch-dark muzzle of a gun pointed towards Li Fei.

Is this a movie?

Assistant Lin and the other staff members stood foolishly.

“All unnecessary personnel leave.” Zhang YaoJin coldly said.

“Wait.” Liang Jun looked at the police officers and military with firearms drawn that filed into the room. He raised his hands in shock, then turned to look at his secretary who had panicked and ran in, “……you’re saying that your brother is with these people to catch Li Fei?”


Everybody present on the scene was dumbfounded.

“Miss Zhang XiaoJie?” Assistant Lin was horrified when he looked at the secretary. He had a crush on this sweet looking sister whose older brother appeared to be a valiant soldier. It did not seem that his rank was low.

Wait, is it possible that Liang Jun, this gossiping CEO, even checked his secretary’s entire family? Is that even legal?

“I have something to say. I know Li Fei. Murder and arson are too costly; this losing trade is something he would never do.” Liang Jun coughed to smooth things over.

Since the beginning of being at the endpoint of a gun, Li Fei had cold eyes. He thought of the danger of being exposed but did not expect that it’d come so fast. Li Fei did not expect that the other party wouldn’t even give him any chance. It was clear that if he didn’t cooperate, he would be forcibly taken away.

“When the explosion at Pearl Hotel occurred, where were you?” Zhang YaoJin stared down at Li Fei.

“My room.”


“Together with my bodyguard, we fled downstairs from the stairwell.”

“Your room is on the 48th floor. There is glass debris near the window, and there are also two clear footprints. Someone was standing there overlooking downwards. This footprint is yours.”

“I wanted to see what happened.” Li Fei calmly answered.

Zhang YaoJin sneered, his eyes were red after two days and nights of not sleeping, with his nerves stretched tight.

He could feel that Li Fei was dangerous. Not because of the clues left in the room, but because when he stood in front of Li Fei, his subconscious issued a warning. This feeling was comparable to when he rescued hostages while facing a group of ruthless gangsters.

Seeing the situation was not good, Liang Jun couldn’t help but say, “What exactly is going on?”

“Father, you don’t have to say anything, just come out!” Secretary Zhang XiaoJie, who was standing in the doorway, cried out anxiously.

Everyone’s attention focused on the wrong thing: Wait, what do you mean father?

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This is machine translated and all copyrights belong to the author. Please note that the translator might take creative liberties for better readability. Thank you for reading.

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STB Chapter 14: Tracing

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