STB Chapter 13: Dumbfounded Circle
STB Chapter 15: Careless

Knowing that the girl he likes had a Major as an older brother and that she’s the CEO’s daughter, Assistant Lin’s jaw dropped.

Li Fei’s eyes slowly moved to Zhang YaoJin’s face.

Because of being under the wind and sun all year round, Zhang YaoJin has a darker complexion and has lean, soldierly qualities. But if you looked carefully——the outline of that face, if a few points softer will almost be the same as Secretary Zhang XiaoJie’s face.

The CEO had a pair of unrelated stepchildren at home. This thing is not news to the company’s executives, but they hadn’t seen Liang Jun bring them out before. Li Fei is also not interested in this gossip, but who would have thought——

Li Fei suppressed the surge of his restless power.

To go against the Nation’s Military is difficult and the price is too high. Rational people will not rashly resist. Even if Li Fei had a power that he could not understand, he didn’t have the confidence to control the beast.

If used, except for Geng Tian in this room, he’s afraid that the others would die.

Liang Jun is not a demanding businessman. Star Entertainment Media also had the best reputation among the other companies in the circle. Li Fei is the only first-line actor in China who hadn’t opened his own studio. He was taken care of by the company and Liang Jun for many years, not leaving even when the contract expired. Of course, he wouldn’t spite them.

Zhang YaoJin felt the dangerous atmosphere subside and his stretched out nerves finally relaxed.

He stared at Li Fei in a complicated way and sternly said, “If you cooperate with the investigation, I promise that if you are innocent, the outside world did not need to know what happened today.”

Finished speaking, he waved, “Take him away!”

What made Li Fei surprised is, while the soldiers surrounding him escorted him, although the men’s eyes were wary, their actions were very polite. They’re not at all coarse and rude. No one even took out handcuffs and detained his freedom of movement.

“And him.” Zhang YaoJin next pointed at the crowd towards Geng Tian.

Geng Tian suddenly changed his expression. He looked at the severe-looking Liang Jun and also looked at Li Fei’s actions. He did not say anything, just hung his head as he was escorted away.

The elevator went directly to the underground garage where a couple of Jeeps with military license plates quickly drove off.

Liang Jun who was standing in front of the window recovered. With a straight face, he ordered, “All the things that happened today, no one is allowed to say it outside!”

Everyone looked at each other, feeling anxious while thinking of what Li Fei did. How did it become such a big issue? Does it mean that the Pearl Hotel’s explosion is related to Li Fei?

What is he planning ah!

To be labeled as a terrorist, is there a future for the movie actor?

The Jeeps went all the way to Haicheng’s military district, passed through several checkpoints and finally stopped in front of an old office building.

The walls of the building are painted in green. The lights on the corridor are dim, but the guards are very strict. Every once in a while, there would be an armed soldier.

Li Fei was taken to a room at the end of a corridor. The furnishings inside is like that of a guest house a few decades ago.

The paint on the tables and chairs are pleasant to the eyes. The cup served has a straightforward pattern. The posters attached to the walls are printed propaganda slogans such as the Patriotic Love Party.

But for this particular situation, Li Fei is suspicious of what kind of stage the crew set up.

Zhang YaoJin did not play the drama of keeping people here for hours. He came in from the front, turned around to lock the door and with several fully-armed guards arranged at every corner of the room, he coldly said, “Sit.”

There is only one chair in the room, and Li Fei did not talk much.

Always standing behind Zhang YaoJin is JunZhuang XiaoGe. He removed a photo from a folder and pushed it in front of Li Fei’s eyes.

There is a time stamped on the upper right of the photo. It was a picture taken by a surveillance camera. Impressively, the people inside it is Geng Tian. He was guarding a man out of the staircase with a jacket over his head.

“It’s me.” Li Fei looked down at the photo and very readily admitted.

“You lived on the 48th floor. Ten minutes after the incident you are on the third floor……your reaction speed is not slow.”

Li Fei looked calm. He had calculated the time. It was nothing unreasonable, but it’s probably not what Zhang YaoJin wanted to show him——there are no surveillance cameras in the hotel stairwell, so it should be from the hallway.

Sure enough, a few photos were spread on the table.

“Things happened, and the hotel carried out emergency procedures. We had been looking at the surveillance cameras at the 48th-floor frame by frame. You were in your room, but there was no record of you leaving it.”

The group that blew up the hotel probably thought that when time stagnated in that world, the camera wouldn’t work. The leader is probably lazy and did not destroy the Pearl Hotel’s surveillance. Li Fei went silent.

“Do you have anything to explain?” Zhang YaoJin is good at discovering the mood changes of suspects, but he found nothing today. Li Fei is either too calm, or the movie actor’s acting skills are high enough that he could play the unsuspecting innocent.

A photo proved nothing. If you rely on this to catch people, arrest warrants would be too easy to issue.

Li Fei, from the rank seen on Zhang YaoJin’s shoulder, realized that the country paid attention to this Pearl Hotel case more than he imagined.

What kind of task force can use a military interrogation room?

Who can arrest a public figure without a search warrant and with weapons? 

Li Fei closed his eyes. When he opened it again, it was clear and bright, “Even if I wanted to tell the truth, I’m afraid no one would believe it.”

Zhang YaoJin frowned deeply, while JunZhuang XiaoGe behind him isn’t so calm.

Although he still looked solemn, he cannot help but look strangely at Li Fei.

At first, Li Fei thought it was the usual reaction to seeing a movie star.

But he’s not a giant panda, looking for a few times is enough. This relentless look——even though Li Fei’s fans are numerous, he did not think he can match the national treasure. This is the problem he’s worried about.

“I don’t know what’s in the surveillance cameras, but I heard a conversation in the stairwell.”

Li Fei repeated the conversation.

A suspected group of terrorists searched the hotel after committing the crime and also talked about a “large-scale awakening day.”

JunZhuang XiaoGe’s eyes shone: Just like that ridiculous chat group!

He could not help but look back at Zhang YaoJin. The latter is still expressionless, and he can’t see what he’s thinking at all.

“I’ll trouble you to continue to stay here for a while. We still had to ask your bodyguard. If there’s anything you can think of, feel free to inform us.” Zhang YaoJin left the room after he finished speaking.

The door was not locked, but the inside and outside has a tight guard, so there’s no difference with a lock.

The difference is probably——if Li Fei looked for a lawyer, one, he is not “imprisoned,” two, he did not wear handcuffs, and three, he wasn’t interrogated, he just “cooperated with the investigation.”

“Major, the maximum output surpassed the limit of the miniature energy detector.”
He was the person responsible for “guarding” the soldiers around Li Fei and with an agitated hand, he handed over the report.

Looking at the curved line on the white paper, Zhang YaoJin’s face is darker than the bottom of the pot.

He felt like someone came over to say that an anti-armor bazooka is ready to fire and if it was in a good mood, it will blow you like cannon fodder.

“About his situation, he can’t go through the airport security.”

The spilled energy fluctuates too much, to a shocking extent.

“And his bodyguard——”

Zhang YaoJin has more than one report on his hands. This time, the data is smaller. The lines are also relatively flat but still much above average.

“Well done.” Zhang YaoJin squeezed out these words through his teeth.

Today they brought two people. If they went to the airport or take the subway, walking through the security check would be very fun! First, they have to evacuate these people and get them to understand the situation thoroughly. The affected flight/traffic would be smaller compared to if it was mistaken for a terrorist attack which would bring chaos.

“Major, are we going to check out Li Fei’s side to see if there’s anyone who’s called these names?”

The one responsible for the group chats is JunZhuang XiaoGe and while looking strangely, “Especially that Jian Hua.”

“Finish things up and report it.” Zhang YaoJin tossed the report into his hands and strode out of the way.

When he sees people, he can see through you; his face became bitter.

This world is a book? Are you kidding! If he reported it to the Chief, will they even believe him?

Of course, Zhang YaoJin’s troubles did not end. After two days of investigation, new clues have been reported one after the other.

“Major, there’s nothing new on the Pearl Hotel’s surveillance.”

“After a carpet search, there was a missing restaurant waiter called Guan Cheng in the Huai City’s Development Zone beside the Pearl Hotel.”

Zhang YaoJin finally heard some good news, and despite his drowsy mind, he immediately ordered his men to find the missing person. He had a feeling that the waiter will know more inside information.

Because when this person went “missing”, they couldn’t find his existence in the surveillance cameras as if he suddenly disappeared.

Zhang YaoJin’s headache is about another case regarding the death of a couple that he wanted to trace. He didn’t know who destroyed the surveillance records of Universal Studios’ parking lot. The supermarkets and shops on the other floors still had their surveillance records, but he did not get anything of value.

The Studios’ staff members remembered that the couple went there to watch a movie. As to when they left and with whom they took the elevator with, there really is no impression.

Zhang YaoJin now had a sheet of paper with the list of sold tickets in that movie.

There’s a total of more than 30 bought tickets, half of them are through group deals and online transactions, so they were cleared through their bank account information. The other half is from the Studios’ membership card purchases showing discounted tickets in the evening. There is a system of reporting lost membership cards so it used real names.

The problem is the three tickets purchased at full price. There is no set viewing program, and people can appear randomly. Without the surveillance records, they’re difficult to find.

“First, check those people that you can find and see if someone is acting strangely. For example, if they’ve been to a hospital or if……”

Zhang YaoJin’s words had not finished yet when a subordinate ran in while holding a mobile phone, “Huai City University reported that two girls went missing for more than 72 hours.”

“What are their names?”

“It’s on the list, they bought online tickets……using Lu Yuan’s bank account. They said she went to the movies with her roommate and never returned to school.”

JunZhuang XiaoGe quietly read and looked at Zhang YaoJin; he cautioned, “Major, in fact, there is another thing. It may have nothing to do with the case, but it can also be related.”


“The movie they watched before the accident, it’s starred by Li Fei.”


He’s really everywhere.

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STB Chapter 13: Dumbfounded Circle
STB Chapter 15: Careless

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