STB Chapter 14: Tracing
STB Chapter 16: A Visit

——He always felt that he’d forgotten a particular thing.

Jian Hua is cooking udon noodles, absently sprinkling some pepper into the bowl.

The TV in the living room is on, and sounds traveled into the kitchen.

“Movie actor Li Fei publicly disclosed his love life for the first time. It turned out to be unrequited love. This host is also surprised! Please see the live broadcast below……”

Jian Hua is surprised for a moment, and the pepper sprinkled onto the table.

He only met the person a day ago, can this be considered a love affair? Jian Hua remembered that Li Fei is gay, so he felt that Li Fei’s unrequited love is normal. He’s probably in love with a straight man so of course, it’s not good to confess.

Turning off the heat, he took off the hot bowl and went into the living room. He just happened to meet Li Fei’s eyes on the TV screen who sadly said, “Although the other person is single, I know the one that person likes isn’t me.”

It turned out to be a love triangle.

Jian Hua picked up his chopsticks, holding up the noodles to eat while thinking.

The noodles are boiled a little too far making it pasty. Such a headache, Jian Hua sighed.

A noisy group is on TV. The reporters hurried to ask questions.

“That person……is in the inner circle.” Li Fei smiled and continued to tell the story.

“Very serious, and also very hard-working. You asked me about the things that I like about that person. This is not possible because, in my eyes, that person looked good everywhere.”

“In fact, I did not know enough about that person because of the distance……you need to understand, we’re not familiar with each other. But every time I see that person, I would find something new to love. So let me continue to indulge, such is unrequited love.”

“In fact, I loved that person at first sight.”

Jian Hua held the chopsticks in his hand. He carefully looked at Li Fei’s expression and eye movements. Although he had no talent in acting, Jian Hua had been exposed to it long enough. But after meeting Li Fei, he could not help but feel that the way a male god act is not the same.

When it came to an affair with no result, some would be depressed, but which man would be immersed in the contentment of such a tiny thing? There is a world of difference from General Wu!

Jian Hua continued eating his noodles. This is to get rid of Xiao YaQin, so he did not think deeply about Li Fei’s words.

The entertainment industry is full of half-truths and was ever-changing. Life is like a play, and it all depends on one’s acting skills. Li Fei is a prime example, you’ll lose when you take him seriously. Not to mention that Li Fei’s “affectionate confession” is subtitled with a “she” so it’s hard for Jian Hua to take it seriously.

After listening to today’s entertainment news, Jian Hua went to the kitchen to clean the dishes. Cold water rushed into his hands, and he finally remembered what he neglected.

In the Abandoned World, the cameras are still working. The fact that Jian Hua walked into the elevator of Universal Studios should have been caught!

Five people went into the elevator, mysteriously disappeared and the couple died mysteriously……

Jian Hua irritatedly threw the chopsticks into the sink. He deeply frowned and wondered how to get out of this affair. He didn’t think that he would be a suspect in a murder case.

He opened his computer and searched through the Universal Studios’ murder story.

Due to the Pearl Hotel explosion the next day, the heat around the Studios’ murder case took a sharp drop. The gossipers went to Xiao YaQin’s video event, and at the moment, they are guessing who the Movie Emperor Li Fei’s unrequited love is. The couple’s murder case led to no further clues.

Jian Hua kept changing the keywords, Huai City, Universal Studios……

“En?” Jian Hua stopped to look at a microblog. Huai City University had two girls missing. On the night of the incident, they went to Universal Studios to watch the movie《Crow》.

He opened the photo and looked for half a minute.

Jian Hua never had a photographic memory. Also, the photo and the real one always had some kind of distortion so he cannot be sure if the two girls are the same two girls in the elevator that night.

Jian Hua thought of how he almost starved to death a few days ago and frowned even further.

He doubted the physical endurance of the two high school girls, so he’s afraid that they’re already dead in a corner somewhere.

This would be troublesome. The same five people went into the elevator, and he’s the only one alive. That would be hard to explain.

Jian Hua regretted that he was not wearing sunglasses out of habit. He also can’t remember the location of the elevator camera, or if the surveillance in the parking lot captured his license plate number——he did not know.

If the Pearl Hotel’s explosion hadn’t attracted the police’s attention, Jian Hua felt that he may have fallen under the range of suspects in the investigation, just waiting to be summoned at the police station rather than at home looking through microblogs.

What happened cannot be changed unless he destroyed the surveillance video.
Don’t talk about sneaking into Universal Studios’ security department to erase the surveillance records, what if after the incident, the related videos are already extracted? What if they’ve been copied by the police?

Jian Hua’s face became more and more ugly. He had no choice. There is no escape. Like an animal curled up in the room, no matter how dark the corner he hid, he can not escape.

This is a cornered situation where a huge intangible net gradually closed in, giving a sense of suffocation!


The things on the table flew out of control, then fell to the ground.

Jian Hua cannot suppress his own strength when the feeling of desperation and panic dominated him just now.

He is different from Li Fei. There’s nothing he can’t give up in this world, no achievements and dreams to occupy his soul. He had no sense of belonging to this world.

Being in a wealthy family when young, what can he not have? After going bankrupt because of debt, his relatives were gone without a trace. When he saw a friend, they would hide. The house was mortgaged, and he didn’t even have hot meals to eat, living like a lost dog. Only the land has not left him, and it always had an investment pattern. Jian Hua had a deep sense of distrust for the people of this world.

How to explain the encounter at Universal Studios, how to ensure that he would not become a lab mouse——thinking of the surprised and contemptuous eyes of his interrogators, Jian Hua’s emotions grew unstable.

He realized he could not get away from this affair and the uncontrolled power soared geometrically.

Boom.” The power in his mind presented a terrifying force which shocked him. Jian Hua was covered in cold sweat, twitching, and only after a long while did he climbed out of the chair.

The room is a mess. The sofa floated in mid-air. The TV leaned against a shoe rack. The kitchen sink has a water column gushing out. The spray of water froze, looking exceptionally strange.


All the items instantly fell back to its original position.

Jian Hua stiffly turned his head. The wheezing noise from the neighbor’s old kitchen exhaust hood is gone.

The second hand on the clock stopped, 1:10.

——Li Fei’s awakening led to the end of the Abandoned World in advance. When Jian Hua’s abilities went riot this time, it made this dangerous world come again.

Jian Hua subconsciously touched his pocket.

He had the habit of carrying food with him. However, bringing a mountaineering bag full of food for 24 hours is going too far. Now lying in his pocket are chocolate and two small bottles of glucose.

Jian Hua opened the closet and picked a distinctive sports jacket. He also pulled out a hat, gloves, sunglasses and a mask, opened the door and ran downstairs. He swiftly turned in the quiet neighborhood and rode on an unlocked bike in the front door.

A powerful forced filled his every muscle and every nerve.

Jian Hua felt that this time was different from the other two. The silent city is like a stagnant pool and walking inside it brought up a circle of ripples. This is the fluctuations of abilities.

Elsewhere in the pool, there are weak ripples generated which are incompatible in this calm place.

Jian Hua skillfully avoided these “ripples”. The city is big, so it’s hard to meet someone, not to mention Jian Hua who deliberately hid from them.

Laughter came from a police car on the roadside. Someone smashed the door, seemingly wanting to escape. The detention center also had some movement, but they’ve just woken up from ecstasy when they were stumped by the handcuffs.

——they have no ability. Even though the world’s people are gone, they also cannot escape ah.

So the laughter turned into curses and collapsed into a cry.

Jian Hua did not know this as he rushed towards Universal Studios.

The bustling shopping center is empty as Jian Hua went into the staff area, and towards the hard to find security department. But the control room has a password lock. Even employees had to enter a password to open it.

Jian Hua pressed down the handle on the other side with his ability and used it to forcefully open the security door.

Fortunately, this is during work hours, so the machine is running. Jian Hua entered the time and opened the monitoring record but found that the files on that night at the elevator and parking lot are missing.

Did the police copy the video and because the content is too ridiculous and would create a sensation, they deleted the original?

Jian Hua had a headache when he suddenly felt that there was something outside the Cinema.

The reason why he called it a thing is because the feedback from Jian Hua’s ability sensor is in a rectangular shape. Of course, there is no such creature in this world, so Jian Hua judged it as another ability holder since the power around the object showed a similar “ripple” effect.

Quickly leaving the monitoring office, Jian Hua gathered his strength and calmly went to the mall floor.

There are many places to hide here since the mall opened several doors at the same time. The intruder’s location in Jian Hua’s eyes is no secret so Jian Hua can calmly avoid the other and quietly leave.

To his surprise, something unexpected happened.

The ability holder went towards the Cinema’s elevator doors, stopped and looked around, then loudly shouted:



“I know you’re here. That day we encountered the incident, the newspaper said that the couple was dead. My friend is also dead. I’m afraid to go home now!”

The voice sounded like a young girl, and she was crying.

Jian Hua bent over to hide his body behind the jewelry store sign, detoured from the back of the counter and around the elevator. Squatting in the dark, he looked at the girl.

She looked like the girl in one of the pictures of the missing schoolgirls in Weibo.

“Yesterday Li Fei awakened his abilities. The Abandoned World suddenly ended so you didn’t have the time to destroy the surveillance videos in the Universal Studios. I know you will come today so come out okay? I know some things, I can tell you the truth.”

The curve on Jian Hua’s mouth became more profound, and his eyes are cold.

He left without looking back and did not look at the girl anymore.

The girl did not know it and once again called out toward the mall several times. Then in frustration, she sat on the ground while muttering in a voice that only she can hear,      “Strange, did he not come? Impossible. Jian Hua is so cautious, if he did not personally confirm his own safety, he cannot even sleep well.”

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STB Chapter 14: Tracing
STB Chapter 16: A Visit

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