STB Chapter 118: Breaking Through

STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements
STB Chapter 119: Way to Survive

The cars of ability holders always have biscuits and mineral water; Red Dragon even prepared a rocket launcher.

The shot hit the target and directly smashed the glass snail into pieces. The nearby buildings aren’t affected. From the sniping technology to firepower selection, it’s so accurate that Jian Hua is surprised.

Abandoned World Monster Manual: Glass snails are slow, and the hardness of the shell on its back is comparable to an alloy.

Like a snail, its teeth are on the tongue, and very sharp. It often ambushed its prey from the corner of ruins or hunt on the intersection of roads. A sweep of the tongue will usually leave the victim all bloody; it can scrape off a layer of flesh.

If you encounter a glass snail, you’ll die horribly. The protagonist, Johnson Brown, met it when he was sixteen. The partner who turned back to talk to him suddenly screamed. Johnson judged the position of the glass snail based on the airflow. He used his wind ability to pull out his partner and instantly escaped 100 meters away. However, when he looked down, he was suddenly stunned and fell to his knees. His first ability holder companion that is the same age as him, the lower half is gone, and only an incomplete skeleton with some muscles are left.

This incident became a nightmare in Johnson’s youth and tied with the hurricane in that dark substation.

When Johnson was 22 years old, he met the glass snail through a mission from the Abilities Bureau, and his psychological problems erupted. At that time, he was already one of the leaders of two major forces with enormous stress daily. The mental issues of superheroes are always the focus in such stories.

In the end, Johnson asked to go hunting alone. Near Las Vegas, the glass snail is in an underground abandoned nuclear test base. The battle is dangerous, and Johnson used the terrain to avoid. When the dye agent thoroughly outlines the surface of the glass snail, Johnson used thunder on the center of the giant shell, successfully killing this monster.

“We don’t have such strong lightning ability holder, so the power of a single rocket launcher is enough.”

The Red Dragon members on the Hummer are busy packing up.

“This sniping mechanism is a newly developed technology, and especially used on glass snails which rely on light reflection camouflage.” The Red Dragon member who shot the rocket launcher grinned as he removed the lens he used and held it in his hand.

The roof retracted, and the skinny man Zhao Wen stepped on the gas pedal, charging forwards violently.

Except for the driver’s seat, they removed the other car seats to make more space to move. The two windows on the side each have a man with a submachine gun. The windows are also remodeled, and there is a hole that allowed the barrel to extend. The bulletproof glass is very thin and almost similar to a phone screen. It’s only enough for people to shoot and observe the outside environment.

The large tires crushed monsters and sometimes rolled on top of mushrooms.

“With you in the car, its much faster.” Zhao Wen said with a smile.

Before, the monsters chased them, but the mushrooms in the sewers are unwilling to come out and join in the fun. They have to go full throttle all the way, but even so, their current speed is faster than before by half.

The mushrooms are too “passionate” and used the people trying to escape to bait more food into their territory.

Now that Jian Hua is in the car, if he wanted to “leave”, the hyphae can only make a way.

The car swayed left and right. Jian Hua’s years of being a stuntman can barely support him for him not to hit someone, but several Red Dragon members steadily fired their guns.

At this time, if they didn’t shoot, they would narrow their eyes, move their gun to aim then shoot. They’re obviously picking a target.

Li Fei saw a corpse crow hit the hood of the car.

Zhao Wen anxiously fought with the steering wheel and avoided the oncoming rush of a lizard. It was followed by two bullets hitting the head of the blue lizard, each of them hitting an eye, and blood flowed out like a flower.

The Hummer drove fast, but the gunshots continued. Those monsters who suddenly fell, it’s difficult for ordinary people to guess if they’re pulled down by the mushrooms, or shot by the gun.

These Red Dragon members’ abilities are not high, but even with no gun in hand, facing such a dangerous situation, their chances of surviving is much higher than ordinary people, because they won’t panic.

——the era of high-order ability holders who dominate the world will never come.

This isn’t the book so it won’t happen now.

Because the body mutated and had strong power that can even topple an organization in the blink of an eye, if everyone is better than the police or army, they would worry about the quality of the military of this country.

“Right, your foresight’s good!” The Red Dragon member who changed the gun clip smiled and teased.

They are targeting those dangerous monsters, of course, they saw that flames suddenly hit the target they selected.

The fireball is hidden behind the shot bullet, and sometimes even pulled the hyphae to attack the more tricky guys among the monster group (the mushroom’s instinct to chase the reserve grain).

“There are too many monsters, save your bullets!” Zhao Wen loudly shouted.

The Red Dragon member holding the submachine guns signed okay, and watched the situation on both sides of the road, preventing the Hummer from breaking into the attack range of powerful monsters like the glass snail.

Some of the monsters that are spinning around residential buildings and smashing windows heard the movement of the Hummer. They were soon attracted by the “delicious” food and attacked. Those who consider themselves to be powerful thought about it, and dropped their original prey to chase the car.

“Hope they can seize the opportunity, successfully kill low-level monsters, and keep their lives!” A Red Dragon member talked to himself.

With too many monsters, even Li Fei and Jian Hua, these two S-class ability holders, felt like a drop in the ocean, unless they fight like the final battle of high-order ability holders, which would destroy the entire block. Monsters and ability holders would die, and after the end of the Abandoned World, ordinary people would also suffer heavy casualties, if not smashed to death, they’d be buried alive.

The Hummer rushed out. The density of monsters on this road is significantly lower, so the skinny man suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhao Wen took out a map, and threw it to the people behind, “Find the nearest meeting point.”

“Meeting point?” Li Fei felt that when Abandoned World came this time, it’s a little unusual.

“Since your assistant’s accident, the latest news from Black Abyss said that Abandoned World lasted for 30 days. Major Zhang especially combined our Haicheng Abilities Group into more than ten teams and gave flares, tear gas, and rocket launcher to every team……it’s used to deal with big guys like the cannibalistic squid and glass snail!”

“The few of us hit the jackpot.” Others are bitter and joked.

Preparation is one thing, but falling in and being trapped by a circle of monsters, people with poor psychological quality would have already collapsed.

“The scope of this overlap is not small. The location we fell in is several kilometers from the hotel you stayed in! Don’t know if there are any other groups, so we have to go to the meeting point first.”

Several kilometers……

That’s too far. With no attraction like S-class ability holders, the number of monsters there should be small. That is to say, Zhao Wen deliberately rushed to the place with more monsters.

There are many reasons. Perhaps there’s an order by the country to eliminate the big monsters. Maybe they want to find the whereabouts of Dr. Mad from the place where the monsters are dense. Because Jian Hua is also here, these two facts, Zhao Wen may not necessarily know. Red Dragon is a huge department, so their information database has different reading rights. If the rank is not enough, or they haven’t received a relevant task, it’s difficult to know everything.

The number of monsters has dropped, and no more guys are worth shooting. The Red Dragon members exchanged personnel and packed their clips.

Li Fei took in the scene and looked carefully.

He saw a lot of things. For example, the lens is indeed specially ground. This shows that after the country got the news about the transmigrators, although they haven’t developed the spray that masked their scent from monsters, they’re prepared for how to destroy Abandoned World monsters.

In the book, a new monster’s habits, weakness, and hunting method are from the sacrifice of many ability holders.

The countries can only rely on the information sent back by the ability holders, design a plan, research a weapon and bring it to the Abandoned World through loyal personnel. This process takes months or even half a year, but Abandoned World’s chaos continued. They hardly found a way to deal with a specific monster and popularized it when a new breed of monsters appeared again.

Now, if the military ability holders held a gun in hand, and saw the hideous monsters from the illustrations, they don’t need to test it, they’ll immediately aim the muzzle at the weakness, and calmly pull the trigger. If they encountered a big guy that they couldn’t deal with like the glass snail, they’d lift out a particular weapon.

“The insiders benefit us a lot.”

Zhao Wen heard this and was surprised. He saw Li Fei’s movements from the rearview mirror and then understood Li Fei’s meaning.

He looked at Li Fei unobtrusively, and also looked at Jian Hua——the prophetic information brought by the transmigrators opened the distance between the State and ordinary people. If that’s the case, the country and illegal armed organizations would have an advantage, but it’s difficult for high-order ability holders to have the power like in the book. This gap, don’t know what kind of reaction Li Fei will have.

“Albatross, look at the road!”

The Hummer almost rushed to the sidewalk. The skinny man’s driving skills are top class, so he quickly swings in the right direction.

The Red Dragon members rushed towards Zhao Wen, “You can’t relax, it’s not safe here. If you’re tired, switch to other people! I’ve been waiting behind you for a long time!”

“Listening to what the transmigrator said, in their world…… there are traffic jams in China every day and almost no bicycles in the road. As long as people can afford a car, they’d want to drive. Even the road at night is full of cars, this is terrible! It’s useless to drive the Hummer, so fly a helicopter!”

This is the first time that Jian Hua has heard of it. He asked, somewhat surprised, “No bicycle? Why do people buy a car whenever they can afford it?”

“They ride an electric car; it’s not safe if you think about it. I heard that they didn’t even have a phone booth on the roadside.”

“Really? Then what should I do when I want to make a call?”

“All rely on mobile phones; even children have it!”

“That’s too exaggerated. We can’t take these people to be soldiers……”

While they were laughing and joking, Zhao Wen suddenly stopped, “Be quiet, there’s a car in front!”

It’s a military vehicle of the same standard. A total of three cars are coming here from different directions. The car lights flashed, just like a signal light.

Zhao Wen who saw the license looked severe, “It’s another team. It seemed that this overlap range probably expanded to three cities.”

The cars drove together. Someone rolled the window and said hello to this side, “Go to the Military Hospital. There’s a large number of ability holders there, so monsters are more likely to gather.”

Zhao Wen did not say anything and followed.

Li Fei and Jian Hua is less likely to have opinions since Geng Tian is still there.

The teams moved in the night. When they arrived at the military hospital, monsters and ability holders are endlessly fighting. By the time Li Fei stepped on a charred corpse of a monster to enter the hospital, it’s already half an hour later.

Jian Hua looked at the girl holding the Corgi, looked at Geng Tian’s room, and looked at Zhang YaoJin who is too busy giving orders. He vaguely felt as if these people are supposed to be here together.

STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements
STB Chapter 119: Way to Survive

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