STB Chapter 117: Reinforcements

STB Chapter 116: Code
STB Chapter 118: Breaking Through

Jian Hua put on his clothes as fast as possible.

The room was initially air-conditioned and at a suitable temperature, but now with a broken window, the cold wind poured in along with the freezing rain.

The python’s tail swept across the room, and the furnishings near the window was destroyed. It opened its mouth, emitting a strange hiss.

Fine white silk penetrated the gap between the scales and went deep into the body of this monster. The mushrooms found that their other companions had eaten, but they had not, so they can’t help but rush over. In an instant, the python is like sealed in a long white cloth pocket.

The python’s tragic end didn’t scare the other monsters outside at all.

A few more shadows came this way in the dark. They have long limbs, and their mouth issued strange shrieks. Most ability holders would recognize them; this is the long-armed monkeys.

The monkeys rushed to the floor to ceiling windows with their posture in the air unnatural.

They are not jumping up, but more like thrown over. Like the python, they struggled and rolled on the ground, and treated like a tool that the monsters used to “open” the way.

The mycelium happily greeted the “food” and wrapped them one after another.

After the last monkey fell, there’s no mushroom “greeting” it anymore, so after landing, it jumped and ran away.

Not just the windows, there is also a loud noise outside the door of the hotel apartment. The mushroom entrenched in the hallways appeared, and compared to the bare window, the monsters who broke through the door are more difficult.

These Abandoned World monsters have shown that they’re very intelligent.

Ga!” Corpse crows hovered over the city.

Monsters squatted on roofs and balconies of other buildings, greedily swallowing their saliva. The room has a delicious smell. The scent drilled into their brains from their noses, and got into their heads, making them can’t wait to kill and have the food.

However, that’s not what happened……

Just like a delicious nut with a hard shell outside, or tender crab meat hidden in the shell, if they want to eat, they still have to work hard.

The monkeys stayed in the Abandoned World for a long time. All of them knew that they shouldn’t touch the ground to avoid the mushrooms. These fierce monsters witnessed the hyphae trap their companions and unable to break away then died, but they still don’t understand?

The sounds outside the door are getting closer and closer as well as the excited cries of various monsters outside the windows——after entering the Abandoned World, they found themselves trapped. Like preys caught in a trap, many ability holders are scared to death, not to mention unable to escape from such a desperate situation successfully.


Jian Hua listened to Li Fei’s words and tilted his head as he carefully distinguished the movements outside.

There are voices in the distance, some like a scream, and some like something exploded.

“The overlap involved not just us. There are other ability holders attacked.” Li Fei looks gloomy.

The arrival of the Abandoned World is like a feast for the monsters. A large number of monsters greeted them, who had just arrived at this world, in the “Abandoned World” and ushered them to a “welcome reception”.


Li Fei doesn’t want the mushrooms to devour more energy, but he had to face the facts placed in front of him. Without the mushrooms, leaving here would be difficut——if he used a wide range of flames, it’ll be just like when he awakened his ability at the Huai City Pearl Hotel explosion. It’ll be like a torch in the dark that can be seen from far away, and like shouting out that “Flame Demon” is here.

“Do it later. If Dr. Mad also entered the Abandoned World, he’s more dangerous than all the monsters outside!” Jian Hua urged his abilities. The mushrooms instantly grew wildly and “squeezed” the pair out of the bedroom.

Outside in the living room, the lights shook, and the sounds that were coming from the door are very frightening.

But the corridor is narrow which is conducive to fighting since only two or three monsters can pass at one time.


The door was blown to the hallway by a giant mushroom. The thick cap of the mushroom pushed the front line back four or five meters, and towards the elevator entrance. When Li Fei and Jian Hua stepped out of the door, they saw long hairy arms, a python’s tail, and cockroach carapace rise and fall into mushroom bushes.

There was also a blue lizard with strong lower limbs and webbed feet that are more exaggerated than ducks. It’s like wearing the extra large versions of diver flippers.

It stood up, stepped on the bodies of other monsters and bolted to this side.

The lizard has mucus on its webbed feet, and it was fast. The mycelium initially jumped up to capture it, but it can only chase behind.

Li Fei’s expression slightly changed. He raised his palm and flames firmly hit the foot raised by the lizard——the trajectory is captured by the magic eyes. Having this kind of foresight in these circumstances is hard.

The flame was blue and had an extremely high temperature. The giant lizard issued a short, painful cry. The foot that was hit instinctively shook, the body went out of balance, and it fell on its back.

It rushed too fast before that it had already touched Li Fei’s “field”. The flame beast angrily radiated heat waves, and the temperature in the hallway suddenly soared to over forty degrees. Monsters like the python suffered.

The blue lizard’s intact foot kicked and struggled. The mycelium, after several setbacks, moved to the walls and ceilings,

All of a sudden, the soft white silk formed a huge net in the air. The mycelium continually branched out. Even more, mushrooms rose from the ground, putting the fat caps under the monsters to “sandwich” them in the middle. This is like they’re taking the meat to form a mushroom sandwich.


“Watch out!”

Li Fei and Jian Hua said at the same time, held each other’s arms and backed off. The result is that they used too much force, so they fell into a clump of mushrooms in the corner.

The ceiling of the hallway has a huge hole. The cement board hit the head of the blue lizard. Not only several monsters are buried below, but also the mushrooms are squashed. They can only regrow from the cracks of the cement board.

A bright red afterimage ejected from the hole above.

Li Fei grabbed Jian Hua’s shoulder and got him out of the way. There was a hole in the corner where they were before.

The red shadow shrank back. When it attacked again, Li Fei grabbed it——

His palm is full of flames, so the red shadow quickly retracted. The force is so big that it dragged Li Fei. Li Fei released his hand in time, and the sound of something heavy came from the ceiling.

The flames cleared the way. The monster, who was afraid of death and rushed through the fire, was firmly entrapped by the hyphae.

The smell of burnt fur, blood, and also the bad breath of the monsters filled the air. It’s like something was rotten, and covered with the smell of perfume as if they used as water.

When the two arrived at the stairs for the fire exit, that smell became more pronounced.

After quickly solving the few monsters, there are only five more floors before they can leave the building when Jian Hua suddenly pulled Li Fei.

“Something’s wrong. The following monsters are getting less and less.”

The place near the exit is even more empty. The monsters gathered in another street, busy climbing the exterior of a building. The stairwell, lit by a dim little lamp late at night, was empty with nothing on it.

Li Fei motioned Jian Hua to let the mushroom grow out of the window. Protected by the hyphae, he bent his head, quickly looked down, and promptly left that position.

Li Fei looked severe, he nodded to Jian Hua.

There’s indeed an ambush. His magic eyes saw a monster that is good at hiding.

It was transparent, like a big snake, but full of sharp barbs. It slid on the street, laid quietly on the ground, and looked at the stairway from time to time.

“The scan shows that there’s a big guy on top of the roof. Maybe the rainforest squid, or maybe a giant spider. Anyway, the volume is not small.” Jian Hua frowned. He’s very skilled, so even a bare-handed fistfight with the monkeys are no problem. However, his aching muscles kept protesting, making him very uncomfortable.

“Sorry.” Li Fei whispered.

At this time, they heard another loud noise from the building.

Jian Hua probed it with his scanning ability and soon got the answer.

“At the room we stayed, the wall with the windows on the bedroom was smashed by the monsters.”

“Is someone living next door?”

“No, but there’s someone upstairs when the ceiling collapsed. ”Jian Hua saw a suitcase falling from the debris. The red afterimage is the tongue, and it didn’t show itself even after destroying the floor. Li Fei burned a monster that didn’t show up, so Jian Hua used his scanning ability to outline it: Lying on their limbs and a flat body, should be the bloody frog.

The flame’s heat is too high, so even if the bloody frog is angry, it doesn’t dare jump down.

The density of mushrooms in this building has reached the upper limit. The monsters broke into the bedroom, and they carefully moved forward with a “meat in a minefield” approach.

There is something unknown in front of you, and also someone chasing from the back, Jian Hua is very anxious.

Li Fei also thought about what kind of monster from the illustrations of the Abandoned World Monster Manual is this transparent sly snake. Their time is running out, and they can’t afford further delays. If they want to get out of here, they can only use their abilities and blow up the whole building.

Speaking of which, they’ve dealt with three new monsters.

The python, the blue webbed foot lizard, the bloody frog’s tongue……tongue……

Jian Hua’s heart skipped, and he blurted out, “Glass snail?”

Li Fei is surprised for a moment, then reacted quickly, “So big?”

Jian Hua is about to answer, when the hyphae suddenly showed feedback from ability holders in the distance, followed by headlights.

Headlights in the middle of the night, this beam of light stabbed Jian Hua, and he couldn’t face it.

Li Fei’s magic eyes are not affected, so he saw at a glance that it was a Hummer.

Two Red Dragon members holding weapons swept the front and side in a fan-shaped manner.

“Don’t go straight. There’s a giant glass snail!” Li Fei yelled.

The Hummer suddenly stopped, and various monsters from behind rushed over. Jian Hua moved the mushrooms, and the hyphae in the sewers also came out to participate (eat) in the war (meal). In the blink of an eye, the Hummer was wrapped in the middle with more than a dozen mushrooms.

“You guys?” The skinny man Zhao Wen stuck his head out of the driver’s window.

This Hummer is modified, so the top of the armored vehicle can be opened.

Covered by mushrooms, a black thing was picked up by a Red Dragon member. If Li Fei didn’t say anything, they would have rushed forwards.

A blast sounded, flames appeared, and smoke rolled.

A huge hole appeared on the road in front, and a 15 meter high shelled creature appeared. Before, the snake-like thing is just the tongue it spits out. Because of its size, it can’t enter this street, so it can only stay on the ten-lane road, and put its tongue here.

Glass snail is not a conch, but rather a snail. This one is bigger than the snail killed by the protagonist in the book.

“A rocket launcher……” Jian Hua’s expression is somewhat blank.

This shot is very accurate as it hit the center of the spiral shell. The shell cracked, followed by the snail falling apart, and the wreckage went to the sky.

The Hummer can’t support the recoil from the rocket, so the mushrooms helped.

“Quick, jump down!” The skinny man Zhao Wen quickly called out, stepped on the accelerator and came here.

The floor where Li Fei is located is five meters above the ground. He estimated the growth of the mushrooms below, then looked back at Jian Hua. Jian Hua nodded, indicating it’s okay to jump.

Li Fei very quickly picked up his man horizontally, pushed the mushrooms out of the way, and jumped out of the window.

The skinny man who is ready for collision and looked up: ……

STB Chapter 116: Code
STB Chapter 118: Breaking Through

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