STB Chapter 126: Indulgence

STB Chapter 125: Clue
STB Chapter 127: Initiative

Tracking Dr. Mad’s activity is not going well.

He seemed to be running around in a circle, going east then west. Every time, the suspected place of appearance is different from the previous direction.

“He may have found us.” Li Fei’s look is heavy.

Monsters chase high-order ability holders like a stubborn mule. Jian Hua can hide with his ability and pass an instrument detection, but he can’t stop the monsters from the Abandoned World.

The same thing happened to Dr. Mad. Every time he left a trail is because monsters attacked him.

Since you can’t hide your whereabouts, you had to work hard to create more trails to confuse others eyes.

“He’s hiding from us.” Jian Hua said after looking at the points circled in the map, slightly frowning.

“Not necessarily hiding……his courage should be great. The more difficult it is, the more he’s interested.”

Li Fei contradicted, looking around at their group. Black Abyss is not a military ability holder group. Although the operation has regulations established, it is after all, limited. They also don’t have heavy weapons, so Dr. Mad won’t run away because of fear.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, he’s detouring to inquire news about us from passersby, just like how we checked for his traces when we passed by.” Li Fei squeezed Jian Hua’s hand.

Jian Hua bowed. Warmth slowly seeped along his fingers, dispelling the chill of the always dark rainy night.

The peace of sitting side by side can’t last long. Soon there will be monsters following them.

Naturally, there are no sturdy houses like the Red Dragon base to act as a barrier. The area where the mushrooms temporarily expanded is also limited. Fortunately, the big guys like the cannibalistic squid and glass snail, all appear in densely populated areas, and at a limited number. Except for the corpse crows, the other monsters won’t pose a headache to the ability holders.

The smell of blood is also not a bother.

The smell of decay, creepy roars, and quiet, empty houses in the city are like nightmares in the eyes of those who struggle to survive, but for Jian Hua, they are much more lively than nightmares.

There are smells, noises, and colors……

The mushrooms are not swimming, and he won’t find mycelium floating in the air. They are distributed on the ground and along buildings, just like a place that a king would occupy.

“What can he find out?” Jian Hua recovered.

“Flame Demon with his lover came to avenge his subordinate?” Li Fei had something like a smile but not a smile.

Jian Hua inadvertently glanced at the rear. The paparazzi, called Gou ZaiQi, held a piece of meat. While eating, he danced around the crowd as he talked about gossip in the entertainment circle, whose star cheated with whom, and which female lead engaged in unspoken rules.

Even if others look down on him, they can’t help but want to hear more.

Abandoned World didn’t even have a variety show to watch, and people want to find comfort for their numbed minds to avoid collapsing.

“He doesn’t know who I am. I didn’t give him the chance to say anything.” Jian Hua did not put the paparazzi Qi in his eyes.

“Even if he knows you’re the Devourer, this information is not reliable.” Li Fei thought deeply.

Based on the trail of Dr. Mad, he knew that there’s more than one high-order ability holder in Black Abyss. Not to mention Geng Tian, Li Fei can be recognized wherever he go……Li Fei with a lover. After the convoy passed, the mushroom growth can’t be hidden from people, so the Devourer must be there, too.

Is Li Fei’s lover the Devourer? Since this question doesn’t have an accurate answer, will Dr. Mad retreat? No, he may be even more excited. Maybe at this moment, he’s planning on how to set a trap.

“Most people will think to escape as soon as possible when faced with two S-class and one A-class ability holder. Most people will also think that since we have so much power, there’s no need to worry about Dr. Mad playing tricks.”

However, they’re not ordinary people……

Jian Hua looked at the map, and said without looking up, “Then, he will gradually expose his whereabouts, showing the illusion that we’re ‘about to catch up.’ Then when we feel that we’re about to catch him, he’ll make us step into a trap?”

Li Fei smiled without speaking.

After discovering they’re from Black Abyss, there will always be guys like paparazzi Qi. He no longer hid his relationship with Jian Hua. After all, Jian Hua still had that sleeping sickness, so there’s the excuse that he’s often not awake. Even if Li Fei carried him on his back, or held his hand while walking, no one would suspect.

Dr. Mad discovered that the people from Black Abyss are looking for him and changed his troublemaking attitude. If he’s not afraid of becoming bald, he’ll probably leave hairs all over the place.

There’s no frontal confrontation on both sides, but the traces are enough to “communicate.”

Those local ability holders, when they saw someone coming, most refused to approach and hid nearby to watch. They make sure there’s no danger before coming over and asking for the situation.

Paparazzi Qi did not control his mouth. He would not directly say Li Fei’s gossip to strangers, but he likes to brag to his companions that he’s knowledgeable. You don’t even have to eavesdrop.

“Yang Chao also looked for me for this matter. He wanted to stop him from talking. You know what he’s worried about……” Jian Hua felt that his character has changed. He guessed that there’s no way to mix with the entertainment industry anymore. Everyone looked like they’ve got something to say. If they take advantage when they encountered them, and set up those people to confront them, are they still not afraid?

Li Fei smiled and said to his ear, “I know that you don’t like things that are too complicated, and you’re also too lazy to pay attention to these, so just let me handle it.”

“The Movie Emperor as a private consultant, how much is your consulting fee?” Jian Hua looked askance.

Li Fei thought about it, then seriously said, “The price is a little high, you have to sell the rest of your life to be able to afford it.”

“Most of my life.” Jian Hua doesn’t feel like he’s alive half the time.

“I was wrong. It’s most of your life.” Li Fei quickly corrected, then emphasized, “In short, follow me as my life assistant. Given your double salary as a stuntman, it’s not enough.”

Jian Hua wanted to say something in response to that.

His initial impression of the actor Li Fei is quite different. Some of it showed on Jian Hua’s expression, so when he raised this point, Li Fei asked, “Which one did you know first, obviously General Wu.”


If he removed seeing Li Fei through the screen in entertainment gossip shows, then he saw the real person for the first time in the 《Crow》 studio.

Big-name actors have a particular rest area. As a substitute with a small role, he can only look from afar.

Li Fei was right, Jian Hua’s initial impression of the actor is through General Wu. With no General Wu, he may not even remember Li Fei’s face since he had been tracing General Wu’s outline many times in his heart.

Right now that person is in front of him, to the point that he can reach out and feel him whenever he wants. However, when Li Fei fell asleep, he’s not like General Wu at all, and he woke up, the gap is even farther.

“Where did you put that poster under the mattress?” Jian Hua suddenly asked.

“Cabinet……” Li Fei looked away and calmly said, “I stuck it in your closet. Since you’re not home, the clothes blocked it.”

“I just thought that it’s too ordinary. Didn’t you get a special poster from the 《Crow》crew?”

“If I said no, you’re not going to believe me.”

Li Fei is very embarrassed. It looks like in the eyes of Jian Hua. He’s acting again.

“Speaking of which, is General Wu better than me?” Li Fei was annoyed and asked.

“He is more reliable than you.”

“Nonsense! He stayed behind, and his subordinates waited for many years with the people they’re supposed to protect. In the end, they didn’t see him come back. I am different, no matter where you go, I will come back.”

Jian Hua is speechless.

His eyes soured, a subconscious reaction since he doesn’t want to cry.

Sure enough, nightmares make people vulnerable. It’s just a simple sentence, nothing more. Jian Hua vacantly stared out the window. To a person accustomed to being alone, finding out that he can’t live without one person, his mind refused to accept it.

“I’m here.”

Lips entangled under a hot temperature, it’s a familiar atmosphere.

Not far from them is a group of people eating. With the reminder of paparazzi Qi, they immediately turned their heads and pretended not to see anything.

Some people are unable to adapt since they saw two men together. Still, others feel that those who knew too much will not live long.

“Speaking of which, Joe……oh, Joe-ge also looks good. Why don’t I have an impression?” Paparazzi Qi whispered.

He carefully looked at the shadows of the two people kissing each other.

They especially fit together. In the words of a photographer, even the style is consistent.

“How are their statures so alike?”

With only their shadows reflected on the window glass, paparazzi Qi finally found the key.

“Damn, I remember! Isn’t it rumored that Li Fei’s sweetheart is his exclusive stuntman?”

Paparazzi Qi patted his thighs. About this substitute, there are more gossips along the grapevine! Many people don’t know the name of the stuntman. Some said that he’s a newcomer that Star Entertainment Media is preparing to launch. Some said it’s Li Fei’s relative. Otherwise, which actor would be happy to act as a substitute, if they performed too well, wouldn’t people in this line of work not be able to eat well?

When he looked up and wanted to talk about this mysterious and eccentric stuntman, he was surprised that everyone around him had scattered.

“Hey, aren’t you still eating?” Papparazzi Qi shouted.

Everyone pretended not to hear.

——is it so wrong to talk about other people’s gossip? What if Flame Demon knew? Everyone here still wanted to hang onto Li Fei’s thigh for a while!

The next day, everyone did not see Jian Hua. It’s said that he caught a fever and rested in the car.

They are on the road, and every few days, Jian Hua will catch a “fever.” He will not appear in front of people for at least three days.

On this matter, paparazzi Qi is saying that the next time people gossip about Li Fei’s performance in bed, he’ll rush to their faces, and also spend money to buy a water army to tear them apart! It’s also worthwhile that he joined Black Abyss since he’s able to fight side by side with everyone.

Everyone: ……

Back in the real world, they’ll refuse to acknowledge paparazzi Qi, so what friendship?

At the same time, they can’t help but think in their hearts, did Li Fei have a rumor that he “can’t lift” it? Otherwise, why would he be so ruthless that the other party can’t get up? Joe can barely bear it and since they’re so intense, why have they never heard even a bit of movement?

Yang Chao’s words stuck in his throat.

He wanted to remind Li Fei that Abandoned World is dangerous. Jian Hua’s “condition” is not good. In case something terrible happens, and with the lack of medical care, Jian Hua wouldn’t fare well!

Hunting blue lizard every time is a must for Jian Hua to avoid being wounded.

Paparazzi Qi crossed his arms and privately evaluated: So Li Fei is like this. Gentle and elegant is just an illusion. He completely disregards people. Everyone eat barbecues every day, so there’s not even a light meal. Blue Lizard is good, but it’s difficult to encounter. If that place is overused, can you still have a good meal?

The Geng Tian who knew the truth: ……

With his facial paralysis, others can’t see it at all.

STB Chapter 125: Clue
STB Chapter 127: Initiative

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