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STB Chapter 124: Meeting
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Li Fei just left, when Major Zhang ordered the release of Lu Zhao whom they’ve been “taking care of.”

Speaking of which, Lu Zhao’s way of doing things is disgusting, but he did not break any law, so when Red Dragon detained him, it’s entirely out of regulation.

Lu Zhao is aware of it, but he did not say a word before. He just laid low and participated in the training of ability holders in Red Dragon base. Although the people around him went in and out in batches, he never received an invitation to leave the base or join Red Dragon. He’s not noisy, either——but then he took the first opportunity to escape under the laissez-faire attitude of Red Dragon.

Compared to the small role of a book transmigrator, Lu Zhao has a good plan and the guts to do it. If it’s not for bad luck, he would have met Jian Hua, but if he switched to another strategy, he might have got what he wanted.

Lu Zhao met Li Fei, and the big secret he’d been holding as a pressure point didn’t do anything. He was stunned, tossed out in the parking lot, and recaptured by Red Dragon. From then on, Lu Zhao hated Li Fei in his heart.

Seeing no other way out, he protested, changing his silence from before. Regarding the person responsible for his interrogation, he shouted himself hoarse, asking Red Dragon why he would be arrested and detained. He even recited all the relevant state legal provisions.

Separated by a corridor, Major Zhang can hear his voice.

Zhang Yaojin deeply frowned. After entering the room, he looked coldly at Lu Zhao.

His momentum came from surviving life and death scenarios under a rain of bullets, so how can Lu Zhao go on? He is not a high-order ability holder, and also doesn’t have a “field” for resistance.

His dissatisfied voice lowered.

“You committed no crime? You are suspected of murder.” Zhang Yaojin looked indifferent.

“That’s nonsense!” Lu Zhao was surprised, and retorted with a vengeance, “That’s a baseless accusation.”

“Then, where’s the real Lu Zhao?”

“I am Lu Zhao, not an impersonator.” Lu Zhao didn’t react at first, and there is also sarcasm on his face, but soon he became stiff and showed a stunned look. He repeated it, “I’m different from them, I am Lu Zhao, this is my body!”

“Is it?” Major Zhang quietly looked at him. A person around him immediately pulled out a document and pushed it on the table.

Lu family’s son, born healthy, suddenly suffered limb convulsions, accompanied by symptoms of organ failure. His breathing stopped once before finally rescued.

According to the investigation of Red Dragon, the book transmigrator does not belong to this world, so they must become ability holders. It’s better to say that they used the body that is not their own. So when space interlaced, they are more likely to fall into the Abandoned World and gain strength.

Lu Zhao’s face is pale then blue, before becoming pale again.

——a child who died at birth can still be considered alive? Placed in ancient China, the sequence of events would not be connected, and with no name, they became a ghost. There is also some local custom saying that it’s bad luck, and to get rid of the little demon, burn it to ashes.

Lu Zhao is angry. Despite his fear, he still acted tough.

Zhang Yaojin is expressionless. In his eyes, all book transmigrators are the same, like a criminal who was taught to hide in the dark alley and prepared to kill and rob. It was all intentional. They decided to attack the first person who walked into the alley. It’s just that the person is always young, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a law-abiding citizen or a wicked rogue.

Lu Zhao’s situation is different from others. It’s unclear because his arrival caused abnormalities in the baby’s body. If a weak and premature baby died, Lu Zhao only picked up a vacant body. Lu Zhao regarded the “crimes” that Zhang Yaojin said as baseless, and became complacent.

No one can convict Lu Zhao. Even if they can pursue legal responsibility for book transmigrators in the future, Lu Zhao only “allegedly murdered” at best, because it’s impossible to prove that this body is dead.

If the book transmigrator that occupied Liu Shan’s body is gone, the real Liu Shan will come back and continue living, so what about the real Lu Zhao?

An adult body with a baby’s thinking ability?

If Lu Zhao is like Lu Yuan who “reincarnated in someone else’s body,” the consequences are unimaginable……

Seeming to figure this out, Lu Zhao revealed a relaxed smile, “My parents recognized me as their son. Don’t tell me you’re implying that they didn’t have a baby, but a walking dead body?”

When Zhang Yaojin heard the last four words, he released his pressure and slightly pressed on Lu Zhao.

Lu Zhao’s mind is also clear. He knew that this is the Abandoned World, and it has been going on for more than a week now. Monsters attacked three to five times. The ability holder war broke out, and soon the whole world will be chaotic. Not to mention dying alone, afraid his “parents” might not even survive this catastrophe.

He finally woke up from his annoyance of Jian Hua’s defeat. Based on the rank on the shoulder of the Red Dragon member in the room and seeing the sharp eyes, his heart panicked.

“You are not a stupid person. You know what is good for you.” The person in charge of interrogation saw the softness in Lu Zhao at a glance.

Lu Zhao’s face is blue. He thought of his hard work for so many years and was very unwilling to let it go.

The power of Black Abyss is immense. In the end, no one can uproot it or completely remove it. The real winner is not the protagonist with the double system S-class ability, nor the US government that gathered many ability holders, but the one that fished the most benefits in this catastrophe, someone with ample hand in politics and economics.

Lu Zhao licked his lower lip. He is considering the possibility of relying on Red Dragon.

He concluded that no one would dare tell Jian Hua the secret of how he died, but Red Dragon is different. The country has many channels for information. Him withholding information to whet their appetite is not good.

Anyway, Li Fei already knew it……

Lu Zhao’s wandering eyes suddenly settled, and he quietly waited for his interrogator to see that he’s ready to speak.

“Useful information can be converted into contribution points. This time, the Abandoned World will last for at least one year. If there is no contribution point, the base won’t support any idlers.”

Lu Zhao’s pupil contracted. Since the arrival of Abandoned World, the progress of events is much faster than the book. Now even the global overlap has happened? Those who fell would struggle for a while before dying, then what’s the value of his news?

Lu Zhao no longer hesitated as he immediately spoke.


Monster claw marks covered the damp ground. Yang Chao led several people from Black Abyss to carefully approach this row of houses. The sturdy concrete walls are cracked, the door fell to the side, and there is a strange smell coming from it.

Yang Chao agilely jumped into the house, ready to be attacked by monsters. The result is an empty house with no trace of monsters.

After several people received the safe signal, they followed.

This place looked like a warehouse. There are metal doors, and the windows are very high. It’s barely considered a haven since if they encounter an attack from a group of monsters, the people hiding here will die.

There are blood streaks on the floor, pieces of clothes, and a messy pile of bones in the southeast corner.

“Ugh!” Someone covered their mouths and ran out to vomit in a panic.

Just like how ability holders peel off monster fur for survival, drink their blood, and eat the meat to use their prey as much as possible, they saw that sharp things destroyed the bones of the victims so that the monster can suck the bone marrow. As for flesh and blood, it’s long been out of sight.

Yang Chao covered his nose and mouth with his hand, his expression complicated.

After leaving Haicheng, the more difficult for the military forces to reach the remote places, the more miserable the scene. The dozen or so ability holders in some small towns are all dead.

Because there is no food, the monster also left.

“Burn it.” Yang Chao turned his head.

The longer you live in the Abandoned World, the colder your heart will become. The people are beginning to get numb.

The fire ability holder who came over endured his discomfort and cleaned up the site. Abandoned World’s time is stagnated, but not for ability holders. Their beard will grow, they will get hungry and thirsty, and their corpse will decay……if they got a disease, it’s not known to humans. Abandoned World’s virus and bacteria, except for those that the ability holders brought in, came only from monsters.

After cleaning up this small town, Yang Chao strolled out. At this time, a young man with a scar on his face came over to report, saying they found a clue in the town clinic.

Yang Chao roused his spirit and hurried over.

The clinic has a duty room, the flower garden outside is a mess, and the dirt is everywhere. It’s as if someone dug three feet deep to look for treasure, or like some “plants” walked away with their legs.

“There’s energy residue of a wood system ability holder.”

“And here, Yang-ge, come and see!”

Yang Chao looked at yellow hair that his subordinate held up. Consistent color from the root to the tip and not long.

“You……” Yang Chao is surprised to see this from a Black Abyss member. In contrast to his looks, finding this hair is like an experienced criminal investigator. This man looked like a street thug, not at all consistent with his talent.

“How did you do it?”

The other party is squatting. He hurried to stand and said, “Yang-ge, thank you for coming. I used to run errands for private detectives. Later, I wrote gossip for small newspapers.”

Yang Chao is stunned. He remembered that when this person first saw Li Fei, his eyes are shining.

“A foreigner with wood ability passed here.” Yang Chao thought about it, feeling that concluding it a foreigner is biased. He needs to inform Li Fei quickly.

“Let’s go!”

The people who entered the town to search under the darkness soon grouped up, and went to the gas station beside the road outside of town.

The group that stopped there don’t have many people. Many Black Abyss members will be “picked up” by Yang Chao or by other groups halfway on the road, making their peers confirm their identity.

Occasionally, they would encounter unfamiliar ability holders. When they heard that they have high-order ability holders here, very few people are bent on holding their thighs to find a backer. Most are alarmed and ran faster than rabbits.

When Yang Chao came back, the group left-behind had just solved a few monkeys.

The smell of barbecue didn’t even make them drool. Eating is merely to fill the stomach, and after always eat the same thing, their taste is going dull.

When Yang Chao came back, he can see Li Fei talking to Jian Hua from afar.

The two have no abnormal actions and just close to each other.

“Gee, that look……Yang-ge, I bet they’re in a relationship!” The one who found the hair squinted his eyes with an odd smile.

“What are you talking about!” Geng Tian is not far away. He turned around and swore, “You looking to die?”

The paparazzi shrunk his neck, subconsciously hugged the backpack to his chest, and made a ready to run posture in a second.

Yang Chao: ……

The reaction made the paparazzi himself to touch his head as he apologized, “Habit, it’s an occupational habit!” Seeing a celebrity sex scandal and being found by the star’s bodyguard, he would immediately run.

“It turns out that Li Fei is gay. I thought that those rumors aren’t true.” The paparazzi whispered. What he found strange is that in his memory, he can’t remember who Jian Hua is.

The Movie Emperor’s secret love, this news is worth a lot of money!

The paparazzi is almost drooling. Everyone quietly moved away from him, feeling that this guy won’t live to go back to the real world.

STB Chapter 124: Meeting
STB Chapter 126: Indulgence

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