STB Chapter 129: Crack

STB Chapter 128: Broken Space
STB Chapter 130: Nest

When a vehicle carrying stones drove to a construction site, and open its compartment, it’s like the scene where the rocks fell.

Countless mushrooms rolled out of the crack.

Every cap is fat, and oyster mushrooms grew everywhere. The bottom ends of the caps are all connected. When it expanded and increased, it became a divided pile of shapes.

There are also mushrooms sloppily connected by mycelium. Like when one fell, it will drag the other mushrooms too. In the blink of an eye, a tall mushroom tower piled up from the ground to the crack in the sky. It also blocked all space in the crack.


Dr. Mad subconsciously stepped back.

Li Fei saw that the long crack in the sky began to distort, like a pod that is stretched out. Several semicircle shapes appeared in the middle as if something is still struggling to come out.

In the distance, Geng Tian was slowed down by the damage from the infrasound waves. The small mushroom that fell the farthest fell at his feet, and accidentally touched his toes. The cap immediately ejected a large number of filaments and wrapped around half his legs.

Geng Tian recovered his senses and quickly looked at Jian Hua.

Sure enough, Jian Hua in Li Fei’s back woke up.

Even across this distance, he can see those black eyes full of killing intent. Shocked, Geng Tian immediately raised his arms and assumed a defensive posture.

The flame beast is “intimidated” as it angrily roared at the black behemoth.

The power “fields” mutually excluded each other, so Li Fei had to move aside for a few steps. His worried expression only appeared for a few seconds, before quickly converging until there’s no trace.

A terrible boom came from the crack, like muffled thunder, or like the roaring wind blowing through a canyon.

“The giant worm is outside.” Jian Hua looked up, then told Li Fei the situation.

“You saw this in your dreams?”

Up to now, how could Li Fei guess the truth?

He’s aware that Jian Hua’s consciousness wandered to a space of nothingness. When he saw the crack appear in front that led to a vibrant world, he was about to control his devouring ability and stop the mushroom from entering the world when he suddenly felt the familiar atmosphere.

“Where did the giant spiders came from?”

This thing is not a product of the void, so Li Fei thought of a possibility, and his expression slightly changed.

Jian Hua did not answer. His eyes fell upon Dr. Mad; the clothes made his identity obvious.

Dr. Mad opened his arms without hesitation and exaggeratingly said hello, “My dear Jian, although this is our first meeting, I believe this is fate’s arrangement for me. Oh God, I have to admit, you are completely in line with my aesthetic. The slender and sensitive looks of an Oriental is a huge contrast with the power you yield……”

Geng Tian decided to take back his impression that Dr. Mad’s “Chinese is excellent.”

After all, it’s not his mother tongue. Because aesthetics is not used in that part of speech, and what the hell does “slender and sensitive” mean? Whether male or female, they would not like this description.

Li Fei caught the key points from these sentences.


Thinking of Dr. Mad’s character, and his performance when he hid his whereabouts before, he was certain that he’s good at this concept. No wonder no acquaintance of Dr. Mad uncovered his true colors in the book. It’s not that Dr. Mad is good at camouflage, but he is very keen on this contrast game. He waited for the perfect opportunity to expose the truth in front of an acquaintance, and then that person probably won’t see the sun the next day.

“Become the leader of the ability holders or everyone’s nightmares!” Dr. Mad’s eyes are flush with excitement, “You see, why do we have to resist fate? What a wonderful era where screams are the main theme of this kingdom. Whether it’s the government or a powerful gang, they must kneel at the feet of the strong. If you follow the normal world progress, how could there be people like us on this planet? Let’s celebrate; it’s our time!”

Li Fei crossed his arms as if watching Dr. Mad’s performance in a show.

“He can’t help you get to the end, only me! Just me!” Dr. Mad excitedly gestured.


Soundwaves attacked the people from Black Abyss, and all of them are down. Otherwise, that paparazzi would have stared with bulging eyes right now.

Li Fei has no expression, but Jian Hua said coldly, “I feel that you are eager to die.”

Flames soared up to the sky, lighting the whole “mushroom tower.” The mushrooms ignited by an ability don’t want to move at all. Instantly, white mycelium sprayed to all sides.

The burnt and dying spider from before was smashed.

The one who held eggs got bundled up, and its companions made a faint howl.

The “pod” on the crack got broken, and a hole appeared in the sky. The head of a giant worm just drilled out, when it was pasted back by a mycelium net.

“Can you hold it?”

“It’s fraying. The situation outside is not very good. Seven or eight giant worms are nearby, and some have already drilled holes, but I don’t know where it’s going. This new crack attracted battles between several giant worms, and this is the last surviving one……this is not its world. It just wants to eat, so that it can continue to survive in the void.”

If it can’t beat the mushrooms, the giant worm will find other worms and devour them.

The mushrooms is still continually falling from the hole, and huge nets pasted over the whole town.

“I’m going to deal with Dr. Mad……”

Li Fei hadn’t finished speaking yet when Jian Hua grabbed him.

“You’re not allowed to leave my side!”


“The more cautious a person, the more you will underestimate the enemy.” Jian Hua said those words one by one, “If you want to deal with anyone you should do it well prepared, but a full understanding of the enemy will turn into a trap that kills you. The more sophisticated the calculation, the easier it is to grasp your behavior patterns.”

And how a fool would react is anyone’s guess.

“He meant to anger you, didn’t you figure that out?” Jian Hua stared at Li Fei.

Li Fei helplessly smiled, “Such an obvious thing, of course, I did not get angry, didn’t you know?”

After saying that, he also added.

“No matter what others say, it will not anger me. There is no third person between us. No one is qualified to evaluate us. What they say is just a gust of wind, not important at all.”

They seemed to be intimately talking, but they didn’t relax the control on their abilities for even a second.

Flames spread along the street. Half of the houses got burned to ashes in the sea of fire. Many vines jumped out of the shadows but were twisted into a ball by the mycelium.

“Want to kill me? Hehe!” Dr. Mad has a trick up his sleeve. The vines hauled up the unconscious Black Abyss members.

Except for Geng Tian who is self-recovering, the other ability holders attacked by the sound waves are still not awake.

The paparazzi is the hapless man caught. The vine was toxic because when the paparazzi was strangled, he instinctively struggled. In the blink of an eye, there’s foam in his mouth, and his face went blue.

“It’s not easy to find so many followers……” Dr. Mad, based on the stereotype in the “book,” identified Li Fei as an ambitious person. Dr. Mad tried to persuade Jian Hua, “Think about it, what’s the difference between Flame Demon and those politicians? They’re full of rhetoric, good at boasting, and make you believe in them. Finally, you become their shield and backstab you. So cunning ah, those ambitious men.”

Because of the different language habits, Dr. Mad always emphasized the on “male” person. This, in the ears of Jian Hua, is quite strange——this tone is like Dr. Mad himself is a woman.

“Who did you grab?”


Jian Hua, who’s been sleeping eight days out of 10, how can he know the paparazzi.

Li Fei coughed a little, then explained, “A tabloid reporter who also knew the relationship between us. If you let him go back to the Abandoned World, it’ll be troublesome.”

As soon as he finished, Dr. Mad did not hesitate to throw the person away.

The vines went out and prepared to catch the second person——

Geng Tian grabbed the shocked Yang Chao and hid.

Dr. Mad’s second hostage is naturally the unlucky Huo Wei……who made them the four people closest to the battlefield?

“Such a young boy, how could he die?” Dr. Mad smirked, then he found that Li Fei and Jian Hua’s expressions are too calm, just like how passengers on the train looked at the Chinese selling toothpaste, socks and the like.

That bored and indifferent gaze as if looking at a monkey’s face.

Dr. Mad almost threw this person out, too.

He intended to kill the ability holder and use the blood to adjust the atmosphere. The sudden appearance of the giant worm in the sky stimulated him——Dr. Mad is very interested in unknown things. He originally wanted to kill Li Fei, but he has since then changed his mind. The shadow of the giant worm struggling to get out of the mushroom net can’t wait to get rid of this big guy.

The vine’s spike pierced Huo Wei’s neck, waking him up. When he found himself caught, Huo Wei’s expression could not help but change. Fear and resentment showed in his eyes.

“Unfortunately Red Scorpion is not here. He likes ability holders young and with good physique.” Dr. Mad maliciously said.

Huo Wei recovered his senses and said through gritted teeth, “You’re crazy. Sooner or later, you’re going to die an ugly death.”

He was no longer afraid at this time, but its too late.

Jian Hua found it annoying and moved his eyes away.

Huo Wei immediately changed course and showed a guilty appearance. He knew that Dr. Mad likes prey that fear death, after all, not being afraid of death is not fun.

“Tell me, what are those above? The world outside the book?” Dr. Mad excitedly said. He cut a hole in Huo Wei’s body, and blood flowed, soon dyeing half his sleeves.

The giant worm roared behind the net. The sky shook, and even the ground trembled.

“Space instability, hurry and run.”

Li Fei stretched his hand to hold Jian Hua. Both of them retreated at the same time, not even looking at Huo Wei’s eyes.

Dr. Mad frantically manipulated his vine to grow which rapidly consumed his energy. He wanted to see the thing outside the hole.

The roars of the giant worm became louder.

“Don’t be angry. I have something delicious here.” Dr. Mad smiled strangely. The vine dragged Huo Wei into the hole. Huo Wei, don’t know what scene he saw this time, struggled in horror.

The giant worm who was about to eat dinner had Huo Wei stolen by the mushrooms.

——dare to grab food in front of its eyes?

As the earth trembled, even more, Dr. Mad rolled on the ground several times, and crawled on his hands several times,

“Hmph.” If there’s less prey to feed the worm, he can catch a better one.

Dr. Mad turned and ran, but suddenly found that everything around him changed.

The building rubble became nothing, and the road disappeared……

In the blink of an eye, he stood in a dark, colossal cave. In front of him is Li Fei and Jian Hua.

Dr. Mad bowed his head in surprise. Space-time transfer, even he never thought about it. Is that what happened?

“This is?”

“Abandoned World is unstable and collided with another world.”Jian Hua frowned, making sure of the vision he saw in the void space, “Giant spider world.”

The author has something to say: 

Oh, let’s open a hidden arc【……

Dr. Mad: Think about it, what is the difference between Flame Demon and those politicians

Jian Hua: He’s good looking.

Dr. Mad: ……

STB Chapter 128: Broken Space
STB Chapter 130: Nest

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