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STB Chapter 129: Crack
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The ground is wet from the drips still coming from the top of the cave.

A rotten fishy smell mixed in with the smell of rotting leaves filled the area, making them nauseous.

Something hard to remove stuck on their soles when they lifted their foot.

“Don’t move, there’re spider webs.” Li Fei whispered.

He lowered his voice to a whisper, but surprisingly, the cave structure is special. This sentence has been magnified several times, reverberating over the cave again and again. Like the best headphones where the sounds in the echo are perfectly preserved, it was short, powerful, and also revealed the tender concern underneath, bombing the trio’s eardrums.


The stereo sound effect from the surroundings is like the max volume in a cinema.

He went to cinemas and watched 《Crow》 ten times, so he knew.

His ears were red to his neck, and the area around his ears are hot. Usually, when Li Fei spoke to his ear, there is not such a noticeable effect.

In the post-production of 《Crow》, General Wu’s voice is matched with the actor. Li Fei is the Movie Emperor so he can use his acting skills to show completely different characters, but regarding sound, Li Fei is not a voice-changing genius. That’s why the difference between his voice and General Wu’s voice is not significant.

In a dangerous and unknown environment, they suddenly received such a shock……

Not good!

Jian Hua recovered his senses. This sound will surely alarm the nearby spiders.

Sure enough, a different sound came from above of the cave. It seemed as if many spiders are coming here.

The dark and dull cave suddenly lit up. A firewall surrounded the two people, and also showed Dr. Mad not far from them——this guy has silently fled to the depths of the cave.

There is only one road ahead. Dr. Mad ran a few steps, relying on his vines to open the way.

“We’re surrounded by spider webs. They’re sealing us to our deaths!”

It’s like the only place free of spider webs are the place they were going. There must be a reason for the spider to leave such a place deliberately.

“It’s so sticky. I suggest you don’t move.” Dr. Mad grinned while moving and commanded the vines to pull the spider silk on his legs.

Jian Hua ignored him, and asked, “Can you burn it?”

“I can’t see the cave exit; it’s too deep.” Li Fei looked gloomy.

Dr. Mad screamed and quickly stepped back. Under the firelight, they saw giant spiders rushing over from the depths of the cave.

Against a spider, S-class ability holders can deal with it. If they don’t care about the surrounding buildings and not afraid to destroy them, even if there’s a dozen, they can eliminate them. But right now, the clicking sounds are overwhelming and came from far and near. Jian Hua’s ability detected at least a few hundred spiders. It’s not a good idea to consume all their abilities, but there is nowhere to go from here.

The voice of the three people echoed again and again in the cave.

Until now, Li Fei’s first sentence about the spiderwebs has not disappeared. Now with a few more words added, it seemed very noisy. The echoes rolled on the ground, making them unable to hear the new words.

The spider came from both sides, and Li Fei had to pull Dr. Mad inside the firewall.

When the flames burned, Jian Hua is not idle. The hyphae on the ground spread out. Halfway through, it encountered Dr. Mad’s vines that sneaked onto the ground.

Soon, the mushrooms and vines found a pool in the middle of the cave.

It looked very deep as if they can’t reach the end.

The exposed pool area is very small; the deep water is pitch black, so they did not find its existence before.

“Splash.” Bubbles appeared on the surface of the pool.

All vines shrank back, only the mushrooms didn’t care and continued exploring——plants manipulated by wood ability holders are still living beings, but the mushrooms are just the manifestation of an ability.

Steam filled the cave. The rotten smell mixed with the smoke that came from the heat made it more unpleasant.

Jian Hua initially did not feel abnormal. After all, all around are firewalls, so it’ll, of course, be hot. But soon he smelled an acrid smell mixed in among the other scents.

Li Fei is slightly surprised, sulfur?

He didn’t speak but used gestures to make Jian Hua step away from the pool.

The spiders outside the firewall are anxious. They smelled delicious food but felt the danger. They clicked and wandered around, seemingly hesitant.

Vines and mushrooms sprang up at the same time, entangled a giant spider, and dragged it through the flames.

The giant spider’s eight legs pedaled as it struggled. Its shell is hard, so it did not burn for a while, but it was being roasted very slowly. Such “threatening” behavior made the other spiders appear more anxious.

Dr. Mad made an exaggerated gesture towards them. He enjoyed that Jian Hua’s idea is the same as him.

Li Fei coldly looked at him.

Dr. Mad provocatively licked his lips, as if asking ‘what can you do about it,‘ and Li Fei looked away.


Li Fei turned his back on Dr. Mad and pointed Jian Hua to a direction.

There’s a way? Jian Hua suspiciously looked up.

Another firewall came between them and Dr. Mad. With the flames blazing, Dr. Mad’s instinct felt that something isn’t right, but the vines are afraid of fire. He doesn’t know why there are no plants on this cave, and even moss doesn’t grow. Dr. Mad didn’t dare rush into the wall of fire and die. He waited until the flame is a little smaller, and Dr. Mad discovered that Jian Hua and Li Fei disappeared.

The cave is so big, where did they go?

Dr. Mad suspiciously looked at the pool, but immediately rejected this conjecture——the vines aren’t willing to enter the water, meaning it was dangerous. Besides, if there’s no channel at the bottom, won’t they suffocate?

However, these are not the questions he wanted to think about because the flames getting smaller are not just the one between him and Li Fei; there’s also the firewall blocking the spiders.

An impatient giant spider stepped on the hot stones, jumped to the roof, and sprayed spider silk towards his direction……



Screams echoed in the cave. Jian Hua looked back.

They walked along a narrow crack. In the dark, Li Fei’s magic eyes saw this hiding place. Initially, he was only planning to find a place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack but didn’t expect this crack to be very deep.

Li Fei reached out his hand, feeling the weak wind.

——this passage leads outside!

The crack is a natural channel formed by the mountain where two people can walk side by side on broader areas, and crawl on narrow spaces. Protruding stones cut their clothes; some places are particularly difficult to go through, and Jian Hua must move following Li Fei’s directions.

Maybe it’s because the giant spiders can’t get in, there are no webs on the walls, nor did they see any rats or snakes.

There was a lot of movement from the cave in the distance. The screams and the echo of the fight is continuous.

Don’t know if Dr. Mad is lucky enough to discover the escape route before his power is exhausted. With no magic eyes, the difficulty is quite high. If he got caught by a spiderweb again……

“Some people are already damned.” Li Fei coldly said.

They arrived at the end of the crack. There is no light outside, making for poor visibility.

“However, some people don’t die so easily.” Jian Hua patted the dust on his clothes. If he weren’t flexible, his shoe would get stuck at the narrowest bend of the passage.

The fissure led to a hole on the side of a mountain, ten meters above the ground. There happens to be a big tree at the exit where branches grew wildly, and tree roots protruded from the ground. Jian Hua easily jumped using his ability.

Li Fei: ……

Finally, he was picked up by grown mushrooms.

The cap is very soft, so only those with excellent balance can barely use them as stairs.

Seeing Li Fei down, Jian Hua decisively moved the mushroom from its position. Anyway, Dr. Mad had vines, so this guy who came from the same world won’t fall if he has the luck to escape.

Li Fei anxiously looked up at the sky.

Tall trees completely covered the sun, making the forest look like the domain of a devil. With the gloomy overcast, the decaying leaves on the ground seemed to form a swamp, making it hard to walk.

There are only intermittent insect sounds coming from the forest, and he can’t hear the sound of birds, nor did he see any animals.

“Giant spider world?” Li Fei talked to himself.

“In the void space, except for the cracks leading to our world, there’s also a completely different world near the fissure.” Jian Hua recalled the scene in his dreams; he said with certainty, “Several giant worms opened up holes. It’s not that easy to reach the cracks leading to our world again, resulting in a space collision.”

So that’s why giant spiders suddenly appeared in town.

They’re creatures of the “void world” so when they enter, “space overlap” will probably happen. In the void space, the giant worm needs to open a hole.

Li Fei shook Jian Hua’s ice-cold fingers.

Jian Hua did not say anything, but when he looked at the mushrooms that fell out of the crack, he knew that Jian Hua must have fought the giant worms in the void world. Otherwise, how can the mushrooms grow so fat?

“I think the second space collision took us to this side?” Jian Hua tried to guess the reason.

Li Fei reminded him, “Huo Wei is not far from us at that time.”

“Nn?” Jian Hua puzzledly looked up, then he quickly reacted. Huo Wei is the Black Abyss member that intentionally or unintentionally “performed” in front of him. The first time he saw Huo Wei in the North, Jian Hua has no opinion on Huo Wei. Initially, he will not forget Huo Wei’s name, but with the constant lethargy, and with his consciousness staying at the void countless times, he can’t feel the flow of time. Some unimportant things, Jian Hua naturally forgot.

“The other high-order ability holders should have picked him up.”

Li Fei helplessly smiled. He turned and comforted Jian Hua, “Don’t worry, if the two worlds collided again, we could go back.”

The mushrooms followed them to this side. If the Abandoned World’s scope is big, it’ll be quite easy to “make” them be our guide.

“We don’t know if this collision is accidental or……”

Jian Hua couldn’t continue. If they “passed by” the giant spider world, the mushrooms would have a lot of fun; God knows when they’ll be back.

“No, do you remember the spider at Haicheng National Theatre?”

It happened on Christmas Day more than three months ago.

Jian Hua shook his head. He is not as optimistic as Li Fei. First of all, Abandoned World is one thing. This time, they fell into a completely different world. Not to mention a bed, he looked at the dense forest in front of him, they won’t be able to leave here within today.

“How does your body feel?”

Li Fei paid attention to his surroundings, and carefully walked around tree roots.

“It’s smaller than Earth’s gravity, so you should also feel it. As for the air……” Jian Hua felt that the air is filled with the smell of rotten fish and rotting vegetation.

“High oxygen content so that it may be uncomfortable……”

Li Fei has been to many places to film. He’d been on a snowy plateau with thin air; there’s also a forest and a canyon.

Li Fei’s voice stopped short because there are continuous white spider webs in front of his eyes hanging down from the trees.

Are they still in the spider’s nest?

The author has something to say: 

Rest assured, this hidden arc wouldn’t take long (⊙v⊙)

STB Chapter 129: Crack
STB Chapter 131: Peer

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