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Gray rocks protruded from the ground. It made graceful arcs along the ditches and made the depth uneven.

There’s a hole in the sky on the edge of this desolate stone forest. Since the giant worm puts its head in the void to devour living things, the ability holders here are too scared to go near. Until one day, they observed a change in the hole. A huge pile of mushrooms fell from the sky. It’s like a giant mushroom mountain suddenly grew from the ground, reaching the sky.

Many people rushed over to see this strange creature that looked like mushrooms. It turned out to be “alive,” but it didn’t bother the ability holders. However, if someone tried to cut a piece of mushroom, or walk into the mushroom bushes, the gray mycelium would immediately move, and bundle people up.

They thought it’s a demon, like the giant worm.

There are people with different garments trying to “exorcise” it, some holding a cross, some carrying a book, some wearing a robe and a dome cap, and some wearing a headscarf……there’s a variety of people, but whoever comes to see it doesn’t think it came in peace.

Some people clashed when they met. Aside from those that clearly belong in different religions, even the people in the same garments cannot coexist peacefully. This seemed to be a country that legalized carrying arms as almost everyone had a gun in hand.

Monsters perched on the surface, while human beings stayed in underground cities.

Because of language barriers and the fact that the three of them looked significantly different from the locals, they can only avoid the crowd.

By chance, Li Fei found another narrow path leading to a camp in the west. After they walked down the neatly piled steps, they discovered that the grandeur of this underground city is beyond their imagination.

The path extended in all directions. Large and small houses are connected together, and there is plenty of space for activities in the area around the wells. There are also stone beds and stone benches in the “houses.” Once you open a window, the vents have a very reasonable layout. Only, now it’s being used by the monsters. People gave up this small area and evacuated to a safer place deeper underground.

The stone houses are very hard. The mole rats aren’t able to bite it, but it’s a comfortable place to make a nest.

When the mushroom came, the mole rats that can’t escape became nutrients.

Rumors about the “demons” swept through the city and became increasingly popular.

Meanwhile, Jian Hua didn’t know what to do with the teenager protagonist.

Johnson’s “potted plant” and “no eyesore” skills are even higher than Li Fei. If it weren’t for Jian Hua’s feedback ability, maybe he wouldn’t even notice which corner Johnson made a nest.

The teenager is like a stone. When not hungry, he wouldn’t go trouble the monsters and often shrunk in the corner to rest, never noisy, just dazed. Sometimes his fingers groped his chest until Johnson realized that he already threw the cross that teacher Katie gave him long ago, and Mr. Morenza didn’t give him anything.

The teenager’s eyes were red as he climbed to the surface, sat on a rock and looked at the moon in a daze.

The temperature here is low, and his clothes are too thin. He soon got a fever.

Jian Hua: ……

With face burned red, he simply ate the raw meat he hunted, not asking anything from Jian Hua, and not even getting close.

“Before, at the border, he smelled the soup and ran over to peek.” Jian Hua was puzzled.

“He wants the soup, but I’m afraid it’s not for himself……” Li Fei remembered Federico’s illness as if he had no strength to speak.

Jian Hua looked pensive.

He turned around, and let the mushroom drag the body of the blue lizard towards the teenager.

Johnson is at a loss. He stretched out his head and found no one there. The way out was blocked by the mushrooms. Hungry and nervous, he finally couldn’t help but use his powers to peel off the skin from the prey, quickly eating two pieces of the meat with healing attribute.

He knew it’s good for the body, but after it died, it would quickly go bad.

Johnson fell asleep after eating. Jian Hua took the opportunity to come in and fill his bowl with some broth.

——the raccoon stared fiercely at the dark behemoth, while the dark beast yawned in boredom.

Sick ability holders are very fragile and affected the “field.” Because of the previous consumption, all three animals are exhausted. No matter what danger their host encounters, they can only look at it.

Without the protection of the mushrooms, the safety of the three S-class ability holders would be doubtful.

They can often hear gunshots from the underground city. Since this area is occupied by monsters, people were too afraid to come. After discovering that the monsters are getting less and less, they started moving this way again.

Although once they saw the mushrooms, they run away screaming, but still, some ability holders watched it.

This made Jian Hua and Li Fei more careful when going in and out.

Not long after, they saved a white man who ran headlong into the mushroom bushes. The other guy gesticulated wildly while trying to speak. Li Fei barely understood that the man came here to tour, then encountered the Abandoned World. To defend against the monster attacks, he followed the ability holders of this country and evacuated to the underground city.

“Kabadusia Plateau, Turkey?”

Jian Hua is a bit stunned. He could not determine the location of the country on the world map in his mind. Anyways, it’s very far from China.

Kabadusia Underground City is huge, and no one knew who built them. A total of more than 60 underground cities with different sizes were discovered here. There are also tunnels connected to some cities.

This was a country with a long cultural history, after all, the once prominent Byzantine Empire started here.

——but of course, they don’t understand Turkish!

It’s not the language problem that bothered Li Fei. However, here is slightly better than Mexico’s border where South American drug lords are entrenched. Assistant Lin once mentioned this, there’s an increase in terrorist attacks in Turkey that even the vacation that Star Entertainment Media planned for the lead actress Tong Wen was canceled.

The tourist didn’t dare stay long in the mushroom heap. He didn’t know that Li Fei and Jian Hua lived there, and hurriedly run.

Li Fei slightly moved his arm, then stopped.

Seeing a black haired black eyed yellow man is not that meaningful. However, if this tourist is a book transmigrator, or he mentioned this to a book transmigrator, guessing his and Jian Hua’s identity is not difficult.

The safest way is, of course, to shut people up forever.

The idea is one thing, but doing it……is another thing.

Once you cross some bottom lines, it’s difficult to turn back.

Li Fei’s eyes are somewhat complicated. He guessed that in his “destiny,” he stepped on that bottom line. Even if he didn’t die in battle, and even lived until the Abandoned World completely disappeared, he’d also had a hard time returning to normal society.

He estimated that the Black Abyss would be issued arrest warrants by the country. He would be secretly arrested when he lost his power. Even if he wanted to escape abroad, ten years of life in the Abandoned World is enough to change a person.

Li Fei’s palm formed a fireball. He watched the fiery flame for a long time.

Power made people crazy. It’s easy to enjoy things you don’t own, free to trample on life and morality. Everyone would be addicted to the benefits of strength, and it’s even scarier than drugs.

For example, the power at his fingertips can be extended into the distance, and make the guys sneaking around wail and scream in a sea of fire. He can block their exits, and let the cave become a purgatory. He can deter everyone with death and terror. Language is not a barrier since everyone wants to live.

Power can make everything whatever you want and can destroy all voices against yourself……

Li Fei closed his palm, extinguished the flame, smiled and looked back at his temporary residence with Jian Hua.

“Did the kid’s fever go away yet?”

“Wait for him to wake up and you talk to him. That ability holder seemed to be important to him.” Jian Hua easily brushed the mushrooms aside and picked out the hyphae that wrapped around Li Fei.

Jian Hua now has a much better attitude towards the mushrooms, but he still didn’t like this ability in his heart.

If everyone lost their ability at the same time, Jian Hua is probably the fastest to recover among high-order ability holders——from beginning to end, Jian Hua had not been confused with having power.


Jian Hua stopped, and the latter half of the sentence got caught in his throat. His lover strongly held his wast, sucking on his soft tongue.

They hadn’t been close for a long time.

Jian Hua relaxed his body, called on the mushrooms to block the door, then Li Fei took him to the stone bed.

Even though they laid several layers of hyphae on top, the stone bed is still too hard. Jian Hua’s lower back experienced pain. He subconsciously supported it with his elbows, lifting his upper body to stop Li Fei.

“Wait, I’m going to find something for a cushion.”

Li Fei reached out his hand. He also thought that if this goes on, it’s estimated that Jian Hua’s back would be bruised.

He can’t wait to ignite the “flame” in Jian Hua’s body. He wanted to see this man, who wasn’t even tempted by power, expose a struggling expression as he enjoyed the ups and downs in ecstasy. He wanted that pair of eyes to only see him, and moan his name like a prayer……can he endure until Jian Hua make a bed?

“Those furs made by the people here are rushedly tanned, so there’s a smell that can’t be removed……”

Li Fei whispered loving words, saying that he only wanted to smell his scent on Jian Hua.

Because they’re too close, Jian Hua clearly felt the hard thing in his abdomen. How can he guess Li Fei’s true meaning? The loving words are just an excuse, he’s just too horny and can’t wait.

Li Fei is very familiar with Jian Hua’s body. His fingers gently rubbed the sensitive parts just a few times, and Jian Hua’s breathing had become ragged. He can’t resist Li Fei, so he can only endure the slight pain in his desire and reluctantly made a suggestion, “Leave the bed, and lean against the wall?”

It’s not difficult to stand up and do it. What’s more, the mushrooms are thick on the walls.

“Even if you turn the mushrooms transparent, I still have to touch it. I don’t like touching it for a long time……” Li Fei sulkily said. Who would like to lie in a mushroom to do this kind of thing? “It’s on the level of shooting a love scene in the dark.”

Jian Hua: ……

Is it an occupational disease? He actually thought of comparing this to filming an adult movie.

Soft fingers gently wave. Thick mycelium sprang out of his fingers, and quickly condensed into a strange hammock——Jian Hua did not learn manual skills, so the mushrooms certainly won’t. It’s only similar to a hammock in appearance, anyway, that main thing is that it won’t collapse.

“Come on, it’s soft.” Jian Hua said. He didn’t know that this causal sentence sounded like an invitation.

The thrill of hanging in the air made it more exciting.

Wait until Johnson got up in confusion, and suddenly heard strange movements in the next room.

He sat and blankly stared, his face red.

STB Chapter 136: Burrow
STB Chapter 138: First Love

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