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His chest is stuffy and painful, making him unable to breathe.

Jian Hua convulsed in pain. The soft object that covered his mouth and nose immediately bounced off, giving him space, and fresh air entered the deprived lungs. Jian Hua slowly woke up.

Even without opening his eyes, he knew what’s beneath him.


Layers of caps stacked together to reduce the impact of falling and his excessive use of his abilities caused dizziness. Jian Hua could barely stand up. Fortunately, the mushrooms separated from him aren’t affected by his ability, so it’s not affected by Jian Hua’s weak state. The hyphae divided into several thick ropes and ”helped” Jian Hua up.

“Li Fei?”

Surrounded by thick mushroom caps, he can’t see anything else.

The “host” made an order, so the mushrooms naturally sent over the reserve grains.

When he saw the teenager Johnson with a bruise on his forehead, Jian Hua didn’t think much about it. After all, the shockwave of the explosion is also shared by the three people. Since the mycelium is more familiar with the other one, Li Fei has no evident scars, but in the same comatose state. He probably had a brief choking treatment when “trapped” by the mushrooms just now, hence the pale face.

Jian Hua unsteadily stood up and checked the two’s breathing.

Li Fei is okay, but the teenager is really suffocating. Jian Hua has a complicated expression as he patted his back.

*Cough cough*.” Johnson successfully recovered his breath.

He huddled among the mushroom bushes. The mycelium fondly tied him up, retreated then let the other mushrooms wrap around him, just like picking quality products from the vegetable market. Jian Hua became uncomfortable seeing that, so he used his will to stop the mushrooms from “harassing” the teenager firmly. However, when he turned his head away, the mycelium once again gathered together.

The “field” dissipated because of the collision, so only a weak layer remains. The beast that dominates the “field” is also missing.

The mycelium took advantage of this golden opportunity to “manipulate” the teenaged protagonist.

——isn’t it normal to check the newly stored reserve grain?

Li Fei opened his eyes and saw the mycelium sneakily do little tricks, but when Jian Hua turned his head to look, the mycelium would not move.

“Who’s the person who suddenly appeared?” Li Fei looked away, but then remembered the last scene before his coma.

The shaking scene indicating signs of space instability, then suddenly someone appeared, breaking the balance between the “fields” and the shells, triggering an explosion.

Jian Hua recalled that he wanted to tear the space at that time, could it be?

“Maybe someone from the void, or the spider world when it just happened to touch this side.”

Li Fei is stumped for words. If it’s from the spider world, since they were somehow transported in front of Johnson Brown, that one had bad luck. The guy who might have been blown to pieces by the shells, wouldn’t it be the last S-class ability holder, Dr. Mad?

If Dr. Mad is dead, it really saved them the effort.

“……a person who can enter the spider world is not necessarily only the S-class.” Li Fei pondered. Huo Wei didn’t make it through when that happened, and Huo Wei is a D-level ability holder.

It looks like the weak ability holders can’t enter. In fact, all countries have a couple of A-class. According to the original plot, a state has an average of one, and there will be more in places with a huge population. For example, there are a total of five A-class ability holders in China, but except for Old Cheng, Geng Tian, and Zhang YaoJin, the author did not even write a code name for the others, so Red Dragon didn’t give this information to him.

There aren’t many B-class ability holders. Red Dragon currently has four, and among them, the space ability holder is the most special.

C-class ability holders are the “high-order” that the average people can see. Together with D-class, they comprised Abandoned World’s major forces. It’s actually nice to have a D-class identity. You should know that 80% of ability holders are F-class.

Huo Wei can’t enter, so he calculated that from C-class, there are hundreds of people that can enter the spider world. It’s a theory based on common sense.

“We just happened to appear in front of Johnson, across half the globe, is this a coincidence?”

“If that’s the case……then it’s really possible that man is Dr. Mad.”

The S-class will be attracted to the S-class of the original world. Poseidon is already dead, so there’s only one possibility left.

Li Fei deeply looked at Jian Hua. He felt that Dr. Mad died miserably in both lives. Every time he got ready for the big fight, Jian Hua “easily” take care of him.

“I hope he’s dead, and don’t leave any trouble for us.” Li Fei talked to himself.

Jian Hua is puzzled. Li Fei casually cited an example, “For example, he might have buried explosives somewhere or even toxic chemicals. Fortunately, he died in the explosion, otherwise, just imagine if he carried some deadly pathogens with him……”

Re-recognizing that Dr. Mad is a dangerous man, Jian Hua suddenly felt that the act of killing people in his “destiny” was very much in line with his character.

——Jian Hua is not interested in playing psychological tactics with a madman.

The best way to eliminate hidden dangers is to find the right time, and directly eradicate it.

Li Fei reached out and poked out a gap from the mushrooms. When his whole arm is almost buried, his finger touched something like a rock.

“The building collapsed?” Jian Hua asked.


Li Fei felt short of breath. He’s not sure if it’s because of the mushrooms, or because they might be buried underneath.

“I’ll go see.” Jian Hua frowned. It would be bad if they’re buried under the rubble. There is support from the mushrooms, but the air beneath the ruins are limited.

“Don’t worry. My ability can dig up the rocks.”


Jian Hua left after speaking. Li Fei looked down at the hand he held out, having mixed feelings.

Shouldn’t he comfort Jian Hua? The lover has something to do on his side so that he has nothing to do, how can they continue to develop feelings in this situation?

The mushrooms can indeed lift the rubble, Jian Hua did not exaggerate. These mushrooms occupied the sewers of several cities in Southern China so they can even open the manhole cover themselves.

The mycelium drilled out from the cracks, wrapped around the stones, then moved them away……it took a little more time, but it’s not that hard. Even if it casually moved the rocks, they’re not afraid of causing a second landslide inside since the other mushrooms are acting as support.


Jian Hua made a rare astonished sound. He froze and supported the surroundings while making the mycelium probe around.

“There’s a burrow.”


“It’s surrounded by rocky cliff walls, somewhat uneven. There’s no dirt, nor any……” Jian Hua carefully sniffed, and his expression became heavy, “smell of smoke.”

The explosion just happened, so what can be said if the smell disappeared?

“Giant spider world?” Li Fei thought that they fell into a cave like last time.

“Not quite, it doesn’t have that grotesque fishy smell.”

Just then, teenager Johnson woke up.

He stayed still for a second, then immediately began looking for Federico in a panic.

“Did you see Mr. Morenza?” Johnson anxiously pushed the mushrooms away. He ran over and asked.

This English is very simple, but Johnson has a strong American accent from the Southern State, so Li Fei almost didn’t understand the first time. Good thing that he quickly remembered that there was really one less person here.

“No, there are only us three ability holders here……right?”

Based on Jian Hua’s power feedback ability, he felt like a group of people is coming to this side from a distance. The reaction is feeble, indicating they’re ordinary ability holders. The problem is that they’re inside the burrow. Those people climbed up from deeper inside, so is this an underground kingdom?

Johnson looked through the mushrooms in disbelief, shouting the name Mr. Morenza. Li Fei finally heard something he recognized from his words.

“Miroda? Morenza?”

Li Fei remembered the man that he always felt is familiar. With that haggard face, he suddenly remembered a photo of a Grammy-award winner.

“Federico Morenza?”

Johnson heard the name and immediately looked back at him.

Li Fei is now sure, the identity of the person who walked with Johnson, is the nation’s hottest singer, the superstar Federico Morenza. He’s said to be a wealthy second generation with a good background, and his annual income is not cheap. He was No.3 in the World’s Top Golden Bachelors last year and only lost to a consortium heir and a European prince.

Why is the protagonist with the superstar? This combination is a bit magical……

Li Fei was sure that in the original arrangement of “fate,” Johnson has nothing to do with Morenza.

Seeing the pale and anxious look on Johnson, Li Fei decided to use his not too good English to explain to the protagonist that they may not be in the United States——and not necessarily on Earth.

“Someone’s coming, many of them, but no threat.” Jian Hua halted his words.

Threat referred to high-order ability holders, but that doesn’t mean they can relax, because they have guns……

Li Fei stroked his eyebrows, listening to the burst of noise.

The three people inside the mushroom showed a blank look at the same time: Can’t understand.

It’s not like they’re unable to make sense of what they’re hearing, it’s that they don’t understand at all.

Like how Jian Hua doesn’t speak English, but even if others speak English, he still knew which language it is. Since it’s often used in film and television dramas, he’s even more familiar with it. Japanese and Korean is also a language with “characteristics” that stood out.

He doesn’t understand this time, because he’d never heard this language in his life.

Alien? Jian Hua almost doubted it, then Li Fei’s magic eyes saw the crowd through the gaps in the mushrooms.

The formerly white robe is now dirty, along with the headscarf.

“Seems to be a country in the Middle East……”

Jian Hua is speechless. This transfer is too unreasonable. Even if they traveled to the United States, it’s still reasonable since Johnson is there. How’d they got to the Middle East? There are no other ability holders here when they appeared, but if Poseidon is not dead, he might have run here to hide.

“The situation is terrible. We seem to have fallen into the burrow.”

Li Fei jumped to a higher place, looked up and around.

Although they’re inside the hole, there’s still moonlight shining through the cracks in the mushroom, so it’s not dark.

“Void? I don’t feel a giant worm……”

“It isn’t. The mushrooms stacked up to the sky from this side, and blocked the burrow.”

The ability holders who came said something they didn’t understand at all. They gestured wildly at the mushrooms, but no one dared to approach. They also had a serious dispute over this.

“Climb up, leave the burrow, and go around them from the outside.” Li Fei quickly decided.

Johnson found out that Mr. Morenza is really not here, so he hung his head and didn’t speak. Jian Hua still had a headache from taking the teenager, but when he looked back, he found that Johnson quietly followed.

The teenager’s movements are very flexible, not to mention Li Fei and Jian Hua. Since the Chinese have support points at the soles of their feet, is it still that hard to climb the rock wall?

When they finally saw the full moon shining on them, Jian Hua readily used the mycelium if his legs are not long enough. When Johnson, hanging from the cliff, was pulled up, the fifteen-year-old boy was shocked.

This is a wasteland with grass like bamboo shoots and rocks eroded by the wind.

No, it’s a plateau. The moon looked very big, with a slightly dark red color, hanging in the sky.

There are deep and shallow gorges on the ground like the smooth lines carved out by an artist.

Desolate, silent, beautiful.

“There are many ability holders underground.” Jian Hua frowned as he told Li Fei.

It’s not as deserted as it seemed.

“It’s large scale, at least five floors, and also wide, completely beyond my power feedback ability.” Jian Hua almost thought that there’s an underground city here.

“What kind of relic could it be, do you know where this is?”

“No.” Li Fei shook his head. He is also shocked by the sights here, “If Assistant Lin is here, maybe he’ll know since he used to want to travel around the world. ”

T/N: Sorry, I didn’t understand the geography much. I probably mistranslated something there, but I’ll edit it once I translate the later chapters and it became more clear.

STB Chapter 135: Travelling
STB Chapter 137: Middle East

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