STB Chapter 156: Slinking Off

STB Chapter 155: Blackmail
STB Chapter 157: Lighthouse

What’s the difference between bringing a mushroom home and bringing a thief home?

Even if the customs are locked and refused any Chinese, the Devourer has a new ability that’s not documented in the book. The mushrooms can transport people around the world!

When the biggest villains can come and go in their own country and can kill whoever they want, how would this end?

Even if Britain, France, Russia, and the United States ignored it, some small countries have been active in ordering it. These countries had little money, but it didn’t matter since mineral resources can be used as money! Colonel Lu presented a few bottles on behalf of the country to those who have a long term cooperative relationship with China.

Jian Hua who watched the whole process: ……

What valid for three days? As long as there are ability holders, it can be replenished at any time.

Colonel Lu is very principled and gave the mycelium bottle an expiration date of three days. He’s determined to sell it for only two days, so when someone slyly dropped in the door to find him, Colonel Lu put on the friendly smile he’d cultivated during his 10 years tenure as Deputy Director of Guangshi Administration and said that the warranty period had passed. They had to wait for a special plane to transfer the mycelium bottles over.

The meeting venue is not on top of the sea, but on an island country in Southeast Asia. The reason is that the expense at sea would be too much.

The venue was very shabby, not to mention the accommodation. It was a local resort, but because of the damage from the Abandoned World, the whole town was destroyed. If they went out of their room and turn two bends, they’d see one wall of the hallway destroyed. The resort has its own generator, but they could barely use it.

Some countries had to send for a plane to provide them with food and drink every few days, while other people can only endure. The trick is to gnaw on biscuits and to drink filtered fresh water, but they still had to roll up their sleeves to fight every day.

The island is near the equator with no four seasons. April is so hot that people can’t stand it.

The heat is not that unbearable, it’s the mosquitos that run wild.

High order ability holders have “fields” so they won’t be bitten by mosquitoes, but those with no ability and those with a limited field can’t sleep because the mosquitoes are so noisy.

There’s not much pressure for the Chinese since there is mycelium on the walls and doors of their room. Unless the mosquito didn’t rest, it wouldn’t be able to flap its wings after being caught.

Just for this, someone snuck up to Colonel Lu wanting to buy a mycelium bottle ten days later——without returning home, this is the only thing they could use! They had no other choice.

Although it’s called a meeting, they’re really just fighting every day.

About the energy director, the United States has a set of ready-made equipment, so of course, it would collect money. How could the country continue research without any funds? The response from all countries is that they’ll pay for it, but there had to be full technology disclosure. They had to study it together and complete it as soon as possible to save the future of mankind. The United States is not willing and proposed that the countries should send scientists to come over.

The world is so dangerous right now. If they send someone casually, who can guarantee their safety?

Therefore, scientists from all countries must be protected by the national guard, and the number of people should be according to the UN peacekeeping model. But how to sign the relevant agreements and mutual supervision……

They’ve been arguing for more than half a month, but the conference didn’t produce any results.

That evening, Li Fei routinely knocked on the door of the room where Jian Hua lived. It’s filled with the scent of canned meat that the plane that just came today sent.

With some freshly caught shrimp and shellfish, noodles, and meat in a small pot cooking, this is already regarded as a very decent meal.

The chef responsible for cooking is a fire ability holder from Red Dragon. He knocked on the door every day to eat, and the others left just now. Li Fei glanced at the pot on the table and knew that Jian Hua still hadn’t eaten.

Jian Hua didn’t like to talk very much, so Li Fei didn’t even say hello when he came over. He just sat down and picked up the chopsticks so they could have dinner together.

Li Fei has long known Jian Hua’s taste through observation.

Jian Hua is not a picky eater. He is a man who had lived a hard life, and if he can’t eat, then he could endure, but people always had something they like and don’t like to eat. Jian Hua never mentioned his preferences, but Li Fei, who ate with him, naturally picked up on the things that Jian Hua didn’t like.

If people who didn’t know them see this, they must think Li Fei is overbearing. He picked up the shrimps first, and the leftovers are the things that Jian Hua “didn’t like”.

In front of this pot, Li Fei’s behavior became more “out of character”. He not only peeled the shells but also dumped the peeled shrimp back to the pot. If you didn’t see the process, you wouldn’t believe it. When the pot was empty and his plate clean, the shrimp shells are piled up like a mountain on Li Fei’s plate.

In fact, someone ate the shrimp but did not peel it even once.

No need to mention it. The chopsticks paused when they occasionally intersect, and they looked at each other’s eyes……calm with no estrangement, it’s the life that Jian Hua liked.

The water in the room can’t be consumed directly, but using it to wash dishes is no problem.

Because the weather is hot, the water is also hot. When fingertips probed into the water and scrubbed the utensils, another pair of hands often dipped in. Working very seriously, the fingers inevitably rubbed on the other’s wrists while avoiding the oil that floated on the water.

After the dishwashing is finished, the person with impure thoughts is slightly short of breath.

The original facilities of the resort is very good. Although it was damaged, after the ability holders’ maintenance and mushroom remedy, it’s not too uncomfortable to live in. For example, the bathtub in the bathroom is huge, but without the massage function.

The men are about to take a bath and even brought their clothes in.

The bathtub’s four sides are too smooth, and Jian Hua couldn’t find any support points. He tried to lean on the mushroom soap rack, but afraid that it’ll slip, he subconsciously recalled it into mycelium. White filaments attached to the blushing red skin, showing a strangely erotic atmosphere.

The number of mycelium is not much, and they only appeared since Jian Hua’s emotions are out of control. However, they followed their instinct and delightedly met up with Li Fei. It effortlessly hooked on and climbed up his body. When the mycelium went to that place……

Li Fei’s body suddenly went stiff.

The intensity of the collision disappeared, and Jian Hua’s confused consciousness gradually recovered. He immediately found what was wrong, so he stretched and ripped off the mycelium. His fingers inevitably rubbed that place and Li Fei’s important part.

Then more than half of Jian Hua’s body was pressed into the water, forced to go up and down by Li Fei as he leaned on one side of the bathtub. Pain enveloped every nerve and quickly morphed into a feeling of pleasure and soreness.

The water surged, mixed with ambiguous sounds.

It’s so hot that they melted.

Night came late on the island. After the sky went completely dark, there was a sudden knock outside the door.

The two just finished cleaning up in the bathroom, so they deliberately made some distance to avoid getting too excited and letting the dark behemoth devour more abilities of Li Fei. Jian Hua gradually got used to Li Fei’s closeness, but only willpower allowed him to restrain his abilities at the last minute and avoided the dilemma of reducing Li Fei’s power for a long time.

The dark behemoth is not satisfied. Of course, it’ll have opinions.

Fortunately, it’s lazy, so as long as the excitement cooled down, it didn’t matter if Li Fei approached Jian Hua again.

The knock on the door was very short. Red Dragon people wouldn’t dare come to disturb them. Jian Hua pretended to be Colonel Lu’s entourage, and even some Chinese diplomats are not aware of his identity. Colonel Lu didn’t show any special attention towards Jian Hua, so no one would come to bother him at night.

Signaling Li Fei not to go out, Jian Hua quickly put on clothes and opened the door.

Outside the door is Colonel Lu’s bodyguard, and also a member of Red Dragon. As soon as he saw Jian Hua, he immediately gestured and dodged inside the door.

“We’re immediately evacuating all personnel……can you swim?”

Jian Hua subconsciously nodded, then he didn’t feel very good, because he remembered that Li Fei didn’t seem very good at it.

“Our submarine is stopped three nautical miles away. There are boats on the shore, but to prevent accidents, we must be prepared.” The Red Dragon member gave Jian Hua a life jacket, turned around and went elsewhere.

“Give me another one, Li Fei’s here with me.” Jian Hua naturally reached out.


In your place or in your bed?

The Red Dragon member’s eye twitched. There’s no time to say anything else, so he gave another life jacket, and told him again, “Don’t bring anything, it’s an urgent situation.”

What else is there to say? The two quickly put on life jackets. Two minutes later, everyone was rounded up and quietly walked to the beach.

Colonel Lu arrived first, his face livid. He didn’t say anything as he signaled everyone to board.

The boats were very worn out. It was the tour boats belonging to the resort, but they didn’t dare open the motor near the shore. This thing is hard to row manually, but the resort was full of scattered wooden boards that they collected in advance as paddles.

Except for the two familiar faces that often appear in the news, the other diplomats are mostly from the military. When they chose the delegates, they looked for those who are strong and healthy, so it’s not too difficult to paddle the boat.

The coastline gradually moved away. After the motor started, Li Fei finally knew what happened.

“The United States wanted to drop a nuclear bomb here.”


“This matter has received strong support from Japan, oh, and several other countries.” Colonel Lu muttered a curse in a dialect, “There are not many high order ability holders who attended this meeting. I thought no brainless idiot would move. In the end, there’re still fools who mentioned this thing.”

Li Fei went silent.

In the book’s global conference of ability holders, a nuclear bomb can indeed eliminate 99% of high order ability holders, but they didn’t do this in the original work. That is because the conference was initiated by the United States on behalf of the double system S-class ability holder Hulakan to discuss how to deal with the Devourer.

“Some people see through the disguise, and guessed that I’m here?” Jian Hua frowned.

Just to kill Flame Demon, it’s not worth dropping a nuclear bomb. If they knew that the real Jian Hua and Li Fei are here, it’s no surprise that the politicians had this idea.

Extreme radicals always advocate the most direct means to solve the problem.

“No, they’re trusting in luck.”

They would rather make a mistake than let this opportunity pass.

“The Americans ran away?” There are many people on this island.

“No, if it wasn’t for Red Dragon who intercepted their intelligence and deciphered the content, we’ll all be kept in the dark.” Colonel Lu was distraught to say, “The two-party system in the United States had a lot of backstabbing each other. We had no tangible evidence to identify them, but right now, the order from above is to retreat immediately.”

People attending the Global Security Summit, to put it nicely, are politicians from all countries, but in fact, the nations only sent their second or third in commands. It’s a domestic mess in their own countries, how could the first in command leave?

“Ability holders suddenly showed their abilities and would get the blame of killing politicians from all countries……anyway, their people were not killed by them, so Human Rights and Democracy would become nonsense. The magnitude of nuclear bombs is enough to destroy this island. With the world right now, there would be no reporters who would search the ruins in the middle of the sea to look for problems and expose them.”

“That’s crazy!” Li Fei said to himself.

Colonel Lu waved, “You can’t play politics with a normal person’s IQ. Actually, it’s not just the US. Other countries also thought about using nuclear weapons.” Did some countries do anything less during their history of world wars?

“There is talk, but did they really have a plan?”

“According to our intelligence, it’s ready to launch……, but they faced domestic opposition. To stop this, they’re going to leak things out, and let other countries put pressure on them.”

The motor sound against the waters is very harsh.

“Wait, it sounded more than ours……”

Li Fei looked into the distance and saw shadows from afar. The seawater rolled in the distance as if a submarine floated up.

“They probably all ran away.” Li Fei hooked his mouth.

Everyone: ……

Although they can’t see very clearly with no magic eyes, they wanted to know too. The submarines waiting under the sea should discover the submarines from other countries through their radar. This would be very embarrassing.

STB Chapter 155: Blackmail
STB Chapter 157: Lighthouse

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