STB Chapter 155: Blackmail

STB Chapter 154: Escape Route
STB Chapter 156: Slinking Off

The hole only appeared at the weakness of the world’s barrier.

The sooner the hole appeared meant its more prone to penetration.

——the area where the giant worm dug out, strictly speaking, can also be dug out by the mushrooms.

The wind blew for several days near the Ganzhou Highway when Jian Hua finally found a tiny gap. He needed a telescope to see since it’s like a short half-meter string floating in the sky.

This is the result after observing the direction of the wind and sand for several days. The approximate direction was inferred from the abnormal data, but the credit goes to the corgi.

The massive hole in Ganzhou Highway, with TuanTuan’s forced expulsion ability, looked to be closed at that time. However, because of the continuous influence of the giant spider world on Earth and because the corgi is not a resident here, the possibility of resurgence is very high.

Since there used to be mushrooms here, it’s their instinctive choice to occupy the hole——there’s wider space ahead, and they don’t have to give up this delicious Earth.

Jian Hua is uncertain because of the disappearance of the giant spider world.

But when he stepped foot on this road, the mushrooms began to get restless, telling Jian Hua it wanted to play.

If this is the usual, any void hazards needed to be reported immediately. It would’ve become a new headache for Red Dragon, but now, it had become Jian Hua’s hopeful “way out”.

Powerful void holes can affect the real world and the frequent car accidents on this road is the best evidence.

Jian Hua found this black crack ultimately because the hyphae is attached to it. Otherwise, if the corgi saw this black string, it would be quickly “moved away”. How else would he find it in this sandstorm?

When they were delayed in Ganzhou, Rem had already taken a plane to Australia, leaving China with his tail between his legs.

After this major disaster, the whole world set off a frenzy of demonstrations. Survivors questioned the government, dissatisfied with the truth they announced, and appealed for the property they lost and their deceased relatives.

Even communications in remote places hadn’t been recovered.

Just like what every wise man expected, the Abandoned World and ability holders had replaced earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorists and had become the first destabilizing factor threatening the global economy and even human civilization.

This crisis must be resolved! No country can tolerate it!

Those book transmigrators who had all kinds of goals experienced this four-month crisis. Seeing such a tragic scene with their own eyes, many people said the book ending before they died.

——they no longer wanted the Abandoned World to continue. They no longer felt that becoming an ability holder made them superior. Scared and finding out they can’t live, their scramble for power and profit came to naught. You might as well say they’d had their fill.

Many tried to curry favor with high order ability holders, but in the end, they’re treated as information kiosks. When danger arrived, the book transmigrators were abandoned by the high order ability holders (a lot of A-class ability holders suddenly went missing). They hatefully thought after the ability holders disappeared, those high order ability holders should also lose everything.

All countries received the information and immediately stepped up the research and development of the energy director.

The author is not a scientist, nor is《Outcast》a hardcore science fiction. He wrote it lightly, and the group of scientists who held the information stubbornly searched for any scientific principle out of all that nonsense.

What, this world is a book, so everything is not true? We’re all living people, who would dare say otherwise?

Since the book said it in the ending, then it can certainly be done with the technology of this world!

Colonel Lu dared to let Jian Hua try the miniature energy director because compared to the big countries who are sure of this technology, China’s research speed is definitely slower.

The situation is pretty much the same as the original work. As soon as they knew that the “ability” is actually a special kind of external energy that triggered the latent ability of some people in the human race and that the Abandoned World is the source of that energy, they didn’t have to take any detours. To research this energy, a special wavelength and frequency were quickly observed at the overlap point of the Abandoned World.

After further analysis, they discovered that the wavelength of each ability holder is also similar. The difference is caused by each ability holder’s strength and weakness.

This energy is very unstable because it didn’t belong to Earth.

Everyone was worked up, thinking that things are possible. In theory, as long as there’s a “field”, it’s entirely possible to filter or expel any foreign energy. However, everyone was stumped by a problem.

——how to make this field envelop the whole planet.

Not in a small environment like a laboratory, but the whole Earth!

According to the description in the book, in addition to the ground base stations, there’re also satellites launched by several countries which eventually formed this unique “field”. This is a big project, and Nania Kaia just explained it in one sentence: everyone was busy for three years but not necessarily able to achieve it. Putting the theory into practice and testing it required a lot of calculations. In the end, they also had to write a program for remote ground control……, and this is still the best case scenario.

If there are more variables in the programming or the testing failed, they had to debug the range of values for this variable, which might take another year.

“No other solution?”

The leaders who heard this conclusion is in a terrible mood. If Abandoned World disappeared one day later, the hazard would last one more day. If it really went on for a decade like in the book, how many of the world’s six billion people would be left?

When war, death, and starvation flood the world, everyone is bound to lose their loved ones and friends.

With the collapse of the existing law and order, the future of the country can’t be predicted.

No one wanted to see this result.

People like Colonel Lu are desperate. They waited for that glimmer of hope, but at the same time, they really felt that their world is as ridiculous as a book——since there are coincidences like this.

NASA launched a plan ten years ago, precisely to create a “field” to cover the Earth. It’s used to defend against the harmful wavelengths from the universe. This plan is very whimsical, and they don’t know why it was really executed. They don’t even know why it was implemented last year since the filtering effect is not ideal. It’s similar to adding a large cover outside the atmosphere when most of the work is still done by the atmosphere.

Everyone laughed at this as “trying to rob the atmosphere’s job”, “the atmosphere is furious”, or “newcomers aren’t useful, and finally depended on the veterans”.

Now they just have to modify this useless thing, and even the simulation test software is ready-made!

The laboratory had proven that the wavelength of an ability holder can be 100% rejected since it’s too unstable and too different from the other energies on Earth. As long as they built a “field”, the effect is absolutely ideal.

Even the United States is thinking, why did they insist on making this silly thing? Why did they stubbornly approve it, is it really “fated”?

Ecstatic, everyone didn’t care if it’s fated or not, they had to work quickly.

This is an unprecedented collaboration.

At the same time, the Global Security Summit was held.

Before things are solved, it’s necessary to appease (control) these high-order ability holders. As long as it’s not a madman like Dr. Mad, no one wanted to destroy the world, or else mankind would live in ruins. Even Red Scorpion temporarily retreated when he heard the threat just because Wolf Morenza is the underground godfather of United States’ East Coast.

Order is essential. With no law, many things would no longer exist.

People with strong abilities can change that order, and if there’s no order, don’t even think about surviving!

Money, status……whatever it is, the people living in this world always had something they want.

Jian Hua was originally an exception, but now he has one thing he wanted.

——Li Fei.

For Li Fei, he still cared about his own life and wanted to survive.

Like them, they wanted to restore the world from the Abandoned World’s effects before life became extinct. This is the most basic requirement. However, it’s the hardest to fulfill.

Who is Li Fei? He is an actor, how can he eat with this profession at the end of the world? The entertainment industry can only flourish after the economy recovers. If Abandoned World continued for a few more years, he had to wait until China recover from this disaster. Li Fei would probably be old enough to have a grandson. It’s not impossible to continue acting……, but, it’s not the same.

Red Dragon thought that Li Fei and Jian Hua had more peace of mind, so they didn’t do anything for them. Their hopes are consistent with the country’s goals, but except for Red Dragon, most people didn’t believe this.

——Devourer with Flame Demon is surely a thorn on their side! They’re the most dangerous ability holders, we have to watch them!

Colonel Lu received secret letters from N-number of countries, all talking about this problem.

Right, there’s also the serious request from the United States to return the double system S-class ability holder Hulakan.

Speaking of which, this thing was leaked by the surviving A-class ability holders. The place Jian Hua left them was in Germany. After Abandoned World ended, they survived using their abilities but was delayed before they could successfully contact the outside world.

Some A-class ability holders are reluctant to work for the country, but had to find a way to return home, so they hid in the crowd. They became hard to find, making the state unable to do an effective search.

And for some A-class ability holders, their country simply had no ability to take them back, like the ones wearing African tribal clothes which had no way to contact their hometown.

Except for those who died, the countries proposed to those who are left but the list of high order ability holders attending the Global Security Summit has shrunk by more than half.

For the location, they argued again.

The desert where Jian Hua and the others had stayed had not been found. According to the time difference, it’s estimated to be the Sahara Desert. But this desert is too big, so it’s difficult to confirm with satellite.

The bodies of the ability holders who died from disease and the mushrooms are all buried in the sand.

Since they can’t find it, the difference between the desert and international waters is small.

Jian Hua disguised himself as an entourage of Colonel Lu, and the corgi is handed over to Li Fei. On the list of participants for the Global Security Summit, only Flame Demon is written, no Devourer. There was a strong demand from other countries, but China turned a deaf ear.

Just like when they asked for the return of Johnson Brown, China nominally said they’d cooperate. Speaking nonsense won’t do, but who has evidence that Johnson is in China?

The giant spider world opened holes all around the world, God knows where the Savior fell.

A reliable witness said Johnson was tied up by the mushrooms? Gee, that’s a problem. Devourer and Flame Demon are S-class ability holders, and very difficult to manage. China’s side managed to appease Black Abyss, but they didn’t know that Jian Hua kidnapped Johnson. Please wait for Red Dragon to further negotiate with Black Abyss.

Help find him? In this situation where the missing population from the city had not been counted yet, how would they find someone?

So on the list of participants, the most essential Hulakan was missing.

The only S-class ability holder that came is Flame Demon with only one-tenth of the A-class. Rem’s in there, but Zhang YaoJin did not come over for a very good reason. All countries must leave a certain level of manpower to maintain order.

In this Global Summit, in addition to the dignitaries from each country present, there are only a few ability holders. There’s no grandeur like in the book, and not even the quantity is up to standard. After all, no ability holder had a decent grasp of their power and often got in trouble.

Li Fei only showed up once before hiding in the area where the Chinese delegates are staying.

To show that Devourer did not come, Colonel Lu personally took a bottle of mycelium from a sealed freezer. He opened it in front of the dignitaries from all countries and showed everyone the result of China’s “South Mushrooms Transfer North” plan.

The mycelium bottle will remain active for three days, and it’s very easy to carry. Against the Abandoned World’s monsters, it had the magical effect of supporting real-world architectures. If you’re willing to cooperate with China, we can talk further.

The delegates from various countries suddenly had blue faces. They already knew the truth about Devourer’s mushrooms, and China actually wanted to fool them? Ulterior motive, their motive is abominable!

In the face of such accusations, Colonel Lu said quite frankly that the effect is real. Your fears are not unreasonable. What if the mushrooms eat people when the Devourer went crazy or something? But with no mushrooms, are the ability holders’ survival rate, and the soundness of their buildings guaranteed?


The cities in Southern China didn’t become ruins after this disaster. The mushrooms in the sewer is the biggest hero.

Take it or leave it!

STB Chapter 154: Escape Route
STB Chapter 156: Slinking Off

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