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STB Chapter 160: Future
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Jian Hua’s recovery was going well. After passing the check up on the sixtieth day, he was finally able to move around.

The doctors at Red Dragon Base are amazed and almost wanted to do some research, especially when more and more cases of severely injured ability holders recovered quickly.

Most of them are high-order ability holders, those belonging to the military or those who have a certain fighting power in the Abandoned World——also those who have eaten meat from giant blue lizards more than once.

Over time, the impact of the blue lizard meat on ability holders gradually weakened since this magical effect cannot exist in the human body for a long time. For those who ate less and those who became ability holders for less than three months, the healing rate of new injuries is no different from normal people, but the scars are very light and less noticeable.

A lot of people lamented. They can’t enter the Abandoned World anymore to research blue lizard meat and extract other useful ingredients to make a cross-era achievement for the benefit of the public.

Li Fei repeatedly confirmed the check-up report before returning to Red Dragon’s base at Haicheng.

——before, Jian Hua said he was healed, but the Film Emperor didn’t believe it at all and anxiously pressed him down on the bed, his daily activity of staring increasing in length. He would also strictly observe his food, rest time, and other taboos. Meanwhile, Jian Hua was depressed, feeling that he accidentally unlocked the mother hen mode of the Film Emperor. He had a little guilty conscience, afraid to go back and meet Assistant Lin and Liang Jun. They would probably yell, “Who’s the life assistant? Who pays who? Why is it completely reversed?’

The plane ride was very stable, but this is a military transport plane, so there are no comfortable chairs. There are only two rows of stools where you can sit, and handlebars hung above. The conditions are straightforward.

Aside from the two of them, several special forces and Red Dragon members, the cabin was filled with boxes.

Li Fei fell asleep shortly after the plane took off. He held his arm in a well-behaved manner and leaned against the bulkhead. Boxes blocked the front so when he dozed off, he didn’t shake left and right nor did he nod forward; he directly put his head on the box. He seemed to have a divine skill wherein just slightly tilting his head would make him fall asleep.

Jian Hua is ready to sleep on Li Fei’s shoulders, however……it didn’t work!

Life assistant, bodyguard, and even lover. He became conscious of these three identities and of how he failed to perform these roles.

Li Fei is still Li Fei, whether lying on the sofa at Jian Hua’s home or on the plane, quickly falling asleep when he is tired.

They more or less encountered pockets of strong air currents which shook the plane a few times, but Li Fei just changed his position and continued to sleep, zzzz~

Jian Hua: ……

He can perfectly imagine that when Li Fei went to shoot a film, the other actors would wear sleeping masks and earplugs, even eat sleeping pills, trying to fall asleep, but Li Fei had already finished two games with the Duke of Zhou.

Li Fei slept so well and made Jian Hua feel very complicated.

On the one hand, he didn’t even chat to try to pass the time. Li Fei just left him and fell asleep……

On the other hand, he thought about how Li Fei refused to leave him these days.

Shallow regular breathing sounds reached his ear. Being beside the familiar atmosphere, Jian Hua also followed suit and fell asleep without paying attention.

Jian Hua felt a slight bump from the plane. While leaning against Li Fei’s body, he rubbed his eyes and opened them. It hadn’t completely opened yet when he simply moved to a more comfortable position and continued to sleep.

The Li Fei, who “had arms around him and got hugged,” sat up, confused, and subconsciously grabbed Jian Hua’s shoulders. He carefully observed his surroundings and found himself still on the plane, safe with no unforeseen circumstances and no mushrooms…… Li Fei closed his eyes in satisfaction and slept again in one second.

The Red Dragon members who witnessed the entire event: ……

They really don’t understand this pair.

The ability holders had not yet adapted to the loss of their power. Their complaints to the other members is like complaining about their life. Those affected more seriously had to go see a psychiatrist. Some are panicked, and some even went crazy, unable to accept reality.

Li Fei and Jian Hua are both S-class ability holders, especially Jian Hua. The power of the Devourer is hard to describe. It can be said that in the Abandoned World, the strength of his ability is unmatched. Now that they suddenly lost it, aren’t they frustrated?

Not to mention two months, even after two decades, they’d still remember it in their hearts!

Out of discipline, the Red Dragon members didn’t whisper, but they can still sign what’s on their minds!

——how can they be so lighthearted?

——I heard it’s always been like this.

A Red Dragon member who is familiar with the couple shrugged and spread his hands.

Zhao Wen also received an order from the North that he needed to pay attention to the mentality of high-order ability holders. Flame Demon and Devourer are at the top of that list, but they’re also the most adaptable as if they never had an ability.

The plane was preparing to land when the cabin received the broadcast. Jian Hua woke up and naturally called out to Li Fei.

The landing was very smooth, and they finally arrived at Haicheng Military Airport. The rear cabin of the aircraft can be opened directly with a ramp stretched out for easier unloading. It’s also convenient to let paratroopers jump off the plane in mid-air.

When Li Fei walked out of the cabin, he immediately noticed that not far away from the tarmac is a small private plane.

He’d mixed in the entertainment circle for a long time, so he recognized a lot of things belonging to the rich. This plane is a Boeing manufactured product, which is the particular plane of a local tyrant. It’s said that the internal facilities are really luxurious and that it even had a billiard room.

This kind of aircraft should obviously not appear at military airports.

Li Fei slowed down. Jian Hua subconsciously followed his gaze, seeing a lot of people standing in front of the plane.

“American aircraft.” Li Fei saw the pattern on the wing of the plane. Jian Hua also found that ten foreigners are among the crowd. Their dress code is a bit exaggerated, wearing suits and sunglasses while standing with hands behind their backs, acting like part of the background. This kind of clothes indicates either a bodyguard or mafia, just like the movies.

“Somewhat familiar?”

Jian Hua is quite some distance away but could see that Zhang YaoJin seemed to be the leader among the Chinese.

Li Fei’s eyes stayed on the one opposite Major Zhang. That tall figure looked like a man recovering from an illness. En, a little familiar.

Here is the military airport, so, of course, they can’t just walk around. Even if they saw an acquaintance, they would bypass them as if they didn’t see them. At most, they’d say two sentences. However, something happened. The people over there seemed to recognize the people over here.

“Mr. Morenza!”

The teenager Johnson stood behind the crowd, stretching out his head nervously, and pulling the sleeve of someone.

Federico looked up. He remembered that when he was about to warn Johnson to stay away from some people, the mushroom descended from the sky and took away the protagonist. This caused his uncle more than a month’s effort. Finally, through various relationships, he came to China to pick up Johnson Brown as his guardian.

Despite the difficult process such as tiring dealings with politicians, receiving skeptic looks from China’s side, and being given the cold shoulder for several days, these irritations all vanished at seeing Johnson’s glowing eyes as he rushed into Federico’s arms.

Johnson trembled silently. In the blink of an eye, Federico’s shirt was soaked.

With the language barrier and in an environment where he lost his ability, Johnson’s performance is already good. He had no violent tendencies and didn’t destroy things out of anger. When alone, he also wouldn’t suddenly show a cranky look. He was very quiet, sometimes looked at the sky from the window sill, and sometimes doodling on a white paper.

The drawings are very abstract. It looked like a wave of water being blown away. It also had a pattern of feathers or leaves. Sometimes, it’s merely a maze. Johnson is someone who can happily pick up bottle caps and go “into their own worlds”.

Looking at the 15-year-old boy’s point of view, Johnson is too simple and even a bit like an autistic child.

Once, someone had a translator communicate with him, but Johnson suddenly became a vigilant teenager. Even if he wanted to find a place to hide, when he really faced strangers, he could look directly into the other person’s eyes with his head up, appearing very assertive.

15 years old is not a child who doesn’t understand anything. Forcing Johnson to stay wouldn’t make him develop a sense of belonging to China, so Colonel Lu expressed that there’s no need to hold Johnson Brown.

In the absence of the Abandoned World, the children of former ability holders awakened abilities and became new ability holders. However, the baby mentioned in the book is not Johnson and Jennifer’s son. There is no evidence that S-class ability holders would give birth to S-class children. In fact, the baby only showed the ability to suspend objects. The author did not explain if the ability will grow once the child grew up or will disappear soon after leaving the mother.

All of this is unknown. Johnson is only 15 years old, so marrying and having children would take a while.

With a large number of ability holders globally, there’s no need to experiment on purpose. They just have to keep track of children born in the next three to five years, check whether the spouse is an ordinary person or an ability holder and investigate if the child is normal or born with a strange power.

Johnson Brown has become of little value. The country is not willing to repatriate him nor had any benefit in holding him.

The contact that Wolf Morenza found to apply to the Chinese Embassy in the United States had become a good way out of the embarrassing situation. (Colonel Lu: Being blackmailed into giving him back, well, as long as he wasn’t handed to the US Abilities Bureau.)

Zhang YaoJin also produced a letter of commitment in the name of human rights. It states that for the sake of the humanitarian spirit, Johnson’s guardian must prevent Johnson Brown from becoming a guinea pig of any national research institute. This included but not limited to forcing Johnson to marry a specific person, donating sperm or others.

The letter of commitment is also marked as voluntary. It is not a contract. In fact, Major Zhang is in no position to ask Federico to sign. The above terms also have no real legal significance, it’s just evidence in case of a fight in the future. Unexpectedly, Federico carefully read it and signed without hesitation, making Zhang YaoJin feel apprehensive.

When Johnson met Federico, the juvenile’s reaction is much stronger.

Johnson screamed, ‘Mr. Morenza’ while crying in his arms. The wet shirt accidentally exposed Federico’s body. His muscles had mostly disappeared, and all that’s left are the lines that defined his body shape.

Initially, summer is a season that made people wear less. When Federico took an advertisement, shot an MV, or performed in a concert, he’d take off his shirt and wouldn’t care much. However, this is the conservative China, even Red Dragon’s Major Zhang is easily stimulated by Flame Demon.

Zhang YaoJin: ……

He always felt that this American Song King has a strange relationship with Johnson. How did they know each other? Is he a book transmigrator who won the original protagonist’s trust? He’s not a famous ability holder, and this person’s name didn’t even appear in the original plot’s background?? This American Holy Gate organization is really a bunch of incompetents, totally useless!

Knowing that Li Fei and Jian Hua will arrive at this point, Zhang YaoJin deliberately dragged the time to delay the Morenza family’s plane up to the present.

He wanted to see how Federico would react to Jian Hua and Li Fei.

The Song King saw Li Fei’s face and subconsciously dragged Johnson behind him, eyes full of vigilance.

“Don’t worry.” Li Fei shook his head and sighed. He spread his hands and said, “I am just an actor, do I have any other ability to kill you?”

Federico: ……

He forgot.

Translator’s notes:

Duke of Zhou – 周公, Zhōu gōng, Duke of Zhou (11th c. BC), son of King Wen of Zhou, played an important role as regent in founding the Western Zhou, and is also known as the “God of Dreams.”

STB Chapter 160: Future
STB Chapter 162: Worry

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