STB Chapter 162: Worry

STB Chapter 161: Airport
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“Although it’s not our first meeting, we can still make up for that since we were interrupted before.” Li Fei reached out to Federico, calmly smiling.

Federico silently held out his hand, feeling very complicated.

This is the hand of Flame Demon. Two months ago, this hand can give you a one-way ticket to hell’s purgatory!

If it’s possible, he hoped that Johnson Brown wouldn’t encounter Flame Demon and Devourer in his life. However, the current situation is that Flame Demon is standing in front of him and actively shaking his hand while Devourer is responsibly (leisurely) acting as the background.

This is the one who would destroy the world, a villain who tried to rule the Earth!! How could the mere bodyguards of the Morenza family compare?

Federico’s eyes couldn’t help but shift to the other side. Johnson was behind him, gently pulling on Federico’s shirt—— he thought that Jian Hua and Li Fei are very dangerous so he must remind the other.

“We had an unexpected encounter a few months ago. You called out my English name, so introducing myself should be omitted?” Li Fei smiled even more gently, making the Red Dragon members around them have subtle expressions.

They didn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry, so there was no chance to get close to Li Fei. They hadn’t seen this Film Emperor, who is the most popular at the time, show this warm like the spring wind smile. Li Fei always had a serious expression at the Abandoned World. His peacock habit also isn’t turned on that much. Who would have thought that he’d unfurl his long tail this time?

The right-hand man of Wolf Morenza who flew to China with Federico: ……

According to the photos……this should be Flame Demon? His image is a little far-fetched, ah!

Zhang YaoJin, who seriously watched the drama, took the next step and supplemented their introduction, “This is the guardian of Johnson Brown in the United States, F……”

“Federico Morenza.”

Major Zhang just said the first syllable, but Li Fei automatically filled it out.

“Your songs spanned the entire Pacific Ocean and has even spread to the East.” Li Fei found that Federico didn’t understand too complicated Chinese sentences, so he simply changed to short English sentences (limited by his English level) to praise the very famous Federico.

Jian Hua, who can’t understand it at all, moved his eyes to the nervous Johnson.

Not knowing how to deal with the “villains who lost their power”, Federico took a few minutes to force himself to adapt to this change, making the situation return to normal.

“That’s me……Mr. Li’s acting skills are also excellent.” Federico spoke in less standard Chinese.

This conversation, in the eyes of entertainment reporters, is worthy of news, but in the eyes of the spectators headed by Zhang YaoJin, it’s merely a foolish conversation!

Li Fei fluently spoke in primary English.

Federico spoke in Chinese that hasn’t even reached the fourth level.

These two men didn’t even ask for a translator! And they still very seriously spoke polite words!

Are they sick in the head?

The translators on both sides of the Red Dragon and Morenza family can’t bear it and felt their teeth ache. They forcibly inserted themselves into the conversation and strived to perform their duties.

Li Fei caught all of Federico’s subconscious movements. He confirmed that this person is very concerned about Johnson and that the protagonist also trusts Federico.

Can a book transmigrator do this?

Li Fei thought for a few minutes, then suddenly reacted and smiled self-deprecatingly: Can he judge the other person when he also made the same mistake? What does Federico Morenza’s true identity have to do with him? No matter if this person is a book transmigrator or not, he’s still the lucky star that the original Johnson did not meet. Before everyone lost their abilities, “the trust of the protagonist Johnson” is a “precious item” that book transmigrators are eager to have. Presumably, it didn’t have much value now.

“Nice to meet you, goodbye!”

Li Fei politely said goodbye, turned around and went toward the airport exit.

The others hadn’t returned to their senses, and even Federico was bewildered.

According to his fame, Li Fei, this domestic film actor, was still not one-tenth of Federico’s worth. Put in another situation, he would be seen as a Chinese actor looking for ways to enter Hollywood.

Someone who would take the initiative to start a conversation and make the atmosphere just right. However, he just turned around and left. What’s up with that?

Federico felt that after coming to China, no, ever since the mushroom had fallen from the sky, his intelligence had plummeted. First of all, Johnson Brown implicitly reminded him to be careful of Major Zhang’s dog. He didn’t understand the danger of the short-legged corgi. Then he discovered that all Chinese book transmigrators also died, verifying that the plot had been carried out to the end of the original book.

——then why am I still alive?

——who pressed the fast forward button? Who should be responsible for the Abandoned World going away?

If it’s the Holy Gate organization since they didn’t manage to fulfill their wishes and ambitions, will they make trouble again?

The US Abilities Bureau signed their last order to arrest all members of the Holy Gate organization, then the Bureau announced its dissolution unless the abilities reappear on Earth.

As Wolf’s representative, he gave a copy of the list of suspected Holy Gate members to Red Dragon.

Colonel Lu received enough “benefits,” and smilingly ordered Zhang YaoJin to let them go.

Colonel Lu, in his capacity as the deputy director of Guangshi General Administration, also “kindly” inquired about Federico’s record sales in China. He said that there’s no need for a standard agent platform. If he wanted to come to China to have a concert, Guangshi General Administration could consider relaxing some restrictions with some conditions. Federico couldn’t understand why Red Dragon’s negotiation crew included staff from a brokerage company. They even gave conventional greetings complete with a large wicker basket and expressed their desire to sponsor him.

Nevertheless, he is more anxious to bring Johnson back to America at the moment.

The moment when Li Fei appeared, Federico almost thought that Red Dragon regretted their choice.

Now that the episode unexpectedly ended, Federico led the teenager Johnson up the stairs. China has a phrase where the longer you feel like you’re dreaming, the longer the time drags. Federico couldn’t stop worrying as he climbed up.

Before the plane arrived in US airspace, Federico couldn’t completely relax.

Johnson is sensitive to the Morenza family bodyguards wearing suits and sunglasses. He looked at these people with vigilance, and also worried about the safety of the aircraft.

“What if the mushrooms blocked the engines?”

“Did Mr. Morenza come to China on this plane? The aircraft was just parked there. Has anyone approached the plane during that time?”

Johnson worried.

Federico was dumbfounded. This boy, who was initially exposed to school violence, had already thought about the problem comprehensively. Although his sense of crisis is a bit too strong……

This can’t be blamed on Johnson. Abandoned World forced people to grow up; otherwise, they’d die.

After subconsciously finding an excuse for Johnson, Federico carefully explained the status quo to the teenager.

“Our children?” Johnson’s eyes opened wide.

He used the wrong word since he was surprised. Federico also didn’t notice and patiently explained, “It probably included all children of every former ability holders.”

Johnson really has no other meaning. His mind was not so crooked. Saying “our” only meant he subconsciously thought that he’s in the same group as Federico. He didn’t want to know about other ability holders. When things involved the safety of ability holders, Johnson’s first reaction is that he troubled Mr. Morenza again.

“Now that we don’t have an ability, should we wait until the children are born, and then we’ll recover our abilities?” Johnson accurately asked the key points.

Federico paused, then whispered, “No one knows what will happen after.”

Because the author did not write about it.

Johnson hung his head, thought for a while, then opened his mouth, “Then I won’t……have children.”

Federico also hoped so. Johnson is safer without children, but he could not say such a thing. When Johnson suddenly said this, he’s unhappy but also surprised, “Why do you think so? Maybe 20 years later, your son or daughter would be born, and then the abilities would reappear. Can’t you also restore your ability?”

“That will cause a lot of trouble!” Johnson sullenly and very seriously said, “I feel that Abandoned World is a good thing, Mr. Morenza.”


“Although I lost my ability, I gained courage and understood a lot of things. Maybe I can’t beat the big guys who often troubled me, but they wouldn’t kill me.” Johnson counted on his fingers and seriously continued, “Lining up to receive bread, waiting for my family to come back at night, and Mr. Morenza still remembering me, these are more important than abilities. There must be many people thinking like me, so they will stop the abilities from returning. If my child were born, he would be miserable. I can’t give him a warm and safe home, so I’m not worthy of being a father.”

Federico was stunned for a few seconds then reached out to touch the boy’s head.

“You’ve grown up. I’m pleased.”

“……I still have seven months until adulthood,” Johnson whispered. The legal age for marriage in the United States is 16, but some people think of this age as young adults.

“Knowing what responsibility is is enough.”

“Mr. Morenza, do you not intend to get married?”

Federico thought about it. He’s afraid of having a kid, but getting married is obviously impossible. As a famous singer, if he suddenly got married, about fifty percent of his fans would directly riot.

“I need someone who can handle everything with me.” Federico felt like he’s doing a lousy job and had mixed feelings. He is the only member of the Morenza family’s younger generation. Although this body is not his own, what if his “uncle” asked him to leave behind future generations?

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STB Chapter 161: Airport
STB Chapter 163: Livelihood

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  1. Ho ho ho. Author i don’t think you can stop it though. However of the 2nd Cp happens let it happen in the future after Johnson is 18. 16 is not the age.

  2. How can a sixteen year old be considered an adult?
    I’m pretty sure that most Americans don’t view someone that age an adult, instead their viewed as teenagers.

    Also allowed to marry at 16! Question to Americans, is that allowed nationwide or does it depend on the state?

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    1. It depends on the state. Many states even allow marriage as young as 13 and 14 with parental permission. Unfortunately, this means that there are children who end up being forced to marry their rapists because the parents can’t stand the “disgrace,” or that children are forced into arranged marriages. In my liberal state on the East Coast, there was a campaign a couple years ago to push back the marriage age to 18, but it failed.

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