STB Chapter 166: Preparations

STB Chapter 165: Being Named
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“We have reason to believe that humans will regain their abilities, and would even be among the children of this generation’s ability holders!”

“Existing technologies can’t study which part of the human genetic factors will cause the abilities to form, but it does exist. This secret will be discovered someday, and this will be the key.”

The key to open Pandora’s box.

When some people around the world obtained abilities while the rest remain as ordinary people, everything will change.

Think about it. In this world, some are physically strong, and some have weak bodies……some have a gun in hand, and some only had a few grams of poison. These things might seem insignificant, but this difference would affect the end result for every ability holder.

Some physical advantages could cause school violence.

A weapon that is within reach when angered could lead to death……

An ability holder could be empty-handed, not bring any dangerous goods, and even appear in a quiet and peaceful place, but then cause murders.

Throughout history, wars and bloodshed revolved around the resulting benefits.

When a person held something easy to get, he couldn’t wait to enjoy this kind of differential treatment. When they experienced the difference between themselves and others, maybe they wouldn’t become murderers, but because they want to get more wealth and social status, they would trample on the law they’ve believed in for the first half of their lives.

The power of S-class ability holders had been felt by all countries.

When the Abandoned World disappeared, Flame Demon’s “field” energy levels went off the charts. Before that, this kind of value could only be attributed to a natural disaster caused by weapons of mass destruction and crustal activity. If mankind could reach this level, how would they regulate it? How to control it?

The radical countries are indignant and proposed to kill all the ability holders to end all suffering.

But ordinary people also got the ability.

Because the number of ability holders was too large, the implementation of this plan was difficult. Under the social influence, other countries could only agree to “regulate” it, especially in countries with high-order ability holders. They seemed to coincide with the views of the small states and calculated behind the scenes.

——if the abilities will reappear one day, will the country who managed to master the high-order ability holders have the advantage?

——if this generation of ability holders die, there would be no problem, so why can’t they kill?

This is a wonderful question, isn’t it?

A high-order ability holder like Dr. Mad, of course, must be killed. Still, to expand its strength, the American Abilities Bureau in the original world accepted even ability holders like Red Scorpion.

In the end, they rejected the killing proposal with public opinion as the reason.

“When people wake up and find themselves become ability holders, we don’t want them to destroy public facilities and use their powers to deprive others of their lives. If the government has issued an order to kill the ability holders, then they will have no choice but to embark on the path of criminals, not anti-social, but anti-government. Is this the future we want to see?”

“If the ability is determined by a recessive gene, no one can be sure if your body, your wife’s body, or your child’s body would carry it at all.”

“We are making decisions for the future of mankind. We are standing in a chapter of history. After hundreds of years, the declaration we signed here would decide whether we will be praised or criticized by future generations.”

The Global Secret Summit was over.

The resolution unanimously passed are: to let the people of the present and the future generations know the beginning and end of the disaster and how to deal with it after it reappears.

“The people don’t believe the explanation given by the government and denounced the politicians as liars.”

Although the speeches of several major countries had been unified, the effect was far from ideal.

After a few years, some people would tear up the attention manual on disasters issued by the State. It could be imagined that the days of peace would continue for thirty years or three hundred years. Everyone would feel that these are just lies, and dismiss the official statement, until the disaster comes again, and prove the truth with bloodshed and death.

“Is there a way, for people who don’t believe the truth to patiently read the government instructions and pass it down from generation to generation, until we humans become extinct?”

Hearing this, all State officials felt that this was a fantasy.

The cow won’t drink water if you press down its head. Even if TV stations brainwashed the citizens and successfully instilled it in them, it wouldn’t last long, but if they fail to do so, their political enemies would come to power and denounce them. Then they would get the recognition of the majority.

Some are unhappy just thinking that after a few years, others wouldn’t care about this while some people sincerely thought about the future. But, in any case, they all have one thing in common, they don’t want to carry infamy when they retire or die.

With this big problem, each State’s key members sighed.

“……en? It doesn’t matter if they believe, as long as the truth is passed down, right? Then I have a way.”

The head of Red Dragon, Colonel Lu, in his decades-long years of disguising as Vice Director of Guangshi Administration, drinking tea and managing newspapers became an occupational habit, so he immediately thought of it.

“Make a movie, a classic movie across the ages.”

Although the other countries were slower, the presidents went back to discuss it with their advisors, and the same suggestion was made.

Use the form of entertainment that people are willing to accept and leave an impression on the public.

Put between countries, this would be called cultural invasion, or cultural import……

“Since this movie will carry such a major responsibility, it must be successful. From the script to the actors, all must be made by professionals! Music and special effects must be flawless! It should impress on everyone and get it to sweep awards in Oscar. If it can’t reach this level, don’t even mention it!”

France said: Must be within Cannes award-winning standards.

To keep up, other European countries: There should be no suspense at the Venice Film Festival.

“The classical value must be more than Titanic, and the special effects must be comparable to Avatar.”

“Only classics will be remembered in later generations!”

“Then, as human civilization progressed, the people who have seen this movie would know how to survive in the Abandoned World and know the weaknesses of the ability holders. Also, as an ability holder, they would know how they could correct their own mentality and choose the right path.”

Li Fei listened as Guangshi Administration Red Dragon’s specialized personnel explain the truth of the film planning. His feelings were difficult to describe in words. He stabilized his mind and slowly asked:

“And so, you are going to create a new theme, like how people in most parts of the world know what zombies are and how to escape them after watching Resident Evil?”

“……you’re right.” The skinny Zhao Wen smiled and put down a folder.

Inside was a list of well-known domestic actors. Li Fei was in the first place, and an actress of Star Entertainment, Film Empress Wen Tong, was also among them.

“Oh, yes, you are more familiar with these actors. Colonel Lu will let you take charge of the audition on the Chinese side…… of course, the end result is not decided by yourself. We just need you to acknowledge their acting abilities!”

Jian Hua, who had been silently listening, looked up at Zhao Wen. His meaning was obvious, he thought that Zhao Wen’s acting was outstanding and even more professional than many actors in the circle.

“No, no, I still want to continue to do my job. I will be exempted from the camera.” Zhao Wen refused.

Jian Hua curiously asked, “You will go to the audition site and determine which actor is most suitable for your role?”

Zhao Wen laughed, “How could I be there? A small role like mine would have no lines……”

“You don’t have a small role.” Jian Hua said.

Zhao Wen paused then laughed, “I wasn’t there in the original plot.”

Li Fei was a little upset. The idea of this movie was really too bad. He couldn’t imagine what kind of role Flame Demon would have on the screen.

Taking a sip of coffee, Li Fei asserted, “I will definitely not shoot if it’s according to the original plot!”

If the villains were all from China, he would be the first one to tear the script.

“We’ll adapt it to reality and exaggerate the goodness and beauty of human nature. You wouldn’t necessarily become the villain! For example, monster leaders from different worlds disguised as human beings would provoke world wars or whatever.”

Zhao Wen said while watching Jian Hua.

Li Fei dangerously narrowed his eyes, “I assume……the appearance of the monster boss is a mushroom.”

“Cough! It was in the first draft, but many countries objected because this will affect the sales of mushrooms in the market, so the final villain is a mad scientist named Nania Kaia. While making a space shuttle, he accidentally opened the door to destruction.”

“You might as well say that there is a higher-skilled race in the distant universe and self-proclaimed itself as God to invade the Earth……”

“The support rate for that sci-fi version of the script is 40%, very high, and I also like it.” Zhao Wen took out the information in the folder, then sincerely asked, “The current recommendation for the B-class spatial ability holder Guan Ling is Wen Tong, as for your role……”

Li Fei’s relaxed and elegant smile, for the first time, couldn’t be maintained because of the role.

“Headquarters thought that you are suited to being the Captain of the National Abilities Team. That is the prototype for the role of Major Zhang.”

Geng Tian’s mouth opened, Jian Hua looked up, while Li Fei’s expression was stiff. They all felt like they heard it wrong.

“What did you say?”

“For the sake of our image, Mr. Li, headquarters are very optimistic about your acting skills!” Zhao Wen kept a straight face, but the sincere smile on his eyes exposed his real thoughts.

“No……wait, who’ll be the Flame Demon?”

“Let the special effects team do it!”

“How would they do it?” Li Fei was so shocked he was about to lose control. Will Flame Demon have a monster image?

“The leader of the mysterious organization could be replaced by black shadows. Have you seen the anime of Japan?”


Zhao Wen felt that should be enough joking, so he then comforted, “Don’t worry, if the protagonist of America is that kid, we could remove Flame Demon’s scenes. They can shoot an American hero type film. Anyway, China is not responsible for providing the villain nationality.”

He packed up the documents and was about to go out, but before leaving, he also gestured, “I forgot to say, the captain of the Chinese Abilities Team in the script raised a corgi. This is the combination that Colonel Lu fought for. TuanTuan is a smart and good dog, so you won’t be disappointed.”

The author has something to say:

Ah, I went to sell something I got from an exhibition and only got 300 yuan, orz. The latest update will be on the 31st

Initially, I intended to write about the end of the film and its success, but I had a premonition, so the end of the text will be delayed for a while

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