STB Chapter 165: Being Named

STB Chapter 164: Wronged
STB Chapter 166: Preparations

When he went to the CEO’s office on the 28th floor of Star Entertainment Media, Li Fei accidentally discovered that Liang Jun was making people move things out.

“What’s this?” Assistant Lin was surprised, and hurriedly asked the staff next to him, “What happened? Did the Board of Directors fire our CEO?”

“It’s not so complicated……the CEO just wanted to retire.”

While this side was whispering, Liang Jun saw Li Fei come over and his eyes lit up.

“You came at the right time, I was just about to look for you.”

Geng Tian held up his arm, blocking the people who wanted to eavesdrop. Liang Jun took Li Fei all the way to the tea room next to the office. No one’s inside and it looked like they had something to talk about.

Jian Hua didn’t enter. After all, he’s just another assistant to the Film Emperor. It’ll be strange if he rushed in and followed.

Assistant Lin came over, found that Jian Hua had no expression and also not angry, so Assistant Lin prudently lowered his eyes.

Jian Hua felt baffled. The bodyguard Geng Tian coughed, reminding Assistant Lin to pay attention to the occasion.

——rumors said that Li Fei and the CEO had an affair. This nonsense analysis of the Red Dragon, Jian Hua has never seen it before, so he wouldn’t know, okay?

He had already mentioned Xiao YaQin on the road today, isn’t that enough?

That is, if Li Fei was changed to someone else, it’s estimated that the giant ship of love would not hit the iceberg and get stranded for two or three days. (Alt tl: ‘If Li Fei was changed to someone else, there wouldn’t be so much drama.’)

Assistant Lin snorted. What does Geng Tian know, ah? Jian Hua wasn’t such an unreasonable person at all. If you want this guy to drink a few cups of vinegar, the difficulty would be very high.

The tea room was not that big. Inside are tables, chairs, and a cabinet. The two people were preoccupied so they did not sit.

“Star Entertainment’s luck is not very good. Although the company can hold up, several directors had passed away. They did not leave a will, so those shares in their hands…… it’s a bit troublesome.”

“Someone bought it?” Li Fei frowned.

“You know a lot of people aren’t optimistic about this world. If they could sell, they’ll sell.” Liang Jun sighed.

Although the government and media claimed that the disaster had passed, some people who didn’t know the truth felt that the natural disaster would reappear. This included those directors who held Star Entertainment Media’s shares and the veteran actors who aren’t optimistic about the future prospects, not to mention their children.

The assets of the giant Star Entertainment had shrunk. As soon as the securities company opened its doors, the stock price plunged. It’ll be hard to raise it up with its current momentum.

“The Board of Directors is in name only. They’re not going to dislike me for making big news at the New Year’s Eve party, but it has a bad influence, so they asked me to step down.” Liang Jun snorted, very dissatisfied, “Since they haven’t made up their minds yet, I’m not in the mood to accompany them and continue to make trouble. Your contract is about to expire. If you don’t want to stay in Star Entertainment, you can open a studio yourself.”

“Can you come and help me with work?” Li Fei raised his brow.

Liang Jun was startled, then laughed. He pointed to Li Fei and said, “With this spirit of exploitation, I’m sure you can make a fortune!”

He didn’t promise anything, but rather let this offer pass over him. Li Fei immediately understood that what Liang Jun said was right. In fact, even though this gossipy CEO determinedly left the company that he’d built up for a lifetime, he should be very upset.

About the future, Liang Jun has no specific plans yet.

Liang Jun was also in his fifties, not as energetic as young people. Maybe it’s really time to think about retirement. He couldn’t really wait until he’s in his 60s or 70s, and his hair turned white before enjoying the sun at a beach.

“This is my new phone number. If you need anything, I still have some people in the circle.” Liang Jun looked at Li Fei with emotion. He was Li Fei’s talent scout and watched this young man grow from being penniless to be what he was today.

If not for this natural disaster, Li Fei could continue to shine for at least 10 years or even longer in the film industry. When this generation of fans becomes older and the audience’s taste changes, that’s when his popularity would subside.

“Unfortunately……” Liang Jun’s heart was very uncomfortable.

Li Fei had been on ice for over a year and hadn’t produced any work. Because of the world changes, the artists who need to return to the entertainment industry didn’t know what the future holds.

Those with no talent but capable could still reach the top.

A year ago, who could guess that Star Entertainment Media would fall to this point today?

“Ok, let’s not talk about these things.” Liang Jun sighed. He looked around and returned to being a gossipmonger, “I heard YaoJin say that you found your crush. When’s the big wedding?”


Li Fei wondered in his heart, Jian Hua was different from the average person and ultimately would not care about this.

Correction, he didn’t even consider the “formality” from the start. If Li Fei proposed “let’s get married,” Jian Hua would be surprised then wonder if Li Fei took the wrong medicine.

Not for anything else, just because China didn’t have any legal provisions for same-sex marriage.

——it’s illegal and just for self-satisfaction? Jian Hua would instead save the money and do something else.

“We don’t need that piece of paper between us!” Li Fei smiled.

“Ah?” Liang Jun was a little ignorant, “So you already cooked the rice, you move very fast, ah…… that’s not right, I remember that you don’t seem to like women! Who moved so fast, robbing me of my first place spot, but I still didn’t know, ah.”

Li Fei’s mouth twitched downwards.

What first place or something, as if there’s a competition over it.

“Forget it, if you have the opportunity, bring him for me to see!”


No, he’s outside the door.

Li Fei swallowed these words and turned around. Star Entertainment was messy right now. He didn’t want to expose Jian Hua to danger. The governments all over the world thought that Jian Hua was dead. It was clearly recorded by the satellite at that time, so if Li Fei made a statement at this time, Jian Hua’s personal safety would at risk.

The psychological shadow that the mushrooms brought to the governments was too great.

Especially since they didn’t know what the Devourer looked like. Some foreign A-class ability holders might know, but they could only describe a portrait to others. There were actually no real photos of Jian Hua on hand.

“If there’s no certificate, aren’t you uneasy?” Liang Jun asked seriously, following the host’s example of holding a microphone.

He knew that Liang Jun was getting old, so Li Fei was very calm, “Not really. No one could dig up my partner.”

This time, it was Liang Jun’s turn to laugh at Li Fei’s peacock disease.

The two went out of the tea room, the smile on their face had not yet dispersed, but they felt that the atmosphere outside was wrong.

Looking up, aside from Li Fei, Assistant Lin, and the others by the door, there are also several uninvited guests.

Xiao YaQin wore a mini skirt that highlighted all the advantages of her body. White shirt on the upper body and high heels on her feet, looking like a white-collar worker. With exquisite makeup and a wonderful smile of victory, she looked down at the people around.

Beside her was a middle-aged man covered in brand-name clothes. He had very little fashion style and the greedy look in his eyes made people feel disgusted.

“Guangshi Group……the one who bought Star Entertainment’s stocks is the director of Guangshi Group?” Li Fei turned to ask.

Liang Jun had a black face but still nodded.

“Isn’t this Mr. Liang? I heard you’re going to retire, so I came over to see.”

The middle-aged man’s tone, when speaking about Liang Jun’s resignation, sounded like he’s stealing office supplies which are the company’s property.

Assistant Lin and Jian Hua also heard first-hand information from the staff’s whispering——

“This is the director of Guangshi, surnamed Wang. We’re not quite sure if he came to make trouble or gain a foothold in Star Entertainment.”

Xiao YaQin, who accompanied Director Wang, had the attitude of a secretary.

Once upon a time, if she had seen Li Fei, she would have moved back three steps and then two steps more. But today, she didn’t have to which was very satisfying!

Assistant Lin touched his chin to think. Li-ge was really unlucky. The hidden crisis had disappeared, but although Xiao YaQin could be regarded as nothing, she still brought trouble, ah!

Jian Hua’s eyes moved past Xiao YaQin. He paid attention to the male artist standing behind them. This guy had a mocking look, crossed his arms, and acted as if watching a good drama.

Li Fei followed Jian Hua’s eyes and also saw this person, the third male lead of 《Black Bamboo》.

Sure enough, Director Wang went to Li Fei to have a few words.

The cast and crew of 《Black Bamboo》couldn’t gather since Director Lu had a fracture and was sent to the hospital. He’s old now so he couldn’t move vigorously. The female lead was hit on the head by a falling camera during a recording in a TV station, and due to timely rescue, she didn’t die. The second female lead’s children went missing in the chaos and still haven’t been found. The second male lead, Xiao TianWang, was traveling abroad at that time. He’s still alive but couldn’t return to China at the moment.

The male lead of the entire crew, Li Fei, was left with the third male lead, Tan Liang.

Guangshi group also has an investment in this film, so the third male lead and female lead were from their company. Now that the film couldn’t be shot, Guangshi Group wanted to take the clips that had been shot for release.

“The script? Just change it or scrap it all out, are those people so useless?” Director Wang said with a smile, “Of course, for it to make sense, we’ll make up some scenes.”

“There’s no such thing in Director Lu’s contract.” Li Fei said, neither warm nor cold.

“Director Lu is in the hospital and can’t get up. The director has to be changed.” Director Wang’s words made everyone feel cold.

Director Lu was absolutely regarded as an influential figure in the film and television circle. He made a name for himself in the industry since his box office results were impressive. Many big-name stars rushed to get into his movies. Even Li Fei, if not for Director Lu owing him a favor, would not get a role in《Black Bamboo》.

Now that the investors died or pulled back, Guangshi Group was the highest among the remaining ones, so Director Lu was just an old man past his years. Even the hard to shoot clips were robbed and edited into who knows what. The final product would affect the lead actor’s fame and Director Lu’s reputation once the entertainment industry was restored. It’ll just be released to fish for a quick buck.

Thinking up to here, everyone sympathized with Director Lu, but no one dared to speak.

“The matter is urgent, so everyone must work together.” Director Wang rubbed his hands while showing a weird smile, “As for the contract, after we experienced such a disaster, a lot of computer data has been lost! The law clearly stipulates that it can be reissued. I think we have to make up a new contract for the cast, isn’t this normal?”

Liang Jun’s face changed. He went straight to the office, picked up the phone, and spoke to his subordinates to find the relevant contacts. Sure enough, Director Wang came this morning and took the files. Now they didn’t know if the original file could still be found.

Although Li Fei still has the contract, it’s Li Fei’s personal contract. Even though Star Entertainment hadn’t fallen yet, Director Wang could use the name of Star Entertainment and the disaster to change the script and other things. He could even reissue the contract to retake the film, and if Li Fei refused, it’ll be difficult to gain public opinion.

Liang Jun regretted that he resigned too slowly.

“Considering the precious time of our Film Emperor Li, your camera time could be less.” Director Wang was very reasonable, “Our family’s Tan Liang is fine. He can take more of the plot to make the transition.”

Lying straight to our faces? Assistant Lin almost cursed. This was to blur the status of the male lead and change it to double male leads or directly replace Li Fei. As for the story being illogical, the clips weren’t the kind where you could fill out the rest to form a story, so the “leading role” forcibly appearing on camera to orally recall memories would make a rotten film. It’s estimated that Director Wang would not be in charge.

The script, actor and director was all bought! There was no relationship with him.

The film was rotten because the male lead died from being injured and could no longer appear. He’d just be selling feelings to the public, and also sell feelings later on. This piece of rotten film would be blamed on them and in the end, it’ll still sell feelings!

Xiao YaQin smiled as if watching a movie.

Tan Liang also looked at Li Fei and Jian Hua with a cool look.

The atmosphere was stiff. Liang Jun laughed coldly as he rushed out of the office. He wanted to air out the secrets of this shameless bunch of people. Let’s see who’ll be more afraid if both played the insidious role.

Liang Jun’s secretary, Miss Zhang XiaoJie, suddenly trotted over and sweetly said, “People from Guangshi Administration are downstairs.”

Everyone was stunned and a little confused.

“Why would the Guangshi Administration come over?” Liang Jun habitually asked.

“On the phone, they said that they wanted to make a movie adapted from the real events of the disaster with a joint shooting from the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Guangshi Administration wanted Li Fei of Star Entertainment to play an important role.”

Everyone was shocked.

Assistant Lin was overjoyed.

Only Li Fei slipped and broke his collar clip.

——important role? Hehe, was it called Flame Demon?

STB Chapter 164: Wronged
STB Chapter 166: Preparations

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