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STB Chapter 167: Cannon Fodder
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There was a strange sound from a dark corner.

At this time, the door of the warehouse was knocked open. The special forces armed with guns burst in and searched quickly.

A tall man bent over and entered the door. A few beams of light shined into the warehouse from behind him, showing the small fluttering specks of dust, and the dazzling stars embedded on the shoulder of the man’s clothes.

He was dressed in a combat uniform with military boots wrapped around the calf. He walked to a flat cardboard box, his pace uniform, slender legs seeming to contain a powerful force. Many eyes followed his every step as if every step resembled the thudding of their hearts.

The man seemed to be attracted to something. He turned and walked toward a pile of debris, slowed down, then his palm naturally touched the silver pistol at his waist. Five fingers, slightly longer than ordinary people’s, pulled out the gun very quickly. At the same time, a finger released the safety.

The muzzle of the black hole was aimed at a dilapidated cabinet that was buried among the cargo.

The special forces commander pointed the screen of a simple instrument towards it and said, “Major, there are signs of life there! It’s a survivor!”

The messy cargo flew in a flash, falling to both sides, like a road automatically opened for him.

As the container that blocked the cabinet moved away, the warehouse turned bright. The Major’s face naturally appeared in front of everyone. He’s not young, every line of his face looked firm and decisive, his eyes deep and sharp.


Hearing the director’s shout, the staff quickly returned to his senses and knocked on the board.

The actors immediately relaxed, and the place quickly became active.

Director Lu excitedly looked at the replay of the scene. Several cameras captured the reveal of Li Fei’s face, no matter which angle, people would be shocked when they first saw it, then they’d realize the beauty of this face. Even zooming in ten times won’t be able to pick up any problems on the big screen.

“Atta boy, I knew you could do it!” Director Lu slapped his thigh and said.

There was also a group of foreigners in front of a camera rail car. They exchanged opinions with Director Lu through the translators. They were very satisfied with his expression and thought that this can be passed directly.

Director Lu’s hair was completely white. The disaster almost killed the old man. Still, when he heard that the country needed an experienced director to shoot a commercial film, he immediately sat up from the bed and actively cooperated with the treatment, hoping to finally appear on a set.

Because he worked with Li Fei on more than one film, the two sides cooperated tacitly. Li Fei knew the shooting habits of Director Lu and knew which position to focus on, so the effect on the camera was perfect.

This scene was very simple: walk to the door, pull out a gun, and the last was a headshot…… but to leave an impact on the audience, Director Lu believed that no one in China was better than Li Fei.

He hadn’t seen him in a year, but Li Fei’s acting seemed to have improved again? His understanding of the character was really profound! Director Lu was a bit puzzled. Because of the turmoil last year, the artists couldn’t afford to eat. It’s already a good thing if their health didn’t regress, but how could this man recover so soon?

A soldier was a role that Li Fei had never played before. How can he grasp it so accurately? This time, they hadn’t discussed the role, but he still performed the special charisma and atmosphere of a National Abilities Leader? It’s actually better than what Director Lu was thinking about, and even more imposing.

The answer to this question, Director Lu may not know, but some extras knew.

The special forces soldier who was painted on the face for camouflage quietly touched his phone to send a message: Reporting to Major, don’t worry about your image! Li Fei is more handsome than the real one to ensure that the film will stand the test of the public aesthetic after the film is released.

No one at the studio knew what mood Zhang YaoJin would be after receiving this report.

The warehouse set was being reorganized. The things that previously flew were operated by mechanical levers. Although this part could be added later, the American crew insisted on the props, especially when in a group scene, with no such effect and just relying on the actor’s acting skills wouldn’t move the audience at all.

Such a small warehouse, after disassembly, could be inverted and used to shoot two fight scenes.

The wooden cabinet in the corner was actually an empty shell. The front looked convincing, but the rear was completely empty, and there was no cabinet wall. This made it easy for an actor to huddle in the closet and not suffocate. They could even stretch their body slightly when the camera wasn’t focused on them.

“The second set is ready!”

The buzz in the studio immediately disappeared. The group actors returned to their original positions, and the camera slowly moved along the tracks.

The wooden door was opened, and a special forces soldier saved the survivor inside.

The survivor has blood stained on their face, disheveled hair, sluggish eyes, vocal cords cut and could only make strange noises. They couldn’t ask for help, and their clothes were dirty and broken. The camera moved, and the face disappeared. The special forces commander reported to the Major that “her legs are missing, leaving only the bones.”

This ability holder was kidnapped by Red Scorpion in the movie, and the ability holder who had part of their body removed and cooked was played by Xiao YaQin. In addition to this rescue scene, there was also a scene in the hospital where she answered the inquiries of the National Abilities Team.

Even though she could only have four minutes of screen time, if Xiao YaQin didn’t want it, other artists would fight for it.

With Xiao YaQin’s mood, she could play this unfortunate role to the fullest.

Because of the movement of the group actors, the camera angle, lighting, and others, this scene was finally over. Xiao YaQin moved from the cabinet. Before this, she had been “saved” seven times. After two times, she didn’t play well enough, and her legs, which were crammed in her rag like clothes, accidentally “appeared,” so they had to retake.

Save, then stuff her in, save again, legs can’t appear so climb in again……

It’s inevitable to encounter such painful things during the filming. Xiao YaQin wasn’t a newcomer, she knew that these things are normal. No one was targeting her, and no one was deliberately making things hard for her, but she still felt very uncomfortable.

Most of all, she couldn’t stand the ugly appearance of her role, but she’s still here repeatedly filming.

At first, Xiao YaQin deliberately exposed half her face to the camera. That angle was her best side and looked very attractive even if she didn’t have any makeup. The result was disapproved by Director Lu and the American Director. They severely scolded her, told her that this character was a victim, and was so scared that she developed a trauma, not a drug addict girl in a nightclub.

When Xiao YaQin finally passed this scene, her whole person fell into a neurotic state similar to her role.

The assistant poured hot tea to Xiao YaQin, but her hands kept shaking and she couldn’t hold it.

The assistant could only try to comfort Xiao YaQin. They were in the corner of the studio. Among the American crew, Chinese crew, and even the person in charge of supervision from Guangshi Administration, no one was interested in looking to this side.

Xiao YaQin’s scenes for today were finished. She went back and waited for the notice. The next scene would be three days later, then she could take her salary and leave. Regarding the screen time of a character in this movie, the unknown artists would play the unnamed characters while famous people could have a guest appearance. There was no standard of holding a dinner party when someone left the crew.

“Miss Xiao, you can go home and rest.” A uniformed studio security guard came over and very politely informed Xiao YaQin.

These strange security guards were always on the scene. They integrated among the actors and the crew, but they were actually people sent by the country. It’s said that their identities were very unusual, so no one dared to disobey these security guards.

The shooting schedule was set. Everyone who enters and exits needed security checks, and be issued a work permit that they had to use to enter. The chip on the permit stored the range and time they’re allowed to enter.

When Xiao YaQin’s scene was finished, the person responsible for managing the permits received the information, then sent someone to inform her to leave. The entire crew was very strict in management, not like filming a movie and more like holding a sports competition.

Xiao YaQin sighed in relief.

She saw Li Fei easily interacted with other people in the rest area, and felt very angry. If it’s the usual, she would have long found a reason to go over. Now, there are several security guards among them roaming around, wearing a security uniform, but their atmosphere was no different from military personnel. Only ghosts would believe they’re part of the Guangshi Administration’s security force.

In the end, Xiao YaQin tactfully went away. Her scene was too simple, so there’s no pressure from the cast. The scene in the hospital was just showing her face to the camera. Xiao YaQin did not want to lose this role. This was related to her future development in the entertainment industry.

Resigning herself to a compromise, Xiao YaQin, who swallowed her bitter feelings, silently left, and the distant Assistant Lin looked very relieved.

“I want to say, the hospital should give her a bandage to cover her head. After being imprisoned in a wooden cabinet and not being able to escape, she must have used her head to hit the cabinet!” Assistant Lin angrily said. He just didn’t want Xiao YaQin to have good scenes.

“There are no bandages, but the makeup artist would draw blue and purple bruises.” Jian Hua turned over the script while saying that.

He wore exactly the same military uniform as Li Fei. As the film emperor’s stand-in, if he didn’t play at all, it’ll also raise suspicions. Anyway, this is filmed domestically, and under the full supervision of the Red Dragon, so the security was guaranteed.

To confuse the attention of others, when Li Fei filmed, there was a second stand-in. This was a young man from Red Dragon’s Logistics Department, and he would often sit next to Jian Hua. Except for their looks, the two were exactly the same. Probably only Li Fei could tell which is which from their backs.

“Come on, it’s lunchtime!”

Director Lu also looked up from the camera. The American crew couldn’t wait to let go of their work. Their eyes lit up toward the security guard who transported the boxed lunches.

The scent of tomato scrambled eggs, Kung Pao chicken (spicy diced chicken), and bone soup filled the studio.

The boxed lunch also included pork onion buns characteristic in the North. Inside was a glossy color once taken apart. The stuffed meat strongly asserted its presence, and the odor continued to drill into the stomach from the nasal cavity. Matched with rice porridge, the meat was soft and chewy and moderately spicy. There was also golden fried rice wrapped in the flavor of the eggs. Everyone became hungry in an instant.

The meals really tasted good, better than what the crew ordinarily ordered.

But when eating, no one could rob those foreigners……

“It’s time for food to conquer the world.” Assistant Lin did not manage to grab any buns. He could only come back with the fried rice and bone soup that the foreigners wouldn’t bother.

“Damn, I’ll get takeout!”

Assistant Lin took out his phone in anger.

Separated from them, Jian Hua was still reminiscing about Li Fei’s previous interpretation.

Li Fei indicated to the several people around him that they should not disturb Jian Hua. He talked to his team and the Red Dragon logistics member about the news from the American crew.

“The protagonist is going to come to the studio here. He’s not a senior ability holder, so there’s no government protection.”

“It’ll be divided into a two-stage shooting. There are scenes of the protagonist, but most of them are after adulthood.”

“A teenage actor? There’s Johnson Brown, ready-made, and a true victim of school violence!” said the Red Dragon logistics member and part-time stuntman.

Just as he spoke up, there was a buzzing sound from the door of the studio.

As if some big shots were coming over, some were amazed while some excitedly talked, until it finally reached the director.

The security check here was strict, so Li Fei was not worried about any accidents. Assistant Lin ran off to see the situation, soon excitedly came back and said that the “protagonist” was here, talking to the director group over there.

Li Fei initially thought that the one who’ll play the double S-class ability holder Hulakan would be an internationally renowned several Oscar Awards winner or an actor who became famous from filming a comic book hero movie. The result was that when the crowd scattered, and he saw the American coming to their side, a shocked expression appeared on Li Fei’s face.

“It’s you?”

“Hello, we meet again.”

Federico Morenza, surrounded by several of his family bodyguards, couldn’t help but smile.

——the American hero protagonist must have a qualified figure, tall and handsome with a magnetic voice and the charm of a leader, a man who was always the focus of the spotlight. It’s best to have a lot of fans and known around the world to be worthy of such a high-profile commercial film protagonist.

How was he not suitable?

STB Chapter 167: Cannon Fodder
STB Chapter 169: Public Persona

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