STB Chapter 172: Foolish Meeting

STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package
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On a beautiful sunny day.

Well, as can be seen through the aircraft’s porthole. It was a very smooth flight, and the landing should also be very punctual.

TuanTuan kicked its legs and lazily turned in its nest. It laid down at the window, black eyes staring down. This movement made its hips roll toward the aisle. Assistant Lin couldn’t help but want to reach out and poke.

——a fat bread-like body covered in thick fur felt as good as it looks.


Assistant Lin quickly sat up straight and saw the Film Empress Wen Tong’s life assistant.

This sister was tall, wore a working woman’s suit, and doesn’t look like an assistant but more like a broker. She wore very light makeup on her beautiful facial features, which were just somewhat sharp and her aura a bit strong.

Assistant Lin nodded and said hello.

“Miss Guan, where are you from?” He hadn’t seen her in Star Entertainment Media before. Was she hired by Film Empress Wen herself? Assistant Lin thought in his mind, of course, his attitude was warm.

“I drifted North, but my hometown is from the South.” Guan Ling casually said.

Wen Tong wore eyemask to rest, and as an assistant, Guan Ling deliberately muted her voice. She didn’t care about Assistant Lin but was instead looking at Li Fei and Jian Hua behind Lin Xiao.

Assistant Lin’s heart thumped.

Is she looking at something? Assistant Lin quickly looked back and found his own Film Emperor with an eye mask while Jian Hua was wearing headphones to watch movies. There was nothing strange.

Assistant Lin quietly sighed and can’t help but think that Li Fei is the most worry-free artist in the circle. He can make money, was famous, and had no bad habits. Even if there’s a shady affair, they basically didn’t need a team to watch and guard him day and night while worrying about someone taking private photos because these two didn’t act differently in public.

They’re a little closer than a normal working relationship, but there are no flaws in their everyday expression. Even when they appear together every day, there were no suspicious red marks on the arms, around the neck and ears.

As for the ambiguous atmosphere, the lingering eyes, the sweetness melting in the air, the exclusive weapon of lovers against single dogs——not a single thing ah! Li Fei’s acting skills are so good that Assistant Lin silently gave Li Fei a thumbs up.

Since Jian Hua and Li Fei’s relationship didn’t worry him, Assistant Lin thought about the possibility of pursuing Film Empress Wen’s life assistant. Hey, he’s not young anymore! Seeing that side-eye, of course, he understood!

Last time he was unlucky. He just targeted the CEO’s secretary Miss Zhang XiaoJie but then got shocked by Miss Zhang’s family history and also Miss Zhang’s older brother. The man with the Major rank scared all thoughts of love away.

This Miss Guan, she shouldn’t be harder to pursue……

Assistant Lin couldn’t help but puff up his chest. Although he’s of average height and looked average with average skills, that was when he’s standing next to Li Fei! Regarding his specs, he’s actually excellent, but regarding whether Miss Guan is interested in him, Assistant Lin certainly had to be diligent.

Speaking of mutual understanding, they’ve become familiar in the studio, so they’re familiar with each other’s work attitude and daily habits. They could even recall the other’s number in their minds.

“This plane is still half an hour from Yue City. Then we won’t get any free time after that.” Assistant Lin softly approached, “Have Miss Guan participated in a Movie Premiere before?”

Guan Ling, of course, hadn’t done this before.

“They originally said it’ll happen in the North, but I don’t know why they moved it to Yue City.”

“……really inconvenient.” Guan Ling said. Headquarters had already watched the movie’s internal preview, and right now is the global joint promotion. In total, more than a dozen premieres were held around the world. When the time comes and the staff inevitably mixed, they wouldn’t just face a crew of brokers, but also the whole family.

“I heard that Film Empress Wen will join the new crew of《Black Bamboo》?”

“Yes, we will work together in the future.”

Guan Ling found out that Assistant Lin had nothing else to talk about. The news was already announced, so what’s with the question?

“I hope everything goes well this time.” Assistant Lin enthusiastically said.

Wen Tong laughed on the seat next to them.

Although she hadn’t put on makeup after filming, she’s still one of the best beauties. Assistant Lin seemed to be scared and quickly backed out.

“That silly boy fancy you.” Wen Tong took off her eye mask and lazily told Guan Ling.

Guan Ling was a little surprised then looked across the aisle. Looking at the decent Assistant Lin with his nervously clenched fingers put her in a very complicated mood.

If it’s before the disaster, Assistant Lin wouldn’t be so bad even with the age difference. Guan Ling is definitely willing to look around yet……

Wen Tong looked at Assistant Lin with a smile, “A’Guan has a boyfriend.”

A bolt from the blue! Assistant Lin leaned back in his seat as an awkward meaningless “ahh” leaked out of his mouth.

A few years later, Li Fei received a wedding invitation from Liang Jun with Assistant Lin accompanying him. Because the guests all use English names or simple code names, the celebrities also used their stage names. The wedding photos were exaggeratedly distorted, so he ultimately didn’t know that the bride Guan Ling is the life assistant A’Guan of Film Empress Wen until he saw the people at the wedding.

Seeing the bride felt like thunder on his head.

Seeing the groom, oh, it’s not thunder, it’s a thunderstorm!

Assistant Lin received a tremendous amount of damage, why is the world so small?

Of course, this will be in the future. Right now, Assistant Lin, who suffered death before he could even begin a relationship, could only try to cheer up and improve his mood for work.

Jian Hua quietly moved the headset back to its original location.

He didn’t need to do it, it moved by itself. He only needed to cooperate and move his body to not show any flaws.

A part of the white headphone cable went into his pocket and naughtily moved. A cap came out of his pocket, but Jian Hua pressed it back with one hand.

Not allowed to make trouble in places with many people!

The mushrooms died down. Jian Hua fumbled along with his seat, but no mycelium was found on Li Fei. Since Li Fei was downgraded from the reserve grain level, the mushrooms had no interest in him. They looked at Li Fei no different from the potted plants at home.

——can’t eat! There’s nothing more to say! The owner allows Li Fei to exist, so isn’t he just a mobile appliance?

“Peace agreement.” Jian Hua dare not neglect. If the mushrooms didn’t hide its energy in the airport, trouble would come and it’ll be a world-shaking event.

Since the mushrooms came back, he and Li Fei lived a life of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The washed mushrooms were thrown at home. They liked to find a place to nest or develop horizontally on the walls. This resulted in an event where when the two were talking in the bedroom, the drawer popped open. The mushroom that happily expanded in the dark corner accidentally forgot the size of the space, and it was the culprit of this incident.

The spiral print passion sleeve in the drawer flew straight into Jian Hua’s pants.

Li Fei, who brought his partner home and was about to practice: ……

The mushrooms didn’t make trouble that often, and even if you ignore them, life was still quite leisurely, anyway. They will disappear after a while. However, when they stay home temporarily, there will always be accidents like the above situation.

Another example was when the two people were just a breath away in bed, the mycelium on the wall suddenly hit the light switch, and the bedroom instantly lit up. Li Fei did not soften since he got used to it. Others wouldn’t understand the pain of living with mushrooms.

Jian Hua’s dissatisfaction made the mushrooms crawl towards the lamp. Jian Hua was lying on his back, glaring at the light.

Yet his subconscious mind made the fat mushrooms sleeping in the closet roll out.

With the creaking of old furniture, the large wardrobe door slowly opened with the ghost factor in full force. How could Li Fei be scared by this kind of theatrics? What made his face black was the poster in the large closet.

The “Major,” code-named Red Dragon, stood on the landmark building of Haicheng, loosely surrounded by high-rise steel buildings and suspended in the air. Under his feet were all lights, and in front was a sky raged by storm and thunder.

The movie 《Outcast》poster.

Did Li Fei go soft? No.

He turned around, took the man in his arms, and changed positions while whisperingly asking Jian Hua where the poster came from, who gave it, when did he post it, and why doesn’t he know?

How can Jian Hua say complete words? He forgot to control the mushrooms, and the consequence was that when Li Fei contentedly stroked his semi-conscious lover, he looked up and suddenly found himself surrounded by mushrooms.

Undisguised mushrooms occupied a third of the bed. They were like a giant web, ready to drag Li Fei away from Jian Hua.

Li Fei who finally realized how dangerous it was to faint his lover: ……

Now that Jian Hua was crushed by a strange feeling of weakness and felt no pleasure, his body instinct made him want to escape.

Li Fei wasn’t tied up that day, but Jian Hua was taken away by the mycelium to the living room sofa. After waking up in the morning, Jian Hua’s body was sore. He found himself separated from Li Fei by a mushroom with the mood very delicate.

After not finishing properly, Jian Hua got sick with a fever and had to go to Old Cheng’s clinic for medicine.

Jian Hua had a hard time lecturing the mushrooms.

Did the mushrooms behave after that? No.

They squatted under the bed where the owner couldn’t see and then jumped past. Often when the bed creaks, there will be a mushroom watching the owner’s situation very seriously.

Later, when Jian Hua entered the bathroom, there would be mushrooms squatting on the floor and in front of the door “guarding” him, resolutely not leaving. The Abandoned World was full of mushrooms, so Jian Hua has already adapted, but when he’s alone, and there’s something squatting in front and “looking” at you, Jian Hua’s heart always thumped. Until one day, he saw cats in other people’s homes do the same thing on the internet.

——the owner is out of sight, there must be danger.

Alright, he just had some cats at home……enough, who will keep dozens of big and small cats that are always changing? !

Mushrooms following Jian Hua has another reason. After they left to forage, if they still want to come back, they need to have positioning coordinates.

The corgi’s nose twitched. Even though the mushrooms were deeply hidden, it felt danger, so it often flashed its teeth at Jian Hua. But the corgi was born with a smile, so it’s hard to tell if its happy or threatening.

Finding that the mushrooms were not moving, the corgi swept its tail and turned its head again.

TuanTuan remembered the smell of Li Fei and Jian Hua. En, they always had that dangerous scent, so it got used to it. In its mind, there’s no concept of the terrible consequences of the mushrooms reappearing.

Its little owner combed its hair before going out, pleased that it had become a big star.

In the future, it can afford any kind of expensive dog food or toys, and it can also travel around.

TuanTuan was very interested.

The flight attendants had long been talking about this dog. They had never seen such a smart dog. It didn’t bark, and would even go to the toilet and also knew how to flush.

As a publicity stunt in the movie, the corgi’s every move on the plane was taken by photographers. Even TuanTuan’s toilet trips were broadcasted to a global audience, as it walked at a steady pace and twist its round hips, before going back to its seat.


It’ll become a big star that can support its little owner!

Miles below the clouds, the premiere of 《The Outcast》had long drawn huge crowds with cameras surrounding the red carpet.

STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package
STB Chapter 173: Teaser

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