STB Chapter 171: Disastrous Package

STB Chapter 170: Serious
STB Chapter 172: Foolish Meeting

Chicken and mushrooms were bought by Li Fei in the supermarket at the intersection of the community. Because it was late in the morning, he was delayed. Li Fei was fortunate enough to avoid the peak period when he went shopping and coincidentally picked some fresh and cheap vegetables though there weren’t many types to choose from. In the middle were the white oyster mushrooms and the round plump Saint George’s mushroom, Li Fei didn’t hesitate to pick the latter.

Each ability holder had a psychological shadow regarding oyster mushrooms, and a year and a half couldn’t eliminate it.

How good are mushrooms? It’s meaty, and although the price was a bit high, it tasted superb when put in a chicken soup.

The Film Emperor wore a mask, dressed in a big coat, and moved unskillfully, so the clerks looked at his back and whispered.

After the price in Huai City rose again, new residents moved in which was very different from the past.

Even when the economy has just recovered, brand named cars were often seen on the road, and good looking guys frequently appeared.

In China, it’s not that there’s a shortage of good looking men, just that there are very few well-dressed men walking down the road. Everyone wore the national dress code, t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers. They don’t find clothes suitable for themselves and only follow Taobao seller’s male model photos. How could the result be as good as their own fantasies?

Even a celebrity with no dead angles would still not choose clothes that were not suitable for him at all. This was very obvious for Li Fei. When he wanted to hide among the crowd, wearing Hawaiian style clothes was useful to ensure that his face value can be reduced. However, he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to. Just like how girls don’t choose foundations that don’t match their skin color and even if they use it, they wouldn’t feel well in their hearts. In an instant, the sky was not blue, the grass was not green, and everyone was looking at them strangely.

Although Li Fei didn’t reach that level, to make him go out wearing Hawaiian print pants or a denim jacket, he couldn’t take it. He simply opened the closet, stole one of Jian Hua’s coat, and even the trousers were very suitable as long as his strides were not that big.

“A total of 72 yuan.” The clerk’s attention was on Li Fei’s body as she absentmindedly rung up his order.

Li Fei took the frozen boxed chicken, mushrooms, and some fruits away.

Beautiful weather, winter was about to pass, and people’s moods have also become very good.

Speaking of which, Li Fei spent two Chinese New Year with Jian Hua, but not once did they celebrate. The last time was because of the Abandoned World, and this time was because they were busy filming.

Basking under the warm sun, people would inevitably feel sleepy and relaxed.

There were no traces left by the disaster in the old city, and there were also no plans to build new buildings and commercial areas.

A cat lying in the sun on the edge of a stone ledge, an old man playing Go on the street, the dilapidated and rusted fitness facility. Everything was the same as before, and it seemed like nothing happened.

Because the road was narrow, when there are vehicles, the pedestrians could only stick to the wall.

A small truck with furniture was trying to squeeze in, but the road was uneven. The tires bumped into a pothole making the tables and chairs tied with ropes to the vehicle slide down.

Li Fei frowned. To avoid the wooden furniture from cutting his clothes, he could only move sideways.

The clothes rubbed against the rough wall, friction creating a slight sound.

He waited for the car to drive away and when Li Fei turned around again, he felt like his clothes were being pulled by something. It only snagged for a second before returning to normal.

Li Fei casually looked at the wall. The walls of the old building were really not clean, with moss growing near the ground.

It seems he needed to wash his clothes.

Li Fei lost his ability, which means, he had no “magic eyes.”

The transparent mycelium on the wall slowly crawled, moving more and more.

Jian Hua’s home was the most familiar place for the mushrooms. However, they’re separated by several planes and crossed different cosmic dimensions, so the memory of this place was completely blurred. Only when Li Fei touched the wall did the mushrooms determined their target.

Owner’s smell.

No, not the owner! Wearing the owner’s clothes, a guy trying to disguise as the owner!

The mushroom was very angry. They quickly gathered, prepared to expose him. They had to tie this guy together, peel off the clothes, then go to Jian Hua to offer the clothes. Look, they caught the thief.

Li Fei didn’t know that he almost streaked on the road.

——except for underwear, he only had his own socks on his body.

When the mushrooms were ready to strip Li Fei, they finally found their target.

Reserved grain number one……that is to say, the reserve grain that can’t be eaten. What did this reserve grain do?

It didn’t go bad, but it’s completely impossible to eat! If the mushroom had a clear conscience, it would definitely feel sad. It went out for a tour, but after returning home, the reserve grain was gone, the territory was empty, and all the food was gone.

Mushrooms felt it really hard to survive.

The mycelium slightly trembled and started to panic.

Panic, just a humanization of their state, just like it’s going to disappear. Mycelium was a product of an ability. In addition to its devouring instinct, its remaining code of conduct was related to Jian Hua’s awareness of using the ability. That power was now separated and could not feel the existence (Jian Hua) of the source of their power. The world has changed. If they can’t get back to the owner in time, it can’t continue to eat, and their energy would be exhausted one day.

The mycelium began to track Li Fei.

The Film Emperor was utterly ignorant until he walked into the old, dark corridor. He placed the plastic bag against the door, then started looking for the key.

The mushroom with light speed rushed into the plastic bag, “lifted” a bunch of mushrooms to the corner then clumped together. They looked very similar.

This speed was much faster than the usual mushrooms. It’s not that Li Fei was dull, he just didn’t have the assistance of his ability. The mushrooms sneaked out and went to higher-level worlds. With these trade-offs, the difference was obvious.

The door was opened, then Li Fei walked in with the chicken, mushrooms, and fruits.

The mycelium that didn’t catch up was not in a hurry. They recognized the familiar place, so they re-climbed and slowly grew in the building.

Four hours later, Li Fei discovered the lurking conspiracy of the mushrooms when he just stepped out of the door and found a pile of mushrooms in the corner gathering dust.


Picked up and opened, it seemed to be real mushrooms.

Wrong! Before the mushrooms were placed in the pot of chicken soup, he also cleaned and separated the handle!

It looked and felt like the real one!

These mushrooms that left Jian Hua, what did they experience when they left this world?

Li Fei picked up an empty basket by the door, put in the pile of mushrooms and threw them in front of Jian Hua, then sincerely said, “Come, let’s see which one is real and fake.”

“……these can be eaten.”

After Jian Hua finished, he picked up the plump white mushroom that persisted in rubbing against his feet. He directly put it into the sink, turned the faucet and rinsed it of the chicken soup.

His palm pushed on the thick cap. It actually felt like the real one, but it made a crisp sound.

Jian Hua’s entire person didn’t feel right.

It’s immoral to waste food. However, the soup that the “mushroom” soaked in, Jian Hua really didn’t dare drink.

——God knows what the mushrooms had eaten, especially the mushrooms that came back from different dimensions!

White fat mushrooms constantly found the owner, and Jian Hua picked them up one after another. In the end, the whole sink was filled. The mushrooms automatically slipped into the washing machine next door, their fat body stacked to form a pyramid, as they went inside.

Jian Hua: ……

They washed clothes in the bathroom and washed fruits and vegetables in the sink, which was normal. What’s the difference when you’re washing an ability?

However when he thought of the brilliant mushrooms in the past covering the walls, floors, mattress and even became pillows, also wrapped up some parts of his and Li Fei, Jian Hua did not say anything, just picked up a scrub and started washing the mushrooms.

“I’ll have to wash the pot from before……” Li Fei weakly reminded.

“Do you think that pot can hold this much?” Jian Hua coldly said.

Li Fei looked at the mushrooms that overflowed from the washing machine, closing his mouth.

After saying that, Jian Hua picked up more chicken-flavored mushrooms, put soap on it, and threw them out the door, letting them roll freely.

The couple who should have eaten at home and watched TV while on vacation was forced to carry out a spring cleaning.

——even the mycelium at the corners of the ceiling were cleaned.

Because Li Fei tossed him around without restraint, Jian Hua’s back was sore. Unfortunately, he can’t wash this garbage physical strength.

Li Fei pulled his man out, then filled the washing machine with a blank expression before twisting the switch. The machine roared. Jian Hua was shocked when he turned around. There were no mushrooms inside, but the detergent was mixed with many mycelia.

After the tragic clean-up, the two lay down on the sofa, woodenly looking at the jumping mushrooms at home.

“Did you……recover it?” Li Fei tried to ask.

Jian Hua shook his head.

His power had not recovered, just that the mushrooms were back.

“Can you control it?”

“Not as much as before, it takes a little effort.” Jian Hua held his forehead.

The scattered mushrooms on the floor appeared to be pulled by something, soon climbed the bookcase, and put themselves on the shelf very neatly.

Li Fei’s eyes twitched. He was surprised at Jian Hua’s answer. It sounded like a parent who experienced raising a child.

——the children always had their own ideas, but when they became too big, you won’t be able to manage them. Just making them listen was hard work.

Abandoned World has a unique energy that caused humans to gain abilities. Now that this energy was gone, rather than losing their power, it’s better to say that human technology had not yet developed to unlock this talent gene. It’s still hidden in the human body, like re-locking the door to a treasure house.

“It seems, only children of former ability holders would get abilities.” Li Fei said to himself.

The abilities will not recover. The mushroom returning was just an accident because its owner was in this dimension and its has the ability to travel through space. All these factors add up to make this exception.

The Devourer was not dead. China concealed this secret.

The devouring mushrooms reappeared, the impact of this news was no less than if a nuclear bomb went off.

Li Fei looked serious, “The matter of mushrooms can’t be leaked out!”

Jian Hua nodded. He also didn’t want his life to change again.

“You can’t use your abilities. If there’s no energy supplement, will it disappear?” Li Fei did not notice the hopeful tone in his voice.

Jian Hua slowly shook his head, “They will eat.”


“I feel that, once they’re hungry, they will cross the void hole to find food elsewhere. They’ll eat then come back.” Jian Hua squinted his eyes and told Li Fei this bad news, “These are just a small part of the original one. There were so many mushrooms at that time, enough to fill more than a dozen cities…… some mushrooms would come back, but most wouldn’t. That means for every batch, we have to rewash it. Unless you don’t care where they’ve been and what they’ve eaten.”

Li Fei’s eyes went dark.

Translator’s Notes:

disastrous package, 掉包, diàobāo, drop package/packet loss/to steal sb’s valuable item and substitute a similar-looking but worthless item/to palm off

STB Chapter 170: Serious
STB Chapter 172: Foolish Meeting

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