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“Damn it!” Lu Zhao viciously slammed on his steering wheel. He was driving the car on the way to Jian Hua’s house when in a flash, his vehicle rolled over. After waking up, his ears are full of the sound of screaming.

If it were someone else, they would be so horrified, enough to lose their composure. But Lu Zhao quickly realized the truth: He missed an opportunity to enter the Abandoned World。

Lu Zhao unlocks his seatbelt and found that the front of his car seemed to have been burned. There was also a slight deformation, making the door hard to open. He struggled to move to the passenger seat, breaking the glass and climbing out of the window.

The scene that he saw next made him dazed. There are varying degrees of damage to the buildings and shops on both sides of the road, and signboards and billboards fell to the ground. Like it was hit by a tornado, a tree was uprooted from the landscape, and branches were scattered all over the road. People are running away in a panic.

Someone who was trapped in a car was calling for help.

Lu Zhao’s sight fell on the car that was dumped on top of a gingko tree by the roadside. A huge round hole was on the windshield, and you can clearly see the horrified expression of the person inside the car.

“Could it be that?”

Lu Zhao paled, and he ran forward, shocked to see a shallow pit in the middle of the road. Its surroundings are charred. It seems to be burned. The shape of the hole is irregular, and looking with his own eyes, he confirmed his own guess.

“……Man-eating squid?”

Inhaling a cold breath, Lu Zhao abruptly sat on the floor.

Monsters appearing in the Abandoned World, even if it died, the body would not come to the original world.

In the novel, the ability holders and monsters have fought many times. But at the time, they were rich in experience, and have thoroughly grasped their ability. According to the original timeline,it should be a few months later that the monsters show up, so how can you have a man-eating squid?

Man-eating squid is not the scariest monster in the book, but it’s the most greedy. Once it perceives an existence with ability, it will chase after you, and swallow into its belly. It was good at camouflage and hiding, many ability holders died at its ambush. In the early part of the book, it was a very tricky monster. If this small BOSS suddenly appeared in Huai City, how can Lu Zhao not fear?

“Did it die?” Lu Zhao nervously moved around the shallow pit.

He saw an overturned, burnt beyond recognition Ferrari.

Lu Zhao has lived here for more than 20 years and had saved a lot of money from various channels. He knew sports cars and had wanted to buy it for fun. In the end, he didn’t because he wants to “maintain a low profile”. The car in front of him is very similar to the model that Lu Zhao saw at the Hong Kong City Fair last year, priced eight-digits so no ordinary person can buy it.

“Could it be Li Fei?”

Lu Zhao looked up and saw a mall by the roadside. He immediately rushed inside。

He went to the seventh-floor restaurant with an observation deck, and through a transparent glass window, Lu Zhao can clearly see the siren on the police cars that sealed off four streets near Gingko Avenue.

“The battlefield is huge.” Lu Zhao talks to himself. He envisioned Li Fei’s escape. The man-eating squid pursuing him from behind and he suddenly felt a chill.

It is Li Fei. If it were someone else who had no magic eyes, he was 99% sure that that person will enter the squid’s belly.

“The traces of fighting stopped there. I didn’t see Li Fei on the roadside, meaning——” Lu Zhao’s eyes turned, thinking of selling the news to the entertainment tabloids about the suspected damage to the movie actor’s sports car in Huai City Gingko Avenue.

Unless Li Fei does not apply for insurance claims, he could buy a new Ferrari with the same model. Otherwise, there’s always a way to leak evidence.

Li Fei is more of a show-off for Jian Hua to become more secure.


“Is this a prank? Who the hell did it, that stupid bastard! How did it appear?”

While clenching his teeth, the red-haired Jack is browsing the web, rushing to send e-mails to his American partners. In a condition that most of the ability holders have not been awakened yet, monsters appearing in the Abandoned World is definitely a disaster.

Jack refreshes the page again. Some of the photos from microblogs were deleted.

“Shit, luckily I saved it faster!” Jack muttered. He enlarges the picture and carefully studied the marks left on the car. The holes on the window glass made him nervously swat the bed. This is definitely the man-eating squid!

He cannot stay in China!

Jack’s fingers shook as he ordered airline tickets, resulting in too large a motion that it reached that place where it hurts. He suddenly called out in pain, making the people in the entire ward look at him weirdly.

This red-haired foreigner was injured in his unspeakable parts, and so, was hospitalized.

Some good people already run to secretly inquire, but the little nurse said with a straight face that it was patient privacy. When the nurse turned into the nurse station, she laughed for a long time because, in the injury description, it was written that he was “injured by a Durian”.

“Bed 2, time to change your bandages!” The nurse came in with a tray.

“I want to leave the hospital!” Jack said, sweating profusely.

“Your wounds hadn’t healed yet. We would not be responsible if something happened after you leave!” The nurse is afraid that the foreigner can’t understand, so she deliberately slowed down her speech, and also added several “NO”.

The latter half of having children for his “happiness” is also important,is it more important than his life?

Reason tells Jack to choose the latter, but he did not want to give up the former ah!

“I want to see the doctor to talk about my condition!”

The yelling voice reached outside the corridor where two serious-looking police officers were questioning others.

“No, no abnormalities occurred in our ward.” The nurse on duty was talking to them.

A patient’s family who walked out with a hot water bottle said to each other, “The 14th floor had an accident! The fluorescent lamp suddenly dropped, and no one saw how it landed.”

“The walls of the corridor are also black. Is it haunted?”

“I also saw a car with military license plates on the first floor!”


People went in front of the window of the ward and saw two medical ambulances parked downstairs. People in uniform moved a stretcher into the car, next to it is a nurse holding some bottles. The nurse looks like she’s not from the hospital, and there’s a dark green edge on her hat.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Assistant Lin hurried out of the inpatient building while anxiously shouting, “What are you doing? How can you just take away one of my company’s people!” He went to pay the bills and came back to find the ward empty.

Assistant Lin was stopped in front of the car. He looked up to a half acquaintance.

JunZhuang XiaoGe sincerely said, “Geng Tian’s wounds are infected and inflamed. There were an unknown bacteria is in the blood test report. We have several more patients with the same condition, and the instructions from the higher-ups said that all of them should be brought to Haicheng’s Military Hospital for treatment.”

“What infection?” Assistant Lin subconsciously asked.

“We don’t know. We need to quarantine them for observation. We will promptly notify you of any progress!”

While the two people talked, two vehicles already left. JunZhuang XiaoGe wears a mask, turned to the car, and the ambulance sped away with smoke spraying on Assistant Lin’s face.

Assistant Lin came back to himself and anxiously pulled out his phone to dial Li Fei’s number.

After ringing several times, the phone was finally connected.

“Dean! The Red Dragon took Geng Tian away from the hospital!” Assistant Lin hurriedly repeated what happened, finally asking, “Where are you? How come I didn’t see you on the 14th floor? And what about Jian Hua?”


Li Fei who is still half-asleep took the cup that Jian Hua handed, drinking the diluted glucose in one breath.

Geng Tian, oh right! Li Fei woke up. Leaving the hospital and halfway being ambushed by a rainforest squid, it was something that happened two and a half days ago.

Jian Hua did not eat any food, and so their reserve food became for Li Fei to enjoy. Now, except for stomach protests, Li Fei is full of energy because he slept on Jian Hua’s couch.

This life of eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom, then back to sleeping holiday is really nice。

He was very quiet when asleep, no snoring, no sleep talking, and the quilt tightly covered him up to his chin. If he ignored the fact that Li Fei is curled up on the couch, Jian Hua hardly feels that there is one more person in his home.

Jian Hua’s impression of the actor is that he’s always in the spotlight. Someone who dominated the filming industry, someone who uses different kinds of high-end cars for every award ceremony, and someone who often occupied the headlines of the entertainment news.

It’s hard to imagine that the movie actor slept for two days in a 3,000 dollar fabric couch with no complaints.

No one has ever spent the night at Jian Hua’s home.

The walls of the bedroom are covered in filaments, and you can’t see anything. In fact, even if there’s no poster, Jian Hua wouldn’t let anyone in his bedroom. His home is a very private space for him, but the bedroom is even more, not to mention his bed。

There is always something that he can’t tolerate others to touch——

As a result, Jian Hua had not yet thought of a suitable excuse when Li Fei has consciously asked him for a quilt. Not even needing a pillow, he slept on the couch cushions and fell asleep. He’s also quieter than a cat, and better than potted plants……

Now, Jian Hua is watching Li Fe open the quilt, standing barefoot on the floor.

Even so slovenly, as long as there is lighting division, Li Fei can immediately shoot for a magazine with his decadent and lazy atmosphere.

Li Fei lightly combed his messy hair, and said to Assistant Lin, “You said it’s the people from Red Dragon, what else can we do? Do you want me to rescue people from the Military?”

“But……wait a minute, where are you Dean, why does your voice sound like you just woke up?”

Li Fei covered the phone’s receiver, cleared his throat, and when he let go, his voice became flawless, “You got it wrong. I’m not in the hospital. I went to a place to eat and rest. I’ve been busy all day, and I still have something here. After I finish, well return to Haicheng.”

Assistant Lin would like to ask something but Li Fei has already hung up。

“How are you going to go back to Haicheng?” Jian Hua returned to the kitchen to wash the cup.

The Ferrari became scrap metal, and he hoped that Assistant Lin will not have a heart attack。

“Nothing. I will tell him that I lent the car to a friend.”

“And incidentally changed clothes?”

What kind of friend is this? He doesn’t want Assistant Lin to be surprised.

“Ugh!” Li Fei prepares to go out and buy some clothes from a high-end shop, but it’s not going to change the fact that he changed his clothes.

“Tell him the truth, that you went out on a drive on Gingko Avenue——” Jian Hua picks up the remote on the coffee table. The TV screen flashed open, and the local news channel is showing a live emergency report.

“Did the squid appear?”

This is the issue that the two people care most about. The camera sweeps the surroundings, showing only the injured people and the messy scene on the road. The ending of an American Godzilla film didn’t appear, a horror scene of a monster lying in the ruins of the city.

Jian Hua is relieved, “Fortunately.”

“Not good. If there is a monster, it’ll become the culprit and can divert attention.” Li Fei rubbed the sleep from his eyes, leading to a little buzz in his head. “The Red Dragon will come talk to us soon. While we’re still free, let’s get something to eat.”

The author has something to say: If you’re concerned about how they returned to the real world, you can see it on my microblog. It’s out of printing (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

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STB Chapter 27: Home
STB Chapter 29: Grim Situation

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