STB Chapter 29: Grim Situation

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It’s reasonable to say that filling their stomach is the most important, but before they entered a restaurant, Jian Hua drove the car to the front of the supermarket.

“If you want to buy something,can’t you do it after eating something?” Li Fei who was sitting in the passenger seat gave a puzzled look to Jian Hua.

“Even though you have this clothes, and you don’t plan to come back, but——” Jian Hua takes a deep breath. He didn’t know how much should he expose to the actor, or he could continue to play the fool. But Li Fei acted as if nothing happened, so Jian Hua blurted out, “You did not change for three days, you’re not uncomfortable?”


Li Fei wears a mask, and quietly opened the door to the supermarket.

He thought that Jian Hua would ignore this issue. He didn’t expect that when he was sleep, he would go over his tattered clothes.

Yes, Jian Hua gave him new underwear, but Li Fei did not wear it because it’s small……

Even people who are similar in size will always have a place where it’s different. It was somehow tight after he put it on, and it was very uncomfortable, so Li Fei can only continue to wear his original one. Otherwise, going to bed without it won’t give him peace of mind.

Watching Li Fei’s back disappear at the supermarket entrance, Jian Hua felt the urge to smoke. He urgently needed nicotine to calm his nerves. Regarding his attitude towards Li Fei, Jian Hua himself thinks that it’s a bit abnormal.

——If it were someone else, he didn’t care if the other party would wear dirty clothes for a few days! He will not even bother if that person suffer!

No, is the point the new underwear that he gave to Li Fei?

The movie emperor returned from the supermarket 10 minutes later, and calmly answered Jian Hua’s question, “Oh, it’s in my pocket.”

Jian Hua’s sight lowered, numbly looking at the bag inside Li Fei’s pocket.

“This, though it did not fit, after all, I put it on my body. So I’ll return it to you after washing it, or do you want me to throw it away? I don’t think that’s suitable.” Li Fei slowly explained.

Jian Hua imagined the situation with those two solutions in mind if it happened to himself. The former is a little better, but thinking of the underwear that someone else wore, Jian Hua will no longer want. He guesses that he’ll throw it away.

“I thought that you would buy a new set of clothes in the supermarket. After all, you also wore these for three days.”

“The new clothes are uncomfortable on the upper body, so it’s better to wear the old clothes. I also did not pay attention. When we took the scene of the Gobi desert in 《Crow》 where there is a water shortage, the clothes aren’t washed for ten days. Aren’t yours too?”

The stars shone under a spotlight, painstakingly standing up after falling to the dregs.

“Rest assured, I’m throwing it away. This one is mine.” Li Fei patted his pocket, signaling that it’s empty.

Clean clothes are alright but how can he carry dirty clothes on his body?

The Gingko Avenue is closed leading to traffic. Many vehicles detour to this side of the road, making it severely jam-packed, and Jian Hua’s car can’t move.

Li Fei uses his cellphone to read the news. They can hear the sirens of ambulances and police cars from their car even from so far away.

Jian Hua has an ugly face. He couldn’t remember the tragic situation on the street at that time. After thinking carefully, he thought of a bad thing, “If the Abandoned World ends, and in the position of an overturned vehicle there is a pedestrian……”

“That person would be buried under.” Li Fei tapped his finger on the phone screen.

The atmosphere in the car is stiff. No one spoke.

——How about next time? How would they pay attention when it’s a matter of life and death?

——It’s not their responsibility? Indirectly, the unintentional death of another person, is also homicide.

Jian Hua’s already ugly look turn ashen. He hates this unalterable situation.

The country will certainly strengthen its control over the ability holders.

“The situation is grim.” Li Fei only said these four words. Waiting for their prospects, he’s afraid it’s not so pleasant.

They drove to a famous Huai Yang restaurant in Huai City.

In the case of not eating something decent for a few days, the light and sweet taste of Huai Yang cuisine are better than any other heavy dishes and western food.

Half an hour after the dish arrived, the two men heard the door to their room knocked.

The action was heavy but not hurried.

“Come in.” Li Fei puts down his chopsticks.

The person who came is Zhang YaoJin. He looks pale with no blood on his lips. The mighty Major of the Red Dragon sat in a wheelchair, and he appears to be weak. After all, he almost died in the Abandoned World. Two young men behind Major Zhang looked at Li Fei and Jian Hua in the booth.

They were dressed in civilian clothes, but their body can’t conceal that they’re military men.

“Quickly come in.” Jian Hua said while implying something.

“The guy who was monitoring you lost you in front of the hospital. Your whereabouts were exposed by the location of your mobile phones!” Zhang YaoJin’s voice is low but very clear, “Unless you remove the plates, don’t use your no mobile phones.”

Jian Hua restrains himself from touching his phone.

“I heard from the people that took Geng Tian away, that the wounds are infected by an unknown bacteria, and was inflamed. At present, it is not certain whether it is infectious, and he has been isolated for observation?” Li Fei slowly opened his mouth.

“That’s what we’re saying to the outside world.” Zhang YaoJin admits that this is an excuse.

Facing the eyes of Jian Hua and Li Fei, Major Zhang felt an inexplicable pressure. There is a sense of pressure like two T. rex were sitting at the table.

“What happened on the Gingko Avenue?” Zhang YaoJin’s tone sounds a bit like a question. Jian Hua has not yet answered when Major Zhang added, “The fieldwork is not over yet, but I’ve seen The pictures. I believe that you have more to say about this incident.”

The young man behind Zhang YaoJin moved an empty dish on the table and placing a few photos on the emptied space.

Jian Hua glanced at it, but Li Fei did not even look at it.

Zhang YaoJin said with certainty, “A giant squid, right?”

Jian Hua inquiringly looked at the pictures. The evidence of glass holes and shallow pits is too thin. You can’t even guess the body of the rainforest squid from it, unless——

“Is it an insider?”

“You saw it?”

Jian Hua and Li Fei simultaneously asked, then they looked at each other.

“People, who encounter the rainforest squid, how many do you think will survive?”

Jian Hua does not want to mention his own ability, but things must be treated objectively. There is more than one theory. Li Fei thinks that Zhang YaoJin saw the rainforest squid in the Abandoned World,  but Jian Hua does not agree.

If it’s an insider, an insider is the only answer that Jian Hua thought.

Zhang YaoJin does not want to see two dinosaurs fighting in front of him, so he immediately explained, “Actually, it’s a man-eating squid……oh, it’s the monster that you’re referring to. It likes to eat ability holders. Without awakening, maybe you can escape. I’m fine this time, but it’s hard to say what would happen if I encounter it next time.”

Only potential ability holders can enter Abandoned World. Jian Hua recalls when Major Zhang invited him to join the Red Dragon the last time. He said that the team is named “Ability Holder Team”. Zhang YaoJin’s rank is only a Major. Even in Red Dragon, he’s not the highest ranked. So when he said with certainty that all rights and freedoms of Jian Hua are guaranteed, if it’s not lip service, where did he get the confidence?

Will this abilities team be led by Zhang YaoJin in the future? The team would have considerable decision-making power and will be very valued by the country.

Jian Hua’s reply to Zhang is that he needs to consider it. But only thinking if he’d join the Red Dragon since there’s a hidden secret behind Zhang YaoJin’s attitude.

So when he found out that Zhang YaoJin is an ability holder, Jian Hua is not surprised.

Zhang YaoJin becoming an ability holder is a good thing.

People who are loyal to the country has experienced the Abandoned World, so many things don’t need to explain. The protection of public buildings and national safety is a crucial task. Of course, it’s best if it came from the Red Dragon themselves.

“You awakened your abilities?” Li Fei bluntly asked.

Major Zhang lifted his hand, answering with facts.

The photos on the table flew and were stacked neatly.

“Telekinesis is a basic for every ability holder.” Zhang YaoJin looked serious. Unlike the display of ability, it’s like they’re talking about dangerous chemicals. “The next thing is to look at the physique of potential ability holders, and of course, luck! Simply put, the first thing you touched with your abilities in our world, any future ability will be related to it.”

No wonder its fire, Li Fei thought。

It’s no wonder that Old Cheng can hear more, he guessed that it’s related to the stethoscope. Wait a minute, Jian Hua’s eye twitched, what did he encounter?

Because he wanted to drink water, didn’t he pull over a cold bottle of water? Wrong! That was the first time he tried to use his ability, so he was very inexperienced.

As a result, he can’t drag the bottle. So he first touched a pack of oyster mushroom on the kitchen counter. Then his ability automatically became of the fungi (phagocytic) attribute. At that time he was happy and swallowed the mushrooms. Did it determine its form and attack mode from that? Jian Hua has a headache.

Li Fei elegantly smiled, his voice soft and don’t have any meaning, “Major Zhang, I find——that the National Research on Ability Holders is already in place.”

In such a short time, he’d summed up the attitude of the country towards them. Aren’t they being treated as National Weapons?

——How many ability holders has the Red Dragon observed? From how many samples did they come up with such a conclusion?

Zhang YaoJin sighs, and helplessly explained, “The truth is not what you think.”

Li Fei casually leans on his chair. He has an invulnerable trust in his eyes, making Zhang YaoJin’s next words get stuck in his throat. This “no matter what you say, since your ultimate goal is to convince me, and since you’re going to such trouble, then I’ll believe in you” headstrong style makes Major Zhang seriously doubt the character of Li Fei in their records.

“……These sources of information are special. I mentioned it to Jian Hua.”

“Insiders?” Jian Hua repeated the word, “I guess that’s what you’re talking about. What does it mean?”

“The literal meaning. There is a group of people who know what will happen in the future.” Major Zhang tried to make the absurd truth sound plausible.

Li Fei faintly asked, “The future?”

Zhang YaoJin hesitated and did not reply immediately.

The aroma of dishes in the private room has not yet dispersed. Jian Hua looked down at the fish soup with Brasenia schreberi that is almost cold. Since he had to take care of himself, he used a spoon and served himself a bowl to drink.
“The ability to predict the future, I believe it exists. The prophet sees a clear picture, and so he knows what will happen. But they can name the monster they saw, and also know the monster’s habits and recipes, so this prophet is either a biologist or someone who does regular fieldwork.”

Jian Hua, who drank the soup silently, coughed two times while saying so.

Li Fei raised his eyebrows, “Oh, I think they may be science fiction enthusiasts. Major Zhang’s information that you gave Jian Hua (seen in someone’s home) explains the parallel world point of view. I’m going to speculate. They might be a prophet that enjoys entertainment gossip, and even found out from the nonsense tabloid press, that I have an improper relationship with the CEO of Starlight Entertainment.”

“Pff!” The two young men behind Zhang YaoJin are laughing this time.

Major Zhang looked embarrassed.

Jian Hua paused, and seriously recalled that there is no such scandal in the circle.

“I apologize for that. Obviously, we don’t know enough about the National Secret Services.” Li Fei has irony in his mild tone. He spread his hands, making a gesture of understanding, “And so, the truth for us, is that we had to accept that the prophet has some unusual hobby?”

Zhang YaoJin wryly smiled and gestured to his subordinates.

One of the young men walked out the door, and the other young man takes out various instruments, quickly exploring the entire room to make sure that there are no monitoring devices.

“Now that I’m talking about this, I don’t want to conceal it. I tell you this on behalf of the National Secret Services.” Zhang YaoJin straightened his back and said the words one by one.

Li Fei was not intimidated by Major Zhang’s serious look, and still, have a little irony in his expression.

Jian Hua picked up a second bowl of Brasenia fish soup.

“Actually, our world is just a book.”

Jian Hua’s spoon slipped from his hand.

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STB Chapter 28: Impression
STB Chapter 30: Tired Heart

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