STB Chapter 35: Common Understanding

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Li Fei’s group was accompanied by the Assistant Director at the hotel.

  This Assistant Director is impeccably attired and even dressed as a successful businessman more than Li Fei’s own group. He has a slightly raised beer belly and a balding head. When he laughed, the flesh of his cheeks even shake.

    The Assistant Director greeted them with two sentences, though not meaning any of it, “Li Fei ah, you’ve been a very popular man! You’re at the top of the headlines this time and last time, your life is really better than the movies.”

   Assistant Lin and the others’ expressions are a bit ugly because there’s nothing good about him on the internet.

   The wrecked Ferrari was viewed as “a drag racing actor that caused a car chain accident” speculation. Although this microblog was soon marked as false information, someone still pointed out “how did this become related to Li Fei”. After all, with the Pearl Hotel incident, he had been involved in two serious events that appeared at Huai City.

   Surrounded by the spotlight, all kinds of slander was thrown. What would happen if the fact that Li Fei has been arrested and was suspected to be involved in an International Criminal Organization was publicized? If this sensational headline passed through the netizens eyes…

   There was also a wave of sarcasm that has seemingly known the truth, “Finding a scrapped car at the scene of the incident is a new way of creating hype, GET!” “Addicted to riding along the heat of the accident, where’s the conscience?”.

   Said Li Fei was pushed to the cusp, not to be exaggerated.

   “Assistant Director Luo, you are joking. I’m in a bad mood.” Li Fei looks relaxed, nothing like what he just said.

   “Don’t let it interfere with the filming, you know Director Lu’s temper.”

   Assistant Director finished, letting someone give Li Fei the documents about the shooting. He paused when he saw Jian Hua, surer that he’s familiar the more he looked. But there are too many people he’s met, so he didn’t remember who Jian Hua is.

   “Oh, as a final confirmation, your make-up artist and stuntman is your own. According to the confidentiality agreement, all of your staff are required to stay at the same hotel for the whole filming, but at your own expense. I’ve put them near your room. Are there any other special requirements?”

  This kind of things can be handled with a phone call, but the Assistant Director personally came. This is because all big-named stars basically have a temper, even after talking to a broker on the phone, the meaning is often not clear.

   But Li Fei is an actor that every Assistant Director would like in their cast. If not for anything else, he gave them a peace of mind.

    He neither requires the Star Hotel’s Presidential Suite nor needs special treatment besides being fastidious about what he eats. But if he really did not want to eat what they offered, he would have people bring his own nutritional meals, or have some assistants cook.

   When filming, he isn’t late or leaves early and don’t ask for leave. When he’s here, you can definitely find someone who knows where he is at any time. This is enough to make all the Assistant Directors be moved when they’re arranging the crew’s daily schedule.

    You don’t need to bother about the Movie Emperor or make him part of the group. The ball won’t be dropped, and he would not cause trouble to others. He is basically a good person.

   “No other requirements. I just want to ask about one thing.” Li Fei seems to casually mention, “In the original crew personnel, is there no change?”

   Assistant Director blankly stared, not understanding why the movie emperor is asking about this, “No, it was earlier thought that you were injured in the Pearl Hotel incident, so the producers and Director Lu was tense for a while.”

   The reason for the tension is, of course, to find someone to replace the actor.

    But since Li Fei is alright, he won’t mention it.

   After the Assistant Director left, everyone settled down. Assistant Lin left the room but after three steps, he looked back, tangled in discovering that Jian Hua doesn’t seem to be moving.

   The door shut, and Jian Hua asked, “What are you thinking?”

   He has reached a certain degree of common understanding with Li Fei. To deal with the crisis of the Abandoned World, they are temporary allies, and with the opportunity to film a movie, they will have to live together for two months.

   Originally, Jian Hua wanted to refuse. But with Li Fei’s strength and his conversation with Zhang YaoJin, it let Jian Hua realize that the movie actor is more than just his acting skills. Other than Li Fei, where can he find such a person?

   Whoever it is, after living for more than two decades only to find out that they don’t understand this world at all, then you will need a comrade. Someone who is able to bear the troubles together, face the danger together, and analyze the truth together——Li Fei meets the standard in all aspects, and also exceeded his expectations.

   “I asked Assistant Director Luo if there’s a sudden change in the crew. Don’t you think an ‘insider’ would be in the crew?” Jian Hua and Zhang YaoJin are the same, avoiding the title of “book character wearer”. After all, no one wants to remind themselves that they’re a character from a book.

   “I almost ran into a chain car accident in Haicheng, but the situation was very strange……”

   Li Fei detailed the spontaneous combustion of a vehicle. Jian Hua, after listening, is keen to seize the key point, “Foreigner? Suddenly changing lanes to block the cars from continuing ahead, and it was a foreigner who started it?”

   Li Fe knows he doesn’t have to say much.

   Sure enough, Jian Hua deeply frowned. He was not so naive that the foreigner was out to save Li Fei. A chain car accident plus a vehicle’s spontaneous combustion——

   “He wants you to stop from awakening.”

   “But he obviously did not know that I would go to the Pearl Hotel……and that the group of people who destroyed the hotel don’t know that I’m in it.” Li Fei leisurely lifts his arm, stroking his chin. He was happy to speculate, “It seems that I was injured in a car accident, and did not go to Pearl Hotel according to schedule. At the same time, I can infer that this movie would have a different male lead.”

  Now that nothing happened to Li Fei, did the book wearers find other ways to get into the crew?

   ——It depends on what role Li Fei played in the book, and how important it is.

   Jian Hua quickly came to this conclusion.

   “This is a problem that Major Zhang deliberately avoided. He did not mention who I am.” Li Fei is very interested and thought about it.

   Jian Hua blankly looked at the script, and casually said, “You still need to ask? A foreign writer wrote a foreign protagonist and a Chinese that will awaken at a specific time and place, there’s an 80% chance that you must be a villain. Red Dragon’s Major Zhang said that I was the last villain in a seven-volume book series. Since I appeared last, there is definitely someone who appeared earlier. I think you know what I mean, considering that Johnson Brown is only 14-years-old.”

   Li Fei laughed out loud.

   He held out his hand to Jian Hua, and with a friendly attitude, just like a joke, “Then let the two villains who are destined to fall under the hero work together.”

   He glanced at the sofa. Jian Hua continued to have his head down looking at the script and did not pay attention to that hand.

   “If you follow the growth experience of the hero, I will be his last nightmare. You’re just a stone in the road……”

   Li Fei raised his eyebrows, “Then I can only show myself, and try not to drag the big BOSS’s legs?”

   Jian Hua did not expect this joke to continue. He thought for a moment, “Just keep your IQ and strength online. For example, there’s a devil in an English novel who fought the protagonist one-on-one, don’t do this kind of foolish thing.”

   “And go to die? Don’t talk nonsense.” Li Fei seriously added. All the villains in the script died.

   The two people looked at each other, feeling ridiculous and funny. They actually had a serious discussion about how to deal with the protagonist even though everyone knows that the hero is still 14 years old.

   “I’ll make a point. If Johnson Brown died, will our world still exist?” Li Fei leans back on the sofa, looking at the ceiling in a trance.

   Jian Hua cannot answer.

   If this world is indeed a book, without the hero, the consequences are indeed difficult to guess.

   “And so, he can kill us, but all the people in this world can’t kill him?” Li Fei talks to himself.

   Using the favorite language on the internet, this is a huge golden finger.

   Jian Hua did not worry about this problem, calmly looked at him and said, “If he’s dead, and this whole world collapse and disappear, I don’t care.”


   Li Fei’s sight shifted.

  With the other manifestation of his ability, he felt that Jian Hua was “dangerous”. At the same time, Li Fei thought of the feeling he had from seeing the furnishings in Jian Hua’s home: This is a very difficult person to deal with.

    He has no preference. There is nothing that can bind him, and he can always cut off his connection with others.

   Strictly speaking, this world has no particular appeal to Jian Hua. He is alive, just by habit. Of course, Jian Hua doesn’t want to die. It’s just that his fear of death is not as powerful as it is to everyone else.

   Frankly speaking, Li Fei thought that if no one could kill Johnson, he would feel delighted. If someone wants to kill the protagonist, Li Fei also considered how to save him because he doesn’t want the whole world to follow him and disappear.

   But the problem here is Jian Hua who thinks it’s not a problem at all.

   If Johnson died and the world collapsed, would it matter to you?

   ——This is a final villain’s psychological quality.

   Li Fei held his forehead, and could not help but laugh, “Yes, I overthought! If that day really comes, even if a black hole appears and swallowed the entire solar system, it’s fine.”

   Let those who are willing to worry manage the life and death of an American teenager.

    As long as Jian Hua got along with Li Fei, it’s a pleasant thing. At least he’s never met a star that will agree with his weird ideas, and also with their thoughts in sync.

   “Then, let’s make a good movie, and pay attention to the crew just in case.” Li Fei picks up the script in Jian Hua’s hands.

   He put it lightly, but Jian Hua understands the hidden danger in this.

    From the Pearl Hotel bombing, it can already be seen how extreme the book wearers will behave. There are a lot of accidents happening to the filming crew every year, and deaths are not uncommon. If the props group made a mistake, with a slight movement……it would be too tragic.

   When their life is in danger and they used their abilities, having them be photographed would be fantastic.

   “I will be careful.” Jian Hua said.

   As Li Fei’s stuntman, it is difficult. Theoretically, the dangerous scenes are on him.

   “I’ll tell Assistant Lin to not call your name.” Li Fei considered very thoughtfully. Anyway, in the entertainment circle, from the staff to the stars, they would give themselves a few English names. “You’re not like me who is a public figure. If you don’t reveal your real name, even if you meet an ‘insider’ face to face, they would not necessarily guess your identity.”

   Jian Hua thought for a while and discovered that this kind of wise Li Fei has very good strategies.

   “As long as the crew didn’t know me before.”

   So to deal with the book wearers who approach Li Fei, they will likely ignore Jian Hua.

   “Then let’s take care of each other.” Li Fei’s attitude made him stretch out his hand solemnly.

   Jian Hua hesitated but reached out and silently held it.

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STB Chapter 34: Making Progress
STB Chapter 36: Flowery Point

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