STB Chapter 34: Making Progress

STB Chapter 33: Capture
STB Chapter 35: Common Understanding

The girl who was tightly tied up in the net gritted her teeth.

The spatial ability was described as very bizarre in the book. Probably because it was written by a foreigner, it was different from the personal space from a Chinese novel—— There’s nothing wrong with the space itself, but it was not so big to be considered a gold finger. Its function is no different from a box. It can hold things, and you can also put yourself in it. The downside is that when the space owner gets in, there is an effect on the space. If you touched it, you could feel the box’s walls.

It sounds very tasteless, but the role of spatial ability holders can’t be ignored.

——She can, with her ability, bring food, drinking water, and even weapons to the Abandoned World.

A knife can’t kill a man-eating squid, but what if there’s armor-piercing weapon? What if there’s a tank?

For advanced spatial ability holders, they will be relaxed wherever they go.

When the girl transmigrated, she quickly realized her ability, but she was particularly unlucky. The host’s compatibility is not enough, so the space can only be so big.

If you encounter a monster in the Abandoned World, space ability holders can hide in their space. This is a method of escape, so the girl did not dare to fill up the space with things, except for food and drinks, the remaining stuff is weapons.

Compared to a knife, you can eat durian, and the shell can also be used as a weapon.

She panicked when she saw the net, throwing the durian to get away from the net. By tripping the other person, she can take the opportunity to escape from the net. The result turned out to be a group of riot police, and her heart sank.

There are two watermelon knives on the space, flour, and other emergency items, but these are not enough against the aggression of National Security.

The shoes of the anti-riot police force are unusual, even standing on the durian, their soles will not be punctured. The clothing material is fire-proof, and there’s a plastic foam inside to cushion from attacks, so they’re not afraid of being cut. Not to mention that they’re wearing a helmet, don’t talk about the flour, even if there’s smoke or tear gas, they’ll still be okay.

“Take her back to the Military District. ”

The four corners of the big net were picked up, lifting it like they caught a fish.

Zhang YaoJin glanced out the window, leaning back on his seat.

Based on the few video footage of theft from an invisible man, he can easily guess that the culprit is a spatial ability holder. After formulating the plan according to the “insider” mentality, he set up a trap in the area around the theft.

Such as the latest newspaper with the news of the Hurricane or Li Fei on the front page placed in a prominent place. There was also a bulging knapsack nearby with a tracker hidden in the bag……

This girl can be regarded as cunning. When she stole things, she put it in her space, and the signal is interrupted. Sometimes, she took the money and immediately threw away the bag. Zhang YaoJin only had to coat the cash with powder, not visible to the naked eye.

The girl is not always hidden in the space. Although both daily necessities and food can be stolen, who does not want to eat hot meals? So she would buy lunch and will go to eat at a noodle shop. When interested, she will also go buy some clothes.

After five days of observation, the Red Dragon has defined the target’s range of activities.

The arrest went very smoothly, but Major Zhang is not happy.

“Major Zhang, the space is too small, I’m afraid there is no use……”

“Forget it.” Zhang YaoJin sighs.

The Red Dragon team drove all the way back to Haicheng’s Military District, which is the same place where Li Fei was brought in to cooperate with the investigation.

The rectangular shape trapped in the net still has no movement. After Zhang YaoJin opened the door, he looked at it and frowned. He also changed the armed police standing in the room to four women.

Seeing that this ability holder is going to play dead, or did not know what to do and can only observe the situation, Zhang YaoJin certainly will not miss the opportunity to pressure the other party. He sat down in his chair, and was the first to open his mouth with a sentence.

“We can talk about it, Lu Yuan. Or should I say……the person occupying Lu Yuan’s body. ”

The cuboid shook, then disappeared.

A young female student, held by the big net, stared at Zhang YaoJin.

Zhang YaoJin is also followed by several police officers who were taking notes. A policewoman with a weapon was standing inside the room, and it’s ultimately the posture of an interrogation.

The girl can’t hold Major Zhang’s stare and glanced away, trying to avoid panic. She was very unwilling.

She considers herself as a well-planned woman, and after transmigrating into the book, nothing happened.

The ability is there, but it’s not that bad. She estimates that she’s only at E level, too early to awaken. Otherwise, it will be reduced to the lowest level F, not much different from ordinary people. Space ability holders at this level can’t even fit themselves inside since the size is a small carry-on bag.

She destroyed the surveillance footage to find someone whom she suspected as Jian Hua, the result is that she came up empty.

She stayed at Huai City to wait for the second large-scale awakening that will happen in China. It was on November 18th that was mentioned in the original storyline. The date had not arrived yet when the people from Red Dragon caught her.

Watching their arresting techniques, she suspects that this is the A-Level Major Zhang YaoJin from the military……the Red Dragon probably already knows about the Abandoned World’s secret, including all the things that the transmigrators know!

It doesn’t make sense for the girl to play dumb. Although there is food in the space, she can’t hide forever. She needs to take a bath, and also go to the toilet……a prolonged battle with the Red Dragon, she can’t afford it.

Zhang YaoJin stared at her, “I want to know, what happened to the original Lu Yuan? ”

“She’s dead!” The girl blurted out, angry, “When I came, she was already dead!Her classmate is dead too……they want to get out of Huai City and go to other places for help. On the way, they had a dispute, Lu Yuan pushed her classmate in a fit of anger. The girl grabbed Lu Yuan’s feet. They fell off together on the embankment and fell to her death. ”

Zhang YaoJin looked at her, coldly shaking his head, “No, they just fell unconscious. ”

The girl is wide-eyed, uttering a laugh from her throat, “Her classmate’s head hit the stone, there was blood on the ground……”

“When you woke up, you saw the body and panicked. Afraid of trouble, you pushed her into the river. Lu Yuan went out with the deceased, and if you come back alone, it will cause suspicion. Getting a high level of attention is not good for your next actions, so you’ve been hiding.” Zhang YaoJin opens the file in his hands, sounding indifferent. It was like a knife cutting the girl’s heart, “The autopsy report says, the head of the deceased was injured, causing a case of severe coma, but died by drowning. ”

The girl’s expression froze. Fingers grabbed her clothes, and her eyes were full of fear.

——Ordinary people have no experience of killing, when you know your mistake after the murder, instinctively afraid.

“The original Lu Yuan’s classmate died of excessive blood loss, but your actions have been direct enough to constitute intentional homicide. Lu Yuan did not die, she just fell into a coma.” Zhang YaoJin blankly said, “You should be thankful that our country’s laws define death by the physical body, not by the soul.”

“No!They must have died!After three days without eating, they’ll still die in the Abandoned World even without hitting their head!” The girl screamed, “If I didn’t appear in the Abandoned World and saved Lu Yuan, this body will simply not survive. ”

Zhang YaoJin closes the folder and closes his eyes slightly. Compared to knowing that the world is a book, he has more headache from the “insiders” outside the book. This symbolizes the unscientific factors in the world, something that they can’t explain.

The chat group logs show that some people were sleeping in their homes, and in their sleep, they replaced the “book character”.

Another person died in a car accident, and after possessing a book character, he was taken to the hospital and was rescued——is this science? Wearing a dead body, this is called soul possession, but the dead body is still the original body. With the former host’s fatal injury, will you still be able to come back from the dead?

“Major Zhang!”

JunZhuang XiaoGe hurriedly knocked. Zhang YaoJin frowned and went out.

“Colonel Lu from headquarters ordered to let you immediately fly to the North and explain face to face!” The one who came to report was sympathetic. How do you explain it? The first report was rejected. Although for the second time, it was received, but they received no reply. Now, they demanded the person in charge of Red Dragon be brought to the top leaders of the country. With a line of military salute, they respectfully said, “I’m sorry, Chief, are we really people inside a book”?

Zhang YaoJin not only have a headache, but even his teeth are also beginning to ache.

Haicheng International Airport.

Li Fei suppresses his restless ability, and with a layer of invisible soft white filaments, he strode towards the security gate.

——No alarms sounded.

Jian Hua is behind Assistant Lin and also passed the security check without incident. There were a group of people passing by, and they immediately put on a mask while dragging their suitcases. From a distance, they look like white-collar workers that flew to the capital for business negotiations.

“We have good luck, it just rained yesterday, so it’s sunny right now and there’s no fog.” Assistant Lin opens the new phone he just bought. An alarm immediately sounded, he grimaced as he opened it.

The actor Li Fei’s car was severely damaged at the Gingko Avenue incident and the photos were uploaded to the net.

“Don’t worry about it, there is no evidence. It’s just a photo of a barely recognizable Ferrari.” Li Fei glanced. He doesn’t think it’s necessary, so he did not apply for an insurance claim. Unless someone got into his garage to count the cars, otherwise what should they care about what kind of car the movie actor wants to drive? Even if they’re not happy with the one he chose, did he need anyone else to agree?

Assistant Lin immediately sent Li Fei’s intention to the company, letting them take care of it.

This time, the both of them is going to the North. Li Fei’s broker didn’t come. In fact, the broker already asked for a change of position with the agreement of CEO Liang Jun of Star Entertainment.

In the circle, there are promiscuous ones, drug addicts, and there are also drag racers. But none of them are as scary as Li Fei’s life. Two earth-shattering events!Even the National Secret Services came!

Geng Tian was taken away by the military for observation, and a good Ferrari became scrap metal. The broker feels that his heart can’t bear it. He has always been with Li Fei, but Li Fei does not give him face on ordinary days. Now he’s involved in a series of bizarre events, the broker decisively refuse to work. Being the actor’s manager can earn him money, but his life is more important ah.

And in the eyes of Assistant Lin, it’s mainly because the actor has done something.

Geng Tian temporarily can’t come back, and Li Fei did not agree to hire another bodyguard again, adding that “it would be of no use”(the broker would be livid if he was on the spot)and he also signed a new contract with Jian Hua.

Yes, Li Fei hired Jian Hua as his exclusive stuntman but also asked him to be his own bodyguard.

With a high level of martial arts, Jian Hua’s strength is no problem. He has several certificates in karate. He just doesn’t understand firearms, nor was he trained as a professional bodyguard.

What surprised Assistant Lin was that the person who opposed this proposal is Jian Hua.

He doesn’t know what Li Fei said to Jian Hua, but the two reluctantly reached an agreement. What bodyguard, might as well be a life assistant. This kind of day-end wages, with no limits on the contract, means that Jian Hua can quit this second job at any time, and walk away.

The existence of this contract is very unique.

At the end, which part of Jian Hua is so good that makes Li Fei think that doing this is worth it? Is there any secret between them? Assistant Lin was confused.

On the plane, he observed Jian Hua all the way.

Looks? Although it’s good, it’s worse than Li Fei……

Same with charm.

Ability? An excellent professional stuntman is still a stuntman. Looking domestically, you can count on one hand the number of successful co-stars of Li Fei. He doesn’t see why Li Fei would appreciate him.

Assistant Lin felt as if something is scratching his lungs, but he did not dare to ask directly.

“The next day is the shooting. Have you read the script?” Li Fei whispered.

Jian Hua nods, but the mask blocked his expression so he can’t see anything.

Their conversation is brief, and also very common. Assistant Lin, however, can’t see it as a normal thing.

——He always felt that Li Fei is taking the initiative to find a topic.

Assistant Lin’s mouth twitch: That’s impossible.

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STB Chapter 33: Capture
STB Chapter 35: Common Understanding

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