STB Chapter 76: Sniper

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STB Chapter 77: Chaos

Li Fei subconsciously dimmed the screen.

From the start of seeing that line of text, his whole person has entered a state of high tension, but his appearance did not expose it. He smiled and waved to a company director passing by. It’s also logical to say hello to the female artist accompanying the director.

The hall is brightly lit with high-end clothing and star-studded.

People like Li Fei is undoubtedly the focus of attention. When he started going to the side door with his bodyguard, a lot of people regrets in their hearts, missing the opportunity to contact the movie emperor. Now seeing that he was delayed, they suddenly gave birth to hope, and the courageous people rushed to struck up a conversation.

Li Fei did not let them down.

The one with the best temper in the entertainment industry, they really felt it with his mild voice and his smile like the spring breeze. Even with no more exciting topics, Li Fei can make it come alive, leading others to laugh.

The people waiting wanted to talk more about more tangible benefits, cooperation, or cliche, but suddenly found that the topic they want to pursue has been taken away by Li Fei. Here is another public occasion, so there is no way to say anything too straightforward.

They are stuck. The other people next to them are also waiting for opportunities and can’t wait to throw a new topic. The conversation topic is changed by one person, and the people who initially stood in the middle of the circle can only retire, watching Li Fei pass by, thinking about finding another opportunity.

Such a focus of attention, there are several in the hall. In addition to the Star Entertainment Media’s actors, there are famous directors, company executives, and invited investors.

In the past year, those who are beautiful, and those who have a successful career, all can be seen here.

A famous young celebrity, an artist who’s expected to receive an Award……their faces can be seen as the focus of a circle. Being famous is synonymous with a promising future.

Vanity and glamor is synonymous with fame and profit. With luck and the strength of their backer, they stood under the spotlight.

Li Fei being here is like a sitting duck. He was polite and dealt with waves of people while walking halfway down the hall, leaving many people in regret, and sighing at the charm of the Movie Emperor.

If there are those who liked Li Fei, of course, there are some who dislike him.

“F***, must be nice to be loaded!”

Dong Gongzi is not happy. The female singer, who accompanied him, stared at Li Fei so much that he drove her away. This pampered young master pulls his tie, picking up a cocktail from the table and drinking it.

His sidekicks and a few small artists hurried to appease him. Why does he have to wait for the official start of the party? When Liang Jun finished speaking on the stage, those reporters will leave. Dong Gongzi is having fun, so it doesn’t matter if he drinks now.

Dong Gongzi’s eyes are on Li Fei. Assistant Lin slipped in two times. He became bored and turned away.

Li Fei did not feel this line of sight.

Because there are too many people around paying attention to him, some very eager, some malicious, and some like watching a banknote in gold……there are countless of them.

He smiles, seemingly in a casual conversation, but his eyes is sweeping half the venue.

Except for Geng Tian, there are no ability holders here. Jian Hua has disappeared, and Li Fei kept speculating on the meaning of the text message. Based on his understanding of Jian Hua, this is a warning of danger.

——he didn’t let him hide, this shows that his every move may be monitored.

Li Fei confirms with his devil eyes that he and Geng Tian has no small suspicious objects, like a listening device or something, but there are too many people in the venue. The venue is also too big. If you put a few in obscure corners, it would be hard to find.

Jian Hua did not let Li Fei leave and did not allow him to scream, this shows that the enemy is not small, and also challenging to deal with.

Li Fei is waiting quietly. The book transmigrators know he has the “devil eyes”, so ability holders with malicious intent dare not easily appear in front of him. Since these people are not like Liu Shan, who came to “accidentally meet” him, they certainly have another plan.

At this time, Liang Jun walked to the stage.

The lights dimmed, and the person announcing the start of the party is on the podium, getting the treatment of being in the spotlight.

Li Fei also fell in the dark place of the venue. Mentally tensing, he grabbed Geng Tian and Assistant Lin. The two people were not able to understand the situation but readily moved behind a pillar in the hall.

Liang Jun talks over the warm applause. Star Entertainment Media’s New Year’s Eve Party is an internal event. What the invited reporters can take, and what they can publish, Star Entertainment Media has the final say. Basically, they wait until Liang Jun finishes his speech, then leave.

At present, while speaking on the stage, it’s reasonable to say that journalists will take pictures of the podium, but a flash was directed to where Li Fei is standing.

Star Entertainment Media’s artists are dissatisfied, cursing this unruly reporter. Because similar events have happened in the entertainment industry, someone’s disdainful expressions were exposed in the dark and were published in the tabloids.

The artists can’t pull down their identity and scold the reporters, so they can only pretend that nothing happened. They maintain a perfect expression, preventing themselves from destroying their image.

Star Entertainment Media’s security staff have already walked over to the reporter.

This episode is not significant, but also not small. Only a few people found that Li Fei is not in his original place, but they did not talk to Li Fei on this matter.

The reporter who took pictures was politely removed from the venue.

Liang Jun did not notice the small commotion under the stage. He finished his speech and waved his hand, inviting the company’s lead male and female artist on the stage.

Two lights came on at the same time, showing a female movie actor amidst applause from everyone, but Li Fei on the other side was missing.

Liang Jun was baffled. He wants to find Li Fei in the crowd, but looking through the dark venue would be too difficult. Star Entertainment Media’s supervisor in charge of the place quickly responded, commanding a person to turn on all the lights.

The hall is back to being brightly lit, and the female actress Wen Tong thought that Li Fei let her have the spotlight, so she unsuspectingly went up first.

Liang Jun also finally saw Li Fei standing in a corner. If they’re not in public, he would have asked the other person what the hell is he doing. Li Fei rarely drops the ball in public, not to mention that this almost made him lose face.

Li Fei walked over without incident.

Just as he stepped on the steps, the sleeping flame beast suddenly wakes up. Li Fei almost couldn’t control its fierce aura, and he tensed his whole body.

The actress Wen Tong who is about to step down is the first one who felt the strangeness. They’re the same master in acting, so she found that even though Li Fei looks the same as usual, Li Fei’s other subtle movements obviously reflects that he wants to leave the stage, turn around and go.

Wen Tong is very puzzled. As someone from the same company, although she has rare opportunities to meet Li Fei and they’re not close friends, their relationship is still not bad. But having connections with the people in the entertainment circle is precious. If Li Fei has any difficulty, she doesn’t mind helping them.

As a result, she looked up and found a red dot on the wall above Li Fei’s head.

The hall is brightly lit, so this red dot is not conspicuous. Wen Tong noticed that this red dot is moving, soon falling on Li Fei.

A ridiculous conclusion appeared in her mind. Wen Tong can’t believe it. This is not a movie! She wants to shout, afraid that she’s not wrong. Li Fei turns his head to the side and found that ominous light.

He quickly rushed forward to avoid. Wen Tong wanted to help, found that the actor suddenly has a “sprained ankle” and pulled at her while using a single hand on the ground to support himself.

The crowd has not yet reacted to this “accident” when the responsive reporters are rushing forward to shoot. The flashes lit up, seriously interfering with the sight of the sniper.

Before Li Fei avoided, one of his bullets has already been shot.

Although Li Fei has hidden from his scope, the interference of the reporters let him have no way to make a shot. The sniper cursed, rapidly disassembling his gun, and putting it in a cleaner’s cart.

Star Entertainment Media Headquarters is a Twin Tower.

The New Year’s Eve Party is held on the top floor of the shorter building. The other building is the administrative building. Many employees have already gotten off work at night. The sniper quickly assembled the rifle, and according to the party’s schedule, he accurately came to the best sniper location five minutes ago, wearing Star Entertainment Media janitor clothes. He quietly opened the window and aligned the assembled sniper rifle in the direction of the venue.

Now that the sniper failed, he didn’t want to stay. He quickly removed his leather gloves, closed the window and left quickly.

This failed bullet flew out from the barrel at high speed, penetrating the floor to ceiling window of the venue, grazing the chandelier, slightly offset by one point, and finally hitting the wall behind the podium.

If Li Fei is still in his original position, the bullet will probably hit his shoulder or neck.

——although the sniper is aiming at the temple.

Everyone did not notice the bullet, as they hurriedly avoided the falling parts of the crystal chandelier.

The chandelier was hit by this force, and the entire thing began to skew. Even the reporters, who are too busy taking pictures of the Movie Emperor Li Fei having a “sprained ankle” from a bizarre stumble, turned at screams. More screams echoed when the chandelier snapped, wanting to smash people of the Star Entertainment Media, and they hurriedly took photos. This is big news! If Star Media intends to stop them from reporting it, they have to pay a big price.

Li Fei saw that Liang Jun was still shocked. He did not say anything and pulled the person down.

Wen Tong decisively took off her high heels, shrinking her body behind the podium. Li Fei lowered the head of the stunned CEO, and suddenly saw a flash of light from the corner of his eyes.

Li Fei kicks off Liang Jun and pulling on Wen Tong again.

The next second, a small arrow flew out of the enormous crystal chandelier, piercing the podium, all the way to the walls. The upper half of the wooden podium became unrecognizable and shattered.

Wen Tong, to match up with her dress, had her high bun littered with debris. The pearl on her hair accessory rolled on the ground.

At the same time, the chandelier bears the recoil of the small crossbow hidden inside, and the screws fixing it scattered, slamming on the ground with a “bang”.

Exclamations echoed in the venue. The well-dressed people finally realized that this was not an accident, and they rushed towards the entrance. The security can’t maintain order at all.

The waiters standing by the walls also became a mess and ran away.

One of them appeared stunned and fled behind a pillar. He looked around, quietly took out the pistol he kept as insurance and aimed it at the podium——

STB Chapter 75: Guarding a Tree Stump*
STB Chapter 77: Chaos

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