STB Chapter 77: Chaos

STB Chapter 76: Sniper
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The waiter is obviously Asian, exposing a cold killing intent.

After seeing an exposed head on the podium, he did not hesitate to pull the trigger. At the same time, he leaned on the wall from the heavy recoil. He then turned around and rolled on the spot, quickly leaving his original position.

The screams in the venue interfered with his judgment, so he doesn’t know if the bullet hit.

And there are three people behind the podium……


Another shot. The small caliber bullet is not as lethal as the sniper bullet and the arrow, but this bullet deeply plunged into the lower half of the podium. The cracking sound is clear, and the shot flew past Liang Jun’s head. The CEO’s 50-year-old face with a high value is nearly finished, and a patch of his hair was burned bald. His stunned face is kind of funny.

Liang Jun is too late to feel angry. He and Wen Tong are both shocked by this series of changes and had no time to react. They can’t figure out if this is a movie, why is it happening at the company’s annual New Year’s Eve party, and why this is happening to them.

Li Fei pressed down the rage in his heart.

The other’s attack is no match for him. He just needs to find the location of the gunman, but he can’t even do that now.

The two bullets came from different directions. The opponent is very cunning, ruthless, and will possibly injure others. After discovering them hiding, he waited for them to come out before firing the second shot on the podium. The bullet penetrating the wood is proof. He estimates that those with poor mental quality will be scared, and some will even faint.

There were screams everywhere in the venue. The gun is without a silencer, so the gunshots were heard.

People who have no time to escape held their heads to avoid it. Geng Tian was blocked by the people and can’t move forward, staring at the killer in waiter’s clothes.

Two porcelain plates float in midair, zooming at the back of the man’s head.

The waiter did not turn but squatted after hearing the slight change in the wind. He drilled under the table, still keeping an eye on the podium. He raised his hand and fired another shot.

His shooting is very accurate. The two bullets stacked together, and the lower part of the podium completely cracked and collapsed. But there’s no one hidden behind……


The long table where the cocktail is placed flew over, blocking his line of sight.

The beautiful color of the wines spilled over, the glass breaking when landing.

The waiter knows that the best opportunity has been missed. He turned his muzzle and aimed at the main light of the venue before pulling the trigger.

After the gunshot, the entire venue went dark.

More shrill cries and screams echoed. The waiter hid behind the tables and chairs, changing direction, and following the crowd trying to escape from the venue.

——He is not an ability holder, so he’s not afraid of being discovered by Li Fei.

Although the matter tonight is very big, he believes that before the Chinese police arrived, he has enough time to escape. The people who have plans for tonight is not just them. Those other idiots will take the attention of the Red Dragon, and confuse the judgment of the Chinese ability holders.

Unfortunately, this carefully arranged plan, in the end, was no success.

The waiter tore off his bow tie in the dark, threw away his gloves with the smell of gunpowder, removed the remaining two bullets from the gun, and threw the weapon in a potted plant in the venue.

Li Fei used his ability to pull over a long table in front of him. Liang Jun and Wen Tong quickly climbed up from the ground.

Li Fei’s momentum seems like he wants to kill someone. When he stood up with his hands up, Liang Jun saw Li Fei’s palm has a strange redness.

The dark venue is useless for Li Fei. He can “see” the horrified expressions of the guests. These artists who usually took care of their image, and these big men from the VIP circle, showed a completely different look.

Some protected their friends, and some pushed their girlfriend to the side to hide.

Geng Tian is conspicuous. He walked through the crowd, wanting to catch the person who shot. His magic eyes searched around Geng Tian but did not find anyone that looks suspicious.

The entrance to the venue was so crowded. If he called out his flame, there would be casualties.

There’s no way to close it with his telekinesis or block the door.

“Stop! Please keep calm, squat down!” Liang Jun grabbed the microphone. Finding that it can still be used, he quickly shouted out, but these socialites and celebrities did not obey.

If he’s unable to appease the crowd, they would let the gunman mix into the crowd and slip away!

Star Entertainment Media headquarters is not small, and the design of the twin towers will allow the gunman a lot of ways to escape.

Such carefully planned attacks, and also using a gun, how could they not realize it?

Li Fei is angry. The transparent mushroom always wrapped around him suddenly swayed slightly.

The floor to ceiling windows “cracked” because of the bullet. The hyphae climbed up and explored the crack. At the same time, the walls, the ground, and the entrance of the venue were overflowing with white silk.

Everyone felt something tightening around their ankles.

“Snake, snake!”

“Help me ah!” The feeling that something alive is wrapping around their ankles let people feel a chill.

When they want to pull it, they would feel a cold, silky thing. Someone was shocked and fell to the ground, and their arms were also quickly detained.

A thin light source outside the building shines onto the venue. The crowd has discovered that on the ground is spreading silk. It reflects a touch of gray light, like a group of snakes invaded the high-rise building.

This faint light, also disappeared soon, just like the moonlight covered by dark clouds.

The people are stunned. Seeing the glass wall in the distance, covered by a large piece of white silk. Whether it’s the moonlight or the light from the other high-rise buildings, all are blocked out.

They reached out with their fingers.

“Ghost, ghosts!”

They don’t know who called out, but the ones with a guilty conscience shook like a sieve.

Those who escaped from the venue half a minute ago stood in the brightly lit corridor, subconsciously turned back, and found a dozen pairs of waving arms in the dark, shouting and groaning, but no one can break free.

They got scared. Someone felt weak and slid down the floor while leaning on the wall. More people became desperate and rushed to the elevator.

At this time, a reporter turned around, taking a few shots. Fear and excitement, these two emotions made him press the shutters even if his fingers are shaking.

The sudden pulling of the Movie Emperor to the actress Wen Tong, the falling chandelier, the murder weapon in the chandelier,  the gunshots, the entrance of the venue forming a stampede! These articles would be all over the entertainment circle. If they put it all together, this exclusive news will even reach the news circle!

This is not entertainment news, this is something that actually happened at a social event! It’s a case!

The details can’t be less! A rookie singer fainted in the corridor, the shoulder straps of a female actress were pulled……the reporter is doing a good job, but suddenly, a hand grabbed his arm like a steel tong, taking the camera down.


Zhang YaoJin doesn’t even look at this reporter, handing over the camera to his subordinates, “Delete all of them!”

“How can you do this? Star Entertainment Media is so amazing. If you have the ability, go in and catch the shooter!”

Zhang YaoJin is still wearing the uniform in the underground parking lot. This entertainment news reporter is not willing to have his precious photos to be ruined, so he suddenly rushed forward to grab it.

The Red Dragon member next to him pulled the man away with one hand.

“Falcon 9 reported. She found the sniper. He wore cleaner’s clothes, and there’s disassembled sniper rifle parts hidden in the cleaning cart!”

“Which direction is he going? Send reinforcements immediately!”

“No……the other party was trapped by the mushrooms in the ventilator of the third floor,” reported a Red Dragon member.

Zhang YaoJin’s mood is the same as him. He told Jian Hua before the start of the party that they found suspicious people around the Star Entertainment Media headquarters. All exits are manned by the Red Dragon. Because book transmigrators do not dare to appear in front of Li Fei, there may be intelligence agents from various countries, planning to kidnap or murder him. So they also monitored other places, including but not limited to parking lots, bathroom, conference rooms for secret meetings and others. It’s best to let Li Fei stay in a crowded place and not leave.

Actually, before the sniper, they cooperated and successfully seized six suspicious people from the staff who carry tools for committing crimes. Every one of them has the skills of an agent from well known national intelligence agencies. The least harmful of the weapons is the anesthesia needle. Some directly brought a dagger coated in snake venom.

While the party’s celebrities shine, the Red Dragon team outside is busy catching people.

In fact, China is a world-recognized place where agents have difficulty moving. Even in a big city like Haicheng, and at Star Entertainment Media who is a giant in the circle who has hired many foreign makeup artists, stylists, and musicians, foreigners are still quite noticeable.

Suspicious people appeared in this building tonight. Some of the people who worked here did not come but still got their identity cards mixed in. Some are simply Chinese since those with an Asian face can more efficiently perform tasks.

The level of these people is high or low. Red Dragon team has spent a lot of effort. They quickly take down these people without injury, relying on Jian Hua and the mushroom’s support in the dark.

Only one is disguised as a mixed model, the agent suspected to be MI6, ran away.

This person is quite cunning. Aware of her other peers, and when noticing that they all have an accident, she decisively evacuated. The mushroom did not have time to block her.

After solving these elite agents, Red Dragon turned its head to deal with those suspected to be book transmigrators in groups of three or five, preventing them from making dangerous moves.

Seeing that the crisis is completely ruled out, suddenly——

Zhang YaoJin had bouts of a headache. This is the carelessness of the Red Dragon, and also his mistake! The strike against Li Fei still happened, and almost succeeded!

The security guards at the venue also have Red Dragon members, so their message came through the network.

Zhang YaoJin quickly divided the people into three teams, part of it to find the sniper, most of them to guard all exits of the building, not allowing to release a single person, and he personally rushed towards the venue with several subordinates.

“Major! That sniper is not an agent, there’s poison in his teeth. He’s already dead!”

Zhang YaoJin’s face sunk.

When encountering a National Intelligence Organization, it’s not the same as the movie. Very few people commit suicide. After they were arrested, they will be detained, but their countries will exchange prisoners, or will pay ransom to free them.

This kind of being ready to die after performing the task is not an agent but a suicide squad. All of them are a big deal! These people are dead to the outside. Their motherland will not recognize they exist, and will not acknowledge the mission objective. The assassination of Li Fei, a villain marked in the “book”, is it necessary to use such means?

The communicator is turned on. Guan Ling’s voice came out of the miniature earpiece, “I’ve entered the mushroom bushes that trapped the sniper. There’s a tattoo on the body, Asian, black skin, and deep facial features.”

“Falcon 9, pay attention to your safety. The sniper’s accomplice is trapped in the venue, and we still don’t know if there are other accomplices at large.”

“Roger that, over!”

Zhang YaoJin listened to the reply. He’s about to bring people to the venue when a voice stopped him.

“Wait!” Jian Hua walks out of the elevator.

His expression is not good, and there’s a noticeable shadow under the light.

Zhang YaoJin is at a loss. He wants to explain, but looking at Jian Hua who did not seem to want to hear it, Major Zhang changed his tune, “Red Dragon is using information from Star Entertainment Media. We will investigate the cleaning record of the chandelier in the venue, including the manufacturers and installers.”

Jian Hua looked at him silently. His eyes are very cold.

As an ordinary person, he never thought that one day, he would be pointed at by a sniper rifle. However, this happened to Li Fei this night.

Major Zhang can hold on, but his subordinates are not so good at enduring the pressure from an S-class ability holder. They can’t help but argue, “Red Dragon has conducted a comprehensive investigation of the venue. The list of all the waiters and guests have all been repeatedly checked and confirmed. That chandelier has a recent cleaning record, but the cleaning company is also an old company that has been serving the Star Entertainment Media for five years. The person responsible for cleaning and installing on the same day is also an old employee that has worked here for two years. To be able to tamper with it, the planning should have begun at least two years ago……”

“Enough!” Zhang YaoJin restrained them, negligence is negligence.

Because they thought that the culprits will not attack in such a large crowd, and the success rate of hiding this kind of arrow in the chandelier is very low——such a direct attack, the target can only be the person standing in the podium.

Red Dragon checked the whole venue but missed the chandelier which has no problem on the surface. Who would have thought that the sniper’s bullet will open up the spring?

“Currently, Li Fei is not injured.” Zhang YaoJin hopes that this news will let Jian Hua calm down a bit.

He didn’t overthink the relationship between the two people. He did not believe the CP nonsense of the book transmigrators.

Jian Hua’s anger, Zhang YaoJin feels that he understood: Conflict with ability holders, the State joining in the game, the book transmigrator’s “prophecy”, and the Abandoned World monsters. These crises are bad enough by themselves, but suddenly, someone broke the balance, and directly raised the danger to the level of murder! Without the lips, the teeth will feel cold (intimately interdependent). If the rabbit dies, the fox grieves (having sympathy with a like-minded person in distress).* Which ability holder will not be angry?

(T/N: Two idioms basically having the same meaning. Li Fei and Jian Hua, they’re two people who found comfort with each other since they’re in the same distressing position.)

“I will find that person.” Jian Hua said with an indifferent expression,

There’s a crowd at the entrance of the venue. Suddenly, a soft thing from the ground pushed the people to the sides.

They could not move. They can’t even see what happened in the corridor. They can only feel that one person, without disguising their footsteps, passed by.

STB Chapter 76: Sniper
STB Chapter 78: Threat

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