STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!

STB Chapter 90: Assessment
STB Chapter 92: Hunting

With the increase of Abandoned World arrivals, the ability holders are forced to shift their focus to this dangerous world. As Red Dragon collects data, they have found several points that follow a periodic pattern in each city.

These locations have distinct characteristics. Theoretically, the scope is the same every time. Even if no ability holder enters, it will still appear on time——using the country’s newly developed energy detectors, a detailed report has been made on this.

Ordinary ability holders are avoiding the Abandoned World, but Red Dragon is different. They need to kill the monsters and eliminate the impact of the Abandoned World on reality as much as possible.

Major Zhang, a member of the National Ability Holders Team, is making tireless efforts.

This is the same with the surviving former Red Dragon. Their merit is not known to the public, but they desperately shed blood in places where people don’t see as they perform their mission.

Red Dragon has a map of China in hand, and there are many dots on it. There are plenty of blue indicating the arrival points where the regularity has been determined. Some are yellow showing the new arrival point that the instruments can detect, and some are green which is basically the same as the blue dots. The only difference is “whether Black Abyss knows”.

The first two arrival points is what Red Dragon told Li Fei. Later, once Black Abyss developed and found a lot of arrival points on their own, some of them are also used to exchange information with the Red Dragon.

The dot distribution on the map increases every day. Every day the yellow dot is also changing to either blue or green.

Speaking of Jian Hua, Abandoned World is safer than reality, so he refused to meet Red Dragon personnel in reality.

Finding an arrival point, arrange the mushroom to protect it and wait for the time to enter the Abandoned World, before going to the “meeting place” organized by Major Zhang.

After “loading” the mushrooms into a box and getting the information that a member of Holy Gate disappeared in the Northwest, Jian Hua left alone.

He is wearing a thick and warm gray long coat with a hat to cover half his face. A black badge with a gold rim is in the chest of the coat.

There are no particular patterns on the badge, nor writing, it’s just a black piece.

He walked calmly on this quiet street. Mushrooms have entirely occupied the city, so they spread to the billboards, and hovered between tall buildings, hidden and invisible.

Not to mention the horizontal and vertical distribution in the city’s underground sewer pipes.

Sporadic gunshots are heard from afar. It’s Red Dragon members setting a trap to kill the Corpse Crows.


The loud sound of shattering glass attracted Jian Hua’s attention.

The feedback from his ability indicates it is different from monsters, and instead showed that there are two weak ability holders there. Jian Hua walks to the dark corner of the street, coldly watching the two people hitting a glass shop window with a chair.

Those expensive, well-designed jewelries inspired their greed.


“What are you afraid of, no one is here!”

“You can’t hear the gunshots? There must be an army or police. There are other ability holders here……idiot, put on gloves, don’t leave any fingerprints……wait, this emerald necklace belongs to me!”

Jian Hua stood on the sidelines, waiting until after they seize the gold and silver jewelry, before indicating the mycelium to quietly tie up the people.

The two people screamed in a panic, but soon their mouths were blocked.

Jian Hua was about to leave, but he suddenly felt that other ability holders are coming here. He stepped back into a shop, and then looked at the street through the slits of the blinds.

These ability holders are dressed differently. There are both men and women with the young man in the lead a college student with a black badge on his chest.

Jian Hua is a little surprised because he knows this person. It was at that time in the North.

This college student is named Huo Wei. At that time, he followed a B-class space ability holder, Guan Ling who joined Red Dragon. Jian Hua saw her when in contact with Major Zhang, but this Huo Wei has disappeared. He had not seen him for a while and did not expect him to become a full member of Black Abyss.

Huo Wei once confessed that he was a book transmigrator without care, and actively expressed the attitude of “wanting to return to the world outside the book”. He always has a sincere look, very talkative and very good at supporting people. He seemed not even acting.

If Lu Zhao’s lying barely passed where he can only fool people who don’t have any acting skills, Huo Wei’s level of ability is almost top-notch.

Even Jian Hua can’t see Huo Wei’s real intention, and can’t see if his character is good or bad. There is only a faint disappointment.

Black Abyss is a huge organization, so there will definitely be book transmigrators in the current and future recruited members. This is unavoidable.

Occupying the body of others, whether regarded as murder, this is a country that has no laws for it. This is because they have to consider the possibility that there will particularly be unlucky ability holders that will find themselves utterly isolated and be framed as “the book transmigrator who occupies the body.”

Red Dragon secret base has detained some “dangerous” book transmigrators. For example, Lu Zhao, Lu Yuan, and Liu Shan.

Someone like Huo Wei with no crime and did not show any dangerous behaviors like the other book transmigrators will be released after being observed for a while as long as they perform well.

Huo Wei is a Northerner. To appear in Huai City, that means his idea of being “away from the plot” changed. That black badge is not so easy to get. It looks like Huo Wei has been working very hard this one month.

“Jewelry shop robbers, are they caught by mushrooms?”

The eyes of the two people pleaded, but Huo Wei turned a blind eye, squatting down and smiling, “You have two kinds of ending. First, lying here and waiting for the Abandoned World to end. There will be people at that time that will send you to prison. The second is bad luck, this time, Abandoned World has a particularly long duration, so you will directly starve to death.”

The two robbers look even more pitiful.

Huo Wei deliberately misinterpreted what they mean, speaking loudly, “Rest assured! The mushrooms will eat the monsters. Even if you’re lying here starving to death, your body will not become food for the monkeys.”

Several people behind Huo Wei have different expressions, some are laughing, while some are afraid.

Sweeping a casual look around, Huo Wei knows that before Li Fei died, the devouring mushrooms will not kill people on their initiative. These two faint minded people went out of their way to rob a jewelry shop without thinking of how to sell it, so they can’t be big shots. The next scene is undeniable. The legendary S-class genius Jian Hua must be nearby or has just passed through here.

Huo Wei urged his ability. He used his power to gather the shattered glass, and then clapped his hands, “Let’s go.”

“Huo-dage, why do we have to do this kind of thing.” Several people asked Huo Wei.

“Since you want to join the Black Abyss, it is necessary to understand the rules of the Abandoned World. In case of emergency, we will take away some of the items, but it’s not allowed to stare at jewelry stores and banks.”

“There are no constraints here, no one can stop others from committing crimes.”

“I can’t stop others, but I can still stop myself, right?” Huo Wei ridiculed.

The face of the person speaking became white and did not dare say anything anymore.

“But robbery has nothing to do with us, this is a State issue. Why do we have to be so nosy?” A young girl in the team grinned, “Do we have to catch thieves? What to do if we’re in danger?”

Huo Wei squinted at her, “If someday gangsters break into your home and snatch your money?”

“My family don’t own a jewelry store, nor a bank……”

The girl wanted to say something but was scared by Huo Wei’s cold eyes.

“When robbing becomes a habit, they became increasingly bold, and then what will happen? Although this is not our world, no one wants to live in one where the order has collapsed. When there is no law, there is no security! Don’t say we are only ordinary ability holders, even an A-class or S-class ability holder can destroy a city, and then? Does he like to live in ruins?”

Jian Hua slightly frowns, leaving the window.

Every word of this person can meet his approval, but he feels that Huo Wei is saying this to him.

“We don’t just want to live, and don’t just think of ourselves as one who is not of this world!” Huo Wei rebukes his companions, “You all know the plot, except for joining the Black Abyss in China, the only way is to rely on the government.”

“But only the protagonist in the US will laugh in the end!”

“Yes, Black Abyss will also be destroyed, so why are we boarding a ship that is destined to sink?”

Huo Wei smiled ironically, “Of course it’s because we’ll drown without a boat! If we die now or die ten years later, you judge for yourself.”

His companion was dumb.

Along a pedestrian street and slowly moving away, Jian Hua faintly heard that the girl was not convinced, “Even if it sinks, the captain and the helmsman are crazy. God knows how they will sail it this time, and can they sail safely for ten years?”

Jian Hua returned to himself and found the mushroom sticking to his arm.

He waved the mycelium away expressionlessly: Who knows what these guys have eaten, or where they came from?

Stepping out of the store again, he didn’t take care of the two guys who were lying on the door of the jewelry shop and struggling to ask for help. Jian Hua did not have anything to do on his way home.

The empty house does not have that familiar person.

Jian Hua takes off his coat and shoes, going to the sofa and seeing the tablet on the coffee table. Next to it is a glass half-filled with water, and the warm slippers belonging to Li Fei are placed next to the sofa.

——he guessed that Li Fei is busy in the real world.

Jian Hua bypasses the sofa as if Li Fei was really there.

Every so often, he can’t help but go to the empty sofa.

He doesn’t know how long this Abandoned World will last. Jian Hua absentmindedly looked at the newspaper. He thought about Huo Wei for a while, then about Guan Ling, and also the things that the Major proposed today.

“Holy Gate organization……”

The sound came abruptly, and Jian Hua realized that no one is in front of him. He spent a long time powerlessly holding his head.

Forget it, Li Fei has always been looking for excuses to be intimate this past month, and it’s enough for Jian Hua to understand the truth.

With their opposing abilities becoming the “general gate”, the two people living under one roof found it hard to be horny. Because before that, they were forced to separate once they saw the effect.

Jian Hua is physically and mentally tired. He didn’t know how “this book” will eventually end, and where he and Li Fei finally get to.

Absent-minded for a long time, Jian Hua rubbed his forehead getting ready to rest and sleep until the Abandoned World is over.

He looked at his clothes, thought of the mycelium of unknown origins touching it, and turned to the bathroom without hesitation. There are three thermos bottles inside to avoid the embarrassment of not being able to take a hot bath in the Abandoned World. After all, this is winter.

Nobody is at home, but Jian Hua still closed the door.

He filled a basin with hot water, threw a towel in, and then undressed one piece at a time.

Picking up the closest piece of clothing, he bent his arms and lifted his clothes. After the head is out, Jian Hua felt a thick water mist coming over——this is wrong!

The hot water in the washbasin should always be that temperature so there will be no noticeable mist.

Not just his face, even his naked upper body feels the moisture of the thick water vapor. His skin longing for water clearly feels it is the real world.

Jian Hua hurriedly opened his eyes and found out that the scene inside the bathroom is shaking.

An answer comes to mind. Jian Hua has no time to dress as he hurriedly turned to open the bathroom door and go out——

His hand touched the door handle, but he’s not just the only person.

There is also a chest with water drops on the slightly reddish skin. Because he just had a shower, it retained some heat. Jian Hua has a pair of shorts on, but Li Fei has no towel. Who would have thought that when he was halfway bathing, his sweetheart would appear out of thin air?

“You’re back?”

“……” Jian Hua felt his whole body is not good.

The familiar voice has a strange, lazy huskiness to it in the water vapor, as if teasing, “What a coincidence, right?”

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