STB Chapter 92: Hunting

STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!
STB Chapter 93: Time

Jian Hua found that his thoughts are too simple. Just because there is a pair of slippers near the sofa, he thought that Li Fei is in the living room——but there is no depression on the couch, meaning no one is sitting there. Besides that, someone bathing will not wear slippers.

Hot air rushed to his cheeks. Because it’s too cold in winter, the heater is also on in the bathroom, so the room was too hot.

When Li Fei was halfway bathing, he felt too hot, so he closed the shower head, dried his palms with the towel, and went to the door to switch off the heater. The next scene suddenly changed, so Li Fei stopped and alertly waited for the changes from the Abandoned World. The result is that he did not see a monster, but Jian Hua who only has a pair of shorts.

With such a stimulating scene, Li Fei felt that the nerve in his brain symbolizing reason was broken.

Through exercising all year round, a slim physique was seen after removing the clothes. It showed strength and flexibility, especially now when the tension made the body tighten. You can clearly see the lines of the body clearly defined.

An Oriental’s physique is not so exaggerated as having eight packs. This kind of thing, Jian Hua does not have. It’s just that when his body is taut, the lower abdomen has a beautiful texture, curving along the hip bone and into pale white shorts.

After getting touched by the water vapor, the clothes and skin have a feeling of dampness.

The fitting clothes, of course, fit perfectly. This also means that those wrapped below the waist, and the outline of the upper edge of the thigh is clearly outlined.

Li Fei tries to restrain his breathing, not letting it become heavy.

Jian Hua’s home is not big. The same is true for the bathroom. After two adults came in at the same time, even if you want to turn around, you have to take a few steps back.

Jian Hua wants to go out, but Li Fei blocked the door.

He wanted to step back but was also met Li Fei’s arm——one hand resting on his shoulder.

The “field” of high-level ability holders has touched. Jian Hua desperately tries to suppress his ability. He wants to remind Li Fei to leave, but this distance made him unable to avoid seeing the other’s body.

The Best Actor Li Fei, when he first debuted, took a magazine cover photo with the shirt unbuttoned. The exposed part is minimal, and the shirt is not even open, but the photographer made it subtle and tempting. The black silk shirt, under the light, has a shiny reflection. The lines and folds are perfect like the strokes of a master artist. You can see from the waist to the adam’s apple, and his skin also looks like its glowing. You can’t help but reach out to touch the skin beneath the shirt in the photo.

This temptation, regardless of gender, led to the fashion industry’s topic of “how much should models appropriately show”. Because of Li Fei’s cover photo, it ended the years where wet-body filming method is popular. That kind of photo shoot is where the model wears clothes but is soaked to vaguely see the chest.

It happened to coincide with the GuangShi Administration rectifying the entertainment atmosphere, and making strict restrictions on magazine cover photos. Li Fei naturally passed this, then his fame and fan base burst out. It was his earliest works of that time.

That photo, every once in a while, will create hype on the Internet, so Jian Hua has undoubtedly seen it.

He also saw General Wu in a movie, a close-up with his broken armor and stained with blood.

The firm texture stretches significantly with movement. With the sweat making a cloud, soon it was stained with blood and sand. The impact of power and beauty almost came out of the screen.

But that kind of throb only exists on a psychological level for Jian Hua. Jian Hua actually agrees with this trend caused by Li Fei: It’s better to wear something since the most tempting is the temptation that the other person inadvertently causes, instead of deliberately explicit posturing. As for not wearing anything, after losing its mystery, the attraction will significantly be reduced.

At this moment, Jian Hua knew how wrong he is.

With no room for the imagination, the feeling of palpitations is really gone. However, the law that not wearing anything is not as good as wearing something can only be used for those fans who can merely appreciate the body. Jian Hua’s feelings for Li Fei has not deteriorated. No matter how he averted his eyes, he still accidentally saw the essential parts, and his mind went blank.

A body of the same sex initially has no significance for Jian Hua who has no sense of sexual matters mostly because he appreciates it for its perfection.

However, appreciation will create fascination. When the obsession is brewing, it will ferment. Then there will be the attitude of actively wanting to “deeply communicate” with the object of affection, so there was no need to exercise restraint! Jian Hua immediately responded.

Jian Hua is a little dizzy because of the heat.

——he really doesn’t have heart palpitations, but the uncontrolled experience of one part of his body is very embarrassing.

He tried hard to call back reason, but he can’t help but remember everything that he just saw.

That relaxed attitude, that moist skin without cover……

Jian Hua suddenly felt Li Fei’s arm slipping from his shoulder to his back.

His palm was warm while Jian Hua’s body is cold. The warmth pierced his nerves, spreading to his spine.

Thinking of the conflict of their “fields”, Jian Hua forced himself to leave this warm touch. He still doesn’t want his house to become ruins. He also doesn’t want to see his neighbors in the same situation because of the explosion.

But a strange thing happened.

His “field” did not repel Li Fei’s aggressive actions, and it didn’t greedily absorb the breath of the other person.

The “field” of high-level abilities naturally reacted when in the presence of one another. The contact between “fields” would create fiction, and by the time they did the kissing act, the “fields” would overlap completely, clashing at every moment.

It has been more than a month. Li Fei has already figured out the characteristics of his “field”, so he deliberately controlled it when he approached Jian Hua. He didn’t make the intimate lip-and-tongue move, and their “fields” are also peaceful.

Finding that the body under his palm is stiff and have the intention to break free, Li Fei bowed down and leaned his head on the other’s shoulder. His lazy voice was very close to Jian Hua’s ear, “Don’t worry, we can try.”

Try what?

Jian Hua’s forehead has a throbbing vein. He has been chaotic for a few seconds when his focus was attracted to the surging power.

“Don’t deliberately suppress your ability. The more ruthless you press it down, the bigger the rebound. Look at its response. If the situation is wrong, I can control it!” Li Fei gently sighs. His warm breath and gentle tone made the back of Jian Hua’s neck numb.

That arrogant flame beast discovered the breath of a strong enemy with a size far exceeding his own. Although not in a hurry to pounce on it, it’s desire for battle is high. His claws can’t help but want to tear the flesh of the enemy, and completely occupy the territory of the other party.

A behemoth hid in the dark. It was a little lazy as it annoyingly looks at that defiant being who always wanders in front of it but never fights. It greedily stared at the flame beast. If it has a body, it’s saliva would have flowed to the ground already.

Delicious, and very attractive!

The devouring ability has the strong urge to seize.

They oppose each other and are fundamentally different in nature. One side is eager to fight and kill, while one side is thinking of how to swallow the other even to the bone.

The dark behemoth’s heart itched, but it also knows that this delicious food is strong. It can’t quickly get it in its mouth, making it worrying ah! The greedy emotions accumulated and became stronger every day, just now——the body that symbolizes reason finally went into action!

The dark behemoth is excited: Eat it, quickly eat the guy that has been squatting in front of it all day!!


The palm slid to the position of his lower back.

Jian Hua does not dare to move. He nervously waited for any change in the “field”. At the same time, the impact of the fire beast made him less able to control his body’s reaction. With dry lips, his adam’s apple unconsciously moved, seeming to swallow something.

Li Fei looks down, gently touching the tip of his tongue to the adam’s apple.

Jian Hua couldn’t help but tremble, not only because of the stimuli caused by touching a vulnerable place, but also when their body is really close, that strange feeling of another body different from his own.

It turns out that Li Fei seems to be calm, but actually he……

Jian Hua’s heart is in a delicate balance, feeling at his limit.

The dark behemoth looked at the enemy close by. Not only did it’s hair not get burned, but it also didn’t even show its claws, still not moving and having that lazy look, letting the flame beast repeatedly test.

Jian Hua felt very strange. He doesn’t know why but his “field” would not respond.

He can breathe in Li Fei’s dangerous atmosphere, and he can even feel the “power field” filled with flames and a strange sense of being infiltrated. His scalp went numb, confused at the danger his reflex nerves are getting. It still lingers in his sensitive area, from a temptation to awkwardness to a stimulating response.

The dark behemoth is a little impatient, its breath floated.

The flame beast that is full of fighting spirit, because of the changes in breath, found that the enemy is really pretending to be lazy, and immediately went on extreme alert.

Li Fei stopped his hand. Jian Hua felt himself hanging there, up and down, his mind became faint, and he can’t help but reach out to try and relieve himself.

Li Fei put pressure on Jian Hua’s back, and along with Jian Hua’s thoughts, moved together with him.

In the narrow space sounded muffled gasps.

Two people leaning and supporting each other.

The only remaining shelter is pulled down. Jian Hua’s senses are concentrated at the front, and his only remaining reason is divided to pay attention to any changes in his ability.

The dark behemoth found himself scaring away the prey and had to retreat again, hiding its whole body in the dark. Regardless of how nice and tasty looking the other creature is, its determined to not make a sound.

Li Fei is also amazed.

This is too strange. Driven by impulse, he initially only wanted to get closer to Jian Hua.

But now this “closeness” has come to an end, and the afterglow of release makes Jian Hua confused. His weight is almost all on Li Fei. Li Fei couldn’t help but further explore and develop, why does Jian Hua’s “field” still not responding?

Right, there is also his own “field”. Step by step into the scope of the other party’s “field”, he seems to have achieved an absolute advantage, but it did not get carried away and created a conflict.

They’re quiet, a truce?

This unexpected success and the physical urge of their bodies let Li Fei not think about the weird reactions of their abilities. How can he miss such an excellent opportunity? Moreover, his endurance is just enough to make Jian Hua not feel uncomfortable to do the next thing.

Jian Hua feels like he’s in hot water with every pore open. Along with the water vapor and the familiar breath, his nose is haunted by the ambiguous smell of heather flowers. The discomfort during a foreign body invasion is far less than the sense of crisis he felt from the flame beast.

With his nerves suppressed, in his subconscious is a craving.

His arms around Li Fei don’t want to let go. He felt an inexplicable want to do something, making the dizzy Jian Hua not have the idea of changing position, and not wanting to move.

In his sight, the appearance of Li Fei in water vapor is somewhat blurred, like He Ning, like General Wu……and because Li Fei’s expression does not belong to the two virtual people, it finally made Jian Hua wake up.

——he does not want to conquer this person, he just wants to trap this person forever.

Clasping his fingers on Li Fei’s shoulders, he dug into his skin

Li Fei mistakenly thinks that Jian Hua is uncomfortable. He made his finger movements lighter. He wants to bow his head and kiss Jian Hua, but dare not stimulate a change in the power fields, and so had to rain down kisses to the ear and neck.

The dark behemoth is waiting for the food to enter its mouth.

When the dull pain inside the body became unbearable, the dark behemoth in the field of consciousness was bitten by the fierce opponent. This pain goes straight to the brain, but it endured because the taste of this delicious temptation is close at hand.

A little closer, then it can bite this powerful and delicious looking prey at its throat.

The close range made his posture be able to “enjoy” the “food”, where it can swallow the other. Can’t fight, so it can only cope. The dark behemoth is interested in the prey it’s about to conquer. After quietly swallowing a lot of energy, it’s a bit reluctant to eat it.

The flame beast repeatedly attacked and found that the opponent is lazy. It wants to bite and kill. The dangerous atmosphere of the dark behemoth makes it unable to let go. Especially as long as they’re close to each other, the phenomenon of continuously losing power makes it more vigilant.

It wants to retreat, but the dark behemoth refuses to let go, and tightly bit.

——it won’t just forget about the suffering he went through!

The flame beast panicked as the other beast refused to let go! Damn, don’t you feel the danger?

Jian Hua leaned against the wall. Because he can’t stand, his body steadily slid down and was picked up by a pair of arms.

A strong stimulation filled Jian Hua’s mind.

The ability “field” has changed. Showing a hideous face, the things in the bathroom are all floating out of control, and water sprayed from the shower head, pouring on the two people.

Jian Hua confusedly opened his eyes. Li Fei held the other person tightly in his arms.

The dark behemoth opens its mouth ready for the meal, while its prey angrily resisted. At this time, the dark behemoth felt a pure, powerful force coming from the body, and it froze.

Is it going to surrender?

With a good harvest, the greedy beast is satisfied, retracting into the darkness and looking at the prey with new eyes.

The author has something to say:

_( ̄0 ̄)_[Oh~] Welcome to this invisible train, when you got to your destination, you won’t know how you got on the bus

T/N: Uhm…I don’t know what just happened. My impression is this: JH got tempted by the view and reacted. LF took the initiative to get close, and JH felt (since their bodies are so close) that LF also responded. (Too bad there’s no lip movement.) Then LF attacked and gave a hj to JH first. Once JH climaxed, LF figured he had enough endurance to go the next step and began preparing JH. That scene where the flame beast bit the behemoth, and it felt pain in its neck is I think the insertion part. By the way, when the behemoth was about to swallow the flame beast, LF climaxed, and from there, the behemoth felt a pure energy, making it satisfied. Or you can give the beast fight any kind of interpretation that you want. Welp, just let your imagination run wild. Mine did several times when translating this.

STB Chapter 91: What a Coincidence!
STB Chapter 93: Time

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