STB Chapter 93: Time

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The hot water from the shower head sprayed on the two people’s faces. Jian Hua wakes up, and his soft legs made him hold his hands against the wall, while the cold tiles stabbed at his back.

Hot water washed the very sensitive skin after climax, and a low moan issued from his throat.

The bathroom filled with an ambiguous smell and the fog due to the heat became more visible.

The pain in that secret place constantly reminded Jian Hua what he just did.

At that time, Jian Hua’s back is tightly held against a warm chest. His whole body leaned on Li Fei when his consciousness is still dim, and he was wondering where he left his slippers. Jian Hua feels that there seems to be something on his right foot, but he could not see clearly in the fog.

He bent down and wanted to touch, but a painful feeling quickly rushed along his spine, making his fingers freeze.

If he can’t pick it up, he can use his ability——

After that something was forcibly picked up, Jian Hua’s eyes looked straight ahead, speechless.

As he touched the deformed shorts, he realized that it’s not completely off and just hung on his ankle like that.

Jian Hua is angry and embarrassed, wanting to lift his feet and pull off the ruined shorts. The result is that his thigh muscle slightly spasmed, his foot went soft, and he lost balance. If Li Fei didn’t quickly help him, he guessed that he’d be sitting on the floor.

Because the “field” did not mess up the whole process, not only is Li Fei surprised, Jian Hua is also very puzzled after returning to himself.

It’s a spur of the moment, deep communication driven by desire. He had no time to leave the bathroom, and they just leaned against the wall and supported each other. Because the location is not suitable, their time together is not too long, but the feeling of a weak waist and limp legs is undeniable.

The person who tasted Jian Hua tenderly cleaned him while kissing the indent between his shoulder blades.

Jian Hua, who climaxed two times, was surrounded by sleepiness and did not have much reaction.

Li Fei can only regret and exercise restraint.

His fingers touched that place and felt that it’s not completely closed. Warm water flows in, and Jian Hua couldn’t help but tremble.

Because Li Fei exhausted all his patience in this step, the effect is of course very good. There were no injuries, and it was just slightly swollen.

“Get out.” Jian Hua’s voice is weak, like the kind of hoarseness when you just woke up.

“You’re not clean yet……”


Li Fei takes a step back, leaving the range of the shower.

He certainly knows that Jian Hua is not just asking him to pull his fingers away, he also wanted him to leave the bathroom. However, Jian Hua’s mood is a bit wrong, and Li Fei felt uneasy.

To his surprise, Jian Hua did not call on him.

Woodenly standing under the hot water for half a minute, Jian Hua weakly said, “No need to clean, it’s gone already.”


It took Li Fei a long time to understand Jian Hua’s meaning. He can’t speak for a while.

——devouring abilities should not be used like this!

“How do you know?” Li Fei regretted his outburst.

“Felt it.” Jian Hua crashed to the floor.

He was trembling under the hot water. That burning sensation suddenly disappeared. Jian Hua did not respond when he was savoring the afterglow but when he came back to himself, he remembered. That warmth seemed to seep into his soul and reinvigorated him. When Jian Hua was reminded of that moment, his whole person became wooden.

He could tell that the lazy beast in his body is giving out a feeling of contentment, feeling happy that it plundered some of the flames, but still……

“Put on your clothes, go out and try using your ability!”

Jian Hua closed the shower, swept the towel and quickly dried off his body.

The things in the bathroom are upside down, but Jian Hua has no intention to sort it out. He opens the door and goes out. The cold room that greeted him made him trembled in shock.

“Clothes!” Li Fei handed a sweater from behind.

Jian Hua hurriedly put it on. Li Fei went to the windows, and carefully opened a corner of the curtain.

“Check your abilities.” Jian Hua picks up an entertainment magazine.

Li Fei looks down. The cover shows Xiao TianWang from the Black Bamboo crew.

Forget it, he’d seen it anyway.

He made a flame, and the magazine quickly burned up. The temperature of the fireball is so high that when the magazine emitted black smoke, the whole thing is already deformed. Jian Hua pushed open the window in time, managing to sweep off the ashes and smell of smoke.

Li Fei uneasily looked at his palm. He closed his eyes and felt for a long time, before hesitantly saying, “My power seems to be a little less.”

The power of an S-class ability holder is equivalent to a treasury and because it’s too much, the loss of a small part is hard to find. If he did not deliberately investigate, he’s afraid that it’d be hard to find when he uses it unless he encounters an opponent on the same level where the energy consumption would be different.

Jian Hua’s face is white.

In the past, the hyphae will also take the opportunity to absorb the flames released by Li Fei, but those are flames released through an ability. It’s like occasionally catching fish that jumped out of the water. It’s completely different from the idea of using a big net to catch fish in the water.

“Can you recover?”

“……I need time.” Li Fei also reacted, his face more ugly that Jian Hua.

Kissing will destroy items while intercourse damage the origin of their abilities, this is maddening!

Li Fei proposed with difficulty, “Next time, let’s try a different position?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s top or bottom position.” Jian Hua knows his abilities. It’s a genuine glutton, how can he not know it?

Although the first experience is full of all kinds of inexpressible embarrassment, the pleasure is also real. The properly taken care of Jian Hua cannot come up with other ideas since his thoughts are very realistic, and he figured that what will happen will happen.

Li Fei proved this point. As for the follow-up development, it’s impossible to imagine, and it’s not Li Fei’s responsibility.

“Before your ability recovers, we must keep some distance.” Jian Hua restrained his impulse to recollect and strived to return to reason, “Put a sign on the door before bathing. You’re not allowed to wear fewer clothes or not wear anything in front of me. You can’t look at me, so don’t stare at me. Don’t lean too close to me when speaking, and you’re especially not allowed to whisper near my ear.”


Is this his lover’s confession, explaining what kind of behavior he likes?

It’s a happy thing that the situation changed, but being placed in this situation made the actor unable to stop his frustration.

“In short, it’s until you have a way to increase the strength of your abilities!” Jian Hua thought about it. He doesn’t feel it’s enough, so he changes his speech, “No one knows when the danger will come. In case you lose your ability in any situation, we should not be doing it. You had better……”

Li Fei’s words covered the other.

“That’s impossible!”


“I’m going to find ways to improve my abilities!”

Picking up the tablet, Li Fei buried himself to study a bunch of data. Jian Hua doesn’t know what to say.

——once a man tasted meat in its mouth, it’s hard for them to spit it out. If they’re not allowed to touch again, it is not possible.

Not to mention Li Fei, even Jian Hua also feels a little sad.

“I remember that……among Abandoned World’s ability holders, the level cannot be promoted.”

Low order ability holders will remain as low order ability holders. Their potential determines their level at the time of awakening, and no matter what they encounter in the future, they would always be at that level. Practicing it is only to be familiar with “micromanagement” and “precise control”.

“That’s right, but there is a detail in the plot setting.” Li Fei lists many people into a table, not lifting his head, “High order ability holders are not necessarily fully awake. The initial awakening is almost at the same time they first fell in the Abandoned World and was concentrated in early November last year. The earliest person here should be you, on the night of November 6.”

Jian Hua recalled a little. He thought that the Pearl Hotel bombing occurred on November 7.

“You got the information of all the S-class ability holders?” Jian Hua’s expression subtly changes. He didn’t ask about the matters of Black Abyss very much, but he didn’t like Li Fei hiding this vital information.

“No, these details belong to the ‘novel’. We share these files with Red Dragon since the book transmigrators have different memories of this book with a difference in focus. Sometimes, they would encounter an idiot who would remember the wrong information. Therefore, the collected data needs to be verified repeatedly.”

Jian Hua’s face is a little better.

Li Fei, who didn’t know that he just passed a “calamity”, pushed the tablet to Jian Hua, motioning for him to look at the screen.

Double-system ability holder Johnson Brown, the afternoon of November 7, awakened when class four hurricane “Jennifer” hit the Southern State. Regarding time, he should be the second ability holder in the world, about two hours earlier than Li Fei.

“If there are no people sent by the Holy Gate organization, you’ll be the second one originally.” Jian Hua remembers very clearly about Li Fei. The Haicheng overpass car incident occurred shortly after noon.

Seeing the hidden coldness in the eyes of Jian Hua, Li Fei’s heart pumped. He wants to press the other person down, to see this person who is always expressionless to make panting moans……

But he can’t see it.

Squeezing those thoughts out of his mind, Li Fei closed his eyes then opened them, following Jian Hua’s words, “I also noticed the difference in awakening time because of this incident. I’m afraid you don’t know, but the group of gangsters who blew up the Pearl Hotel searched for other ability holders in the hotel and killed people in the streets because they have a reason.”

“I thought they were just crazy. They did it to demonstrate the strength of their group, and to deter others.” Jian Hua frowns, he did not delve into this problem because ordinary people can’t understand the logic of criminals, especially the kind that is crazy.

GuangShi Group has repeatedly refreshed people’s concept of low intelligence because even though their means are too clumsy, by some sort of fluke, they managed to pour black water on Star Entertainment while the GuangShi Group remain innocent. The truth is that the veteran companies have suppressed the newly established companies that is less than 20 years, causing the Star Entertainment to carry this black pot. This kind of thing is endless in the entertainment industry. If you want to compare the odds, you lose.

“Not exactly. After Red Dragon interrogated them, they confessed to a plan.”

“Abandoned World’s Power Conjecture?” Jian Hua doubtfully read the title, then he was shocked by the content.

This is a fairly detailed report. There are statements about the implementation of the plan, confirmed by other transmigrators, and finally ending with the analysis of Red Dragon’s intelligence department. The conclusion on the report is——

“The sooner people enter the Abandoned World will not necessarily make them a strong ability holder, but powerful ability holders must have entered the Abandoned World very early.”

Li Fei explained, “This may be related to the place where the high order ability holders are located. Those low order ability holders happened to be nearby and took a free ride.”

Jian Hua nodded involuntarily.

The large-scale awakening in Huaicheng through the transmigrator’s mouths is most likely caused by the two of them.

With Li Fei’s implicit understanding of him, he could guess what Jian Hua is thinking. Recalling the timetable, he pointed at the screen, “Because the sooner you become an ability holder, the more confident you are to face the danger, this is the general idea of a book transmigrator. But a lot of people think that abilities are a kind of invisible force that exists in the Abandoned World that only talented people can activate. This power in the Abandoned World is limited, and the sooner people awaken, the stronger they are. The transmigrators do not know about an ability holders’ potential, so they desperately went to Huaicheng on November 7th and 18th since this is the time of the two large-scale awakenings recorded in the book.”

In the end, nothing happened in the 18th, and the plot has changed.

Jian Hua thought about the reason. He found that maybe it’s because they left Huaicheng to go to the North for the filming.

“……in order to preserve this advantage, they would exclude competitors and so killed people on the street, removing the potential ability holders that are not mentioned in the plot. Red Dragon’s research has proved that their absurd conjecture is true. Among ability holders who have the same level but entered the Abandoned World at different times, those that came earlier is stronger than the latter ones.”

Jian Hua hesitated, and whispered, “If our abilities are from the Abandoned World, then killing high order ability holders would return that power to the Abandoned World, and thus create a new high order ability holder.”

“I’m afraid that is the case.” Li Fei looks gloomy.

Jian Hua is very cold. He understands now why so many people wanted to kill Li Fei.

The protagonist is the root of the existence of this world, so they can’t move him.

“Devourer” is too dangerous and the mushrooms can repel the Abandoned World monsters, so they’re temporarily unable to move him.

Li Fei, with his identity so well-known, isn’t he a piece of fat? It eradicates a threat, and have another S-class ability holder be born, not necessarily in China.

“Can a person who kills a high-order ability holder get the ability of the other party?” Jian Hua coldly asked.

“Don’t know, but we can try to kill a powerful monster. For example, something on the level of the cannibalistic squid.” Li Fei shuts down the tablet, and pulled the topic back, “Those monsters have a complete food chain and biological habits and most likely not the original biological beings in the Abandoned World. Since that’s the case, why do humans have abilities, and they don’t? If an ability holders’ talent is unique to humans, even if the Abandoned World’s power just stimulated it, then this power should also exist in those monsters, and not only showing on ability holders.”

After he finished, he did not forget to add a sentence, “If this idea is correct, I don’t have to wait for my ability to recover slowly.”

Jian Hua: ……

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STB Chapter 92: Hunting
STB Chapter 94: Ominous Wind

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