STB Chapter 95: Hole in the Sky

STB Chapter 94: Ominous Wind
STB Chapter 96: Giant Worm

Two hours later, the energy detector has successfully recorded more than a dozen yellow warning lights.

This is a strange wind coming from the South, blowing up more and more yellow sand each time. The source of the peculiar wind is near the tunnels, and as time goes by, this wind is getting stronger and stronger. Initially, it rolled up the sand to paste up the front window glass, but now it can push the SUV towards the North by half a meter.

“This should be the wind at play!” The skinny man’s face is ugly.

In the car accident records, all the wrecked cars rolled over in the same direction.

After following how it moved along the highway, and wasting a handful of miniature energy detectors, they finally observed the sphere of influence of the strange wind.

“Within eight hundred meters, when a car passed by, it will suddenly encounter strong winds, and the driver has no time to move the steering wheel to stabilize the vehicle. If the wind speed increases again……”

Jian Hua doesn’t know how much a bus weighs, and how much force is needed to make a truck rollover, but it’s not important. Red Dragon can contact a bunch of professionals at any time to calculate.

“First, let’s exit the wind range.”

They found no trace of monsters, so Jian Hua is a little disappointed. But in coming here, solving the problem as soon as possible is the key point.

“Say that after the wind has weakened. If we drive now, we’ll be off-road, and the car……it’ll be bundled up like a pig!” Li Fei thought about it, then said, “We found the cause of the car accidents, but we still don’t know where the missing people are. I hope they just fell in the Abandoned World.”

The skinny man’s mouth moved, seemingly wanting to say something.

It did not open in the end. Since only ability holders can enter the Abandoned World, ordinary people would only be met with disaster.

“*clack*!” A small thing hit the door.

Because of the strange wind, the alarm rings once every few minutes. When the three people talked, they only paid attention to the yellow warning dots on the screen, or the red dots indicating danger. They found no additional fan-shaped detection loops, but some of the energy detectors had disappeared.

After the wind got stronger, some pebbles will also be blown up, and hit the outside of the SUV.

“Looks like if we’re walking on this road, we must wear a helmet and riot gear.” The skinny man sighed. He suddenly heard noise from the radio.

Li Fei looked out the window of the car, and his face slightly changed, “Get down!”

The military-licensed SUV is equipped with bullet-proof glass, and the body is also strong enough. They only heard a burst of crackling sound, and it shook the vehicle a few times before once again carried by the strange wind.

“It’s a detector.”

The magic eyes can see objects in high-speed motion.

The skinny man checked the black screen, and his expression became scary. The wind just destroyed a quarter of the detectors. The miniature detector is not big, and there’s a design inside, making them the same as tumblers. No matter how bumpy it is, it’ll still fall upside down. Its core components are also inside, so it’s not so easy to destroy.

“This is a wind that stays near the ground. Not to mention the car, probably even if we turtle down, we’ll be blown away.”

“……there is also an inexplicable force that stopped the electronic components from working.” Li Fei supplemented.

Jian Hua sensed the mushrooms on the road and found that the wind actually blew most of them up. They scattered and fell, like the March Willow Catkins, and didn’t grow immediately after landing.

The hyphae spontaneously gathered together and twisted into a relatively coarse rope.

The “top” of the net-like rope stood up, while the mushrooms grew below, just like a plastic greenhouse. The pillars are the relatively tall mushrooms, and under their caps, more small mushrooms rapidly grew.

Looking at the next gust of wind, it cannot blow away this “shed”.

“There is no food underground here……nor any animals.”

Jian Hua unconsciously speaks up for the mushrooms and was unable to take back what he said.

Li Fei cares more about the growth of the mushrooms, so he frowned, “No mouse, no insects, nothing at all?”

“Thermal feedback and vital sign detectors did not receive any signs, but even insects are not here……the danger level is going to rise again.” The skinny man doesn’t believe that the strange wind came from underground or the tunnels.

The radio returned to normal after the wind receded:

“It’s been 20 hours since the people went missing yesterday. Albatross, please leave the danger zone.”

The skinny man is nervous. Every nerve in his body is urging him to flee from here. Hearing the order from the Red Dragon branch, he wasn’t relieved and stepped on the accelerator. He looked up, “What do you think?”

“After retreating, wait and see what will happen.”

“Stay on the edge of the wind range.”

Li Fei and Jian Hua said simultaneously.

Skinny man: ……

That weird feeling came out again. There should be something between the two of them!

The two S-level ability holders have an excellent tacit understanding. This is a good thing, and also a bad thing.

Zhao Wen is not nosy, and he doesn’t want to think about the impact of the two S-level ability holders on the international situation and how it will affect the future political landscape. He just found that the atmosphere between Jian Hua and Li Fei has changed.

The last time he met them in the North, Jian Hua and Li Fei trusted each other. There were no disagreements, and when they’re together, they can naturally find where the other is. There’s barely any ill-will, but since such powerful forces exist at the same place, they don’t know when they’ll erupt.

Right now——

Jian Hua did not look at Li Fei, but his body language shows his concern for Li Fei. Compared to dozens of days ago, Jian Hua is like a changed man. The skinny man had a feeling, it’s like he went from “hard to please” to “pleasing the person next to me”. The change is too significant, so the skinny man found it hard not to notice.

Mushrooms grew along the wheels.

No food, so they didn’t grow well. To monitor the changes on the road, and also for safety, Jian Hua urges his ability to occupy this area.

Leaving the wind range, Jian Hua got out of the car and looked around.

“The wind speed level of the dangerous area has gone up from eight to ten.” The skinny man stays still in the car to supervise the instrument and keep in touch.

Li Fei opened the door and went towards Jian Hua. The two stared at the yellow sand rolled up on the distant road.

“This wind is strange. It also disappears really quickly. Is it a sign for something?”

“A sign of a monster’s presence?” Jian Hua turns his head to the side. He thought that Li Fei was still obsessed with the theory that killing monsters can restore his power.

Li Fei laughs, “How come?”

With the frequent agitation of sand, is this a monster that keeps pounding on the ground?

“Then what are you referring to?”

“Impact of the Abandoned World. The wind is not the culprit, but just a disaster brought about by the change.” Li Fei gently rubbed his forehead with his fingers while his other hand supported an elbow, showing an unaffected expression as he looked at the empty road.

The corner of Jian Hua’s eye twitched. He forced himself to turn his head, and asked blankly, “What did you promise me?”

Li Fei is stunned. After a few seconds, he realized what Jian Hua was talking about. He consciously stepped back, and earnestly explained, “I didn’t do anything.”

“When you were standing there……”

Jian Hua’s voice stopped short because he realized that he was about to say the fact that “Li Fei stood there like he was tempting him”, it would make Li Fei feel so proud.

When Li Fei got off the car, the mycelium was so excited to come over. If Jian Hua did not intentionally stop them, Li Fei will almost be the same as a dumpling.

Jian Hua had a slip of the tongue, turned around and went to the other side of the car. Li Fei wanted to catch up and stumbled. It turned out that the mycelium was lingering around his calf.

“Just endure. They have no food to eat, so they’re still hungry.” Jian Hua did not look back.

Li Fei: ……

He can’t compare with his lover’s ability.

The skinny Zhao Wen witnessed the whole process through the car window. His arm involuntarily twitched, pondering a horrifying conclusion: Are these two in love?

Suddenly, a shrill alarm sounded.

The trio doesn’t care what the others are thinking and hastily looked at the distant road. They saw the wind rolled up the sand on the ground and took all the scattered tourist backpacks to the sky.

A large area of energy detectors was instantly wiped out, and the skinny man hurriedly pressed the command to transfer data. Only a few detectors persisted in accepting the command successfully. However, the data has not been sent, but the contact has been lost.

“Level 12! No, it’s more than level 12!”

Jian Hua stepped back and leaned against the car. The hyphae wrapped around Li Fei tighter.

The catastrophic gust of wind lasted less than five seconds, and the entire road has changed dramatically. The sand that has been blown up has not yet fallen, and it looked like the road ahead is wrapped in yellow smoke.

Witnessing such a catastrophic tornado, and also seeing it disappear without a trace, that kind of shock is difficult to describe in words.

Jian Hua looks gloomy. He thought that the protagonist Johnson Brown has a wind ability, and it’s said that there’s also an S-class water system in the world, how can he resist this kind of natural power?

“Withdraw!” The skinny man opens the car window and decisively spoke to the two people, “There are more than 3 hours before the Abandoned World comes after the 24-hour rule. The wind speed has exceeded the expectations of the Red Dragon division. We have to wait until it breaks out. We are also not safe here.”

This time, Li Fei did not raise an objection. Jian Hua got on the car and thought that someone is still tied up by the mycelium. He moved his fingers and got Li Fei out.

After wearing seat belts, the car turned around.

“We may need an armored vehicle.” Li Fei takes out the respirators from the back of the seat.

Jian Hua silently watched him. Li Fei explains, “Just in case the too strong wind will scratch our faces.”

“You’re right. It’ll be hard to breathe, and to open the eyes……” The skinny man stopped his words. He suddenly felt something terrible was coming. His sixth sense told him that the danger of the road is not little if he keeps going forward.

“Albatross please note, wind range……bzz bzz……sky……”

The radio is filled with turbulent noise.

A light yellow glow came from outside the window, obviously the sand being caught up by the wind.

“Don’t worry, we’re at the periphery. That wind is far away from us.” Li Fei stared at the rear window and analyzed, he calmly said, “every time the wind duration is not long. To catch us, the wind speed should be level 14.”

The skinny man directly stepped on the accelerator.

“We have left the danger zone, but the wind is chasing us and crossed its supposed boundary. Is this wind also self-conscious?”

Is it unwilling to let go of the prey at its mouth?

“No such thing has happened yet. Most of the Red Dragon team members responsible for the investigation came back safely.” The skinny man gritted his teeth as chills went through his spine, and the chill kept going up.

“The mushrooms were blown off.” Jian Hua frowned.

With two successive winds, the mushroom “greenhouse” flew. The new pillars have not yet grown, but also suffered more attacks. The blown up mycelium in the air then falls apart……Jian Hua felt that all his abilities have flown into the sky.

It feels terrible.

Jian Hua has sweat on his forehead. He strived to control his abilities and converge them. The results is that he failed again and again.

Suddenly his arm trembled. The two of them sat very close this time, so Li Fei immediately discovered it even though he didn’t want to. He condensed a firewall directly behind the SUV.

The vehicle shook, and the surrounding scenery began to blur. This is the sign of the arrival of the Abandoned World.

They don’t have time to think about why it broke the 24-hour rule, but Jian Hua found the source of danger, “It’s on the sky!”

At the same time, the skinny man instinctively fought with the steering wheel. The SUV went out of the road.

The entire ride is bumpy, followed by the trunk disappearing. Jian Hua fixed himself to Li Fei with the hyphae, because the back seat area suddenly became less than half.

The scene that appeared in front of the three is terrifying.

The sky seems to have a big hole, like the mouth of a monster full of teeth. The outer shell of the SUV turned into pieces and slipped down those teeth.

Attached to the giant mouth is a long brown body, as pudgy as a worm. The surface is very rough and dry, with the diameter of the mouth the same as the width of the body.

They found no trace of the car pieces it swallowed, as it slowly retreats its head. As if it’s not part of the sky, and more like its digging and excavating.

“Abandon the car!”

The skinny man shouted timely. The three men jumped out of the car and rolled a few rounds on the ground.

Jian Hua and Li Fei have the hyphae as a buffer, and the skinny man Zhao Wen used a standard tactical action. When they looked up, the whole car has been bitten by the monster’s mouth and brought to the sky.

The wheels still wildly spinning.

——there’s a big hole in the sky and a monster chasing you while trying to bite you. This is clearly beyond the limits of common sense.

“I think, armored vehicles won’t be useful anymore.” Li Fei muttered to himself.

STB Chapter 94: Ominous Wind
STB Chapter 96: Giant Worm

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