STB Chapter 96: Giant Worm

STB Chapter 95: Hole in the Sky
STB Chapter 97: Last Words

At this moment, what can armored tanks do if even escaping is doubtful?

When the giant mouth is fully open, almost eight meters in diameter, it can easily bite the SUV, and with a flick of its head, the scattered objects in the car fell to the ground.

License plates, seat parts. canteen……

The three men also realized what happened to the fallen shoes and backpacks on the ground. With that large mouth biting it like eating a biscuit, the SUV broke into several pieces and was directly swallowed, as if not afraid of indigestion.


The overturned cars that were blown by the strange wind, the missing vehicles, and the missing people, was eaten by this worm?

Li Fei’s scalp went numb. He picked up Jian Hua and decisively said, “Run!”

The giant worm’s mouth went shut. There are no eyes on its head, only two long black antennae swaying about, seemingly trying to detect something.

The ground moved as the giant worm once again stretches its body. Its mouth is specially constructed with the teeth folded in, and naturally popping up when opening. Such a large mouth has an instant visual impact, enough to scare the prey.

The skinny man was agile. After looking back in a hurry, he found that the monster gave chase to the two other people.

The speed of the giant worm is very fast. Just looked at a direction and suddenly it was there like lightning while opening its mouth.

——there’s a shallow pit in that place.

The head of the giant worm is less than five meters from Li Fei’s foot. He can even see that its yellowish brown body have a metallic texture and ferocious barbs sparsely distributed on its body.

Li Fei, without conscious thought, made a wall of fire with one hand.

The giant worm went to the side to bite, but it just passed through the flame when it made a loud scream. It shook its head, its antenna shaking.

“Its body is not afraid of fire, aim for the antenna!”

Because the giant worm’s head is stunned, Jian Hua was forced to separate from Li Fei. He saw that the antenna on the other side of the head crept up towards them, so he made the flames burn on its body behind the head.

The hyphae, under Jian Hua’s pressure, crazily rushed towards the giant worm, and instantly “stuck” the head to the road.

It was followed by a flying ice blade. The aim is quite good, and it directly landed on the antenna.

*Roar*!”The giant worm suddenly shook its head and angrily yelled.

The airflow ejected from its mouth has a terrible stench, like the smell of rotting fish. There is also the strong smell of gasoline (it just swallowed the SUV), all mixed together. Jian Hua almost fainted, while Li Fei, who cleared an area with his flame, was barely conscious.

The skinny man is far away, but he can’t help but use a frosted palm to cover his mouth and nose.

The giant worm twisted, its body sliding out by several meters.

“Attack from above?” Jian Hua, with great difficulty, finally “pulled” away from the mushrooms and the gas cover range.

He said above since that’s where the hole the giant worm appeared from.

Before it looked like a big hole in the sky, so they were very shocked. But now with the length of the giant worm as a measure, the trio found that hole that the giant worm had drilled out is only 20 meters above the ground. Just because the northwest is desolate, and there is no building to compare to along this road, so it looks particularly high.

“Too high.” The skinny man’s face became ugly.

He can hit a target tens of meters away, but the horizontal distance is not the same as height difference.

The hyphae continued to spread, covering the head of the giant worm towards the torso.

“……can’t devour it.” Jian Hua has never encountered a living thing that mushrooms can’t eat.

What is this bug, the shell is so hard, its not afraid of fire, and even the mushroom can’t eat it?

Li Fei took the initiative, “We can’t trap it forever, let’s hurry and leave!”

“Can’t walk!”

The giant body’s length is unknown. Once it broke free, it can open its mouth and “sweep” around the area. Now that they have no car, and running on two legs, their speed will determine their life and death, or else they’ll fall into the worm’s mouth.

“What the hell is this?” The skinny man throws an ice blade on the antenna of the giant worm. His attack seems to have an effect. After the antenna was sealed by ice, when the worm struggled, there was a deviation in the direction it opened its mouth.

“It has no eyes, so it perceives the outside world with its antenna!”

It’s a pity that that piece of ice can’t last long. This giant worm seemed to be resistant to all abilities.

Jian Hua controls the hyphae to wrap around the antennae three times. It’s like pulling a wool cap on it.

The skinny man ran and ran, and suddenly found that the things scattered on the roadside are familiar. Looking carefully, he immediately cheered up, “Gas mask!”

“Where, quickly give it to me!”

The three only found a set of gas mask. Li Fei put it on and rushed towards the giant worm.

——the solid surface is like alloy, so the flame can only go to the mouth.

Several streams of fire merged to form a fire dragon and aggressively rushed towards the giant worm’s mouth.

The skinny man and Jian Hua’s mind feel relieved, their whole body relaxed——the source of the poison gas is blocked. No, the “toxic gas” is being pushed back by the flames, the gasoline left in the giant worm’s mouth burned up, and the choking stench of that black smoke is better than that toxic gas.

The giant worm rolled on the road, its body coming out for more than ten meters.

The skinny man breathed in some of the poison gas. It’s still not entirely gone, but just how long will it take until this guy die?

Sand flew into the air accompanied by the constantly shaking ground.

The three men retreated quickly to avoid being crushed by the massive body of the giant worm.

“Can you send the mushrooms in?” Li Fei ran while asking Jian Hua.

If it can’t devour the outside, then just slide into the mouth. Although this idea sounds a bit disgusting, just treat the abdominal cavity of the giant worm as a sewer, and it should be acceptable……

“No!” Jian Hua vetoed.

Of course, it’s not because of sanitary reasons.

Jian Hua’s face and body is covered in black ash and sand. There are also torn places in his clothes, and he cut a sorry figure. The two others are like him. When the giant worm struggled, the affected area is too large, so Li Fei has to use his ability to drag Jian Hua to a safe place from time to time, and avoided the body of the giant worm.

Jian Hua can kick the monkeys, but when talking about dropping and crawling to escape, he’s not as good as the skinny man.

When the flames finally exploded, the three men barely ran towards a safe range.

Jian Hua then had the time to explain why the mushrooms can’t devour the giant worm, “This thing has more than one mouth. Now that you’ve burned the outer one, there are only the teeth connected to its exoskeleton. I suspect that it took the initiative to retract its teeth towards its real mouth, and closed the passage where that the food it bit will enter its body.”

The hyphae is trapped between the giant worm’s teeth, and can’t find the way out.

“Now that its mouth is on fire, it doesn’t even spit it out!” The skinny pulled out a gun, and through the swirling sand, he aimed at the rolling giant and fired a shot.

As expected, he heard a “dang” sound, as if the bullet hit a metal plate.

The corner of Li Fei’s eyes twitched, “I estimate that you’ll have to use an anti-tank rocket launcher.”

Skinny man:……

He can’t get that kind of stuff ah!

Besides, when the giant worm appeared, they have just entered the Abandoned World. Right now, they can’t even call for help.


Jian Hua’s expression changed. Looking sideways, he thought he heard a voice from that direction, but the sand is flying all over the road, so nothing can be seen fifty meters away. His ability also did not give any feedback indicating that someone is over there.

The skinny man also heard. He thought for a few seconds and then revealed a surprised expression.

Then Jian Hua and Li Fei heard the skinny man Zhao Wen mimic the sound of a nightingale, it was lifelike.

The same sound came from the distance, and Jian Hua is sure that there are two different tones on both sides, just like a contact number.

The skinny man is delighted, “Someone is alive! Those people who disappeared yesterday is still alive!”

The special forces team?

But here is the Abandoned World, it’s reasonable to say that people with no ability will not appear.

“We met in the past.”

“That’s where the strange wind came from!” Even though they experienced some confusion, Li Fei can still accurately recognize the direction.

The skinny man was about to say something when suddenly his heart pounded. He didn’t even think about it, he just held his head and rolled.

The big mouth of a giant worm appeared from the smoke, burnt black because of the flames, but its teeth are intact. “Crunch” went the horrifying sound as it bit air.

“It broke free from the hyphae!” Jian Hua staggered.

Once again, sand flew into the sky. They don’t want to go through this again and be chased by the worm as they ran all over the place!

Luckily, although the giant worm used brute force to restore its freedom, it has no way to remove the hyphae on its antenna. Even rubbing its head against the road can’t get it off, so the giant worm snarled angrily. The “cover” on its sensory organs hinders it from finding its prey!

The giant worm is a mighty creature, but the mycelium densely wound around its antenna makes it “highly myopic”. Although not completely “blind”, it immediately chased after the three people.

When the antenna was working correctly, the giant worm stared at the S-class Jian Hua and Li Fei.

Now that its antenna is crippled, plus the mycelium itself has a “hidden” effect, the giant worm’s dedication toward Li Fei and Jian Hua declines, and it went straight to the skinny man——ice ability emits cold to the senses, so it was especially noticeable and it can’t mistake it.

“You go ahead, I’ll distract it!” While running, the skinny man found that it was more persistent in chasing after him.

“Catch!” Li Fei threw the gas mask towards him.

Zhao Wen quickly put on the simple gas mask, and with the giant worm, he somersaulted, fell, rolled, and even did a triple jump……

Jian Hua is also not idle. He urged more hyphae to wrap around the antenna, so the “wool cap” on the head of the giant worm is getting thicker and thicker. Its body began shaking like crazy, and it could not help but bow down and rub its head.

At the same time, the hyphae did everything to obstruct its movement. Even after being broken into pieces then reforming and fighting again and again, they cling towards the giant worm. Jian Hua’s ability is rapidly consumed, but the giant worm was slowed down, letting the skinny man have a smooth escape from it several times.

Since Jian Hua is using his ability, of course, he ran slower. Li Fei does not say anything, just grabbed his arm and picked him up.

The skinny man inadvertently sees this scene, and almost fell.

——with both hands under the armpits and knees, this pose seems to be the popular princess carry?

Probably Li Fei also feels that this is hindering his speed, so he soon leaned over and adjusted his posture, putting Jian Hua on his back.

As for his lover lying on his back, with legs separated (imprisoned) on his sides, Li Fei has no psychological pressure, but Zhao Wen doesn’t.

Except for Jian Hua, the other two already felt pain in their lungs.

Their lips are dry, and they can see black spots. Run, run at this moment of life and death!

Finally, the skinny man made a dangerous move. When he jumped over the torso of the giant worm, the clothes behind him were torn by a sharp tooth, and the wind blew into the front half of his torn shirt.


The stench from the giant worm wafted out, and Zhao Wen almost fainted even though he had a mask.

But he’s already done.

Two men wearing camouflage uniforms are looking towards the distant road. Sand flew so they can only see the back half of the giant worm hanging in the sky. They actually can’t see the battle.

A few minutes later, they saw a vague, blurry figure from the sand.

“On your guard!”

Reaching out to their assault rifles, the special forces member aimed for the antenna of the giant worm. They first saw Li Fei who escaped with Jian Hua. The two has a worn out faces, and in awkward positions, so they can’t see their faces at all.

“Hurry! Into the tunnels. The size of the worm is too large to fit in!” The special forces’ member with a gun roared.

The shadow of the giant worm can be seen through the sand.

“Huh?” This width is wrong, how did the giant worm get fat again?

The soldiers have not responded yet when they saw the skinny man with a muddy body running out. The big mouth full of teeth chased after him. After narrowing the gap, the appearance of the giant worm is also reflected in the eyes of everyone.

“Haha, well done!”

The giant worm has a knot on its head, and it ran crookedly, which severely affected its speed.

“All of you into the tunnels! That thing can’t get past the entrance. Oh sh*t, I won’t be able to smoke after this!”

STB Chapter 95: Hole in the Sky
STB Chapter 97: Last Words

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