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Li Fei remembered one thing in his mind.

Knowing that this world is a book, and being the accomplice of the villain boss, he is always concerned about how he died.

——but no matter, if it will happen or not, analyzing and understanding it, would not be wrong.

Red Dragon deliberately avoided this problem, but Li Fei certainly has other methods. With so many book transmigrators, by the time Black Abyss is formed through the guise of “Abandoned World Survival Science Forum”, he doesn’t even have to come forward in person. He just had to cheat a few people in the net for them to say the answer. This is not difficult for the movie actor.

Just that, some of these book transmigrators know the full story, and some have only seen part of the book. They said that the time they passed over is different. Disguising as the latter to inquire about the ending, isn’t it normal?

The first part of the 《Outcast》 is about the struggle for survival of the teenager Johnson. He met his partners, his first love, and also suffered the blow of betrayal. In the end, he met personnel from the National Abilities Bureau.

Johnson hid his abilities, so he had only shown the wind system part of his abilities. He did not show off everywhere and did not commit any crimes. If not for an accident, he would not be found by the National Abilities Bureau——there are too many low-order ability holders, and the Bureau doesn’t want to see more of those who have no value,.

In the second part of the novel, young Johnson joins the Abilities Bureau. It is also here that he first knew the level of his power. Because the talented Johnson is valued by the State, they trained him. He started accepting missions, but Johnson Brown encountered a lot of trouble. The other ordinary students are unfriendly, and deliberately come over and get close to him while the Bureau elites excluded him. Because the second part happened five years after the Abandoned World, powerful ability holders have already mastered their abilities earlier and have status. Suddenly, there came a 19-year-old kid who does not understand anything and even an S-class!

Johnson suffered a lot of scrutiny and hostility.

The “workplace” battles lasted for a long while with the protagonist being miserable. At the end of the second part, Johnson is summoned by the head of the Abilities Bureau to tell him seriously that he hoped Johnson can become the symbol of the country. To become the leader of the ability holders and fight against enemies from the outside like the abilities organizations and dark organizations from other countries.

A teenager with an unfortunate childhood, doomed by fate to lose his loved ones be betrayed by a friend, was re-recognized by the world as the young man who will uphold justice. After being nurtured by the top of the abilities bureau, finally, it became the story of a hero.

The character Johnson Brown has extraordinatory charm and noble aura. As the protagonist, he also has a lot of fans from China. He likes to go to the streets wearing a hat and queuing up to buy bacon omelets. He would also bake his own Brown cookies. Every time Johnson takes out a cookie and share it with his partners, he would never mention that he made it himself. However, those who can eat the cookies he made are only his true friends.

One can imagine that many book transmigrators treat the Brown cookies as the standard for “success” to being together with the protagonist.


The 14-year-old teenager Johnson, at present, cannot even use an oven. Brown’s cookies or something, don’t even think about it.

In the original book, Johnson Brown has an opponent, representing the evil forces of ability holders, Red Scorpion.

Because of offending the American underground powers, and also being chased by Mexican drug dealers, Red Scorpion transferred to the US Abilities Bureau. As an A-class Spatial ability holder, he is irreplaceable.

The space of Red Scorpion is so large that you can even stuff a Boeing 747. After that, a large number of arms entered the Abandoned World, and the worldwide power war began heating up.

Flame Demon entered at this time, changing his low profile, and planned several ambushes against Red Scorpion and other ability holders of the US Abilities Bureau. Since Black Abyss is hidden in the dark, the other countries can’t figure out what happened and even caused mutual suspicion. However, after a lot of times, everyone felt that there’s an ability holder to blame, and then the diary of Guan Cheng happened to be exposed.

As a peripheral member of the Black Abyss, Guan Cheng always had “ambition”, an ambition that is incompatible with his IQ.

He is a very typical villain. Dissatisfied with life, his eyes stared at the position of power and wealth, but his behavior was honest and his attitude down-to-earth, so his camouflage is strong.

In the 《Outcast》, Guan Cheng did nothing but hid these dark thoughts.

After Guan Cheng’s death, not just Red Dragon, even the US Abilities Bureau had received an “informer’s report” mentioning their contact with “that organization” member, but the other party died unexpectedly.

This information is also used by the people on Johnson’s side to attack Red Scorpion. And because of Red Scorpion’s negligence, he did not pay attention to the “member of that organization” promptly but treated Guan Cheng as a liar.

A vast dark underground organization of ability holders called Black Abyss finally surfaced.

Black Abyss’s crime of “looting a burning house” for years, “sowing discord” on ability holders organizations in different countries to misunderstand each other. After exposing their “glorious achievements” in the war, many organizations who have been misunderstood and blamed are furious. During that time, even the American underground people claimed to be part of the Black Abyss.

For those people with no brains, strong people are cool, no matter right or wrong.

Not to mention Black Abyss, some young American people who advocate violence even think that the murderer in serial killings is cool and that terrorists are also cool.

Black Abyss is mysterious and powerful, and even with repeated clashes, they did not suffer much loss.

The US can only send their strongest ability holder, Johnson Brown, to China.

The power of the Flame Demon is no match to Hulakan, but the Flame Demon is cunning. He made sure not to fight him directly. Even if he fought in person, he made sure to use the Abandoned World’s monsters (mushrooms). Black Abyss increasingly threatened the world.

Johnson has no choice but to agree to cooperate with Red Scorpion to kill the Flame Demon.

As for the contradiction between Johnson Brown and Red Scorpion, there is also a competition for interests behind the forces that support them. It’s the most substantial arc in the book, and also the most exciting part, extending from the second part to the sixth.

S-level ability holders are a country’s biggest trump card. Johnson’s position is stable, but he is not good at dealing with politicians, very disgusted with violence and with gangsters turned ability holders, especially Red Scorpion.

Red Scorpion is a true madman, a bonafide criminal. He committed a terrible crime, and there is evidence that when he entered the Abandoned World, he ate people when there is no food. Red Scorpion often used to threaten/titillate/irritate Johnson, implying that he likes to kill powerful opponents and enjoy the delicious spoils.

Because the book did not actually describe the “cannibalism” part, the image of Red Scorpion is forcibly washed white by some readers. They thought that it was just verbal intimidation and the crimes he committed in the Abandoned World is also due to survival instinct.

Just like how the CP of the Flame Demon and Devourer is popular, Hulakan and Red Scorpion is also a popular CP.

Li Fei is pleased with the former conclusion, but he can only sneer at the latter one.

——If everyone is as described by the “author” and unless Johnson ate the wrong kind of medicine, he would never think that Red Scorpion is an innocent man “who is destined to be evil”, not to mention like him.

Li Fei cares about these because of the information from “insiders”: Fire Demon died because of a joint attack from Johnson and Red Scorpion.

The Ability Bureaus of both sides compromised. As a representative of justice, Johnson reluctantly compromised and immediately brought about an “outstanding achievement”. Although the end of the fifth arc implies that Flame Demon is not the real boss of Black Abyss, it’ll only follow a boring routine after the boss died, so the readers would absolutely not care about it! They are more concerned about the situation afterward in the US Abilities Bureau where after the cooperation is completed, would the two sides decide to step back and fight for the future, or will the protagonist root out the rotten scum?

As for Flame Demon, he died with grievances.

For the first time in this battle, Johnson exposed his secret of also having a thunder system S-class abilities (readers already know), but what the reader doesn’t know is, Red Scorpion also has a trump card.

In the book, Li Fei has already guessed that Johnson may have a second power attribute. He also accurately guessed that it is related to thunder, so he was very attentive to this point and commanded Black Abyss’ other ability holders to intercept foreign aid from the US Abilities Bureau, like the S-class ability holder “Poseidon”. There is no other water system ability holder in the battlefield, and even the water main valves are tied up by the mushrooms (……).

The two S-class ability holders turned everything upside down while Red Scorpion made sneak attacks next to him. But because of Li Fei’s magic eyes, every attack can’t succeed, however——

Red Scorpion called out water.

As an A-class spatial ability holder, in the space he created during the battle, he summoned a flood of water out of thin air.

It’s too late when the Flame Demon discovered it. He knew he was done in by Red Scorpion’s trump card, but until he died, he didn’t understand how Red Scorpion did it.

Dazzling lightning filled the entire battlefield.

In the book, the Film Emperor Li Fei did not lose his reputation. The crimes of Black Abyss was not placed on his head because the body of Flame Demon……became unrecognizable.

Johnson was seriously injured and went back to the US for treatment. Red Scorpion, this sly guy, hid and stayed behind since he added another layer of space to resist the last explosion made by the Flame Demon, so he was unharmed.

Red Scorpion’s spatial abilities are unique. Unlike other people’s space like a layer of gauze, his space is made up of several pieces. It can form many sheets, then overlapped and put together, like a removable space cover. If necessary, it can be compressed to lessen the damage, and it has a powerful defense.

Nania Kaiya published the answer in the novel. Red Scorpion is not a dual system ability holder. He did not summon water, but when he awakened his space power, it was attached with a unique “water storage”.

The water storage existed in a different space, so Li Fei can’t see inside. Red Scorpion’s space “fragments” are everywhere in the battlefield, and the fragment that can release the water is not aimed at Li Fei, so Flame Demon neglected it.

As for when Red Scorpion awakened, the first thing he touched with his ability——is a pineapple.

The rosette leaf structure of pineapple plants, and its internal water storage capacity……

After Red Scorpion’s power attribute is announced, his popularity reached its peak.

——countless transmigrators followed the book, and looked for pineapples, dreaming of becoming the second A-class spatial ability holder.

Red Dragon erased the whole thing and did not tell Li Fei.

Li Fei himself found out the truth, and it was hard to tell his mood. Just like how Jian Hua does not eat mushrooms anymore, he would see pineapple and become sick.

With regards to how the Flame Demon died, Red Dragon appeared to be hiding it, but actually, they don’t want to talk about it and let Li Fei check it out himself. But the real ending of the book, Jian Hua’s cause of death is still a mystery.

——after Flame Demon’s death, there are only four S-class ability holders on the world. Johnson teamed up with the three other people, and finally defeated Jian Hua. The ending is that Abandoned World completely disappeared, and people lost their abilities.

But about the battle process, and how Johnson win, everyone is not willing to say.

Even if the “fellow book transmigrator” is willing to say what they know, it will only be vaguely described.

“Anyway, the Devourer died.”

“The abilities disappear, but many ability holders have status, so the world situation has been rewritten. Not many people ran back to work as community volunteers like the protagonist.”

“The protagonist is like the hero of civilians. Of course, he would be. Don’t worry, when we have the choice it won’t become like that!”

The more he can’t find out, the more Li Fei paid attention.

It might be that even the Red Dragon doesn’t know about the truth. Li Fei is determined to make a better plan. He would find a trusted person that would let him lurk among the small circle of “book transmigrators”.

The result is that the plan can’t keep up with the changes. The idea has not even begun to take shape yet when Li Fei accidentally heard explosive insider information like “losing your abilities, void worlds will make the world collapse”.

In the tunnel, Li Fei looks at the gloomy expression of Jian Hua at his side with his heart anxious.

The author has something to say:

This story has no complicated conspiracy so there won’t be such a big situation. It’s only in the original book

Simple, violent, and non-science-y. These are the three principles of this story ╮(╯▽╰)╭


Red Scorpion died strangely, I bet you can guess how. I can guarantee the book transmigrators are also in a dog’s mood, just like when Red Scorpion awakened his abilities →_→

Reader A: What is the relationship between the name Red Scorpion and his abilities??? Is there even a relationship?

Reader B: I always thought that Red Scorpion’s trump card was a scarlet poison needle……

Nania Kaiya: No, Red Scorpion is his nickname as a gangster before he awakened his abilities

STB Chapter 97: Last Words
STB Chapter 99: Communication

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  1. The comment about Red Scorpions nickname is gold. All others have nicknames based on ability, his is just cause they were used to calling him that XD

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    1. They basically had no choice since he’s a powerful ability-user and is cunning. Though, probably they already planned for his death. For example: the conflict between him & Hulakan was premeditated or they found how to erase abilities and decided to kill him after everything’s over. As they say, after the birds are gone, the bows are cast aside, after all the rabbits are eaten, the dogs are consumed as well.

  3. Did JH die (in the original book) by devouring all the abilities and self destructed after LF’s death? That is too tragic… 😭😭😭😭😭 and now the situation would seem to be reversed. LF is anxious of the possibility JH would really devour all the abilities 😢😢😢😢😢

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