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STB Chapter 98: Pit
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For the last words of the earth ability holder, the Special Force’s Captain recorded it word by word.

He doesn’t understand the meaning of those words, he is only responsible for repeating those words at the end of his mission. As for the voids, and world collapse, its meaningless for people who don’t understand it to be anxious. The last words of the deceased may not necessarily be correct.

While the captain recorded it, he also looked at Li Fei.

Fire Demon……this nickname sounds like he has fire attribute abilities.

Li Fei’s physique seemed to be of an ordinary civilian in the eyes of the captain, but his attitude towards Li Fei is fair because he heard that when they were being chased by the giant worm before, Li Fei was fleeing while carrying his “companion”.

Of course in that image, Jian Hua is the “companion” positioned by the special forces to have an “auxiliary ability”.

As for the meaning of “Devourer”, they heard the skinny man say in the tunnel entrance that the mushrooms have devouring ability so they can guess that it’s Jian Hua. However, the earth ability holder knew Li Fei but ignored Jian Hua. This action made them feel that they’re wrong.

Two Special Forces moved the dead body to a “room” next door and temporarily “buried” it. The Captain put the record book away and looked up, “What do you think, about the void?”

“Probably referring to the hole in the sky.”

The skinny man’s heart fell to his stomach. On the other hand is the world collapse while on the opposite side are the mushrooms disappearing.

What does he mean by giving up abilities?

Why does he want to “specifically” mention Jian Hua? Did he mean for Jian Hua to give up his ability alone? Still, Jian Hua is essential and perhaps one of the key figures to solve the voids?

The skinny man is wavering between the destructive theory of mushrooms taking over and the other catastrophic theory of losing abilities.

He is a fully awakened ability holder. His level is not high nor low, but he admitted that after having power, it is more convenient to fight and his strength has increased a lot.

But, if giving up his abilities means ending the Abandoned World, the skinny man will not hesitate to give it up.

At the same time, he also understands why most ability holders would be unwilling.

Higher order abilities have even more difficulty to give it up……

“Anyway, we have good news!” The captain happily shakes hands with the skinny man, “The hole in the sky is fixed. When the giant worm retracts its head, we will know where it will appear next, so every time we leave the tunnels, it won’t be a life and death adventure!”

Just now? The back of the worm’s head was covered, so it’s estimated that it won’t go back.

“It can tear open the tunnel entrance, so it shouldn’t be difficult to expand it.” Jian Hua thinks that the captain’s opinion is optimistic.

“That worm has been growling. This is different from its usual behavior.” The captain signaled them to listen to movements outside the cave.

The hole in the is so bizarre. The worm may want to go back, but its only thanks to its antenna. Now that its antenna is covered with a “scarf”, with no direction to go, the giant worm is trapped.

Li Fei’s eyebrow rose, “Why doesn’t it slip down?”

The second half of the giant worm is always hidden in the hole. If it “pulls out” its body, slide on the road, relax its muscles and slowly slid, it would be easy to untie the knot.

“Can’t it go down?”

It’s easy to drop at a high altitude if it put its body upright by more than 20 meters. Then it would be able to drill towards the tunnel. Since there are no bones to support its body, it won’t be hard to do.

“Compared to this, I am more concerned about what’s inside the hole it came from.” Li Fei’s expression is ugly. If the laws of physics are the same here, “The giant word did not slide out because of body weight inertia. Meaning, the body behind it is longer than the one we just saw.”

Everyone has no experience in dealing with monsters, so their hearts scared.

The roar of the giant worm became vague.

Jian Hua saw everyone deliberating for a long time with no results, so he exited the crowd and picked a remote corner to have some peace and quiet.

Li Fei also came after a few minutes.


Li Fei tried to be close to Jian Hua and found that the “field” has no reaction, so he was relieved and held his lover’s shoulders.

He saw a few scratches and wounds on Jian Hua which Li Fei has some regrets, “If I hadn’t insisted on finding a huge monster and trying to verify that there’s an invisible power within the Abandoned World, we wouldn’t be trapped here.”

“I should say we’re on the right trip. Void……” Jian Hua repeatedly chewed on the word “void”.

“I don’t want you to be in danger.” Li Fei raised his hand and wiped the sweat from Jian Hua’s forehead.

The underground tunnels are very hot. Although there are vents, it’s still not comfortable.

Jian Hua said dismissively, “We’re living in danger. Even without the Abandoned World, we will always encounter unexpected incidents as long as we’re alive.”

“At least it doesn’t include being chased into a tunnel by a giant worm.”

“If you look at it that way……” Jian Hua looked sideways at Li Fei.

The thing used to illuminate the underground tunnels is a dim lamp. They used the battery that the Special Forces had. When those people didn’t look at maps, they would reduce the lamp’s brightness. In this kind of dark environment, it’s hard to look at anything. Even when they’re so close, Jian Hua still needs to use his memory to be able to see Li Fei’s face.

But he has too much memory of Li Fei.

Every one of them is very attractive to him.

Jian Hua’s throat has gone dry, and the stifling hot atmosphere made him restless. He didn’t react at first, but when he became aware of Li Fei, his breathing became heavy, and his expression subtly changed.

“Wait until we return to Huai City. You can make up some lines that I want to listen to. For example, when General Wu left the desert, afraid of hurting others, he lives incognito in a border town. He raised horses and sheep before dying peacefully.”

Jian Hua felt the arm wiping him stiffen in that instant.

——it was not an illusion, Li Fei is really bothered about General Wu.

Jian Hua thought that he’s seen more entertainment people and he’d heard a lot of gossips. He knows that most celebrities don’t like their bed partners to substitute them to the one on the screen and do role-playing or something since it’s not funny at all, and sometimes even an insult. There are dark places in the circle, and those who have been nurturing the celebrities have the most say……

Jian Hua thought that Li Fei who had a smooth sailing career didn’t have this idea, but being jealous, even if he’s a good man, is perhaps inevitable.

Li Fei quickly adjusted his muscles, letting it relax and his voice is also very calm, “Why General Wu? I thought you also like He Ning.”

He Ning is the main protagonist in 《Black Bamboo》.

“No, I care about He Ning because I saw myself in him. If my father did not get bankrupt, then they would still be alive, and there’s a good chance that I’m going to be like that. Who would like themselves, especially with a very annoying personality?” Jian Hua deliberately emphasized. He never thought he wanted to tease someone, but Li Fei has already accomplished many of his firsts.

Feeling that Li Fei has to force his muscles to relax again, and adjust his breathing to maintain his smile, Jian Hua couldn’t help but smile.

He lifted the corners of his mouth with no sound, but his happy mood is very obvious, so Li Fei soon noticed.

“Are you teasing me?” Li Fei can’t tell his feelings. He was both happy and depressed.

The reason for his happiness is of course because he managed to imprint his own shadow in his lover’s heart. The more indifferent a person is, when they became happy or sad because of a person, they will show a different kind of charm.

“You are not worried about his last words?” Li Fei almost wants a fire to burn the body of that earth ability holder.

He established Black Abyss and actively moved it. After considering the overall situation, he wants to go in the front line just like him in the book, and focus everyone’s attention on himself.

This is a way to protect Jian Hua.

For the enemy, the Devourer being unknown is the most terrible.

For the country, Jian Hua saying less and doing less with no apparent ambitions will make his degree of risk to be much lower.

The last words of this earth ability holder, whether true or false, destroyed Li Fei’s effort for so many days. How could he even include the survival of the world? Jian Hua will have no stable life after this!

“What are you worried about? The voids appearing, or the world collapsing?” Jian Hua asked.

Although he is not willing for Li Fei to die, if the whole world is going to die, it’s no use even if he’s not willing.

Jian Hua said strangely, “Or do you believe that only I can stop the destruction of the world?”

This role positioning should be the protagonist, not his.

“How do you feel if you give up your abilities?”

Li Fei asked the critical point. It is also the main thing that Jian Hua frowns about from those last words. He thought about it, then said, “You guessed right, Abandoned World has an invisible force. It inspired the manifestation of abilities and also brought a lot of monsters. When high-order ability holders used their power in the real world, it may even destroy the world. To give up abilities and completely seal the Abandoned World, if that’s true, it would be a good idea.”

Unfortunately, it can’t be realized.

Jian Hua can feel the vibrations on the tunnel from time to time. But breathing in the familiar atmosphere of Li Fei, he gradually fell asleep.

Feeling the pressure on his shoulders, Li Fei tilted his head, letting Jian Hua be more comfortable. In the dim light, his face was anxious for a moment and looked gloomy and cold the next moment.

In fact, the last words of the earth ability holder is not hard to guess. Following the clues, he came to a terrible conclusion.

When Abandoned World is unstable, the hyphae will penetrate the space and actively feed. This habit is very similar to the giant worm outside. However, the origin of the giant worm is unknown. The mushrooms can also exacerbate the world collapse after a void appears. As long as Jian Hua gives up his abilities, there would be room for a buffer……it would be the same as the plot, Jian Hua will replace Li Fei as the assassination target of various National Intelligence Organizations.

This shocking development made Li Fei not want to let out the information from here.

——his cold eyes slowly swept over the Special Forces team resting with their guns, waiting while the skinny man negotiated with the captain.

Soon, his killing intent vanished.

Li Fei is not a good person, but he still has his own principles. If he went beyond his bottom line, it would be tough to come back.

There is no point in killing people since the void will still exist, and the crisis will not disappear. Every insider knows the plot in the book, how many mouths can he block?

Li Fei slightly tilted his head and touched his cheek with Jian Hua’s hair.

Even with some sand on it, the hair is still soft. The even breathing sounds also affected Li Fei. He sighed in his heart and pulled a person closer.

——no matter what happens, they will face it together.

Even if they’re doomed, and their endings are written by fate.

STB Chapter 98: Pit
STB Chapter 100: Hero

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