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Hagasaki finally spoke and the air began to melt.

“Fortunately, seems like we’re treated as handsome in this world, so I think we can do something about it.”

Speaking of which, that was the case. I wonder if this is another correction.

“Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”





…I see, by the way, our Demon King army’s Adviser is a “mad” scientist.

And at President’s words, everyone desperately resisted.

“I won’t let you say you forgot. You used to say that, didn’t you? [However, it’s limited to handsome men.] Aren’t you a handsome man right now, why withdraw?”

That cinched it ahhhh! A critical hit! It’s a grudge blow from the President! Everyone didn’t make a sound! What logic! Such logical reasoning!!


“It’s okay. It’s just a Venus flytrap.”

“Stop, stooopppp!”

In an instant, Hariu closed President’s mouth. As expected of a ninja, he works quickly, but why react like that to those words?

“I’m not telling you to go do R18 stuff. It’s simply to get inside information from an information leak among the 300 accidents in Heinrich’s law, and maybe also cause the 29 minor accidents part.”

Heinrich’s law is like that. Seems like there are 29 minor accidents before 1 serious accident and 300 anomalies before that. (for every accident that causes a major injury, there are 29 accidents that cause minor injuries and 300 accidents that cause no injuries.)

In other words, avoid one serious accident by making an effort to eliminate the 300 anomalies. But this time, this guy should have meant that [If 300 accidents cause a small information leak, one serious information leak can occur!] or something like that. You’re being rude to Heinrich.

“We don’t know who has the important information. I know that it’s usually a high-ranking person, but I don’t even know if it’s with a knight or a priest. We also don’t know how many people are in the priest position. Maybe there are even positions between the high priest and an ordinary priest.”

…well, that’s right.

“Maito-san, you can steal someone else’s memory with [Share], right?”

“I don’t know since I’ve never done it with a complete stranger.”

Actually, I feel like I’ve never done it with anyone other than you guys, Ketorami-san, Hunter, the book, and the maid dolls.

“Is that so? Then please learn how to.”

What’s with that blackness?

“Even if I can steal it, it will take a lot of time and I’ll be exhausted.”

“I know that too. At best, just two people a night. Therefore, it’s necessary to select the people for Maito-san to [Share] with. Besides, if Maito-san’s [Share] measure is taken, it’d be a one-shot deal. I would like information such as whether or not there are countermeasures in advance, or something like that. In that sense, it’d be easier if you could take off all the equipment of the other party until they’re barely naked.”


“I know that.”

After Hagasaki-kun and President crossed eyes with each other without temperature… Hagasaki-kun was the one who looked away.

President is strong.

“And to do that, I’ll have someone carry out a Venus flytrap to cause a minor information leak, basically to cause the 300 anomalies.”

I see. But I don’t know about that.

“But why a Venus flytrap? We can just befriend them normally. Or I can go on their shadows.”

“We also need information that can be obtained through the shadows, but the only information we can obtain through that is eavesdropping on conversations between third parties, right? In other words, the chances of getting the information we want to hear are relatively low.”

…yeah, I guess so. People will run away if the shadow suddenly said, “A little more detail please”.

“And it’s easier to get blinded by love than to get blinded by friendship.”

It feels strange when love comes out of his mouth.

“No, but, um…it should be the right person in the right place, right? I have no communication competence.”

Yeah, it’s not limited to Kariya, but everyone here has a weak communication ability.

“Think of it as a gal game with no choice.”

“It’s not a gal game if it has no choice…”

Moreover, it cannot be saved or loaded.

“You can do it if you think it’s just acting.”

However, President is not scared.


And finally, President’s bitter blow strikes again.

“You can do anything if you’re a handsome guy. It should be as easy as dropping one, two, three or four female priests or homo priests in a week or so to build a harem and leak information.”

…that’s right. If you’re a handsome guy in a different world, you can do that much. Certainly. Besides, seems like this is finally the turn of that thing.


The [Dyeing] with the effect of [Temptation]. It’s finally time for this. This is exactly its time to shine. Surely.

Seems like everyone instantly understood what kind of cloth it was just by showing it. Their faces became interesting all at once.

“It’d be more reliable with the help of the [Temptation] skill.”

And President’s face became even more crazed. Wow, scary.

“Oh, I’m a ninja! It’s better to get intelligence from the shadows normally!”

Ah, Hariu ran away.

“It’s a shame. So sorry. I was already seen by that priest. So I can’t participate either -I’m sorry- everyone, do your best.”

Suzumoto also ran away.

“In that sense, I can’t do it either. With two causes, my beautifying correction would also be peeled of.”

I also ran away.

“…I’m not good at speaking…”

“There’s a demand for that.”

Kadomi-kun couldn’t escape.

“I’m quite fat?”

“There’s a demand for that.”

“I’m too gloomy.”

“There’s a demand for that.”

“I look weak.”

“There’s a demand for that.”

“I’m a mobile warrior.”

“There might be a demand for that.”

It’s horrible. [There’s a demand for that.] With that, he shot down all excuses.

“So, Hariu is good, but Suzumoto is out. There will be such demand. It’s dangerous, but it’d be easier to become head over heels and request information from the other party if they knew each other. First of all, the others will collect information on the female priest.”

…what kind of demand? Is it that? A forbidden love with the enemy general…that kind of guy?

And that head-over-heels thing. Can you call it that when the other party is aware that you’re stringing her along? I’m not so sure about that.

“If you say that, then even Maito without corrections…uhh…then, we might need a transportation specialist, right!? I don’t know why this guy is exempt!”

Hagasaki-kun should mean to say…when I stared at him, he blatantly averted his gaze. Horrible.

“Maito-san doesn’t have any fighting power, so it’s too risky to send her to enemy territory. Even if we send her, I think she’d only get rumors among the women’s gossip in the temple, and if so, it might be better to just operate the dolls to spy.”

As expected of President, going three steps ahead instead of just two.

“…is President also doing it?”

“Of course. Even awkward men have demand.”

…brave. This guy’s brain is amazing. But more than that, the willingness of this guy is wonderful.

It’s so wonderful that I can’t stop laughing. What should I do, it’s too interesting. My abs are breaking!

“Maito! Don’t laugh!”

Sorry, that’s impossible.


“I’ve seen it~ Looks like they’re definitely looking for people and even the priests of local churches are being gathered. Seems that they want both powerful people and medics and there’s an interview or an exam. There’s even a poster in the royal capital.”

When Toriumi and Hariu went for reconnaissance, there was suddenly a chance to sneak in.

It’s also in the royal capital. I see, the threat of the Demon King is on a global scale.

“Now then, let’s go to the interview. Please skip the practical skill test.”

Then, reluctantly, everyone except me, Hariu, and Suzumoto changed into equipment that wasn’t the Demon King’s Army equipment (a new recruit armor), then left with Toriumi’s [Transfer].


In the meantime, I’ll ask Hunter and Ketorami about the Demon King.

“Hey, Hunter, Ketorami.”

[Ou, what’s up?]

[It’s that, right! The continuation of yesterday’s story, right?]

Oh, it helps that he understood.

“Yeah. What is the Demon King?”

When he heard it, Ketorami’s ears moved.

[Do you want to know?]

“I’d love to.”

This time, his tail began to flutter.

[I see. But, this is a story that has been passed down to my clan for generations, so I can’t tell you so easily.]

Saying so, Ketorami’s ears were moving and his tail was fluttering. What’s this, so cute.

[Come to think of it, you were practicing [Share], right?]

Ah, I got it.

“In other words, if I want that information, I have to take it with [Share]?”

[Less chitchat. Come on.]

…hmm. Well, I’m sure I have to practice anyway.

Let’s get information from this tsundere wolf. Alright. Headbutt and [Share]!


I was immediately swallowed by the whirlpool of information.

In the blink of an eye. I can’t even resist. Is this really Ketorami-san?

The amount of information flowing around me was narrowed down and rebuilt. As soon as it got a little easier, I avoid Ketorami’s consciousness and sensations and start looking for memories.

It’s really hard to find when the other side didn’t voluntarily give it up!

I managed to find the place for the memories, but it’s difficult to find what I’m looking for…specifically, you see, there are many glossy images in Ketorami-san’s memory.

I managed to find something similar, but it soon got blurred and disappeared.

Here’s a fragment of the information that I managed to get by squeezing my eyes and scraping them by hand.

[The Demon King went to the place where the Goddess was, complaining to the Goddess who created the world and didn’t appear for about 100 years.]

[The world changed a little as soon as the cause came out, and the Demon King and the Goddess disappeared.]

[The ancestors of Ketorami were created by the Demon King.]

[Seems like the Demon King was a handsome guy with silver hair and red eyes, but he couldn’t compete with the Goddess through strength. So, was the Goddess a macho or was he a bean sprout?]

That’s all. All of this seems to be a story that Ketorami heard from his parents.

I lost the strength to narrow down the information around here, so I left.


[What’s wrong? Can’t do it anymore?]

“That’s about all I can do…”

N-no good… My head felt squishy.

Ahhhh, I’ve recently just been [Sharing] with people of inorganic substances. That’s right, this is what usually happens.

“For the time being…the Demon King fought the Goddess…it changed the world but then he disappeared…I don’t know the context, but the Demon King, who created Ketorami’s ancestors, is a bean sprout…somehow, it’s only up to that point.”

[I know that stupid. I remember you [Sharing] with me.]

…I didn’t know that. Do I have to search for information over there while shutting out my information from leaking out?

I don’t feel like I can do it.

[…well, that’s about all the memory I have about the Demon King. Then ask Hunter.]

Ah, so I got the most part.

You know….that’s too few!


[Maito, do you also want to practice with me?]

When Ketorami-san curled up and started taking a nap (although he fell asleep), Hunter leaned on my neck and cutely asked.

“I do.”

To be honest, I don’t want to but I have to practice. After drinking the mint extract that I had, my MP recovered completely. Only the MP.

[Hn. Got it. Then, go ahead.]

Hunter also offered his forehead, so while gently headbutting him, I [Share] again.


This time, while shutting out my side, I tried to be aware of that.

The amount of information from Hunter was much less than Ketorami, but it’s difficult because there are two minds with the other being the very big existence of Hunter’s mother.

Maybe it’s the mother who has the memory.

While trying hard not to leak things from my side, I proceeded toward the double structure and felt a fierce refusal.

…yeah, it’s great that I shared with it once before. Yup. Withdraw.

[Maito, are you okay?]

“Yeah, well, somehow.”

Although it’s more relaxed, I drank mint extract again and tried again.

Following the same path as before, going beyond the double structure, I somehow, reasonably advanced with just instincts. There was a group of information that was considerably more organized than Ketorami.

This is probably because Hunter is more tidy.

When I searched, I found something similar.

When I took a peak, it was a box.

That box. That box that contained [Alive Grimoire] and came out of Hunter’s mother’s belly.

The Demon King entrusted an important thing to Hunter’s ancestors. at the time of substitution, the child would eat the parent and inherit it from belly to belly.

Ketorami and Hunter’s ancestors were born with intelligence and power given by the Demon King.

That was the beginning of unique monsters.


I can only find those things.

Personally, I’m wondering if the Demon King is a bean sprout or if the Goddess is a muscular Goddess, but I don’t see much around here.

[Maito, Maito! Are you alright? All right?]

And I’m no good. I want to sleep without thinking about anything. My head felt heavy. I looked around. I feel sick.

[U-uhm, ah, it’s still open…Suzumoto! Come here!]

I fell asleep thinking that Hunter was saying something.

Maid Chapter 092
Maid Chapter 094

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