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As the situation started to look uncertain, President began to organize the information they had gathered about the nobles and various other details they learned from Utagawa-san.

To aid President’s preparations, I helped by sharing Utagawa-san’s memories and passing them on to him. With that information, President continued to work on formulating their strategies, engaging in deep discussions with Utagawa-san. Meanwhile, I went to see George-san, as it was time for an important conversation.


“Huh? What’s up?”

George-san stopped what he was doing in the basement and gave me his full attention. Well, it was indeed an important matter.

“George-san, do you want to go back to your original world?”

Upon hearing my question, George-san froze in surprise. It seemed like he hadn’t anticipated this.

“Well, that’s unexpected.”

“Just in case, the Goddess Book mentioned that there wouldn’t be many inconveniences when you decide to return. So, if you want to go back, I’m inviting you to come along.”

Since it was the Goddess Book’s suggestion, I believed it to be a reliable option.

“I see… Well, I need some time to think about it.”

“Of course, take all the time you need.”

“You know, I’ve been living in this world for quite a while, not half of my life, but still, a considerable time. So, well, it’s a tough decision to make.”

George-san seemed to be contemplating the options before him.

“Oh, right. Well, that’s true.”

“Returning would… not be a bad idea either. It feels a bit strange to think about it now. I guess I’ll need a little more time to consider. It’s not like I have to make a decision today or tomorrow, right?”

“Take all the time you need to ponder it.”

Indeed, there’s a lot to think about.

“I see. Well then, I’ll think it over a bit more before deciding.”

George-san seemed to signal the end of our conversation, and I respected that. It’s important to take time to reflect and make such a decision.

After waiting for President to finish their discussion, I decided to buy a noble title on my way back.

“It’s convenient that you can buy it with money, right?”


It cost 70 platinum coins.


“Didn’t you already buy a noble title?”

Remember, during the back alley auction, you all bought noble titles, right?

“What are you talking about? That’s for your share, Maito-san.”

Ah, right. That’s true. I had forgotten.


“According to Utagawa-san, it seems partners are allowed to accompany the noble.”


“Maito-san, were you listening?”

“By the way, what time is the noble’s party?”

“It’s tonight.”

…Isn’t this too sudden? Is it okay? Just like that, with no prior notice, someone suddenly becomes a noble and is allowed to attend?

But then again, for this place, as Utagawa-san put it, just appearing as a ‘spectacle’ would be valuable enough for them. And on top of that, if they can get friendly with an otherworlder, it would be a lucrative opportunity for them.

Indeed, nobility can be quite cunning.

…Well, anyway, um… I think I want to decline this invitation.

“Um, President.”


“Katori looks quite cute, don’t you think?”

“The bone structure is clearly that of a man.”


“The muscles are clearly those of a man.”

“Well, then, why don’t we take Hagasaki-kun with us?”

“Are you trying to dig up Hagasaki-san’s trauma, too, Maito-san?”

“I’ll call Akashi.”

“That’s irrational.”

…Yeah, it is.

“Maito-san, let’s give up. As of now, you haven’t even been to the temple.”

“I have! I played the role of the Demon Lord against Arianne-san!”

“It’s okay. According to Utagawa-san, if you just smile and act friendly, most of the conversation will be over. So, in essence, your job is to be a wallflower.”

R-right, if that’s the case, then maybe I can manage somehow…

“And besides, if anything goes wrong, you can always become invisible.”

“Damn it! You! Acting like it’s no big deal!”

“So, Maito-san, I recommend choosing a dress that you can easily take off with one touch.”

…I was left speechless by President’s bizarre remarks. Then President gave me that smug smile and said,

“Isn’t it rational?”

…I have nothing left to say.

Ah, merciless. And oh so rational.

Yeah, you know what? Whatever happens, happens.

And so, I had no choice but to return and start sewing President’s clothes.

While I was absorbed in becoming a sewing machine, President explained the situation to the others.

And they all burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! So Maito-san is finally going to be the sacrifice, huh?”

“Well, I always thought it was unfair that Maito-san was the only one not doing it!”

…So basically, they’re saying that they find joy in the misfortune of others. Great.

…Yeah, whatever happens, happens…

Sewing President’s clothes turned out to be more challenging than I expected.

The outfit needed to be both suitable for combat in case of an emergency, easy to move in, resistant, and appropriate for social events.

…Yeah, I put a lot of thought into the design, focusing on the lining and the weaving of the fabric, and managed to create something that was relatively comfortable to move in, resembling a kind of tailcoat.

I also paid attention to the design and put in a lot of effort. I really tried my best.

…The problem lies with my dress.

“How on earth do I make a dress that can be easily taken off with one touch…”

I mumbled, and the other members, apart from President, looked at me with shocked expressions. Don’t look at me like that.

“…Hey, hey, president, you wouldn’t actually mean to have her seduce someone that way, right!?”

“…I never thought of it that way. I just thought it might be more convenient for Maito-san to become invisible in an instant.”

Yeah, I can understand that reasoning. That’s why I’m still considering it.

“…Hey, president, what if I just stay hidden in Maito-san’s shadow?”

“Besides the scenario of getting into a fight, there are plenty of situations where it would be better for Maito-san to be invisible. Eavesdropping, escaping, creating small illusions, and more.”

“I can do all of that! So please, don’t try to undress Maito-san!”

…After that, everyone got into a commotion, discussing various things, like whether to crossdress Hagasaki-kun and then he got hit, and it turned into a discussion about height, and Hariu got hit since he seemed suitable, and then someone suggested Suzumoto could do it perfectly, and everyone ended up getting hit equally. Poor souls.

And finally, the conclusion.

“Maito, wear armor.”

…What was the point of all this socializing?

“And that’s why you came to me! You’re all my amazing underclassmen! Great judgment there, I’ll give you praise!”

Itoigawa-sepai said as she applauded.

In the end, it turned out like this.

“Now, Maito, I’ll pick a dress that makes you look the cutest!”

“Senpai, please don’t make it too flashy; it could be troublesome for various reasons.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll go for an elegant and beautiful look instead of a cute one! Look forward to it!” Itoigawa-senpai replied enthusiastically.

And so, I was dragged along by Itoigawa-senpai to the Queen’s dressing room.

…Meanwhile, everyone else was helping with the evacuation of the gymnasium group.

We already have the new accommodation set up, and apparently, there are already futons and clothes prepared, so it’s not that urgent. We could have moved earlier and saved ourselves the trouble of making all those fabrics!

…Also, I’ve noticed that everyone’s hair has grown quite a bit.

Katori, who was thinking about going to the barber this weekend before we were transported to this world, now has his hair long enough to tie it at the nape of his neck.

So, I entrusted my ‘Transfer’ barrettes to him since he can now use the ‘Transfer’ ability after a few practices. He’s now in charge of transportation services.

…I think this move was partly to facilitate the relocation, but I believe it’s also because they were concerned about me escaping or something.

I wouldn’t do something like that now… Besides, I’m practically being turned into a dress-up doll by the energetic and vibrant senpai. I don’t have the energy or time for such antics!

“Ehehe! As expected, any color looks good on you, Maito, but this deep blue halter neck dress suits you the best!”

Itoigawa-senpai exclaimed after spending about an hour changing my outfit multiple times.

The dress covered my neck and chest completely, but it revealed quite a bit of my back and legs. It was cold. I’m freezing. Please, just let me turn Ketorami-san into a blanket and go to sleep already.

“Now, it’s time for the grand reveal, Maito!”

She dragged me along once again, and I noticed that the moving process had already been swiftly completed, as everyone else was gathered there.

“Behold! Isn’t she adorable? Isn’t she adorable? But I won’t give her away! Maito is mine!” Itoigawa-senpai said with a triumphant look, presenting me to the eight pairs of eyes that were staring at me. I no longer had the energy to complain.

“…Something feels off. Yes, it’s definitely off.”

“I understand. There’s something… strange about it.”

“Yeah… I agree. It feels like… something’s not quite right.”

I have no energy to say anything.

“Senpai, was there another option that felt more natural?”

“Have you seen her legs and back? Who would benefit from that? Just change it!”

My life is at 0!

…Even so, there’s hardly any time to change again… Besides, Itoigawa-senpai was in a bad mood and wouldn’t let me change, so I’m stuck with this hellish outfit.

I can’t take it anymore. I want to go home.

…My current outfit consists of a flimsy dress, heels, and a few accessories: the “Transfer” barrette, the “Communication” bracelet, and a broom and maid doll hidden inside my skirt.

…The culprit was, well, my own indecision. I kept hesitating until the very end.

But in the end, it was decided that while I and President and Hariu were out in the social world, the others would use the “cause,” whatever that means, so I left it behind.

I’m worried. Very worried.

“Alright then, I’m off.”

I’m heading into the lion’s den. I don’t feel like I’ll come back alive… Actually, I think my heart is already dead.

“If anything happens, I’ll let you know.”

With that said, here I go. Those are the right words, right?

…And so, I arrived at the heart of Deichemoore, the noble area.

From here, I have to walk. I see a few pairs of people who look the part, so Hariu immediately hid behind my shadow.

“…It really doesn’t suit me, huh.”

With the surrounding noble folks looking at me strangely, I decided to ask President. Go ahead and laugh if you want, jerks.

…I guess I need to adjust Itoigawa-senpai’s taste downwards a bit.

“It suits you.”

“I don’t need flattery.”

“I didn’t lie. Your default look is with a white coat over your uniform, right? That might be what feels off.”

…Ah, yeah. I see. …Yeah.

…Give me back my sanity.

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