SS 26: Mission Complete

SS 25: Three In One
SS 27: Teacher Green Dragon

The host Pang Kirates is sleeping.

The competition in the underground arena is arranged before 10 o’clock, and the players usually only have one match a day, after all, no one knows whether the players still have the life to participate in the next game after one game.

Even if it’s a promotion-style ring match, it’s still held once a day, giving players time to adjust and recuperate.

Feng Lianzhu was wearing a red gown that was rarely seen in the interstellar era, with long hair tied in a simple bun, and a golden half-face mask on his face, with black eyes and jaws showing. After the player Crocodile fell, he landed lightly, his body seemingly weightless, as elegant as bamboo leaves.

After the referee declared victory, the audience was silent. They couldn’t seem to imagine that such a skinny guy can win and it’s even a crushing victory.

Feng Lianzhu raised his head slightly and looked at the countless eyes in the sky. The black pupils under the golden mask fell into the eyes of the audience watching in the dark, and meeting those ruthless and fearless eyes, a lady made an involuntary “ah”, awakening the audience.

The whistle and cries resounded throughout the auditorium. Feng Lianzhu heard someone shout: “Kirates, another game!”

At this time, ordinary players would wave their hands to signal to the audience, and some would send air kisses, making a variety of actions to attract their attention. If you can become a popular player, the prize money earned for each game also increases.

Some players even lift the loser’s body, tearing it apart to stimulate the audience’s senses with blood.

Feng Lianzhu didn’t do anything. Amid the shouts of the audience, he quietly walked to the referee’s side and asked: “Go, where, get the money?”

The loudspeaker transmitted Feng Lianzhu’s voice to the ears of every audience, and the audience went quiet again. The winner is so rude. The desperate players who would come here are lunatics, fighting madmen, or lack money. Who didn’t know that he was short of money, but as a commodity, the most important thing now was to show your value to the buyers.

The referee reminded Feng Lianzhu: “Player Kirates, don’t you want to say something to the audience? Don’t you want to tell them your joy of victory? You defeated the popular player Crocodile!”

Feng Lianzhu glanced at the Crocodile blankly. If it were divided according to the combat power of “Travel the Heavens”, Crocodile would be equivalent to a level 30 player with good equipment. As a level 50 boss, if a level 50 player wanted to defeat him, they had to form a team. To win against a mere level 30 player, what’s there to be excited about?

The sense of accomplishment that this game brought Feng Lianzhu was not as good as that day when the fox exploited the tiger’s might and he used Pang Kirates’ roar to defeat the interstellar pirates and the Imperial Army.

“Too weak, what joy.” Feng Lianzhu simply replied.

“My God! Player Kirates has declared a challenge to a higher-ranking opponent!” The referee exclaimed, “It seems like our aloof player who doesn’t talk much is quite confident in himself!”

The brows under the mask frowned slightly. When did he say such a thing? Lies.

There’s nothing the referee could do. This game is the opening game of today, so the atmosphere must be heated up, Feng Lianzhu solved the battle with one move. It was too fast, and the audience did not have the time to place their bets. This opening was such a failure! He must use Feng Lianzhu to ignite the emotions of the audience.

“I like arrogant lads like this. If your face under the mask is handsome enough, I am willing to spend ten million to buy you flowers.” A charming female voice came, and at the same time, a bright red rose fell from the auditorium above. The net above the arena opened automatically and the rose fell at Feng Lianzhu’s feet.

In the underground arena, the audience could buy flowers for their favorite players. 30% of the cost belongs to the host, and 70% belongs to the players.

When the flowers fell, a line of words appeared in the sky: Ms. S gave Kirates a rose.

“Wow! Player Kirates made the very eye-catching Ms. S spend a lot of money in your first competition, can we hope to see his face?” The referee shouted hoarsely.

Feng Lianzhu looked at the flowers under his feet and lightly said: “Not interested.”

What’s the difference between this and a joke? If Feng Lianzhu was really such an unscrupulous person, it would be faster to sell the fat dragon’s gold directly.

He no longer has to deal with the referee. The gate of the arena opens automatically after the game, so Feng Lianzhu took a step to bypass the referee blocking the door, and walked out lightly.

Not caring about the rose on the ground.

Feng Lianzhu returned to the preparation area, and all the players who mocked him before huddled in the corner and dared not speak. Feng Lianzhu wanted to find someone to ask if the money would be automatically credited to his account, but no one dared to talk to him.

He walked out of the preparation area and saw the Clown, who helped him register his opponent, standing in the narrow and dark corridor.

Wherever this Clown is was somewhere very dark.

Feng Lianzhu noticed that the Clown’s red nose was gone, showing a straight nose.

“The arena lasts until 4 am and 4 to 6 is the settlement time. After 6 o’clock, the money will be credited to the account you left before. We are an extrajudicial border area and no tax will be deducted.” The Clown didn’t smile. He stared at Feng Lianzhu, his tone no longer so exaggerated.

Sure enough, only this Clown brother would enthusiastically answer his questions and help him increase the bonus, Feng Lianzhu was always polite to people with good intentions. Not as cold as he was in the ring, he now had a warm smile like a spring breeze as he cupped his hands and said: “First time here, thank you, brother, take care.”

The Clown grabbed Feng Lianzhu’s wrist with great speed. Even the 400 km/h evasion speed of Feng Lianzhu was not able to dodge.

“Nice wrist,” The Clown stared at Feng Lianzhu’s arm, “How did you stun the Crocodile with this wrist? You fingertips were on Crocodile’s weapon…did you also modify your body with electricity?”

Feng Lianzhu used all his strength and threw him off violently. With the help of the wind, the Clown’s hand was thrown away and he quietly said: “Never.”

“Oh, everyone has their own secrets, hehehehehe~” After Feng Lianzhu opened his mouth, the Clown returned to his hippie smile again. He went closer and said, “I forgot to tell you, the money that a newbie wins in the ring is compressed in half. It takes ten games to get them all. If you die in the middle, ‘bang’, there’s nothing left.”

He exaggeratedly held the outline of a human head with both hands, then quickly opened it, simulating the appearance of a human head bursting. With the dark light and the Clown’s expression, it gave a very weird feeling.

The novice got lucky, and in order to get the remaining half of the prize, they’re sure to come next time. Few people could give up such a large sum of money. And few rookies could survive the first ten games. The trick of the underground arena was quite insidious to be able to guarantee the return of their funds.

The Clown stared into Feng Lianzhu’s eyes, wanting to see his angry look. This person had a very stable personality and always looked like he was not surprised. The only thing he cared about was money. When he knew that half of his money was about to be deducted, would he be angry, mad, and accuse the ring of being unscrupulous?

“I see, many thanks for reminding me.” Feng Lianzhu nodded calmly and after thanking the Clown, turned away.

Leaving the Clown alone in the hallway in a daze.

“Doesn’t he love money? He opened and closed his mouth for money. After the game, he even asked where to get the money, why doesn’t he care now?” The Clown grabbed his head and tugged at his hair.

How did he know that what Feng Lianzhu was most worried about was tuition fees? After saving up for tuition that night, tomorrow at 9 on the starnet, he could pay the tuition fee and let his “nephew” study quickly. 100,000 was enough.

Indeed, this 100,000 was not enough for the atavists to go to online universities, but in front of more than 100 million star coins, what’s the difference between one million and two million? Feng Lianzhu was not in a hurry.

Besides, money was meaningless in front of Feng Lianzhu.

The Clown in the corridor stared at where Feng Lianzhu disappeared, frantically biting his fingers, biting through the gloves, and revealing a scaly hand underneath.

The Clown also wore a quantum bracelet on his wrist. He bit his fingertips full of blood, and his fingernails were bitten off. As if the Clown didn’t know pain, he tapped the wall with his bloody hand and said softly: “Novices can only be arranged with a genetic level of B. Tomorrow, I’ll put you in the A level group. At that time, will you still thank me with such a smile? Hee hee hee hee hee~~”

Terrifying laughter echoed in the corridor, and the people in the waiting area and players not far away who heard the Clown’s voice shivered in unison.

After taking off the starnet equipment, Feng Lianzhu was very satisfied with today’s results. The study task could be regarded as a little confusing, and he didn’t know what happened to the fat dragon.

At this time, the system pops up several messages at once: [Pang Kirates has completed the task of killing the level 60 boss Lava Monster and requested to talk to the host. At that time, the host Feng Lianzhu was on starnet, and the system failed to notify in time. Do you accept the call request?]

Feng Lianzhu temporarily responded to this message and read the previous messages first.

[Congratulations to the host Feng Lianzhu for completing the second stage of the task, the aura value and blood bar have all reached the peak of level 60, face value increased by 20%, and the fire attribute is obtained. Get the reward “Memory Doubler” and become a level 60 boss. Received the “Lava Monster” skin, equip this skin to engrave fire patterns on clothing, the fire pattern can absorb a certain intensity of flame. Received the level 60 skills “Internal Fire” and “Volcano Eruption”, blood temperature can be raised to match the magma temperature for a short period of time.]

[The next stage of tasks will be released after Feng Lianzhu completes primary school education.]

Just a few messages in total, so Feng Lianzhu quickly read through it. After reading all the messages, he asked in surprise: “Did Pang Kirates not get punished this time since there’s no points deduction?”

He thought that the fat dragon would directly destroy the volcano and be punished by the system, never thinking that it didn’t happen.

Feng Lianzhu was a little relieved for a while.

[Pang Kirates didn’t attack novice players, didn’t destroy the map, and didn’t loot players. Everything worked fine, acquired 5000 bonus points.]

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

Why did the fat dragon get so many bonus points just by completing the task in a normal manner and not being a fool?

He really didn’t understand the system’s standard for setting rewards.

[The reward points are closely related to the difficulty of the task, the degree of task completion, and the growth of the host itself. Pang Kirates can overcome himself in this mission, which deserves encouragement.]

After reading the explanation of the system, Feng Lianzhu thought it was reasonable; getting the fat dragon out of trouble was already a huge improvement.

He returned to the top message, accepted the conversation request, and as usual, turned on the sound after muting for three seconds, but he didn’t hear the fat dragon’s voice. After a while, a loud snoring sound was heard.

[The host Pang Kirates is sleeping.]

“Wake him up.”

Every time you complete a task, you can have a call opportunity. At this time, the call has been connected, and cutting it off would waste this opportunity. Feng Lianzhu ruthlessly instructed the system to wake up the fat dragon.

Don’t know what the system did, but the snoring instantly disappeared, Pang Kirates’ dazed voice came: “A lot of gold coins, a lot of…”

Feng Lianzhu: “Brother Pang, I’m very grateful to hear that you’ve completed the task, but my study task can’t be completed for a while and I’m really ashamed.”

“Roar~ It’s okay, it’s very comfortable here, roar~”

The fat dragon didn’t roar loudly this time, but only roared twice at a tone which Feng Lianzhu could bear.

But what could make the fat dragon feel comfortable? Feng Lianzhu listened attentively and heard a “pudu pudu” bubbling sound. He couldn’t help asking: “Brother Pang, where are you?”

It stands to reason that after defeating the Lava Monster, it’s time to return to the Bamboo Valley.

“In the volcano,” Pang Kirates said, “The temperature here is so comfortable, I fell asleep while soaking.”

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

He knew where the fat dragon was.

“If Brother Pang occupied the map of the Lava Monster, then where is it?”

“The thing you called Lava Monster, I used it to warm the water before, but then it died accidentally.”

Using the Lava Monster to warm up…. Feng Lianzhu twitched the corners of his mouth, it died accidentally, or did Brother Pang make a mistake and not control his strength so he killed the Lava Monster?

“But after a while, it came alive again,” the fat dragon’s voice was obviously a little happy, “it’s still warming me up, I’m sure it won’t die this time.”

Feng Lianzhu observed a moment of silence for the Lava Monster.

At this time, the fat dragon said again: “The person who helped scratch my back is here, I’ll go rub my back, you slowly learn roar~”

After saying that, he cut off the conversation to do something.

“What scratch the back?” Feng Lianzhu was shocked. He was in the interstellar world and couldn’t see the online game. He couldn’t help but ask the system, “How did Pang Kirates complete the mission? What did he do?”

[Repel siege players without hurting the player’s mental strength and restore to prototype form, the host Feng Lianzhu can rest assured.]

“He has been soaking in the volcano with my skin, won’t the game company doubt it?” Feng Lianzhu worried.

The system didn’t respond.

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

So the game company still found the problem, right? Isn’t that fat dragon in danger?

[After the exchange, the host playing as the other is the basic requirement of the mutual assistance model. The system will not help, and the consequences of failure should be born by the host itself. You’re the same and so is Pang Kirates. ]

Feng Lianzhu can’t do anything about the irresponsible attitude of the system. He thought about it, consumed a little help value, and sent a text message to the fat dragon: “Brother Pang, if the game company finds that you’re a bug, I’m afraid that the assessment program and GM will be sent to deal with you. GM is an invincible existence in the game, please be careful.]

After worriedly waiting for while, he received a reply from the fat dragon: [Invincible, very good, roar!]

Feng Lianzhu: “…”

He should finish the study task as soon as possible.

At 6 the next morning, starnet time, 1 million star coins arrived on time.

This was the only good news in the past few days. Feng Lianzhu left 100,000 for himself and the remaining 900,000 was transferred to Dog 16, then he ordered: “You and Dolphin 66 take the money to go to school first, the rest will be those atavists with high contribution value to the base. I’ll continue to transfer money in the future.”

Dog 16 replied in almost seconds: “Kira…Lord Feng, you shouldn’t give us money. You gave us survival materials, starnet equipment, all we do is simply not enough in exchange for these things. The cost of school, please let us earn it by ourselves.”

His tone was very sincere, and Feng Lianzhu thought about it and said: “Let everyone write an IOU and pay back the equivalent gold coins in the future.”

Feng Lianzhu didn’t care about money, but the fat dragon should prefer gold coins to other forms of money.

“Okay, I’ll go and discuss it with everyone.” After hearing Feng Lianzhu say that they need to repay him, Dog 16 became happy instead.

In the development of the atavist base, Feng Lianzhu had always been their cultivation model. After determining the general direction, the rest would be discussed by themselves.

At 9 in the morning, the indifferent uncle went to the Alliance No. 3 Primary School to find Teacher Jenny and ask her about the results of the student exam.

When Teacher Jenny saw Feng Lianzhu, she showed an embarrassed smile: “Mr. Feng, your nephew’s grades are not ideal, and has a strong tendency to violence. The advice given by our teaching department is that it’s not suitable to study with other students and will be one-to-one teaching according to what you said. However, after the teaching is over, he must take the ideological and moral test again, or he won’t pass the grade and will not graduate.”

It’s impossible for No. 3 Primary School to issue a graduation certificate to a student with violent tendencies. The current Alliance System was a system of accountability. When a citizen commits a crime, the police not only have to investigate his motives, but it’s also necessary to analyze at which stage his anti-social tendencies formed according to his achievements in various stages. Once it’s discovered that his criminal tendencies were formed during his studies, the school and teacher would be punished to some extent.

Feng Lianzhu expressed his understanding. He nodded and said: “Can.”

“That…are you going to pay now?” Teacher Jenny asked.

She still remembered that this gentleman was short of money yesterday, and it seemed like he couldn’t even get 20,000 star coins.

“En, pay it now.”

Teacher Jenny took Feng Lianzhu to the financial affairs department to transfer the money and pay. When turning on the electronic device, she asked: “Is it 20,000?”

“Full payment.” Feng Lianzhu took out his starnet virtual bank card and put it on the financial staff’s desk.

Teacher Jenny: “…”

How did someone who didn’t have money yesterday suddenly have money today? She stared at Feng Lianzhu suspiciously, delaying the payment.

Feng Lianzhu raised his brows to look at her. Teacher Jenny looked at Feng Lianzhu’s brows, shook her head, and said: “It’s nothing.”

Maybe he borrowed money from someone or sold some valuable items. Ms. Jenny muttered in her heart, that such a good-looking person should be a good man with a cold face and a warm heart.

Taking advantage of the processing time, Teacher Jenny eased her emotions and calmly said: “After paying the money, Feng Yuansi can log into the school’s teaching system and learn. We will open the guardian authority for you to view the students’ teaching results at any time. When the study is over and the AI teacher and guardian both think that the student can accept the graduation assessment, you can submit an application for the graduation exam to me, and I’ll help Classmate Feng to arrange the exam.”

Very good, Feng Lianzhu nodded in satisfaction, ready to start learning.

SS 25: Three In One
SS 27: Teacher Green Dragon

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