RTBAS 046: Visit To Interrogate

RTBAS 045: Interrogating "Ghosts"
RTBAS 047: There's No Need To Talk Nonsense

The three ghosts heard her and thought for a while before saying: “We don’t know. Maybe he won’t die, uhm, or maybe he’ll sleep for a long time.”

Xiao Ting had a headache when she heard that.

They hadn’t talked for long when she heard Hong Shao’s shrill voice outside.

“Not good.” Xiao Ting could just say that she was looking for Jiu wangye to settle accounts, but at this time, she had no way to help Jiu wangye.

On the contrary, it’s easy for the other person to want her dead.

“You go back quickly. You’re not allowed to say that you’ve seen this consort, or else…” She picked up the jar and waved it at them as a threat.

She covered the jar, then quickly put it in place, and rushed out.

Lu You was already circling in anxious circles outside, and when she saw Xiao Ting appear, she was surprised. “Wangfei, wangye is back.”

Xiao Ting naturally knew it was Jiu wangye coming back, otherwise, Hong Shao wouldn’t yell like that.

“Hurry up.” After that, Xiao Ting pulled Lu You and rushed out.

Seeing that Jiu Wangye had entered the inner doors, without a word, the two hid in the dark.

Jiu wangye looked solemn as he walked inside alone. When she saw him entering the inner room, Xiao Ting quickly rushed out while pulling Lu You.

They quickly disappeared under the horrified gaze of the two guards.

Before leaving, she even showed a wicked smile at them, her eyes containing a threat.

When she returned to LanYue Pavillion, Xiao Ting patted her chest.

“It’s really thrilling. Didn’t he go out to the tomb for his ex-wife? Why did he come back so soon?” Xiao Ting looked at Hong Shao and asked her what happened.

How would Hong Shao know? Going to the Imperial tombs, no matter what happened, would take time.

“Replying to wangfei, wangye came back alone. I didn’t see young prince Yun and Miss Lan.”

Xiao Ting laid down and said: “Follow him, and you are not allowed to talk about today’s affairs. If someone wants to see this consort, you just say that this consort is unwell today and needs to rest, so she doesn’t want to see guests.”

The two maids obediently retired.

Xiao Ting was lying on the soft couch, turning over and over, but she wasn’t sleepy.

Thinking of what she learned just now, she always felt that Jiu Wangfu was weird.

No, no, she has to take care of what’s happening right now.

Did Jiu Wangye have bad health because of the ghosts? And who is that powerful existence mentioned by the three ghosts? Does Jiu Wangye know that powerful existence?

Why did no one know he’s raising ghosts?

As the last descendant of the Profound Sect, Xiao Ting felt that she should ask her questions carefully to respond to future events.

It’s just that at the moment, why did she feel guilty when thinking of going to Jiu wangye right now?

However, it didn’t take long for the Housekeeper’s voice to be heard outside. He said that Jiu Wangye wanted to see her.

Hong Shao and Lu You followed Xiao Ting’s orders and asked the Housekeeper to return.

Xiao Ting thought that with this, wangye wouldn’t come for the time being, but unexpectedly, it didn’t take long before she heard a faint voice coming from outside.

Before she went to find him, her cheap husband came by himself.

Hong Shao and Lu You had no choice but to come in and ask.

Xiao Ting looked at the two of them dumbly: “Can’t you just say no for this consort?”

The two shook their heads like rattles. Don’t joke around, this is Jiu Wangfu. Whoever Jiu Wangye wanted to meet, who’d dare not do so?

So Xiao Ting resigned herself to get up. She opened the door and pretentiously welcomed Jiu Wangye in.

But he didn’t squint nor even look at her, just walked in and sat down on the main seat like it’s natural.

Xiao Ting moved a little chair over, then stood beside him to ask: “Didn’t wangye go to worship the late wangfei? Why did you come back so soon?”

Jiu Wangye raised his eyes and looked at her faintly, his eyes were green and his expression flat.

“Who told you that?” Xiao Ting was taken aback by his nonchalant words.

“Oh, Miss Yun was here and she brought Yun’er. She said it’s to pay respects to the late wangfei and said that you’ve been waiting over there, so why did you come back so soon? Did you pass by each other?” Xiao Ting replied smoothly.

The corners of Jiu Wangye‘s mouth raised slightly, revealing a clear smile. Xiao Ting shuddered unconsciously when she saw it.

It was the first time she saw this person with obvious emotional ups and downs.

“Is wangfei still playing dumb and speaking riddles with benwang at this moment?” Jiu Wangye fixedly looked at her: “You’ve been to benwang‘s JingHua Garden and opened that jar. Who told you all this?”

Outside, Hong Shao and Lu You exclaimed as if they were hit by someone.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Ting was stunned.

Benwang once said that JingHua Garden is not a place for you to go. Wangfei didn’t seem to hear it, so don’t blame benwang for being merciless.”

“Pull the two of them down and beat them to death.”

Wangfei…” Hong Shao could only shout that word before being muffled, obviously, it was covered by someone.

How could Xiao Ting not realize what happened?

Even anxious, she coldly said: “You let them go. If you want someone to blame, then blame me. Why punish them?”

“Say it, who sent you there?” Jiu Wangye looked like he’s smiling, but when he looked at her, his eyes became very deep: “If you don’t tell, you can go with them this instant…”

RTBAS 045: Interrogating "Ghosts"
RTBAS 047: There's No Need To Talk Nonsense

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