RTBAS 045: Interrogating “Ghosts”

RTBAS 044: Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight
RTBAS 046: Visit To Interrogate

Xiao Ting was a little excited. There were many ghosts and evil spirits in her previous life, but they never dared appear in the city openly.

So she had to live in the wilderness for more than ten years.

Today, after coming to this time and space, apart from the soul of the original host, she hadn’t come in contact with other ghosts.

The inner room was even quieter, with a sense of leisurely self-contained air.

Xiao Ting looked around and didn’t see anything wrong. She wondered if these ghosts didn’t dare appear in the day.

Suddenly, her gaze fell on a jar.

It was placed on top of the bookshelf. The dark and fairly small jar was covered with a red cloth. She wondered what’s inside.

She remembered what her master had said, so she moved the wooden stool over, stepped on it, and carried the jar down.

She carefully put it on the desk.

The moment Xiao Ting opened the jar, Xiao Ting suddenly felt three gloomy lights flash behind her, and then three ghosts formed. It was the ones she saw the night before the ghost of the original host was sent away.

“So you were hiding here!” Xiao Ting turned around and slapped them with a palm.

The room was not bright, although it looked a bit dark even in the daytime.

Those ghosts had seen Xiao Ting last time, so they knew this was their nemesis, and they all dispersed.

Xiao Ting smiled, then waved her palms, and finally set them all in the air. She then sat down with her hands around her chest, looking at the ghosts with a smile.

There were three women, all very young, with disheveled hair and white clothes, looking like the classic female ghosts in stories.

But in fact, their souls were very weak and almost transparent.

“Let’s talk. You guys, what are you doing in the land of the living even after death?” Xiao Ting tilted her legs and wanted to reach for a cup of tea to drink, but the teapot was actually empty. The life of Jiu wangye was too poor.

The ghosts ignored her, glancing at each other and falling silent.

Xiao Ting snorted coldly. She lowered her head and waved her hand to lift a ghost’s anchor.

“You say it. If you don’t say it, then don’t blame me.” A strange flame jumped instantly on her fingertips. It was faint blue and looked cold and suffocating.

“According to the rules of yin and yang, you cannot hurt us.” The ghost that was let down said nervously.

“Hehe…” Xiao Ting didn’t expect that the ghosts here even knew the way of yin and yang.

“You kid really know a lot, but don’t you know that if you break the rules first, then I, the one in the world of the living, have the final say.” As the last generation descendant of the Profound Sect, although she’s not proficient in what she had learned, how could she not understand the basics?

Xiao Ting sneered, looking at the other two ghosts.

“Say, why do you want to stay in the sun and hurt the people here? Who instigated you?” Xiao Ting didn’t believe that these three almost transparent souls would do such a thing.

Jiu wangye seemed to be fine now, but he was in a coma for two days. It was obvious that it was these ghosts’ doing.

“We are not harming people, we are saving people…” One of the ghosts nailed in the air said anxiously. At this point, she seemed to think of something and then fell silent.

So did the other two ghosts. No matter how Xiao Ting threatened them, they stopped saying one more word.

Xiao Ting looked around and found nothing unusual.

“Save people, who? Jiu wangye?”

They didn’t ignore this question. One of the ghosts slowly told what happened.

The reason why they stayed here was not that they wanted to stay, but because they’re restrained by a powerful existence, so their souls couldn’t leave Jiu wangye‘s vicinity.

As for who that powerful existence is, they don’t know.

They have existed here for more than ten years already, and they’ve always been guarding Jiu wangye. The reason why their souls were so transparent was to integrate the yin and yang energy in Jiu wangye.

In these nineteen years, they have done their best, and there’s still a year before they could be free.

This was their agreement with that powerful existence.

After listening, Xiao Ting felt it a little absurd to need ghosts to reconcile the yin and yang in a living person’s body.

“Are you joking with this consort? Why haven’t I heard of such a thing?” Xiao Ting sneered and looked at them.

One of the ghosts said quietly: “Then why do you think Jiu wangye never gets close to women?”

“Why does he not want to get married?”

Xiao Ting was surprised.

“He knows that his life is not long, so he didn’t want to hurt others? That means he knew of your existence. Is he really brave enough to raise ghosts?”

Xiao Ting said with a sneer, her tone very positive.

Although Jiu wangye was kind to her and even gave her such a prosperous life, this was a matter of righteousness, so she would never be partial.

The three ghosts said nothing more. Xiao Ting thought for a while and finally asked.

“If you’re not here, would he die?” Although she had never heard of this kind of ghost-breeding technique, she couldn’t deny that the things in this world were unpredictable.

RTBAS 044: Meeting Ghosts in Broad Daylight
RTBAS 046: Visit To Interrogate

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