RTBAS 048: This Consort Only Likes To Smash Sl*ts

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When night fell, Yun Lanzhi led Chu Yun out of the carriage and returned to the wangfu.

Xiao Ting sat on the railing of the viewing platform while holding a juice. After tasting it slowly, she sighed at how the ancients enjoy life.

The breeze dissipated the heatwave of the day, and also blew the corners of her skirt and hair, covering her eyes. She raised her hand and brushed her hair aside, then saw the big and small person walking slowly from far to near.

The big and small person holding hands looked very harmonious.

Xiao Ting reached out and folded a flower stem in front of the viewing platform before throwing it hard.

“Ah…” Yun Lanzhi was walking happily when she suddenly felt pain on her forehead as if she’d been hit by something.

“Aunt Lan, what’s wrong with you?”

Yun Lanzhi rubbed her forehead and looked forward while shaking her head.

She then saw Xiao Ting sitting on a high place with one leg dangling outside the railing and pretending to admire the scenery.

Knowing that it was her doing, Yun Lanzhi picked up the flower on the ground and said, “Let’s go!”

Chu Yun looked at Xiao Ting, then looked at the red mark on Yun Lanzhi’s forehead, and was immediately angry.

She angrily went to the viewing platform and asked: “Why do you want to hit Aunt Lan with flowers?”

Behind her, Yun Lanzhi also followed while showing scorn at Xiao Ting.

Xiao Ting retracted her right leg and leaned on the railing. She folded her arms around her chest and showed a mean smile.

“This consort only likes to smash sl*ts.”

“You…” Chu Yun glanced back at Yun Lanzhi. Seeing her pale face, she became irritated. “Ah’San, Ah’Si.”

Two black-clothed men appeared on the pavilion and saluted the little prince. “Throw this woman out for this prince. This prince doesn’t want this shameful woman.”

Ever since Xiao Ting entered the wangfu, Ah’Da and Ah’Er were sent to her as guards. It was really as surveillance, but Xiao Ting didn’t care.

She clapped her hands, and without her saying anything, Ah’Da and Ah’Er appeared. They looked at their colleagues and both sides smiled bitterly.

Their task was to protect the master, not to play like this.

But facing the little master’s command, Ah’San and Ah’Si still bit the bullet and rushed over.

The four quickly jumped off the viewing platform.

Chu Yun was frustrated. Xiao Ting looked at Yun Lanzhi and said, “If there’s nothing else, Miss Yun, please go back. This consort has to deal with matters of the wangfu.”

Yun Lanzhi’s face became ugly. In the past, Jiu Wangfu belonged to Chu Yun. Unexpectedly, not long after this woman married in, she was already so powerful.

She underestimated this opponent.

After Yun Lanzhi left, Xiao Ting walked to Chu Yun and knocked on her forehead. She asked, “You white-eyed wolf, helping outsiders to bully your mother, ahh?”

Chu Yun exhaled in pain. Clutching her forehead, she retorted: “You are not my mother, and Aunt Lan is not an outsider.”

Xiao Ting rolled her eyes and said condescendingly: “Since you like her so much, it’s better to let your father marry her in.”

Unexpectedly, Chu Yun stared at her blankly, before snorting coldly, “She is Aunt Lan, the sister of mother concubine. How can I let father marry her?”

“But your Aunt Lan wants to be your stepmother!”

After speaking, Xiao Ting beckoned to Hong Shao, who was standing by, then walked away.

On the way, Hong Shao asked Xiao Ting: “Wangfei, the little prince likes Miss Yun so much, shouldn’t you…”

She wanted to say that Xiao Ting should still care about the little prince and not make him angry.

Xiao Ting waved her hand indifferently. She twisted her waist while walking on the pathways, and said, “No child likes a stepmother. Chu Yun likes Yun Lanzhi but that doesn’t mean he will like her as his stepmother.”

A month passed in a flash.

During this period, Jiu Wangye still lived a normal life. Even if they rarely meet, Xiao Ting was still happy. She’d take the two little kids and go out to play from time to time.

Just as Xiao Ting thought, Yun Lanzhi came to visit Chu Yun several times. However, Chu Yun didn’t see her and followed Xiao Ting instead.

So the people in the entire Imperial Capital knew that the Sixth Miss from the Xiao family had indeed calmed down a lot since she became the wangfei. She stopped robbing houses and robbing business with the beggars. Instead, she took the two small buns to play around with.

In their words, this was good.

On the edge of the moat, Xiao Ting broke a willow branch and took two bites. It was astringent, so she threw it aside.

She was very distressed.

“Sister, where are we going to play next?” Xiao Xin said. Ever since he went with Xiao Ting to Jiu Wangfu, he never returned to Xiao fu.

Right now, he’s on good terms with Chu Yun, so the two of them stayed together all day long.

Although the relationship between Chu Yun and Xiao Ting was not so harmonious, since the last time Xiao Ting helped them teach the little boy, her attitude has also changed a lot.

At this moment, she was also looking at Xiao Ting blankly, hoping that she could find a fun place to take them.

Xiao Ting had a headache. Seeing that all the fun places near the Imperial Capital were visited by them, uhm, there seemed to be nowhere to go.

But she was not happy at staying in Jiu Wangfu.

That place became more and more gloomy, and she didn’t know what was going on. She looked for countless opportunities to go in and see, but she was always blocked. Even the dog hole that Chu Yun often crawled into was also sealed. Ah’Da and Ah’Er, who were instructed to indulge her, were nowhere to be found.

Xiao Ting couldn’t help it. She mentioned to Jiu Wangye that letting the children stay in that place for a long time would be bad for their health, but the man was silent for a while before leaving without saying anything.

Xiao Ting had no other way, so she could only take these two little buns out and wander around.

Seeing the sunset in the west, night soon fell. Xiao Ting raised her hand and said, “Go, it’s time to go back.”

RTBAS 047: There's No Need To Talk Nonsense
RTBAS 049: (Spoiler Title at the End)

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  1. Thank you for the chapters!!!
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    Indeed. It’s hard to think of a place to go once you visited them in a short amount of time😅

    Sigh, there are still so many mysteries since MC doesn’t know so many things. She’s still quite non-chalant about it.

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