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When Xiao Ting returned to the platforms above the lake, the banquet had already begun, and the sound of music was endless. The dancers danced gracefully above the lake, looking like a group of mischievous fairies under the moonlight’s reflection.

Their fluttering long sleeves looked beautiful and mysterious.

The cool wind brought up the mellow scent of wine, making the participants unrestrained and reckless. On the high platforms, all three levels enthusiastically watched the dancers not far away.

This group of monarchs and ministers shared the same happiness.

“Sister, where did you go? Guifei sent someone to find you.” As soon as Xiao Ting sat down, Xiao Xin pulled her sleeves and looked at her worriedly.

Xiao Ting squeezed his nose and said: “So the kids are in charge of adults, huh? Sit down and eat something.”

Xiao Xin shook his head to shake off Xiao Ting’s claws, then whispered, “Where did sister go! Also, the Emperor asked why you didn’t come just now, and it was Xiao Yun who covered for you.”

Chu Yun hmphed softly, “If it weren’t for the reputation of Jiu Wangfu, this heir son* wouldn’t lie and cover for her.”

(T/N: Starting now, I’m going for the more accurate translation of “shizi” which is “heir son”. It might sound awkward at first but I’ll try my best to fit it better.)

“The Emperor, this old man, sits so high and there are so many people here, why would he ask for me?” This surprised Xiao Ting. Although she’s close to the highest level, she’s not that lucky, right?

“You also said that the people sitting here are all descendants of the Imperial family, but here on Jiu Wangfu’s side, there are only us two children. Emperor Uncle is not blind, can he not see?” When mentioning this, Chu Yun felt frustrated.

She didn’t know where her father had gone, but this woman was always causing trouble. Didn’t she say that she’d go to her aunt? All the concubines and Empress are here, but she’s still missing.

Throwing two little children here was simply outrageous.

“Uh…” Xiao Ting glanced left and right, realizing that this was the reason.

On the left was the family of Rui Wangfu with dozens of men and women. One of the women caught her attention.

It was that Rui Wangfei who encountered Jiu Wangye that day in the Palace, the white lotus.

What was she called again, she forgot.

On the right was the Third Prince, who was the Emperor’s favorite, and a beautiful woman, as well as a child. They should be the fabled side concubine and the Emperor’s little grandson.

Opposite, a very eager gaze attracted her. Xiao Ting looked up and saw that Fifth Young Master was sitting opposite them, not on the front seat, but on the side. Obviously, he wasn’t the protagonist.

No, that’s not important. What’s important was that this place was almost where the Imperial family was seated, so what’s his identity?

Damn it, was she cheated?

Seeing him smile brightly, Xiao Ting fiercely glared, then ignored him.

“By the way, where’s your father?”

Okay, even if she’s not there, where’s her cheap husband who has been busy in the Palace all day?

Chu Yun was a little lost, “I don’t know.”

Xiao Ting was about to say something, when a person squeezed from behind, “Ting’er, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

It was Princess Zhao Hua. After seeing Xiao Ting, she squeezed through the crowd.

“Sit down there.” Xiao Ting directed Chu Yun and Xiao Xin to move their butt, then let Zhao Hua sit down.

Everyone was at the low table, so it’s too obvious for her to stand like this.

“I went to see my Aunt, but I didn’t expect to miss her. What’s the matter?”

Zhao Hua leaned in Xiao Ting’s ear and angrily said: “Did you see the woman behind Imperial Grandmother?”

Xiao Ting looked over and was surprised that that ghost Si Yue Junzhu was sitting behind the Empress Dowager.

Although she was left alone, she’s still behind the Empress Dowager, and not everyone on the high platform was lucky enough to sit in her position.

Even Zhao Hua had never been so favored by the Empress Dowager.

Rui Wangfu’s junzhu, Si Yue.”

Zhao Hua gritted her teeth, “Yes, it’s her. I have long heard that this girl can be a literary and martial artist. This is the first time we met. Unexpectedly, she bought over Imperial Grandmother.”

Xiao Ting thought that if she can hate people at first sight, maybe it’s the Empress Dowager and Si Yue. Some people just needed a look to dislike each other. This refers to her and the Empress Dowager!

“She’s really shameless, but she still made Imperial Grandmother happy.” Zhao Hua was a child of the Imperial family. Even though Si Yue wasn’t pleasing to the eyes, she couldn’t say anything bad.

But Xiao Ting was different as she said, “Bitches are like this.”

“Yes, she’s a bitch.”

Xiao Xin beside them blinked at the two of them from time to time, then finally said: “Sister, we are still young, so you can’t teach us children badly.”

Chu Yun snorted coldly and continued, “This heir son isn’t afraid, but don’t break my cousin.”

Zhao Hua blushed and went haha.

“Huh? Ting’er, how come that young man from Jiangnan wangfu always looks at you? Do you know him?”

Zhao Hua glanced around, and suddenly caught a line of sight.

Xiao Ting had already lowered her head and started eating. Without raising her head, she said: “The young man from Jiangnan wangfu, which one? This miss doesn’t know!”

“If so, then why is he smiling at you?” Zhao Hua stabbed Xiao Ting with her arm.

Only then did Xiao Ting raise her head, displeasedly followed her gaze, and instantly became angry.

“Did you just say he’s the son of the Jiangnan King!” Xiao Ting pointed to the Fifth Young Master and asked.

Zhao Hua smiled and nodded, “Yes, the heir son of Jiangnan King is sitting in front of him, and the one beside him is the fifth son, a weak scholar and a playboy.”

Zhao Hua used her absolutely false information to explain. Xiao Ting was speechless. Fifth Young Master is a weak scholar?

Then who was the one who led her to go over the wall of the brothel in the first place?

There’s also something about being a playboy, uh, this might be true, but why did he become a shy man who didn’t dare change his clothes in front of her?

Aiya, a lot of brain cells have died again. Forget it, don’t think about such a difficult problem.

“Oh, wangye invited him to live in the Mansion for a few days before.”

Zhao Hua was even more surprised now, “Ninth Uncle asked the son of the Jiangnan King to stay in the wangfu?”

Xiao Ting was speechless, “Is it that terrible?”

“It’s more than terrible. If you hadn’t said it yourself, I wouldn’t believe it even if this princess is beaten to death. You have to know, even this princess never stayed overnight in Jiu Wangfu. The last time I was drunk, I thought I could make an exception, but I was still thrown into the Palace by Ninth Uncle.”

Jiu Wangfu never accepts outsiders for the night.”

Finally, Zhao Hua gave this summary.

Xiao Ting blinked, is there such a strange person?

Chu Yun looked at Xiao Ting with a hating iron for not becoming steel gaze, and said: “Now you know how indulging father is to this woman, right?”

“Hmph, first you picked up a seriously injured maid, then you picked up someone again two days ago…a man this time. Even if it’s one of the Uncle’s sons, he’s still male. Do you know how to write the words avoiding suspicion?” After Chu Yun finished speaking, she realized that she had said a few words incorrectly, because, at this moment, Xiao Xin’s eyes were wide and looking at her aggrievedly.

Xiao Ting also brought Xiao Xin into the wangfu.

“The wangfu is so big, it’s not hard to live with a few more people. Besides, picking up Xiao Shi is not to accompany you. Children really have no conscience. If this consort hadn’t been afraid that you grew up lacking in calcium and love since young, how could I send Xiao Shi here at such a young age.”

Xiao Ting quarreled with Chu Yun with half-truths and in the end, Chu Yun conceded.

Her sister’s words also amused Xiao Xin.

Over there, the Fifth Young Master saw that Xiao Ting only glared at him, then stopped looking, as if she had forgotten him.

Jiangnan King’s heir son’s gaze drifted from him and Xiao Ting, then he suddenly asked: “Are you at Ninth Uncle’s place these two days?”

The Fifth Young Master returned to that splendid playboy appearance, tilted his body, and drank before saying: “Yes, someone chased after me and Jiu Wangfei saved me.”

Jiangnan King’s heir son narrowed his eyes slightly and said nothing.

The Fifth Young Master suddenly leaned over, put his head on his shoulder, and said: “Brother, who do you think wants to kill me?”

Jiangnan King’s heir son stiffened, “They’re going after me, so they’re not going to kill you.”

“Yes.” Fifth Young Master drank a big sip of wine again, and the wine slid down from the corner of his mouth onto the shoulders of Jiangnan King’s heir son. The slightly cool feeling made the other frown and push his head away while saying: “Drink less.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get drunk.” The Fifth Young Master fell again, “Father asked Cheng YunYi to follow, aren’t you worried about it?”

Jiangnan King’s heir son snorted softly, then coldly said: “Whoever they are, I don’t care.”

“You don’t care, I don’t care even more.” Fifth Young Master whispered, but Jiangnan King’s heir son didn’t hear it clearly and asked him again. Fifth Young Master just shook his head.

“Why are you telling me about this?” He didn’t know about Cheng YunYi coming to the Imperial Capital.

Fifth Young Master laughed brightly. His clear voice sounded very nice and that slight hoarseness drinking brought a mellow feeling to it.

“Because you’re my brother!”

Jiangnan King’s heir son’s eyebrows were filled with coldness. After pushing him away, he sat a little farther, “I’m not your brother.”


“Look, Xiao Guifei is here.”

Above the lake, the group of dancers had already receded and there’s only the stage.

The sky was light and hazy and the moonlight clear. A water curtain in the center of the stage slowly undulates and finally stilled.

Xiao Guifei danced in a crescent white fairy dress. The long sleeves waved to both sides, and a light squat or tilt of the head would attract everyone’s attention.

Stunning and gorgeous, extremely unique!

After another rotation, all the guests on the platform went quiet, looking in one direction, as if it’s the only touch of moonlight left in this world.

A piece of music created a buzz, like a ripple flowing through people’s hearts as she walked. It made people feel relaxed and happy.

Xiao Guifei’s dancing was undoubtedly beautiful. Looking from a distance, it’s like an elf at night, rolling, jumping, and looking back, her every action full of temptation.

This was a very contradictory feeling.

There’s not only the naivety of fairies but also the charm of a witch.

It’s very different from the normal her.

The music sounded ghostly in the empty venue, mysterious but sincere.

“Good, good…”

As the applause sounded, Xiao Guifei converged her temperament and returned to her formerly delicate but charming Guifei persona.

She put her hands together in front of her, and just as she was about to say something, there was suddenly chaos on top of the platform. The collision of swords resounded in everyone’s ears.

“Protect the Emperor.” The Imperial Guard Commander Xu rushed forward first but those people stopped him.

RTBAS 079: Picked Up A Maid
RTBAS 081: Xiao Guifei Is Missing

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