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The Empress Dowager was really angry this time. Regardless of the current situation, she declared: “Bengong has already made an order to abolish this marriage. You don’t have to protect this girl anymore, so she won’t make trouble for you all day long.”

Xiao Ting didn’t accept Jiu Wangye‘s affection at all and even jumped high. If it weren’t for being detained by Jiu Wangye, she would run to the Empress Dowager and point at her nose to curse.

“Old lady, if you say it’s abolished, then it’s abolished? This miss is born for Jiu Wangye and me dying would take Jiu Wangye‘s soul, so I won’t leave him. Besides, getting married is a matter for the two of us. If you say it’s abolished, then it’s abolished? If you say it doesn’t count, then it doesn’t count? How old are you? It’s none of your business! What’s more, you’re not his real mother.”

“You, you, you…” The Empress Dowager was born from a noble household and had known how to equivocate all her life. When had she heard such rude remarks, let alone be scolded by someone?

Naturally, she couldn’t scold even a word.

But Xiao Ting was different.

“What about me? Do you want to say that I’m not worthy of the Immortal Jiu Wangye? I’m uneducated, don’t know how to be courteous, nor be dignified and virtuous, but so what? Who made him dare marry this miss so that this miss depends on him? How can you just drop me?”

Xiao Ting said and in front of everyone, she turned around and wrapped her hands around Jiu Wangye‘s neck, then went on her toes, and gave Jiu Wangye a big kiss.

This action was done in one go, without any hesitation, let alone a trace of embarrassment.

“You, shameless.”

It wasn’t the Empress Dowager who cursed this time, but the voice came from another corner.

Xiao Ting ignored the gazes of everyone. With her hands still wrapped around Jiu Wangye, she looked through the gap in his body.

Then she saw an acquaintance.

King Rui’s heir son’s consort, the one who had an adulterous affair with Jiu Wangye.

“I am shameless?”

Everyone: “…” If it’s not you, then is it them?

“What’s the matter with me kissing my man’s face? What does it have to do with you?”

Xiao Ting proudly said, stopping everyone’s thoughts.

This sounds right, but the reasoning is wrong.

“Have you never kissed your man? Or is it shameless regardless if you kiss your man or another man?”

Xiao Ting’s tongue twister completely stunned everyone.

What’s this about kissing another man?

King Rui’s heir son’s consort blushed, half angry and half ashamed. She had never seen such a vulgar woman all her life.

Her mouth was full of foul language.

It seemed that she was kind to her last time.

“What else are you guys looking at? What does it matter to you?”

Xiao Ting turned her gaze to Jiu Wangye.

“Are you willing to leave me?” She said this very loudly, and then quietly added another one.

“I can tell you, you have to think about it. The Emperor and Aunt testified to our contract, so it’s okay if you want to go back on it. We can divide the property in half and I’d be generous and won’t get anything else.”

Previously, she said that she’d stubbornly stay with him, but in the next moment, she’s discussing leaving him and dividing the family property?

Jiu Wangye looked at this woman attached to him with a calm expression. Her every breath was quick, even if she swore or became naughty, she did not have the slightest bit of coldness, making people want to laugh.

And he simply couldn’t understand what Xiao Ting meant by doing this. Was it fear or guilty conscience, or was she merely saying nonsense?

The direction of this matter seemed to have changed a lot. They were clearly talking about the life and death of the Xiao clan, but how did it become a matter of men and women when it came to Xiao Ting’s mouth?

At this moment, the Emperor, the Empress, and the others have become foils as everyone’s eyes were on Jiu Wangye and Xiao Ting, this pair of seemingly unmatched but very harmonious couple.

Xiao Ting was still winking at him, but Jiu Wangye didn’t notice. He faintly stared at her eyes, not letting go of any emotion.

Xiao Ting glared back at him, not flinching at all.

“Who wouldn’t be willing? A man would never want to marry a woman like you!”

Someone made a sound, but it was the third miss from Duke An’s fu, Yun LanZhi, who was the sister of the former Jiu Wangfei.

Xiao Ting saw it was her and promptly laughed. Although the title of Jiu Wangfei’s sister sounded good, she had no power. She’s just a relative of the Empress Dowager. Why are these women rushing to fawn against him, isn’t he just a man?

Are all the men in the world dead?

Do you just want to grab a man with her?

Since the first day she entered Jiu Wangfu, this Yun LanZhi had been stumbling her and making troubles, but in Xiao Ting’s eyes, she’s just a clown that she didn’t need to care about.

And ever since Xiao Yun realized Yun LanZhi’s true thoughts, she stopped paying attention to her. There were several times when Yun LanZhi visited the wangfu, but couldn’t even enter through the gates. The guard confessed that it was the younger generation’s order to never see her.

Therefore, Xiao Ting had never treated Yun LanZhi as a love rival, but she’s still annoyed at this woman who went against her everywhere.

Now she’s jumping again.

“Is no man willing to marry a woman like me? But I still married, and I even married the Jiu Wangye of this dynasty, a noble king. What about you? A dignified, virtuous, and gentle woman like you should have many men who want to marry you, but even at this age, why haven’t you married yet? Are you too gentle or too virtuous?”

“You, you woman!”

Xiao Ting was willing to go all out today. Whoever asked for trouble, she would make sure to let them never raise their head in front of her again. Anyway, she already offended the Empress Dowager, should she still care about other people?

Since she already conquered one enemy, two more shouldn’t matter. Everything is the same so she didn’t care.

After Xiao Ting talked and scolded the Empress Dowager, King Rui’s heir son’s consort, and Yun Lanzhi, no one dared to speak out anymore for fear of losing face.

Zhao Hua, who couldn’t make a sound and was being pressed by someone on the side, jumped out at this moment.

“Imperial Grandmother, Father Emperor, you are too much.” Princess Zhao Hua broke free from the Fourth Prince, jumped out, and came to Xiao Ting’s side.

“Ting’er, stop talking.”

Xiao Ting let go of Jiu Wangye‘s neck and jumped in front of her with a look of surprise on her face.

“Where were you hiding just now? Why didn’t I see you?” Xiao Ting was surprised. She just cared about her Aunt and the bad guys, but she didn’t even see that Princess Zhao Hua was here.

Zhao Hua said irritably. “Of course you can’t see me. Just look at your aura just now. Nobody in the world would dare scold the Empress Dowager. You’re really talented, ah? Have you scolded enough? So Imperial Grandmother is also someone you can scold, you’re really dead now, let me tell you.”

Zhao Hua said this in a very small voice. The two girls hugged each other and softly whispered in each other’s ears.

Jiu Wangye was also very speechless. Although the original development of this matter was different from his plan, the general direction was still correct.

But right now, letting go of Xiao Ting had become the worst thing he’d done.

He also had a headache on how to end this.

“If I die, then I’ll die. The big deal is if this miss will cross over again. Maybe I can pick and become the Emperor next time.” Xiao Ting muttered softly.

What she said was also the truth. It’s already become like this. She knew that no matter what, she won’t be able to escape death today. If it’s a big deal, she might as well die with her Aunt and dad.

Who made it that in this world, the Emperor is the highest?

Aunt provoked the Emperor and gave him a green hat.

“What are you talking about?” Zhao Hua glared at her irritably and whispered: “From now on, you shouldn’t talk anymore. Do this for me, will you?”

Faced with the help from such a friend, Xiao Ting could only solemnly agree.

“Zhao Hua, don’t be rude.” The Empress didn’t dare talk about Xiao Guifei and didn’t dare provoke this crazy Xiao Ting.

But talking to Zhao Hua is justified.

It’s a pity that Zhao Hua never put her in her eyes.

“Mother Empress, what do you mean by these words? This child doesn’t understand. This matter is obviously about Xiao Guifei, so why do you want to talk about Ting’er?

“Since she married Ninth Uncle, she’s the mistress of Jiu Wangfu, the wangfei of Jiu Wangfu, not the Xiao fu. How could she have anything to do with this matter?”

“What do you know? Children shouldn’t talk nonsense.” The Empress scolded lightly and then glanced at the Empress Dowager.

Seeing the Empress Dowager also full of dissatisfaction, the Empress continued.

“Quickly go down.”

“Father Emperor, this child has something to say.” Zhao Hua didn’t even look at her but looked directly at the Emperor.

“What do you want to say?” Confronted, the Emperor was ashamed and angry. Now his daughter even spoke for the culprit, which made him even angrier.

Zhao Hua didn’t care about it and directly said: “Father Emperor, this child thinks that Guifei must have been wronged.”

“For so many years, she has been in love with Father Emperor. Everyone saw it and she’s also single-minded to Father Emperor. You can’t deny Guifei’s affection for you just by catching wind of other men.”

She didn’t mention this, but the Emperor was like a firecracker that was burned.

“She confessed her feelings personally and as for adult matters, in what way can you, a child, intervene? Still not going down?”

Obviously, Zhao Hua’s words didn’t make the Emperor change his mind.

“Father Emperor, what this child said, isn’t it what you’re actually thinking in your heart?”

“Do you really believe that Guifei will do such a thing?”

“Shut up.”

The Emperor coldly said then called out: “Someone come, take Princess Zhao Hua back. You won’t be allowed to step out of the Palace for three days.”

“Father Emperor, how can you do this? You can’t do this. Father Emperor, what’s wrong with Ting’er?

“What’s wrong with Guifei? Why do you treat them like this? You can’t treat them like this or you will regret it. I tell you, you’ll regret it…”

Zhao Hua kept crying out but was finally pulled out.

Xiao Ting didn’t think there was anything wrong with this, and it was no different from what she thought. After all, this matter had nothing to do with Princess Zhao Hua, and she couldn’t bear to pull her in.

“Do you seriously have nothing left to say?” After a brief silence in the Palace, the Emperor still took the initiative to speak out and look at Xiao Guifei.

Xiao Guifei didn’t look down and say nothing, but rather looked at him faintly. Then, her gaze floated to the Empress and the Empress Dowager in the crowd.

“Didn’t the Emperor notice that everyone wanted me to die? Including you, the Emperor. If so, you should hurry up!”

RTBAS 086: Shameful Imperial Uncle Xiao
RTBAS 088: Story Reversal

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