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RTBAS 087: War of Words

YuChi XinHan thought, why me?

He already offended him once and didn’t want to offend him a second time.

Isn’t there a fuel-efficient lamp in Jiu Wangfu?

He didn’t want to die yet.

But who would dare not follow the Emperor’s orders?

“What?” After hearing the whole story, Imperial Uncle Xiao asked with a silly expression, “Is there someone my younger sister likes? Why don’t I know about this?”

The anger in the Emperor’s heart rose, “I still want to ask you!”

Sending a woman who had another man in her heart to the Palace to cuckold the Emperor, this Imperial Uncle Xiao really dared do it.

YuChi XinHan watched as the Emperor was led on a side tangent by Imperial Uncle Xiao, but he didn’t dare remind him.

Obviously, he talked about Xiao Guifei implicating the Xiao clan, but why did this happen in the blink of an eye?

Not only was YuChi XinHan perplexed, but the others were also at a loss.

“She is your woman. If you don’t even know, how could this minister know?”

The Emperor stared, “You are her brother.”

Imperial Uncle Xiao’s eyes went wider than his, “Then, then you are her man!”

“She didn’t even consider me as her man…”

“Shut up for bengong.”

In the end, the Empress Dowager couldn’t listen anymore and angrily intervened.

The Emperor went silent and Imperial Uncle Xiao didn’t bother with this anymore.

He turned to look at Xiao Guifei next to him, saying, “Sister, don’t be afraid, brother will bring all the people in the house to support you.”

Everyone: “…” Didn’t they get arrested by the Emperor’s orders?

When Xiao Guifei heard those words, she smiled at him and softly whispered: “Brother, I might be hurting you.”

“It’s okay.” Imperial Uncle Xiao clapped his hands angrily and said proudly: “What’s the big deal with dying? Anyway, the royals are all moody.”

“As the saying goes, being close to the sovereign can be as perilous as lying with a tiger. Brother had long thought such a day would come.”

“But they say you stole things, what did you steal?”

Xiao Guifei‘s gaze swept towards the Empress Dowager and the others. She smiled sarcastically and said, “Sister also wants to know what they’re talking about.”

“Xiao LingYue, that person just now said the truth and died to protect you, do you dare say that you didn’t know him?”

The Empress Dowager was so angry, but how could she not worry?

“Haha…” Xiao Guifei looked at the Emperor, laughed, and then looked down and stopped speaking.

The Emperor looked at her calmly. Although she didn’t have the tenderness of the past, she looked bright and didn’t seem to lie. But when that person spoke just now, she didn’t say a word. This was acquiescence.

Now putting on that disdainful look and not explaining again, he really didn’t know whether to believe her or not.

Or to believe what she said.

“Emperor, since she refused to say it, then please make an order!”

With the Empress Dowager’s persecution, no matter how much the Emperor wanted to dawdle, it won’t work.

He finally asked Xiao Guifei,Zhen will give you one last chance. If you can hand over the map, I will release you from the Xiao clan and spare you the death penalty.”

“Emperor, don’t.”

The Empress Dowager wanted to stop him, but the Emperor decisively declared, “You don’t have to say anything Imperial Mother, zhen knows it in my heart.”

The map must not be let outside. It must belong to their Imperial family.

The Empress Dowager didn’t speak, so the others didn’t even dare to speak.

It’s a pity that Xiao Guifei still has a calm expression, and this attitude made the Emperor angry.

On this side, Xiao Ting watched as the Emperor made his decision. She was so anxious that her forehead was sweating, but it’s a pity that she couldn’t move her body. Her eyes swept towards Jiu Wangye, but she could only see his profile.

This damn Jiu Wangye, if something happens to her Aunt today, she will never let him go.

Her cheap daddy was more courageous!

It’s just that when the Emperor was about to make an order to deal with the Xiao family, Jiu Wangye, who kept his cool, still did nothing.

This made Xiao Ting very anxious.

“Well, it seems that you want to die and accompany him, then I will fulfill your wish.”

“Someone come.”

A pleasant smile gradually appeared on the Empress’ face. She’s finally rid of this big trouble.

For so many years, she’s obviously the lord of the six palaces, but the upper and lower harem seemed to only remember that there’s a Guifei and didn’t remember her as the Empress.

Even if she put her face on the line, she’d be turned at the door in secret while YaoChi Palace was in full swing.

Maybe God can’t see it, but Xiao Guifei unexpectedly committed this and other things.

“Through my will, the Xiao family conspired to commit crimes. From now on, all the honors of the Imperial Uncle’s fu will be removed, and all the people in the fu sent to jail and beheaded three days later.”

As soon as the Emperor’s words fell, Xu Zhi didn’t take the order but instead asked, “Your Majesty, the forty-one members of the Imperial Uncle’s fu have been guarded outside the Palace, all except for one.”

“Who? Why don’t you arrest them?”

When the Emperor spoke, he kept looking at Xiao Guifei, but unfortunately, no matter what order he gave, Xiao Guifei kept her smile and indifferent expression.

Xu Zhi’s eyes floated towards Jiu Wangye and then replied: “Replying to the Emperor, it’s the tenth son of Xiao fu. Heir son Yun brought him as a companion. This subordinate doesn’t know whether he should be sent to prison.”

Send him to jail and you’re seeking death. If you want to hurt Xiao Shi, see if this miss won’t kill you.

“Don’t you understand the Emperor’s words? Anyone who has something to do with Xiao LingYue will be arrested and sent to prison.”

The Empress was so beside with joy that she took the initiative to reprimand him.

Although the Emperor was unhappy, he didn’t say anything.

His heart was very cold. It had reached this point, but Xiao Guifei still didn’t want to say anything?

“Then, what about Jiu Wangfei?”

At this time, everyone’s eyes went to this forgotten corner.

“Who called me? Do you want to die?”

When everyone looked over, Jiu Wangye reached out and unlocked Xiao Ting’s acupuncture points.

As soon as she was liberated, Xiao Ting, who was suffocating, regardless of the consequences, went straight up.

Xu Zhi shut up and stood aside while holding his sword hilt.

After Xiao Ting asked, she didn’t look at who asked. She ran directly to Xiao Guifei, hugged her by the waist, and asked her, “Aunt, they are framing you, why should you admit it?”

“Just tell the Emperor that you didn’t steal anything, nor did you find someone to assassinate him. Just tell the Emperor and he’ll believe it. He loves you very much.”

Xiao Ting was a little scared.

Even if she kept telling herself that life in this place can be taken wantonly and she just have to be an outsider.

But Xiao Guifei‘s kindness and Imperial Uncle Xiao’s fondness of her was real and she felt it.

Therefore, when she heard that the Xiao clan was about to be beheaded, she only had one thought, even if all those people died, she wouldn’t feel much.

But her Aunt and her cheap father couldn’t die.

The Emperor, this kind of person is equivalent to God in this time and space. There’s nothing he can’t do. He holds the power to decide the life and death of many people and was also rich and majestic.

He likes her Aunt so much and has been reluctant to let her die.

Unfortunately, since Xiao Guifei had already admitted it, how could he overthrow all that because of her one sentence?

Xiao Guifei stroked her cheek and said, “Silly girl, people who believe in you will not disbelieve you because of what others say.”

She only said one sentence, then looked at Jiu Wangye and smiled.

“Ting’er, you have to remember what Aunt said, and take good care of Xiao Shi.”

“I don’t want to.” Xiao Ting has lived for two lives, adding up to only more than a decade. She has never experienced any warmth, and the person closest to her was her Master.

But in just a few months, she has received the love of many people. She was very happy and wanted to cherish it.

“Emperor, how did Aunt treat you, don’t you know best?”

Xiao Ting couldn’t persuade her Aunt, so she could only find the Emperor, “Is there anyone else in her heart after all these years of you two being husband and wife? Wouldn’t you feel it?”

“Just relying on someone else’s words, a so-called witness, you convicted her, calling her a thief, powerless…”

“Shut up.”


Two voices sounded at the same time. One was the Empress Dowager and the other was the Emperor.

“Take this girl for bengong. It’s Xiao LingYue who deceived the Emperor from the beginning,” then she pointed out this unruly wild girl and Jiu Wangye. “Bengong will immediately abolish this marriage. Put her in jail with the Xiao family members and behead them three days later.”

The Empress Dowager was furious, and directly passed the Emperor’s order.

The guards were all outside, and there was only Imperial Guards Commander Xu Zhi inside.

But he didn’t move.

“Xu Zhi, you still won’t do it?”

“You old lady, since this miss entered the Palace for the first time, you have troubled me. I say, you’re just bored and have nothing to do. The grandmothers in the world help their sons and grandchildren, planting and raising flowers, resting and recuperating, or something.”

“It’s just you who’s always finding trouble. It’s either pick this thorn or find that trouble. I say, have I wronged you in my previous life? I have never seen you in my previous life and I don’t owe you money, why do you always have trouble with me?”

“You, you…” After experiencing repeated blows, the Empress Dowager finally fainted.

There was great chaos in the hall, and the Imperial Physicians gathered in Yaochi Palace once more. After a quarter of an hour, the first thing the Empress Dowager did when she woke up was to arrest Xiao Ting.

Even if Xiao Ting was afraid of her, she and her cheap daddy approached Xiao Guifei at this moment to discuss major issues.

“Daddy, can those people you brought get you out of the Palace?”

“Of course not. Their martial arts can’t even deal with the Imperial Guards, they’d fall even when it’s three against one.”

Xiao Ting thought for a while and said: “It seems impossible to breakthrough. Then, are there dog holes in this Palace, or sewers or something like that which can let you escape to the outside?”

Imperial Uncle Xiao shook his head, “I haven’t heard of it. Sister, do you know?”

Xiao Guifei hasn’t spoken yet when Xiao Ting interrupted, “How can Aunt, with her noble status, know where a dog hole is? Maybe I should ask a maid.”

“Where would you find a reliable palace maid at this time? The people in Yaochi Palace were all arrested.”

Xiao Ting scratched her head, a little annoyed, “This won’t work and that won’t work either. It seems I have to use this trick.”

“Good girl, do you really have a way to save us?”

Xiao Ting nodded solemnly, “Dad, are you afraid of ghosts?”

This dumbfounded Imperial Uncle Xiao, “What? Ghost, where is the ghost?”

Before the Xiao family father and daughter united their belligerent fronts, the Empress Dowager woke up and immediately asked Xiao Ting to be arrested.

Suddenly, someone held down the spiritual arts she was about to use.

“Empress Dowager, please calm your anger.”

It was Jiu Wangye. Don’t know when he came to Xiao Ting’s side and stopped her.

Jiu Wangye took the opportunity to hold Xiao Ting’s hand in his palm, not letting go.

“She had always been outspoken, please don’t lower yourself to her level.”

RTBAS 085: Exterminate Chu Clan's Rhythm
RTBAS 087: War of Words

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