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As soon as Jiu Wangye returned to the wangfu, he went to Xiao Ting’s courtyard. He looked pensive and very entangled. There’s no trace of a smile on his face, and that indifferent expression from before also disappeared.

He seemed to have encountered some troubles.

Xiao Ting waited for a long time. She first stood next to him, then sat next to him, and finally, squatted directly at his feet, dangling in front of him from time to time. Jiu Wangye didn’t look at her. Xiao Ting finally got angry and lost all patience.


She patted the table, stood up, and angrily asked.

“This miss is talking to you, can you give me some reaction?”

Jiu Wangye finally moved his gaze to her, looking her up and down, seemingly a little confused and not knowing why she’s behaving like this.

This made Xiao Ting very frustrated. It’s not that he ignored what she said, but he didn’t listen at all.

“Are you listening to me?”

Xiao Ting asked again, her voice so loud that even the people outside could hear it.

Hong Shao waved everyone to step back and stayed outside.

In the main hall, Jiu Wangye‘s finger tapped on the table. Xiao Ting glanced at it, then unwillingly poured a cup of tea for Jiu Wangye again.

While muttering, drink, drink, you only know to drink even though this miss is still thirsty, you should choke to death from drinking.

It’s a pity that God didn’t hear her mutterings as Jiu Wangye smoothly drank the cup of tea.

Jiu Wangye then told Xiao Ting that Xiao Guifei did intend to escape from the Palace, so the Emperor sent her to the Cold Palace following the rules.

Jiu Wangye didn’t mention anything else and just mentioned this fact.

“Then Aunt won’t die? Is someone bullying her?”

Jiu Wangye explained, “Even though Xiao Guifei was beaten into the Cold Palace, her title is still there. The women in the Palace are all human beings and will not do thankless things.”

Since Xiao Guifei was just sent to the Cold Palace, that meant the Emperor didn’t want to kill her.

What’s more, she will never be a threat to other women again, so she’ll be fine.

“With all that said, the Cold Palace is a good place.”

Xiao Ting’s mind turned quickly then suddenly asked.

“Where did the women, who were beaten into the Cold Palace, go?”

Jiu Wangye was slightly stunned.

How would he know that? Besides, is there any woman in the Palace who was beaten into the Cold Palace? There should be, but it was never his concern.

“They all died, right? I’ve seen it. There’s a magnificent palace near YaoChi Palace. That place is super big, but there are only hares and overgrown weeds as tall as one person.” Xiao Ting described it as if telling a story, even making gestures while talking.

“Presumably before, a palace concubine must have lived there, right?”

Before Jiu Wangye figured out what she’s talking about, Xiao Ting changed the subject herself.

“Then do you know why Aunt wants to go out of the Palace?”

This puzzled Xiao Ting. There were too many doubts in her heart, but it’s a pity that Jiu Wangye didn’t say much about other things.

He just told her that the map was very relevant. Fortunately, she kept it which meant saving Xiao Guifei‘s life.

When Xiao Ting heard the answer from Jiu Wangye, she relaxed, knowing that her Aunt was really all right.

It’s just that she can’t live the same beautiful days as before, but this is also good. It’s all free and there’s nothing wrong with it.

When Xiao Ting watched those costume dramas in her previous life, she felt that the women in the Palace were very pitiful. They wasted their youth to wait for a man. Now that the man her Aunt liked is dead, and seeing that she can’t leave the Palace again, then not entangling with those women is actually the best life.

Of course, it would be better if she could go out of the Palace.

It’s a pity that in this time and space, she can’t fight a creature called the Emperor.

“From now on, you are not allowed to enter the Palace without benwang.”

Jiu Wangye suddenly gave an order. Although Xiao Ting listened uncomfortably, she coldly snorted: “That Palace don’t match this miss, so I don’t want to go.”

“Where did you get that map?”

Jiu Wangye suddenly asked.

Xiao Ting didn’t think too much. She directly told the truth and told the story again.

After listening, Jiu Wangye didn’t speak for a long time. For such an important thing to be picked up by her, fortunately, it’s returned to the Palace.

“Do you remember what that woman looks like?”

Xiao Ting shook her head and said, “What do you want to do? Since she didn’t take things away, you can just let her go!”

“Besides, it’s just a woman, so why do you care?”

Jiu Wangye was taken aback and decided not to discuss national issues with Xiao Ting.

Xiao Guifei‘s and her dad’s affairs are resolved, so Xiao Ting resumed her former laidback style.

“Hong Shao, this consort is hungry, so prepare something for me.”

She yelled and Hong Shao quickly responded. Knowing that the sky had cleared after the rain, she ran away in a hurry.

Jiu Wangye looked at the girl lying on the soft couch sleepily, feeling a bit weird.

How could there be such a heartless person in the world?

Didn’t she know that she just snatched life from the Grim Reaper? Now she’s just sleepily lying there heartlessly, and still wanted to eat. Do you still have an appetite?

The important thing is that, can anything make her depressed and have other negative emotions?

For some reason, Jiu Wangye suddenly thought of himself. If it was him that had an accident today, would Xiao Ting be like that in the hall?

Would she go against the noblest man in the Empire just for him?

Then he shook his head. No, no one, except her, would dare do this.

And Xiao Ting had no feelings for him at all.

Unexpectedly, the dignified Jiu Wangye would one day have a little extravagant hope for feelings and the target was even his ‘unusual’ wangfei.

Xiao Ting didn’t care what he thought and waited eagerly to eat something delicious. As a result, before she could eat, she listened to the Housekeeper say that her father arrived.

Xiao Zhan almost cried as soon as he saw Xiao Ting, “My dear daughter, I’ll be fine as long as you’re okay. That almost scared Daddy to death.”

Xiao Ting patted her dad’s arm unhappily and comforted, “Dad, you’re crying at the wrong person. It’s Aunt who’s in trouble, not me.”

“Your Aunt, isn’t your Aunt all right?”

Xiao Ting was taken aback, could it be that after she left the Palace, something happened again?

She blinked and said, “It’s okay. I mean, your daughter is fine. Why are you crying? I’m not dead.”

Xiao Zhan stared, “You’re not dead now, but if it weren’t for Jiu Wangye, you would have died, I’m telling you.”

“Dad, how do you speak like an outsider? Your daughter’s fine.” Xiao Ting was dissatisfied, and the two of them stood in the yard, starting a debate.

“Because you’re my daughter, I want to tell you that you have to hug Jiu Wangye‘s arms in the future, okay? Dad won’t be able to protect you in the future.” Although the Xiao clan members were released, Xiao Zhan was removed from his official position. He’s now just a civilian.

“That should be ‘hug his thighs’, okay!” Xiao Ting corrected her dad’s words.

Jiu Wangye, who’s still in the hall and remained invisible, had to say, when would this father and daughter know to avoid others when talking about him?

Shouldn’t this kind of thing be said in private?

Hugging thighs, Sixth Miss Xiao, do you even know what that means?

Sure enough, Xiao Ting despised her father again.

“Dad, are you always this confused? Jiu Wangye saved me because he wanted to watch the excitement, okay? You don’t know but in the hall, when those old women bullied Aunt, that so-called kind Jiu Wangye tapped my acupoints. Did you know that I can’t move? I just wanted to say something for my Aunt, but I can’t even say it!”

“I think you have a problem with your eyes. Your eyes will become blurry when you’re too old.”

“What? He tapped your acupuncture point? Then, as expected, he’s not a good person. Dad made a mistake.”

Xiao Zhan thought that all who bullied her daughter were not good people.

Regarding Xiao Zhan’s lack of standpoint, Xiao Ting, who was also very unscrupulous, looked down on him in particular.

“Dad, can you be a little more reliable?”

Xiao Zhan glared at his daughter for the first time, and just about to say something when he thought that it seemed to be the case. He was quite unreliable, as many people had said.

“That, daughter, did Jiu Wangye talk to you about leaving?”

Xiao Zhan only then remembered the purpose of this trip.

Xiao Ting blinked her big eyes, thought for a while, then asked, “When did I say that I’ll leave him?”

“Besides, will he? How could he be willing to give me such a large fortune?” And he can leave, but he has to pay the price.

“Then in the main hall, Empress Dowager personally said that she abolished this marriage of yours.”

Xiao Ting held his hand and dragged him into the room. The two of them ignored the main character, who was still sitting there, and continued their conversation.

“You truly believe what that dead old woman said? Didn’t you hear what wangye said after that? The relationship between the two of us is not up to her to decide. She, like you, has bad eyes, so she can’t see clearly.”

Scolded and despised by his daughter, Xiao Zhan felt no discomfort. In his opinion, Jiu Wangye was just a big tree, and it’d be best if they could be close to each other.

And the more he looked at the couple, the more unusual he felt.

Just look, Jiu Wangye spoke for Xiao Ting.

The former Jiu Wangye didn’t care about anything, and rarely said a word for anyone in the court, including the former Jiu Wangfei‘s maternal family, Duke An.

Now he even faced the Empress Dowager in front of everyone for Xiao Ting.

Xiao Zhan glanced at Xiao Ting carefully, only to find that his daughter hadn’t gotten any better.

Jiu Wangye didn’t want to listen to the conversation between these two, but there was something wrong with them. When would the two father and daughter know how to avoid suspicion?

Could it be that he, a big living person, really has no sense of existence?

So he coughed slightly to show his presence, and as he did, he wondered what words would pop out of their mouths.

He suddenly attracted two pairs of piercing eyes.

“Why are you coughing? Are you sick?”

Xiao Ting’s brain circuit will never be in line with Jiu Wangye.

Xiao Zhan heard something strange and only then tried to greet Jiu Wangye.

At this time, it became very noisy outside.

Xiao Ting looked at the window and saw several girls from the Xiao family outside.

“Dad, why did you bring them?”

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