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Xiao Zhan scratched his head a little embarrassedly and said, “Your grandmother said that this time, the Xiao family can turn bad luck into good luck thanks to you, so she made them replace her in thanking you!”

“Thank me? Are their brains flooded?” They’re obviously incompatible like fire and water. Just because they escaped a catastrophe, they suddenly opened up?

What a joke! Only her dad would believe such a naive explanation.

Anyway, she doesn’t believe it.

After Xiao Ting muttered, she lifted the curtain and walked out.

At this moment, Hong Shao was walking through the yard with something to eat. Xiao Ting, with her legs and arms akimbo, shouted, “Hong Shao, this consort wanted some meat to eat. Look what you brought. These are all fat, can they be eaten?” She pointed to Xiao Mei, the fourth girl in the Xiao family, and Xiao Ya, the seventh girl.

Both Xiao Mei and Xiao Ya came with Xiao Zhan. They said it’s to thank Xiao Ting, but it’s actually because the status of Xiao fu plummeted and that they became civilian women overnight.

That is to say, Xiao Mei couldn’t bear this gap. She was in the position of becoming a Prince’s consort, but at the moment, she could only consider an eighth rank small official.

And so, Madam Xiao and the Old Madam gave them an idea, and let Xiao Zhan bring them over to probe and see if Jiu Wangye‘s feelings for Xiao Ting remained the same.

But even though they haven’t taken Jiu Wangye’s thoughts yet, the other master, Xiao Ting, had already gone ballistic.

Xiao Mei and Xiao Ya instantly blushed when they heard this.

They wanted to turn around and leave, but when they thought of their future life, they had to smile.

“Sixth Sister, sister came here to especially see you.”

Xiao Ting didn’t believe her. She had been married to Jiu Wangfu for a few months now, and never saw this woman come to see her. The last time she got drunk and got punished, she never saw any women from the Xiao family.

It stands to reason that some of the girls in the Xiao family looked a bit like Xiao Mei and Xiao Guifei. Xiao Ting should like her, but in fact, it’s the opposite. Every time Xiao Ting sees this face so similar to her Aunt, no matter how she looks at it, she felt it so fake. Even Xiao Mei’s delicate voice made Xiao Ting annoyed even more.

She squinted her eyes, condescendingly looking at Xiao Mei and the others.

Without a word of nonsense, she directly said: “Even if you have something to say, just leave quickly. I don’t remember any sisterhood that we have.”

“Why is Sixth Sister speaking like this? Your older sister has always been kind, isn’t that right, daddy?” Seeing that Xiao Ting didn’t give her any face, Xiao Mei had no choice but to retreat and let herself not be too embarrassed.

Xiao Zhan just arrived at the door but before he could stand firm, he was pulled out by his fourth daughter as a shield.

“Ahem…” He had to cough slightly to cover up his anxiety.

No way, he can’t afford to offend any women in the family.

Xiao Ting glared at him and said.

“Daddy, did you really bring them to thank me?”

Before Xiao Zhan nodded, Xiao Ting continued, “If you bring these inconsistent people over again in the future, I won’t call you dad.”

It’s not that Xiao Ting was cruel, but she just didn’t like the women of the Xiao family. She’s also not stupid. Old Madam Xiao didn’t let anyone visit her before, but now that old lady thought of her when something went wrong in the Xiao family.

Afraid she’s up to no good.

She also wanted to live a happy life with Jiu Wangye, but she didn’t like trouble.

The people of the Xiao family left with Xiao Zhan, all dejected and depressed.

Before leaving, Xiao Zhan went to see Xiao Xin and once again expressed his wish to let him return to Xiao fu. Unfortunately, Xiao Xin was unwilling to go home, saying that he still wanted to stay with his sister.

Xiao Zhan came to Jiu Wangfu this time for two purposes, but he didn’t achieve the last one so he left dejectedly.

Everything was resolved, so Xiao Ting hummed a small song while eating.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered that there’s still someone in her house, so she casually asked: “Is wangye not hungry? Do you want to eat together?”

Xiao Ting swore it’s just a casual and polite question, thinking that Jiu Wangye will definitely refuse. After all, the two of them rarely ate together, and coupled with Jiu Wangye‘s habits, he naturally looked down on a woman like her.

It’s not that Xiao Ting felt inferior, but she felt that Jiu Wangye and her are not on the same channel.

Unexpectedly, Jiu Wangye didn’t say anything, but directly used action instead. He got up and took a step, then sat down opposite Xiao Ting. The corner of Hong Shao’s eyes curved and she quickly left with a wink. After a while, she placed a pair of exquisite bowls and chopsticks on the table in front of Jiu Wangye.

Then she sneakily retreated with a smile.

Xiao Ting saw the tableware in front of Jiu Wangye. The white jade was so exquisite. At first glance, it looked nothing like her bowl and chopsticks where you couldn’t even see its original appearance.

But even so, she knew that her own wasn’t as expensive as his.

“What’s so great about it? Isn’t it all just for eating? If you eat more, then you’re the winner.” Her chopsticks danced quickly for fear of being snatched by someone else.

Jiu Wangye was slow and neat, very picky.

Seeing that what he picked out was what she liked to eat, she despised Jiu Wangye for being picky then threw the vegetables picked out by Jiu Wangye into her stomach.

“You don’t have to do this to them.”

Jiu Wangye suddenly said. Xiao Ting was eating happily and didn’t realize what he was talking about.


Xiao Ting raised her head in amazement, a little confused as to what he’s talking about. However, Jiu Wangye didn’t mean to explain at all, so Xiao Ting buried her head in the bowl again.

The sky is big and the earth is big, but the food is the biggest.

Benwang is not afraid of trouble.” Xiao Ting decided to ignore this meaningless sentence.

After the meal, Jiu Wangye hardly ate much, but he still put down his chopsticks at the same time as Xiao Ting.

As for Jiu Wangye‘s words, what does it mean when Xiao Ting didn’t react at all? She didn’t care.

So after Jiu Wangye left, Xiao Ting didn’t think anything was wrong.

She thought that everything was over, but in the eyes of others, it was just the beginning.

In the Palace, the Empress of the six palaces was sitting in the main hall with a gloomy face, looking a little scary.

“Mother Empress, the matter is over. Father Emperor placed Xiao Guifei under house arrest and put her into the Cold Palace. What are you worrying about?”

The Third Prince didn’t understand. It’s a good thing that Xiao Guifei was beaten into the Cold Palace, but ever since his mother returned, she looked worried.

“Do you know what the map in your Father Emperor’s hands is?”

The Third Prince shook his head and said, “Father Emperor is only making this child act as a government official. He won’t tell me some things.”

Among today’s Princes, apart from the Third Prince, almost no one could inherit the throne.

Moreover, he’s the legitimate son, so unsurprisingly, he’ll be the next monarch of the Empire.

Therefore, even though the Third Prince is still young, he had already begun helping the Emperor manage the affairs of the country.

“Your father still doesn’t fully trust you. That map is extremely important. Jiu Wangye knew about it, but you don’t.

The Empress glared at her son with a look of hating iron for not becoming steel.

However, the Third Prince shook his head indifferently and said with a smile.

“Mother Empress, this child is still young, and Father Emperor has his considerations for some things, so this child should not interfere too much.”

“You are young? You’re over 20 years old, can that still be called young?” The Empress looked at him angrily.

“I’m afraid your father has other plans.” The Empress thought for a moment then said this.

The Third Prince was a little arrogant and said, “Mother Empress, I think you are too worried. Nowadays, except for Fourth Brother, there’s only this child left. And Fourth Brother hasn’t been loved by Father Emperor since he was a child, how could he become the Crown Prince?”

“What you said, this Mother Empress know it, but don’t you think that Jiu Wangye has been very close to your Father Emperor in the past six months? He knew many things that your Father Emperor didn’t tell you, the future Crown Prince. Why is that? Have you thought about it?”

The Third Prince thought for a while and said, “Now that there’s a change on the Jiangnan King’s side, Father Emperor sent Jiu Wangye to deal with many things. It’s not a bad thing to keep this child from knowing. You shouldn’t think too much about this, Mother Empress. Besides, Father Emperor never liked overly smart people.”

After all, the current Emperor hadn’t selected the Crown Prince yet, so how could the Third Prince understand the Emperor’s thoughts and ways of doing things?

“As for the map, this Empress will send someone to inquire about it, so you don’t have to intervene.” After hearing her son’s words, the Empress decided to settle the matter and not let her son take the risk to save his position in the Emperor’s eyes.

After the Third Prince left, the Empress sat alone in the bedroom and didn’t move for a long time.

“Empress, why are you still here? I heard that the Empress Dowager is not feeling well, so this maid will change your clothes for you. Please go and take a look!”

The most powerful maid beside the Empress came forward to help her and looked surprised to find the Empress’ hands cold.

The Empress shook her hand away, and angrily said: “Bengong is not a doctor, so what’s the use of going there? Besides, if I go, maybe I’m just asking for a scolding.”

“Empress, don’t you want to know about the map? Maybe the Empress Dowager will have an answer!”

The Empress suddenly raised her head and looked at her, “That’s impossible. The Emperor hasn’t mentioned this matter to anyone.”

“Empress, the Emperor had never mentioned it to anyone, but everyone saw what happened just now. It’s impossible for the Empress Dowager to not ask the Emperor.

“Besides, why does the Empress Dowager suddenly feel uncomfortable? She even asked for an Imperial Physician, but didn’t the Imperial Physicians already saw her? Did you hear any news?”

After hearing the words of her palace maid, the Empress suddenly realized.

“You’re right, why didn’t bengong think of this. Let’s go to Ci’An Palace.”

When the Empress arrived, she happened to run into the Emperor coming out of the Ci’An Palace.

The Emperor had a cold face and showed an extremely majestic look.

“This consort has seen the Emperor.”

“You came just right. She’s in a bad mood so go and accompany Imperial Mother!”

After speaking, he strode away.

The Empress blessed him as a farewell then turned to Ci’An Palace.

The Empress Dowager was lying on the bed, closing her eyes to rest.

“This consort greets Imperial Mother.” The Emperor said that the Empress Dowager was in a bad mood, but when the Empress looked at her, why did she feel like the Empress Dowager was in a good mood!

Those eyes were very bright. Upon seeing the Empress, she beckoned and motioned for her to sit.

The Empress picked up her skirt and sat down beside the soft couch.

“I heard that Imperial Mother was unwell, so this consort came over to take a look. Aren’t you okay before? What happened?”

RTBAS 089: The Cold Palace Is A Good Place
RTBAS 091: The Older, The Wiser

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